tagIncest/TabooMom's Anal Lust Ch. 01

Mom's Anal Lust Ch. 01

byDeadly Joker©

Mary Andrews was feeling drowsy, but not quite ready for bed. She sat in her robe in front of the TV, sipping hot chocolate. She'd meant to watch an educational program on the History channel, but flipping through channels she'd become interested in a trashier program gossiping about celebrity lifestyles and sex lives. She watched this now, half-bored.

The phone rang and she reached over to answer it.


"Hey Mom. It's me."

"Hi Greg. How are you? Nothing wrong I hope?"

"No, no, mom. But I need you to do something for me. Are you busy?"

"I was just..." she paused and looked at the TV, "...working in the kitchen."

"It'll only take a few minutes, I forgot a file I kinda need for work. Can you go on my computer and email it to me. It's -"

"Now, now, I'm not going to remember. Just gimmie a second and I'll go to your room and pick up the phone there, ok?"

Mary made her way to the second floor of the small house she shared with her son. Greg was in his last semester of high school and was already registered to begin college in the fall. He'd recently dropped his old fast-food job and now worked part-time evenings at a computer company.

Mary turned on her son's computer and picked up the phone in his room. He was giving her instructions but they were having trouble communicating.

"I've told you," Mary said, a little exasperated, "I don't see a folder called 'Work Stuff' anywhere."

"And you searched for the filename? You're sure you spelt it correctly..."


"Hmmm..." Greg muttered. "I guess I don't absolutely have to have it...um...oh Shit! Of course!"


"Oh...oh geez, sorry mom."


"Sorry about the swear. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

Mary gave a little titter of a laugh into the phone. "Well, alright, as long as you don't do it again."

"Yeah, it's just that I totally forgot something. Here's what you need to do..." Greg explained to his mother how to unlock the hidden and encrypted files on his computer using a password. She sent off the email, he confirmed he received it, and then she hung up the phone and let her son get back to work..

Mary was about to turn off the computer, but hesitated for a moment. What was there to go to except boring TV or a stack of books she didn't really want to read, or a bed where sleep lately was elusive. Didn't she see something interesting a moment ago?

She opened up the list of files again. Sure enough, there was the previously-hidden 'Work Stuff' folder they struggled so long to find. And beside it some other uninteresting hidden folders were now revealed, like 'School Reports' and 'Bank Files'. But Mary's curiosity was stoked by some others: 'Pr0n Flicks' and 'Pics of Slutz' and 'XXX Stories'.

'No,' she thought, 'they can't be. Well...well, maybe he's just got one or two things on here...I'm sure there's a lot of peer pressure to know a bit about that sort of thing...'

She opened up 'Pr0n Flicks'. The list of files was so long it scrolled down past the bottom of the screen; titles like 'Anal Trainer' and 'Ass Worship' and 'Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes'. She double-clicked on a file and the starting credits began to play, a rapid-fire sequence of tits and ass and cocksucking and fucking and pussy eating and assfucking and double-penetration and cum splashing everywhere and and and...

She clicked it closed.

"Oh my fucking God," she muttered aloud when the image had disappeared from the screen.

She went to the 'Pics of Slutz' folder. As with the other folder, along with the main list of files there were subdirectories. The one right at the top was named 'AAAAA HOT SHIT - THE BEST - WHACKOFF SLIDESHOW'. Here she found explicit, hardcore digital images.

Mary had last peeked at a Playboy many years ago, but she could tell from what was on the screen now that what was available to men had changed. Her son Greg had pictures of women in leather, in rubber, in lace, in chains, and of course in nothing at all. Here were solo women, women with women, men with women, groups of men on one woman, and on and on and on, with every anal penetration or facial cumshot caught in explicit digital detail.

"I would have never of suspected," she said to herself, "I would have never have known." Then she gave a little smirk. "No wonder he likes computers so much."

Mary opened the 'XXX Stories' folder. Among the folders Greg made were 'Anal Fuckfests', 'She-Male Stories', 'Mind Control' and 'Incest is Best'.

Mary took a look at the program Greg was using to protect these files. She knew a little about computers herself, and saw fairly quickly that it was a pretty simple program, and one where Greg seemed to have just enabled the basic features.

