Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor


"One moment, Ms. Pepper. Brian, I want you to watch this. Bethany, you watch as well - you might learn something. I'm very confident that my theory about Brian and his mother is correct. I won't bore you with medical jargon, but the gist is this. Brian and Ms. Pepper are what I call hypersexual beings. First, they have developed grotesquely over-proportioned sexual characteristics." She put her hand on my mother's free breast and tweaked one of her small, rock-hard nipples, causing Mommy to moan and buck her hips higher into the air. "These sexual areas - in Brian's case, his large penis (which we'll measure later, though I'm pretty sure a length of 8-9 inches is about right), and in his Mommy's case, her massive chest and compact vagina - are extremely sensitive. They must orgasm many times a day. And as we've seen, when Brian orgasms, he cums in huge quantities. Bethany, have you seen any decrease in the quantity of sperm Brian produces when he cums?"

"No, doctor. He's always cum a huge amount."

"Well then. And my guess is that his Mommy" - she moved Mommy's hand down to her vagina and began to help her masturbate herself, causing Mommy to scream in pleasure - "is the same. I don't think we'll have to wait long for this. Ms. Pepper, I want you to masturbate yourself and stare directly at your son's huge penis." Mommy's gasped through her whimpers, but did as the doctor said.

"Oh sweetie," she said to me - or rather, to my penis, "I love you so much. Mommy's going to cum for you, baby. MOMMY'S GOING TO CUUUMMM!!!" She was thrusting her hips high into the air now, her enormous breasts bobbling and swaying, her pussy contracting. I didn't know how much longer I could hold out, with Bethany still jacking my prick, though now her gaze was fixed where mine was: at my insanely sexy Mommy's body, which was clearly about to orgasm. Sensing this, the doctor inserted the dildo-like object into Mommy's vagina. Then I saw something amazing - even more amazing than the pornographic sight already in front of me. As my Mommy came, I saw streams of female ejaculate spew onto the table in front of her. I couldn't believe it. "UHHHHH!!" Mommy's orgasm continued. "I'M CUMMING IN FRONT OF MY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!! OHHH GOOOOOODDDD!!!"

I couldn't hold on another second. "I'm going to cum too, Bethany!"

"Ok sweetie," she said, attaching the vial to my pulsing, bright red, engorged penis, "you show your Mommy how much you want to cum for her! Pretend your penis is inside her and you are filling her with your hot seed!"

And I came - even though it was my - god, I was losing count - fourth? orgasm in under an hour, I came with a fury. Spurts filled the vial, until it was almost overflowing.

"Uhhhh..." Mommy's body twitched lightly as she came down from her orgasm. I looked up at Bethany, tears streaming down my face from the intensity of what had just transpired.

"Oh, sweetie," Bethany said, wiping away my tears, "you did so well! You came even more than last time. I know your Mommy is very proud of you." The doctor withdrew the dildo from Mommy's vagina and looked at it. "Amazing," she said, and emptied its contents into a jar.

"Uhhh... yes, sweetie," my almost-passed-out mother said, turning her head to me while she squeezed both of her gigantic breasts, "so proud. So proud of my little boy." And with that, she passed out.


Part V: Back Home

As nurse Bethany again cleaned my penis, Dr. Morgan revived my mother by tweaking her distended nipples. Mommy slowly woke up and she groggily let the doctor help her into her massive GG-cup bra, then the rest of her clothes.

"Oh, Bethany," Dr. Morgan said, "please take a measurement of Brian's penis. We need it flaccid and fully erect." Despite the fact that my eyes were still glued to my mother's cartoonishly erotic body, I had come so many times in such a short period that, for once, I was indeed flaccid. Bethany went to a drawer and pulled out a ruler. She grabbed the head of my penis and pulled it up. "Four inches," she said. "Hm. Mommy -- I mean, doctor - Brian's penis is...well, it's not hard."

"Oh come now Bethany," the doctor said, trying to get the buttons of my mother's too-tight shirt closed. "Be creative."

Bethany thought for a moment, then smiled at me. "I have an idea. Brian, would you like to look at my big breasts? I know they're not gigantic like your Mommy's, but they are really big. EE-cups. Did I tell you that already? Boys are always coming on to me, and I know you really like them big." I nodded vigorously as she began to unbutton her uniform. She pulled it down over her huge chest and reached back to remove her bra. "Here they come, Brian!" She pulled off the bra and revealed her huge, young breasts. I had dreamt for years about seeing them, and they were bigger and more beautiful than I had imagined. But my penis was still soft.

