tagMatureMoms at the Beach Ch. 01

Moms at the Beach Ch. 01


Before it blew up my life had been comfortable and easy. I lived in Mountain Brook, a tony suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, in a big house. I drove an expensive car. I wore beautiful clothes. I entertained extravagantly. My biggest complaint was that I spent too much time car pooling.

My name is Sharon. Ann was and is my best friend. Our husbands were best friends and partners in a financial advisor firm that made oodles of money. Our sons, Steven and Andrew, were best friends. We had been two inseparable couples

Then one night our husbands came home and announced they'd fallen in love with two young cuties from the office.

After several alcohol soaked weeks Annie and I opted for a measure of revenge. We fired our friendly neighborhood lawyer and hired one from Birmingham; the kind whose nickname is Mad Dog. We hit the gym. Our husbands' girl friends/fiances were young and beautiful; we'd never match their thick youthful silken brown hair or the strength and elasticity of their wrinkle-free skin, but come the wedding day we'd, at least, have better bods. We had kept in shape and still elicited second glances from the guys, but over the next months we were fixtures at the gym. On the date our husbands remarried we checked each other out in the mirror. Damn we looked good; at least that mission was accomplished

Of the two of us, Ann was the pixie. Five feet one inch tall, she kept her blonde hair cropped short to emphasize her round face, emerald eyes, high cheekbones, and generous full lips. She loved showing off the new look, wearing tight tops, short shorts, and work-out clothes that bordered on a second skin.

I'm seven inches taller than Ann. Unlike her, I keep my blonde hair long and wavy, it runs past my shoulders and compliments, I hope, my long face, wide symmetrical cheekbones, and full prominent lips. I'm more modest than my friend, although I do enjoy a slit skirt to show off a leg or a tank top to emphasize my full round breasts.

Our transformation was getting us more than our share of attention and Ann and I were hot-to-trot – it had been awhile – but Mad Dog had strict orders: no fooling around. Until the property was divided he wanted us loyal wives abandoned by middle-aged men chasing pre-pubescent tail. In this regard he was not entirely pleased by our new look. We were too attractive, not quite right for the role of the aging housewives dumped for young hotties. Nonetheless, he summoned us to his office for more consultations than necessary and his stares left little doubt what was on his mind. Ann, as always, was not above a little flirting to make sure our case remained foremost on his mind.

* * * *

Each July the two couples had rented a cabin on the Gulf of Mexico near Gulf Shores. Ann and I decided to continue the tradition. We loved the beach, didn't want our husbands to think we'd change our routine for them, and, to be honest, desperately wanted to get away; our divorces became final in June. Our husbands, I mean ex-husbands, had immediately remarried.

We also had an ulterior motive. The last few summers the boys had complained about the trip; they were of an age where they were more interested in hanging with friends than sitting at the beach with the parental units. So we figured when the boys complained we'd, after a mild protest, leave them behind. Annie and I could get out of town for a week. Mad Dog be damned, no one would know. Two horny hot unattached girls at the sea shore! We would have ourselves some fun.

Thus, we were not entirely happy when the boys said they were eager to go. We recognized the absurdity of our position: we complained when they didn't want to go and complained when they did, but still we complained.

Which is how we found ourselves sitting on the beach with our sons. Ann was laying on her back in a tiny red bikini. I studied her through my sunglasses. When we started reworking our bodies Ann wanted a six pack and to turn her belly button into an outie. She had achieved both goals; she was sleek, muscled, fit, magnificent. Her firm C breasts, which spilled out of her bathing suit, sat high on her chest.

I was in a one piece suit. I was curvier than Ann. My body was not susceptible to her kind of conditioning. After spending years trying to tighten my butt I had finally given up. I always retained some fat, but men seemed to like the gentle jiggle when I walked by.

Annie rolled over and sucked down the last of her daiquiri. I had finished mine and wanted another, but was too loose and lazy to get it. When the boys heard Annie's final slurp they offered to fetch us another. When I pointed out that they were 18, too young to buy alcohol, they guaranteed they'd be able to do so. We consented and Ann, sitting up on her elbows, watched the boys head for the cabana.

"Look at the girls checking out our kids, it seems they've turned into quite the hunks."

I surveyed the crowd. Ann was right. Lots of eyes were following our sons. "I can still she them as little kids, hanging together, scurrying in and out of our houses."