She guessed that Greg would change the password after tonight, so she created a login for herself, using the username 'System', thinking that it would have a good chance of escaping scrutiny in Greg the unlikely event he took a second look.

By the time Greg got home from work, Mary was back in her bedroom. She'd gone through much of the rest of Greg's room, and found more things to pique her interest. In the corners of his closet and in the backs of drawers she'd found recordable CD's with suggestive labels, porn tapes and DVD's, and stacks of magazines.

As she listened to Greg move around in another part of the house, Mary was in her bedroom behind a closed door, kneeling over on her bed and flipping through a magazine, 'Euro Ass-Fuckers Vol.5 No.2', which she was sure he wouldn't miss from his large stack. One her hands was between her legs rubbing her pussy, and occasionally her fingers would reach farther, to rub the sensitive crinkle of her asshole, which would make her whole body shudder.


Greg was sitting in the living room, reading, when his mother came home from work the next day. She was always very conservative, wearing perfect business attire; usually pantsuits that always left as little visible as possible of her neck, arms, and legs. Her hair was always tied up in a bun or back in a tight ponytail, and her shoes were always sensible. Not that this was foremost in Greg's mind when he saw her, but it was the way she had always dressed since he had remembered, even back before her and his dad had split up. And when she was around the house it would usually be thick baggy jogging suits, or large shapeless sweaters and straight-leg pants.

In Greg's mind the it was as though his mother were another species from the females he saw at school, on TV, or in the pornography he consumed, the ones so willing to flaunt themselves and their sexuality just to get attention.

"I'm just gonna take care of some things and then get dinner started, ok dear?" his mother asked. He grunted, and out of the corner of his eye saw her hauling some bags up to her room.

Some time later, Greg heard his Mom shuffle about in the kitchen. He didn't glance over for a while, but when he did he was shocked and couldn't break his stare.

He always thought his mother had a classical face; fine lines and delicate features, a little reminiscent of the Mona Lisa, or of Greek and Roman sculptures he'd seen in his high school textbooks and at the museum. She'd always worn big, practical glasses, her new pairs just like her old ones, but now for the first time Greg saw her wearing a sleek pair with tortoise-shell rims, that reminded him of cat's eyes. Her hair was sandy-brown, and at the top of her head it fell straight, but then began to curl at the level of her eyes. She wore it untied now, and it fell around her shoulders.

Her body, with exceptions, was slim; especially her crane-like neck, her delicate wrists, and her ankles where the contours of bone showed clearly. But nature had also designed her body so that her breasts were large and full, and were supported by strong shoulders, and her hips and ass were big and full as well, supported by thick muscular thighs.

Now, she wore a flimsy wool cardigan, rose pink, with a knit loose enough to clearly show the bra underneath, and a plunging open neck that showed off much of her shoulders and the cleavage of her upper chest. A cream-coloured skirt stopped just above her knees, but had a slit up the side where Greg could see the top of a smokey brown stocking. Her feet rested in shoes with a medium heel.

"Wow," Greg said as he walked into the kitchen, and then paused, searching for any other words. "Um...are we having company over or something?"

"No baby," Mary said, and turned to look at him with wide eyes. "I just thought it would be fun to dress up a bit for dinner."

Greg didn't remember his mom ever calling him 'baby' before. "Oh geez, I feel kinda out of it then." He looked down to his white socks, jeans, and rock-band T-shirt. "Do you want me to change?"

"No, you're...niiicce," his mother quickly brushed her lip with the tip of her tongue, and a sparkle in her eyes made something inside Greg jump. His mother turned away to continue her work, and Greg felt his cock involuntarily pulse and twitch against the fly of his jeans.

He felt confused, and tried to explain it away as one of the occasional hard-ons he got without much reason.

Dinner proceeded somewhat normally, though Greg's eyes would often wander to his mother's chest, trying to make out the details of her bra, and picture how her chest would look without the cardigan draped over it. He'd snap his head away when he became conscious of his thoughts, but then his eyes would also sometimes drift to look down through the glass table in the kitchen, looking down at his mother's legs and the way she held one sleek leg against the other, and something inside of him flamed up when his mother's stockinged legs would rub together as she subtly shifted position.

Greg didn't feel any better when he caught himself doing this. His mom didn't give any sign of noticing, but he did notice she seemed much more chipper than usual, and always smiled when she looked at him..