"Hm. I guess these don't look so big compared to your mother's."

"No!" I said. "It's not that. They're - they're amazing. And so big. I think you have - well, had - the biggest breasts in our high school. And you're... um, so beautiful."

She smiled and stroked my face. "Oh, thank you, sweetie."

"It's just that I', ejaculated so many times. I'm just really tired."

"Of course, I understand. But we have to get that measurement." She took both of hands, and to my shock (and my mother's, judging from the gasp I heard), placed them on her large young breasts. "I want you to play with my big ones while I make your penis really hard again, ok Brian?"

My hands were overflowing with the biggest 22-year-old breasts I had ever seen. Her hands went straight to my crotch and began gently massaging my penis. I groaned and, to my surprise and delight, so did she. "Oh Brian, that feels so good! I love the way you're feeling up my breasts. Mommy, Brian's hands feel really good on my tits."

"That's very nice Bethany, but make sure you get that measurement."

"Oh poo." With my hands still groping her chest, she released my penis with one hand and put the ruler next to my now-rock hard penis. It ached, but I barely noticed.

"Nine...nine and a half inches," Bethany said, proudly. "What a big penis for a young boy like you!"

"Very good," said Doctor Morgan. "Now put Brian's penis away and put your top back on."

"But doctor, don't you think Brian needs another cum?" Bethany said, almost begging. I could put his penis in my mouth and let him cum there if he wants."

"Very well, but be quick. We have another appointment in a few minutes."

Bethany again gave me a radiant smile and squeezed her own breasts through my hands. "Ok Brian, I'm going to suck on your penis now. You can keep feeling my breasts if you want. Or I suppose you could feel them while you look at your mother's body again. That always seems to make you cum."

I looked over and, as Bethany's head descended toward my crotch, Mommy, now somewhat more alert, began rubbing herself through her tight skirt, her massive chest heaving, as she stared at the perverted scene in front of her. I knew it wouldn't be long til I came.


Before we left the appointment, the doctor had given Mommy two things: a huge tube of cream that she said would treat both of our conditions. We were to apply it to my penis at least three times a day, and to my mother's breasts and vagina at least as many times. Though he was saying "you," somehow I knew she meant the word in its plural form. That is, we would be applying it to each other. I was shaking from horniness as I listened to her. The other thing she handed to my mother was a piece of paper that Mommy looked at, blushed as she glanced at me, folded up and put it in her pocket.

We drove home silently. We got home and I raced up to my room to masturbate to what had happened over the last hour or so. I heard some rustling in my mother's room, down the hall. Soon, there was a knock at my door. In walked my mother, but as I'd never seen her before. Instead of her normal business suit or jeans and baggy t-shirt, she was wearing a short summer dress that was way too small for her already tiny body. Every curve was hugged. Partly because of the 4-inch heels she wore, her luscious ass pushed the skirt out obscenely in the back, exposing her lovely, muscular legs. And her breasts. Oh my lord. I could see one of her GG-cup bras - a black one this time - peaking out from the dress, and overflowing the bra, her massive tits, swelling out over the cups.

"Hi sweetie," she said as if nothing was different. "We should probably talk a bit. I hope you don't mind what I'm wearing. I just thought it would be a nice change. The doctor - well, the doctor told me I need to be a little of a sex toy for you. Not to touch - yet," she giggled. "But to look at while we masturbate you. And even though we found out that I'm actually a HH-cup in the chest area," she said, plumping her gigantic breasts with her hands, "I think you like seeing them in this too-small GG-cup bra. You do, right?"

"I really do, Mommy. It's making my penis hard."

"That's good, sweetie, because we need to apply this cream to your penis now. Why don't you take your pants off and Mommy will kneel in front of you and massage this cream into your huge penis? You can look at Mommy's big, swollen breasts while I do that. And when you cum, the doctor said it's okay for you to cum on Mommy's face and chest."

Well, that's exactly what happened. Over and over again for the next week. At the breakfast table. Before I left for school. When I got home from school. And each time, Mommy would be dressed in some different, insanely erotic outfit. Sometimes she would great me at the door with a chaste kiss on the lips, push her enormous breasts into my chest and immediately begin massaging my penis through my pants. Soon, my penis would be out and she would be jerking me off with the cream. Often within minutes, I'd be cumming all over her face and body. I never figured out where the outfits came from - or how she seemed to clean them so quickly.


