tagIncest/TabooMommy Made for Me Ch. 01

Mommy Made for Me Ch. 01


It was my 18th birthday. My mother was at my bedside, having just woken me up. I first felt her breasts - her huge, beautiful breasts - caressing my chest through her t-shirt, which was stretched taut, and the sheet. I opened my eyes and she was staring into them, smiling, nibbling slightly at her lower lip.

"Hi Brian," she said. And she lowered her face down, and for the first time ever, kissed him lingeringly on the lips. "I love you. Happy birthday."

"So," she said, tracing her finger along my chest. "I've got a plan for you today."

"Oh?" he said. He could feel her breasts pressing against him and it wasn't long until his cock started stiffening. "What's that?" he gulped.

"Let's just say you'll have to work for your present. But first, I want to catch you up a little." She kissed him softly on the lips. "Mommy's going to tell you a story."


It began, she said, when she was pregnant with me. Her body responded well to pregnancy. Despite her extremely petite physique - barely 5 feet tall and slim -- she had always had very large breasts. She was a DD at 18. But soon she got pregnant. And her breasts slowly got bigger. She switched to an F cup, then a G. Her breasts had ballooned to near comic proportions.

Her husband, unfortunately - and, to Brian, this was insanity - didn't seem to care. He was growing more distant even as his wife's pregnancy continued and her bust continued to expand.

She also grew more lovely. Her dark hair more lustrous. Her skin toned and soft. As her belly and breasts expanded, her ass did as well. It was a bubble butt; she couldn't argue with what she saw in the mirror.

Meanwhile, she was increasingly horny. Her husband had seemingly lost interest, but her sex drive had never been so high. She masturbated constantly while he was at work, tweaking her huge, hard nipples and squeezing her breasts as she came. She spent time staring into the mirror, not believing how her body had transformed - and how much it turned her own. At other times, just the thought of her increasingly voluptuous body made her weak in the knees.

Soon, she gave birth. For a few weeks, Brian's father stuck around, but not for long. He left - for another woman, it turned out - and Brian's mother surprised herself. She wasn't devastated. The divorce settlement didn't hurt - she was essentially set for life. Sure, it would be tougher to raise a child, but she needed something. She needed a lover. And she realized she could raise one. Have a child that loved her newly curvy body as much as she did.


For the next 18 years, Brian's mom had two goals: keep the body she loved and raise a loving boy. She accomplished both goals. The first wasn't easy. She worked out for hours a day, tightening up her already slim body. But she also found a breast-growth cream on the web - it wasn't entirely legal, perhaps, but she was willing to give it a shot. And it worked. She rubbed the cream on her breasts, on her ass, on her vagina. Each swelled, particularly her chest. After she finished suckling Brian at age 4, they went down to a FF, but soon, massaging cream into them every night and continuing to pump milk, she went passed her biggest size to a HH cup. She loved her huge breasts and she made a vow to save them for her baby boy.

All the while, she raised her son. She couldn't exactly hide her body from him - that was physically impossible, given her amazing dimensions - but she tried to just tease him periodically. She'd wear a bikini by the pool, or drop her towel when he walked by bathroom after she'd taken a shower. He'd get a quick look at her butt, and even her breasts - they were so huge and her torso was so slim that he could see them from the back.

And sure, Brian's friends all commented on his mother's beauty and body, especially as he got older. High school was tough: Lots of comments from his male friends and potential girlfriends who got jealous quickly.

Beyond that, it was a normal childhood. And for his mother's part, she focused on raising a good son - and one who was in shape. They would work out together - another time Brian would get a view of his mother's insane body: she liked to wear skin-hugging workout outfits. But he'd masturbate to the thought of her, then go play soccer and sneek around like any other kid.

The night before his 18th birthday, his mother had tucked him in, something she hadn't done in years. As she kissed him on the forehead - her giant breasts very briefly directly in front of his face - she whispered, "It's going to be a fun day tomorrow."


"So that's the real story, Brian," she said, still sitting at his bedside. "I'm sure you've always wondered about your mommy's body." She looked down at her bulging chest, which she stuck out slightly for emphasis. "I know my breasts are huge, and I've seen you looking at them. And you've seen me pumping them, too." She looked up at a stunned Brian, then got up, as if to display her body better for her son. She wore a pair of jeans that hugged her bubble butt, then tapered down to bell bottoms, below which she wore a pair of high-heeled sandals that probably took her from 5 feet to 5' 3".

Her top was simply a white t-shirt, tight, of course, at the bust, without showing any cleavage. She smoothed it out, very briefly caressing her giant chest. Brian could vaguely see the outline of a bra beneath the sheer material. It was amazing to him that his mother could make such a simple outfit look so damn sexy. As she stood in front of him, she moved her torso slightly, like an innocent little girl, making her huge breasts sway gently.

"Basically, Brian, I did this" - she swept a hand down her body - "for us. I want you to love my body like I do."

Brian was almost rendered speechless but managed to squeak out, "I do! I think you're incredibly beautiful, Mommy. And I love your body. It's amazing."