"Yeah whenever I laid down the law mine would threaten to run away to live with Aunt Sharon."

I laid back down, closed my eyes, and was rolling the memory around my skull when a shadow drifted across my face. It was Andrew; he sat down next to me. "Your drink mi'lady." My son, Steven, was handing a drink to Ann.

"Thanks. How did you guys pull this off, fake id's?"

"Nah," Steven replied, "All the bartender wanted to know was how Andy and I scored such hot chicks."

That got Ann's attention. "What did you tell him?"

"I said we're really good kissers."

I was now sitting up. "Have you boys been telling people we're your dates?"

"Well, it'd be more accurate to say people assume you're our dates and we haven't corrected them. It's doing wonders for our reputations. Why are you surprised? You girls look ten years younger than you are and are fricking spectacular in those bathing suits. Guys have been staring at you all day. Every dude our age wants a hot older chick. Everyone's thinking we're two lucky guys livin' the dream.

I folded my arms across my chest. "I don't believe you."

Steven, a devilish look in his eyes, replied. "I'll prove it. I'll kiss Mrs. Rocke. Mom, you scan the crowd. See what people do. If people think I'm makin' out with my mom there'll be some kind of reaction."

I was about to tell my son he was out of his mind when Ann jumped in. "Sure, I'll bite. But remember, you've got a reputation as a good kisser."

She straightened her sun glasses and faced my son. He put his hand on her leg and leaned towards her.

I'm not sure what I expected, but I didn't expect this. Steven kissed her nose, her forehead, and then, in a series of little pecks, covered her face – everywhere except her lips. Ann was basking in the attention, her countenance happy. While my boy was taking the lead, Ann certainly was responsive. He, with the tip of his tongue, traced the outline of Ann's mouth. She moaned and when he opened his mouth, she opened hers. They worked their lips against each other. Initially, when Steven tried to slip his tongue inside her mouth Ann pulled away, but only for a moment. She quickly returned, her mouth open. Steven captured her upper lip between his, pulling it into his mouth. Ann leaned forward, running her hand up his leg to his swim trunks.

Its hard to describe the effect this was having on me. Part of me was stunned; my best friend was making out with my son. She was old enough to be his mother. This was a crowded beach. There were hundreds of witnesses. Then I remembered the boys' challenge. I scanned the crowd. Some people were watching, but no one look horrified, some look aroused. A few men and women reached for each other, touching and caressing. The boys were not only pulling off this charade, they were inspiring the crowd.

I looked back to Steven and Ann. She was nibbling on his lower lip.

Andrew's hand snaked around my shoulder.

"They're hot, aren't they."

"Well, I mean, it's just...."

He took my chin in his hand, turned my head, shushed me, smiled, and brought his mouth to mine. When his tongue brushed across them, my lips parted, seemingly on their own, and without hesitation he entered my mouth. The kiss lasted only a few seconds; he pulled back to return his attention to Ann and Steven, but in those few seconds I felt a wave of desire between my legs. It had been a long time, I needed to get laid.

Ann and Steven were still going at it. His tongue was aggressive, playing with hers, exploring the interior of her mouth. Ann was compliant, hungry for him to continue. When he stopped she, without hesitation, pushed her tongue into his mouth; their tongues dueled, then he gently sucked on hers. Her hand was on his hip. He snaked his hand behind her head. Her tongue swirled around his mouth, claiming possession. They were breathing heavily and Ann's grip on his body tightened. Finally Ann backed off, her face flushed. I looked at Steven. He seemed as aroused as she.

Ann caught he breath, looked at me, and said, "Steven's right, he's a good kisser."

She scanned the crowd; no one was running for the police. "The boys are right again. People think were couples, two very hot couples I suspect, not mothers and sons. Now where did you learn to kiss like that?"

Steven looked bashful. "A gentlemen never tells."

"Good," Ann replied, "since I'd prefer you keep what happened here between," she looked at the crowd, "well, between the four of us and everyone else watching."

I wanted to be the responsible one. "Am I the only person here who thinks this is nuts?"

Ann was unperturbed. "Nuts? Yeah, but fun. Don't knock it til you try it. He's a hell of a kisser."

Exasperated, I lay down.