One day, Mommy entered my room wearing just one of her GG-cup bras and a tiny pair of panties. Her breasts looked bigger than ever on her tiny body.

"Hi baby. I have something very important to tell you. Mommy has been rubbing that cream on her breasts and vagina, just like she's been rubbing it into your penis. I think that's why my breasts have gotten a little bigger. I'm not even sure I'm a HH-cup anymore." Gulp. "Anyway, I had an idea. Since I've been slathering the stuff on your cock, my vagina and my gigantic breasts, there might be a way to save some cream - and some time. What would you think if I masturbated you with the cream, but then you applied the excess to my breasts and vagina with your penis?"

I didn't know what to say. Here was my insanely voluptuous, almost naked mother, her body twitching with horniness, basically begging me to put my penis on her breasts - and on her vagina. In her vagina? Was she asked me to fuck her?

"Ok, Mommy. I can do that."

She jumped up and down a little, causing her chest to wobble and shake. "Goodie! Now, first I play with you penis - I mean, apply the cream." She took down my pants and began slathering it with cream. "'s so big, sweetie. I'm so proud of you. Are you staring at Mommy's breasts?"

"Yes, Mommy, I'm staring at your giant breasts."

"Good boy." She momentarily took her hands off my engorged, elongated penis, got up and removed her giant bra and little panties. There she was, totally naked. "Now you get to apply some of that cream to my breasts. My huge, swollen breasts." She kneeled in front of me again, took my penis in hand, and began to move it gently across her breasts, over her nipples, around the sides, until they were fully coated. She then got up, her massive, shiny breasts wobbling as she did, and sat down next to me. "Now, get in front of me and put your huge penis at the entrance to my vagina."

Shaking, I did as she told me to. There was still plenty of cream on my cock, but Mommy reached over and squeezed some more out of the tube and re-applied it to my penis. "Now push it inside of me, sweetie. Put your penis inside of Mommy."

I did and we both groaned in utter satisfaction. It was the day I had been dreaming of.

"Now pull it out and push it back in - we want to make sure you get all that cream all over the inside of Mommy."

I started to do it and felt the cum welling in my balls. "Mommy, are we fucking now? Am I fucking you?"

Mommy paused, breathing heavily, and looked me in the eye. She then grabbed both of her massive tits and screamed, "yes! Yes, you are fucking me, sweetie! You are fucking your giant-titted Mommy!!! Please don't stop! Please keep fucking me til you cum inside me!"

For what seemed like hours, we fucked. I came inside her at least 5 or 6 times - I lost count after a while - and Mommy had who-knows how many orgasms. Afterwards, she passed out on my bed, my cum dripping out of her. I stumbled to the bathroom, but something in my mother's bedroom caught my eye as I walked past. It was the paper the doctor had given her at the end of our appointment. I picked it up. All it said, in large letters, was: "Make your son fuck you as many times as possible."


"Oh my goodness!" the receptionist found herself gasp out loud. She openly gaped at the massive bosom in front of her. Those breasts - amazingly round, enormous and taut, belonged to Mrs. Pepper. She was no longer wearing a business suit. Instead, she was wearing a body-hugging lyrca workout suit. Her breasts were giant spheres, her nipples hard and visible, her body incredibly tiny but tight with muscle.

It was a new receptionist - she had seen a few busty women in her first few weeks at the unusual clinic, but nothing like this. She had never seen such a top-heavy woman.

The young mother had entered the room wearing baggy sweats, her son Brian trailing behind her. She then peeled the sweatpants off, revealing her skin-tight suit. "Sweetie," she said, turning to her son, who was openly staring at her body, "would you help Mommy out of her sweatshirt? You know I always have trouble getting stuff over these." She gestured at her enormous chest, puffing it out even farther.

The boy nodded his head vigorously and grabbed the bottom of the shirt. He slowly peeled it up, as his mother put her arms up into the air. Soon, he was struggling slightly getting the shirt over her cartoonishly massive bosom, but he was ultimately successful and revealed the most voluptuous yet petite body the receptionist had ever seen. Breast-meat bulged out of the incredibly tight top.

"Thank you sweetie," the mother said, arching her back, making her mind-blowingly large chest swell forward even further.

"You... you can take a seat," the receptionist sputtered.