Brian's mother swelled with pride and more than a little bit of arousal, particularly hearing her son call her "Mommy." For some reason, that had become a huge turn-on for her.

"I'm so glad to hear that. So, here's the deal," she said, bending slightly, her breasts hanging down and gently rocking. She slowly caressed his face with her hand. "Your present is me. Me and my body. But we're going to play some fun games today before you get to, um, open your present."

Brian again gulped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He'd never been so turned on in his life, and his penis was rock hard under his thin athletic shorts. His mother spun around and pushed her butt out slightly.

"And you don't mind my ... ample behind?"

"I love it Mommy."

She spun back around, her gigantic breasts bouncing. She lightly cupped her tits and plumped them for her son.

"And my breasts? They aren't too big? They are totally out of proportion with my tiny body."

"Mommy, your breasts are amazing. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."


"Yes Mommy?"

"Is your penis hard?" She reached down and felt his crotch. Of course his large penis was rock hard. She smiled. "Time to start our day," she said.


Brian was still sitting on his bed, but his mother had left. He didn't know to where, until he heard the shower running. He went to the bathroom; the door was more than a little ajar. His mother was there, her shoes off, but otherwise clothed.

"Oh, hi sweetie. I'm going to take a shower. The rules - so far - are that you can't touch me yet, ok? You can't touch your Mommy's body." She twisted her torso and her breasts rocked back and forth.

"Ok Mommy. But I can watch?"

"Yes baby. Watch your Mommy." She slowly reached down, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly pulled it up, struggling slightly to get to over her massive breasts. But she did, revealing her bra, strained with breast meat. She stopped and stared at her son and smiled. She bent down and slowly removed her panties.

"Now you can see Mommy's vagina, Brian. Should I show you my breasts? Do you want to see Mommy's big breasts?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Ok." She smiled again, and removed her bra, slowly revealing the largest breasts Brian had ever seen, or imagined. They were huge and on her tiny, little body, they looked even bigger. Her nipples looked small on the giant expanse of each breast, but they were rock hard. "You like them?" she asked, sheepishly.

"I love them. They're amazing. You're amazing," Brian said.

She rubbed her huge breasts, smiling again. "You can touch yourself, Brian," she said.

He wasted no time: he pulled his penis out from his shorts and rubbed it lightly. "You should use lubrication, sweetie," his mother said. She looked around the bathroom and grabbed the mosturizer. She walked over to him. "I'll put some lotion on your penis, ok sweetie?" she said. Brian groaning with horniness. "Yes please," he said.

He looked down - beyond her huge breasts hanging right in front of him - as she squirted a blob of lotion and began rubbing it onto his penis. He shuddered and she stopped. He looked up at her, scared for a moment. But she smiled and continued rubbing lotion into his penis.

"I love your penis," she said. "It's really beautiful. But I'm going to take a shower now, so you'll have to -" she paused and bit her lip. Again cupping her huge breasts, as if showing them off for her son, she said, "You'll have to finish yourself, ok?"

"Yes Mommy," Brian said, as she removed her hand and placed his on his swollen, rock-hard penis. He started to slowly jerk himself off. Meanwhile, his mother walked toward the shower, staring at Brian over her shoulder. She turned on the shower and stepped inside. Inside of sliding the curtain closed, she left it open so Brian could watch as water cascaded down her amazingly curvy body. She caressed herself, moaned slightly and began to masturbate.

"Oh sweetie, Mommy is masturbating. Will you masturbate for Mommy too?" He already was, of course, and watching his naked, super-busty mother writhe in pleasure, he was soon close to cumming.

"I'm going to cum, Mommy!" he exclaimed.

"Come over here, sweetie," his mother said, and pulled him over to her. "I can't stop it Mommy!" he yelled. "It's ok baby! Cum for Mommy!" Soon he was ejaculating all over her body, spewing thick ropes of cum on her breasts, her stomach, her pussy. She shuddered, groaned loading and came, squealing in a little-girl voice.

"That was wonderful, sweetie," she said, recovering. "I'm going wash off now. Why don't you take your clothes off and join me in here?"

Brian quickly stripped down and stepped into the shower. After washing his cum off her body, his mother turned to him, gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek and started to wash his body. He wondered whether the no-touching rule was still in effect. "Your body is beautiful," he said. "Thanks, baby," she said. I hope you have a few more of those -" she pointed down to his now semi-erect penis, indicting an erection, "-in you. I have more plans for today."

With that, she moaned slightly, reached up and squeezed her breasts. To Brian's shock, milk squirted from her nipples, hitting his chest. "Whoops!" she yelped. "That was supposed to be a surprise for later." She winked and smiled. "Why don't you finish up in her and I'll get ready for breakfast. By the way, if you haven't figured it out, you're not going to school today." She giggled, twisted her torso in that way she did, making her massive, wet breasts sway. She grabbed a towel, got out of the shower and, with another wink over her shoulder, left the bathroom.

Brian was tempted to masturbate in the shower, but had a feeling his again erect penis would soon come in handy.


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