Ten minutes later Andrew, noting the sweat running down my back, offered to re-apply my sun block. I assented. His strong hands turned the process into a massage. I knew he was having fun, reinforcing the charade that he and I were a couple, but I let him go on; his hands felt good, I had a daiquiri and a half inside me, I was enjoying myself. It was nice having a handsome young man pay attention to me, take care of me, even if he was my son's best friend, even if I had known him his entire life, even if he was practically family. When done Andrew lay next to me, sharing my blanket. Ann and Steven were doing the same, jabbering and laughing. Andrew and I were quiet. When his leg drifted over to touch mine, I welcomed it. We may not actually be with these young hunks, but Ann was right, it felt good to pretend.

About an hour later we heard the sound of a band, sponsored by one of the local hotels, setting up. We packed up our stuff and wandered over, grabbing a spot under a tree. The band was pretty good, mostly playing stuff from the 80's, the music I grew up with. When Andrew saw me moving to the music he asked me to dance. I jumped at the opportunity. He was a good dancer and we had a great time. When the band announced it would play a slow tune to end the set I thought nothing about melting into his arms.

We moved gracefully together. His body was strong and firm. When had our boys grown up? How had I missed that they were no longer kids, but sexy young men? The alcohol, the moment, his arms around me. I hadn't been laid in more than six months; I was getting very turned-on. When the song ended I looked at Andrew. Would he kiss me? He did, a short sweet peck on the lips.

Then, his arm around my waist, we headed back. Steven was leaning against the tree, his arms wrapped around Ann. Her body was turned into his. They were making out like horny teenagers.

"You two need to get a room," Andrew quipped.

Ann looked over her shoulder, "We might be able to arrange that."

The four of us listened to a few songs from the second set, but the boys were fidgety and when Ann suggested we return to the cabin to catch the sunset, no one objected. While Ann and I normally sat in the front, when we got to the car Ann opened the back door and gestured for Steven to get in. She followed. Andrew sat next to me.

We were staying in a rented cabin, one of many that ran along the beach about fifteen miles west of town. I looked in the rear view mirror. Ann and my son were making out. Andrew saw me check the mirror. Leaning towards me he said, "Eyes on the road," and placed a hand on my thigh. It was calming. I obeyed.

When we arrived there was a car parked at the adjoining cabin and twin girls, probably in their mid-twenties, unpacking. They were moderately built – they probably played sports – were evenly and deeply tanned, sported several tattoos, and had short black hair which stopped at their necklines in the back and hung in bangs across the front. They wore, at first glance, no make-up and with their tans and even symmetrical features required none. Our boys, being gentlemen, told us they'd join us on the porch and helped the girls unload.

Upon their return Steven made a bee line for the lounger on which Ann sat. Andrew climbed onto the couch next to me. I, sipping a pina colada, slipped into his strong arms and watched the sun go down. It was beautiful. It felt good to be held by a man.

Night took over. It was quiet. I enjoyed the dark, the stars, the smell of the sea, and snuggling up to Andrew's body. Ann and Steve were also cuddled up, but they were kissing and caressing each other, no longer anxious desperate teenagers, but experienced lovers warming up for the main event. I knew I should say something, but I was enjoying the moment; I was too selfish to say anything that might disrupt it.

Finally Ann said, "I need to wash this lotion off. Steve, honey, could you help me with my back." She grabbed his hand and led him from the porch up the stairs to the top floor bedroom and shower.

I was now free to say what I had been thinking. "Andy, doesn't this bother you, your best friend and your Mom, canoodling?"

His hand ran down my spine, sending chills through my body. "No, they're both adults and Steve's had a thing for my Mom for years."

"Isn't that a bit weird?"

Andrew's hand kept roving over my body, tripping lightly across my skin. It felt so damn good.

"I hope not. I have a thing for his."

There was no authority in my voice when I said, "Andrew, I've known you since you were a baby. You practically grew up in my house. It borders on incest."

"Well, we'll get to incest later. Mrs. K, I've wanted you forever. I intend to have you. Tonight."

I tried to keep the effect his hand was having on me out of my voice. "Do I get to say no?"

He was confident, respectful, but he noted my body tremble at his touch. He and Stephen dated a lot, they knew their way around women. He knew what I was feeling. "Of course, if you say no, I'll stop."

He leaned in and kissed me. I loved the feeling of his strong face.