Mrs. Pepper wiggled and jiggled her completely on-display body and sat down in a chair. She patted the seat next to her and motioned for her boy to come over, her gigantic tits shaking as she did. The boy, of course, did as he was told, his large penis firming up quickly as he approached.

The mother began by rubbing her son's crotch with one hand and lightly tweaking one of her magnificent nipples with the other. After biting her lower lip as she stared into her son's eyes and then smiling, she pulled her son's head toward her's and they began to kiss - slowly at first, then more aggressively, like two young teenagers. They were now all over each other, the mother's hand inside her son's pants, rubbing his increasingly large penis, while Brian fondled her giant-titted little body to his heart's content. It was, to him, like something out of a fantasy. The mother instinctively began to obscenely thrust her hips lightly into the air, as if fucking a penis. Her son's penis, of course.

Mrs. Pepper suddenly got up, leaving her son moaning in his chair, and walked over to the receptionist, her body jiggling and twitching all the way.

"Um, excuse me. I know you have some unusual rules here... I'm wondering if it would be ok if my son and I made love here in the waiting room. I really, really want him to make love to me," she said, fondling a giant breast with one hand and rubbing her crotch with the other. "And I think he wants to make love to me too." She giggled and pointed at her red-faced son, whose erection looked absolutely massive in his pants. "It's kind of part of our therapy, too. And, um, if that's not ok, could I suck on his big penis? Please?"

The receptionist was flustered by little working at the clinic, but the stunning young mother's request took her aback. "Um, I'll have to check with the doctor, Mrs. Pepper -"

She was interrupted by another voice. "It's fine, Penny. Mrs. Pepper can fuck her little boy."

Brian and his mom both looked over. Both recognized the young woman standing in front of them, though it had been quite a while since they had seen her, and she did, in fact, look somewhat different. It was Bethany, the gorgeous daughter of Dr. Morgan. It looked to Brian like she was wearing the same nurse's uniform as the last time they saw her, but a couple of things were different: for some reason, she was wearing her hair in pigtails, making her look far younger than her 19 years, but belying that was her chest, quite a big bigger than before. If she was a EE during their last visit, Bethany was clearly now at least a FF or G.

"Hi Brian," she said, swaying toward the mother-son couple in her three-inch heels. "I told your Mommy on the phone that we couldn't wait to see the two of you! You both look like you've really benefited from treatment." Her eyes darted between the huge bulge in the boy's pants and his mother's insanely, illogically voluptuous body. "I mean, you both look really nice," she said, staring at Brian. "I kinda missed you since your last visit." Now the hot young woman and the gorgeous mother were both beaming at the boy, who blushed.

"I guess I missed you too. Um... the therapy is going well."

Mrs. Pepper chimed in. "Oh, it's going wonderfully. We make love... um, fuck... all the time. I love having his big penis inside me. And he spends so much time feeling and suckling my tits - especially since they got so much bigger. Your breasts are much bigger too, huh Bethany?"

Now it was Bethany's turn to blush. "They are. I grew A LOT this past year. I kind hoped they'd stay just... big. But not, like, super-big. No offense intended, of course."

Mrs. Pepper said she understood. Brian sputtered, "I think your ... breasts looks amazing, Bethany. They look ... well, just really beautiful. All of you looks beautiful."

The two women cooed over the sweet boy for a moment. Mrs. Pepper said, "I'll go use the restroom," and left.

As the sexy mother walked away, Bethany slowly began, "you're so sweet, Brian. I don't know if I've ever liked a boy like you. I know I'm older than you, but ... I don't know, I just you're funny and cute... no, beautiful." She was now openly staring at his swollen crotch. "Really beautiful."

"Bethany... Would you like to go out with me?"

She smiled. "Like, a date?"


"I'd love to, Brian. I'm totally sick of boys hitting on me - I can tell they are just looking at my chest and assuming - well, whatever. But you're so sweet. I never thought I'd be going out on a date with a boy this much younger than me, but yeah - I really, really want to.

"But Brian," she continued, leaning into him, pressing her big young tits into his chest, "I think I'd like to start our date early. Do you know why?"

The boy shook his head no.

"Brian, you are so adorable. I just have a feeling that I'm going to want you to fuck me, sweetie. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to keep your hands off my huge breasts. And I'm going to have to touch and taste your penis. And eventually, your penis would just be inside me. Is that ok? Is it too much pressure for a first date? Can you imagine what a date would be like if we couldn't touch each other? I don't know if I could stand it."

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