As was the usual routine - Greg washed the dishes after dinner. He was looking out the window at the backyard when hands reached under his arms and wrapped themselves around his chest.

"Yow! Hey mom, you scared me!" She pressed her entire body against him. Greg felt his mom's crotch against his butt, her big warm breasts pressed against his back. A rich, flowery scent reached drifted his nose.

"I just wanted to say thanks for washing the dishes." She gave him a long hard squeeze. "I'm so lucky to have such a good son." She placed a kiss on the back of his neck. Greg froze and stopped washing dishes. They were both quiet. A moment later she kissed his neck again, a little off to the side of the first kiss. Each one burned on Greg's neck like a gunshot.

Palm flat on his chest, one of her hands began to work its way down over his stomach. Greg's heart hammered as he realized his mom's hand, if it continued, would discover his pulsing cock. He slammed his hips against the counter, crouching down a little so the bulge of his crotch was hidden from view.

Mary's hand ran over his stomach, touched his waist, and then hit the kitchen counter. She gave a disappointed sigh.

"So," she said softly, into his ear, "what're you doing after the dishes?"

"Um...I gotta...gotta go to work Mom," he stammered, and after glancing at the clock, began washing dishes feverishly.

His mother sighed and took her hands off his body. "Alright, my baby boy's gotta work, I understand." She placed a final, longer kiss on his neck, and Greg imagined he might have felt a little tongue. Long after she had gone, his body missed her warmth pressing against his back.

When Greg got home late in the evening and turned on his computer monitor, there was a full-screen picture he was sure he had not left there. A naked woman, nasty lustful passion on her face, had a large cock buried deep in her ass, and another cock hung soft and slimy over her face, having just shot streaks of milky, sticky semen.


When Greg woke the next morning his mother had already gone to work. He remembered what he found on the computer last night, and was perplexed.

There was little question his mom had left it there, but why? His best guess was that she had found out about his pornography habit, and left this as a hint to stop, not being comfortable bringing the question up face-to-face.

Greg was a little worried about this, but what could he do? He cursed himself for calling for his mother's help from work a few days ago, and changed his password - something he'd forgotten to do that night. But he sure as hell wasn't giving up his porn.

His mom came home that evening with more shopping bags in her arms and went upstairs.

"Greg dear?" she asked. She'd come down after having spent a half hour behind her bedroom door.

Greg turned to look at his mother. She was dressed in platform sandals and dark brown bell-bottomed corduroys that stretched skin-tight around her ass and thighs before flaring out around her calves and ankles. A bright gold buckle on her thick leather belt caught the attention of the eyes, where just above it her bare belly-button showed. Her black top was see-through, detailed with flowery designs, and just enough to cover her breasts, where she wore nothing else. The top was long-sleeved and complimented her graceful arms, ending in flares at the sleeves and below her chest.

Greg had seen her when she got home from work, and she'd worn her old glasses and her hair up. Now she wore the tortoiseshell glasses again, and her hair framed her face as it fell free around her.

"Are you doing anything this evening?" she asked him. Wednesdays were his days off.

"Um..." he tried to swallow, but his throat was dry. "Uh, no, no."

"Goodie. I was thinking we could have a pyjama party, watch a movie on the TV? There's supposed to be a good one at ten."

Mary turned and walked away, and Greg watched his mother's ass sway side-to-side in her tight pants, his eyes stuck to the points of reference of her back pockets.

Dinner passed more or less as usual, though Greg suspected his mother caught him sometimes looking at her body, and he couldn't bear looking into her knowing eyes for more than a moment.

"Why don't you put on your undershirt and boxers," his mother said, "and make some popcorn to bring down to the basement. I'll get ready and join you in a bit."

Greg went to his bedroom and was surprised that his mother had laid his clothes out for him. He wanted to protest, but thought it might save an embarrassing talk if he just went along with it. He put on a pair of dark boxers, and a white undershirt that was tight on his chest and stomach.


Greg sat alone, a little nervous, on the leather couch in the basement, in front of the TV. The basement was a little chilly, and with little clothing on it helped keep him on edge.

He heard his mother descended the stairs. When he looked over he helplessly gasped out loud.