"But I don't want you to say no."

He kissed me again. My lips puckered and moved against his.

"Mrs. K, your lips, they're as soft and sweet and wonderful as I've dreamed.

I was quivering in his arms; my stomach was doing cart wheels.

"You don't want to say no. Why waste this opportunity? All alone, with people you love, no restrictions, no one to object or judge. You're safe. Tonight I want you to be a naughty girl, my naughty girl. There will never be a better time."

He cupped my breast through my swim suit. It filled with blood and swelled; there was no mistaking the heat pouring from it. My nipple was distended, hard. He kissed my forehead; he kissed my cheek.

"No's an unhappy word and I want you to be happy. If you say yes your body will be my playground. I'll lick every square inch of you, explore every nook, every cranny, suck and coddle your breasts, taste your pussy. Smell you, listen to you groan, bury my face in your hair, feel your sweat when we move together. I'll make love to you like you should be made love to. I'll enter you, feel the warm wet tightness of your cunt as it envelops my cock. I'll make sweet love to you; I'll make nasty love to you; I'll make you cum until you beg me to stop. I want to be inside you Mrs. K, I want to be your lover; I always have."

When he kissed me this time I opened my mouth, letting his tongue inside. His cock, already thick with blood, stiffened, pressing against my hip.

"Can you feel it? You make me hard. Here let me show you."

He held my hand to his penis. I didn't object, but when he removed his hand from mine I let go. Still, it was warm and hard and big.

Gently, he touched my face.

"Is there a spot where, when a guy touches you, you swoon, you surrender? Where is it? Is it your neck?"

He kissed my neck, his lips sensual, strong.

"Your ear?"

The tip of his tongue explored the crevices and turns of my very sensitive ear.

I knew Steven and Ann were not coming back. I didn't have the strength to stop them. I didn't have the strength to stop myself.

"The back of my neck."

"Would you like it if I kissed you there?"

I nodded yes.

He leaned me forward and ran the tip of his tongue up the back of my neck, along the center, and then planted kisses over the entire surface. He blew air over the wet skin, sending tingles through my body.

No one had ever talked to me like this, touched me like this. I was helpless and when his hand tugged the straps of my swim suit off my shoulder I offered no resistance. My heavy breasts fell free, open to the ocean's breeze. I groaned.

He stood and offered me his hand. There was no uncertainty in his eyes; he knew I wouldn't refuse him. I took his hand, looking at him through half-closed eyes, my mouth ajar, breathing heavily. I followed him into the house. As we passed the stairs to the upstairs bedroom I heard low sensual moans and bodies moving together, the unmistakable sound of two people making love. Ann had gone ahead; she was in bed with my son; now I would go to bed with hers.

Andrew heard it also. He smiled and opened the bedroom door for me. Once inside I turned to face him, placing my hands on the muscles of his chest. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes," he answered, his tone confident, comfortable.

"Isn't it, at least a little bit, odd. I've known you since you were a child. You used to call me Aunt Sharon."

The use of my old nickname only served to reinforce our intimacy. He stroked the side of my face, brushing my hair back. "A little, maybe. But I want you. I've wanted you for years. And you want me. Why deny ourselves Aunt Sharon?"

I did want him. I wanted to be made love to. I'm didn't know how'd I feel about it in the morning, but that night I wanted to be made love to by a man, a man who had wanted me for years, who craved me. I wanted to feel his strong body against mine, longed for his masculine smell, to feel him inside me. My surrender must have been written all over my face. Andrew dropped his head and kissed me. My mouth was open and welcoming. When his tongue touched my lips I sucked it inside. I crushed my body to his and wrapped my arms around his neck. My breasts flattened against his chest. Desire surged through me; by the time we ended the kiss I was panting.

He must have known that right then and there, he could have turned me around and taken me, but he was a cooler customer than that. He slipped his hand into mine, our fingers intertwining, and led me to the bathroom and its two person shower. I stood behind him, admiring his body as he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. When satisfied he opened the door and followed me inside.

Standing behind me, he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close. A tiny involuntary moan escaped my lips as I felt his hardness against my backside. Any lingering doubt as to whether this boy could want a woman twice his age was replaced by a more carnal thought: this beautiful young man was hung like a horse. I turned my head to kiss him, twisting my butt, rubbing my butt on his cock.

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