From her black patent leather platform heels, white stockings went halfway up her thighs, supported by a garter belt. Lacy red panties covered Mary's crotch. Her breasts hung low in a bra that was so delicate it was see-through - her breasts hung in her bra like water balloons about to burst.

Mary settled down beside Greg, heat and lust emanating from her body. She saw Greg look down at his feet, withdraw into himself, and suddenly her expression changed.

She put a hand on his shoulder, "Oh, what's wrong, Gregory?"

He trembled getting his words out: "I-I-I...I know what you want to do, Mom, but I'm not ready!

"I'm sorry!" His head fell into his hands.

"Aw, there, there," she said, and hugged him to her provocatively dressed body.

"I mean," he said, "I mean, I like you, and I want to, but...but..."

"It's okay, baby, it's okay," she said. "You're just a little nervous. You know what we used to do back in the day, to break the ice? A little mutual masturbation."

Mary knew her son was nervous, but she also saw that she had made him tent his boxers.

She moved back from Greg, and leaned back onto the armrest, facing him. She threw one leg over the back of the sofa and rubbed a hand over her panty-covered pussy, spreading her legs for her son.

"Oooooh!" She was hot and wet, and when she twitched and moaned at the first contact of her hand on her pussy, she wasn't faking.

"C'mon baby, ooooh!" she sighed. "Get your pants off and stroke your cock for me. I know you've had lots of practice doing that!" She reached another hand to her bra and opened it, letting her large breasts free to jiggle and roll. One hand tweaked her nipple as the other dived under her panties.

Greg pulled off his boxers and let his hard dick swing free. He positioned himself like his mother, leaning back on the opposite armrest, facing her. He swung a leg up on the back as well, and the touch of her feminine stockinged leg against his hairy and muscled male one was so good he shut his eyes.

Mary watched her son stroke his cock right in front of her, just out of reach. Feeling wild, she lifted her hips and slipped off her panties, and tossed them over to Greg. Her fingers dived back into her now-naked and leaking pussy.

His mother's panties had landed on his chest. Greg could see the trimmed hair of her pussy, and the inflamed lips. Greg grabbed the delicate panties and held them to his nose, inhaling so deep he felt it like a rush of a drug to his head.

"Yeah baby," Mary growled, "sniff your Momma. This pussy's yours baby, this pussy's all yours."

Greg brought her panties to his cock, and used them to stroke it. He wrapped them around the base of his cock and left them there as he started urgent strokes with his fist around his cock.

The days, the hours, the minutes leading up to this had kept Mary in a subdued frenzy, and now it was rushing to the surface. She whined, she moaned, she pulled on her nipples and spanked her wet pussy. Finally, the coming climax inevitable, she rubbed and pinched her clit in a desperate desire to cum as hard as possible.


Greg's eyes widened and he slowed his masturbation as he saw the breathtaking, beautiful sight of his mother's body in orgasm. She twitched and moaned, and finally arched her body up in the air for an indescribable moment, before collapsing and taking deep, ragged breaths.

Finally, Mary opened her eyes, and saw Greg looking at her, stroking his still-hard cock. Her eyes sparkled.

"Hold on baby," she said, "Momma's gonna bring you off real good."

Showing impressive dexterity, she quickly slipped the shoes off her stockinged feet. She kicked away his hands from his cock and began stroking his cock with her feet, trapping it between her arches and working it up and down.

"Oh FUCK!" Greg bellowed. "Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh shit! OH FUCK, MOM!" His hands, now free of his cock, ripped at the hair on his own head.

Mary kept up her fevered movements and licked her lips, feeling as wicked as a devil.

Greg spasmed and his cock erupted, shooting off semen. Strings of hot milky cum landed on his chest, on her stomach, and finally ran over his cockhead and onto her stockinged feet.

Mary sighed with her whole body, a mother proud of giving her son the ultimate physical satisfaction.

Greg opened his eyes, looked around, and suddenly went into a panic. He leapt up and left the room, jogging upstairs, his cock bouncing in the cold air and his boxers still on the basement floor.

Mary raised herself to chase after him, but then lay back down, wallowing on the couch.

"All in good time, you wicked, depraved mother" she rumbled out loud to herself. She bent her leg until her foot came to her mouth. She sucked and licked her son's still-warm cum from her stockings, and her whole body purred at the taste.

"All in good time."

-To Be Continued-

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