tagIncest/TabooMom's Big Legs

Mom's Big Legs


Janice smiled as she felt her son's eyes boring a hole into her thick ass from the hallway. The bodacious and muscular 50-year-old divorcee was doing her afternoon's aerobics in front of the TV in a tight, white leotard top over a very sexy, lacy open-front bodice, bending and stretching and exposing thick pads of her luscious ass, and she knew Mark was watching. She always knew he was watching.

She heard the unmistakable squish-squish sound of Mark jacking his huge cock, and her pussy went wet while she bent over more, her big, hard ass hanging out of the tight leotard. Mark had a cock even bigger than her ex-husband's; she'd spied him in the shower, when even limp his dong hung halfway to his knees. And he "accidentally" walked in on him one time during his many jack-off sessions, gasping in shock not at what he was doing but that he was doing it with both hands and the top of his monster meat was still clearing both pumping hands before he quickly covered himself in his sheets, Janice merely giggling and walking out of the room.

It was the same thing every day when Mark got home, and locked himself in his room to do his homework, Janice coming home a couple hours later, throwing dinner on the stove and then hitting the floor to do aerobics. She was incredibly well built for a woman her age, she knew it and loved it, and this day was running her hands over her massive legs, the thick beefy quads of her pulsating thighs and down over the chiseled flesh of her calves. As she bent over, from between her legs she caught just a bit of Mark's madly pumping hand as he clung to the shadows, convinced his mom couldn't see him. Her pussy tingled at the thought of her big- cocked son whacking off to the sight of her athletic body.

"Enough's enough," Janice said to herself, straightening up to shut off the TV. "Today's the day."

She walked toward the hallway and heard Mark hurridley retreat to his room, slamming the door. She calmly opened it and watched him cowering under the sheets. Walking toward the bed, she sat on it and put a hand on his trembling shoulder.

"Mark, I know what you're doing, I know you stand in the hallway and beat your dick as you watch Mommy work out every day," she said, trying to suppress a giggle. "It's OK, let's talk about it."

Mark looked at her through wet eyes, his lower lip trembling.

"Mom, I....you're just..."

"What, Mark, I'm what?"

"Beautiful!" he blurted. "And so big, strong..and m.m."

"Muscular?" Janice finished. "You like Mommy's big muscles?"

"Yes, Mommy, I love your big muscles!"

There, it was out in the open - and so was Mark's enormous pecker when Janice reached to hug him and the blankets fell away. Mark recoiled in horror and pulled the sheet over his lower body, exposing the muscular top half of him. As a football player at high school, Mark was blessed with a rugged, hard body, part of which was surely inherited from his mom, a long-time physical fitness freak with a remarkably big, muscular body for a woman of 50.

"Mark, don't be shy, I've seen your cock before, when you were little.and NOT so little," she teased, tweaking his hard right nipple playfully. "I'm flattered I make you hard.and to compliment you, you're MUCH bigger than your father."

Mark laughed nervously and still kept the sheet tight over his lap.

"But here's the deal, my little boy," she said, crossing a sexy leg and leaning on it, looking at him. "No more jacking off, from now on, you want to whack it, you whack it in front of me, as I work out. I wanna see you jack your dick, I want to see you shoot your hot cum. You got that?"

Mark's jaw dropped, his face reddened.

"No..no way, Mom, you've gotta be kidding, there's no way I could..I could do that," he said distastefully.

"Well, here's the thing then," she growled, standing up, hands on hips and thrusting out one big, muscular leg for him to stare at as she stared at him. "We wrestle. We wrestle right now and if you win, you can whack back in the shadows as always, or not at all, for all I care. But I win.that big piece of meat is mine to do with what I want, and if I want to see you stroke yourself in front of me, you WILL stroke yourself in front of me!"

Mark looked in horror at his mother, and then busted out laughing. "Mom, you're kidding me, right? I mean, I work out all the time, too, I'm on the football team, baseball.C'mon, you may be big and strong."

".and beautiful," Janice interjected.

".and beautiful," he said. "But c'mon, wrestle?"

"Be in the living room in five minutes," she growled, leaving the room. "And put on some shorts, I wouldn't want to be stepping on that sweet meat while we're rasslin'. I think you're underestimating your old mother, sonny boy, I used to kick your father's ass all the time!"

Janice went to the living room, slipped on a pair of sexy white shoes and peeled off her leotard, standing in the open-fronted bodice that totally revealed her gigantic, hard titties, cut high on the sides to allow her big, bountiful buttcheeks to hang out. She pulled on the long sleeves of the sexy top and waited for her son, who soon emerged shyly in a pair of gym trunks, his eyes bugging out at the sight of her muscular boobs. Janice licked her lips and walked up to him, putting one hand on his hard chest, the other cupping his big dick through his shorts. He jumped back.

"Mom, c'mon, play fair," he said, slapping her hand away.

"Let's rock, babycakes," she hissed, backing away. "Your ass - and that dick - are mine!!"

She wasted no time, jumping him and securing a tight headlock and getting behind him to bulldog him to the floor.

Janice worked the hold on tightly, her forearm digging into his throat, choking him. He fought her, grabbed the arm, but couldn't budge it. Gagging, he steadied himself as his mother jerked and pulled the hold harder now, really powering into it and snapping his head.

"Give up yet?" she hissed into his ear, biting it. "I hope not, haven't had a chance to work Mommy's big legs on you yet!!"

Janice yanked him harder, knocking his legs out from under him and they crashed to the floor, Mark under his mom as she worked the headlock on tighter. She spread her big legs and pressed her hot pussy into the hard bulge of his muscular teen- boy butt, growling as she did.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels nice, your ass on my pussy, sonny boy," she hissed into his ear as he gagged from the pressure of her muscular arm choking him. "Feels reaaaaaaaaal nice.."

"M..mom.please." Mark gagged, pulling at the lace-covered forearm digging mercilessly into his throat.

"No way, son, no fucking way," Janice growled. "You like watching Mommy work out? You like watching THIS wrestling workout? Huh?"

She powered the headlock on until he was nearly out, his face crimson from the squeeze of her strong arm, then she let him flop to the floor, sitting on his back and madly humping her hot cunny against his hard ass. She was nearly cumming now, pumping her thick butt hard on him, but he bridged up a bit trying to fight her off.

"Dammit, Mom, stop it.please." he begged, spreading his legs to throw off the constant humping of his horny mother.

"Damn you!" she growled, grabbing his wrists and spinning him around to snap on a harsh grapevine. "I was gonna cum, you little shit! Now stay still and LET MOMMY CUM!!"

Mark struggled against his mom's hands as they pinned his to the exercise mats in the living room and he hunched his hips up trying to toss her off, but it only excited his mother more as she rode the grapevine down on him hard, punching it and using the thick, hollowed-out halves of her succulent ass to power it down. Mark's knee and hip joints were burning from the pain of his mother's relentless grapevine, her gigantic tits only inches from his heaving face. He turned his head away to avoid the incestuous feelings building in his loins as against his will, his cock stiffened and brushed his mom's pussy.

"You fucking whore!" she yelled down into his face as she battered his middle with her cunt. "I feel that big dick on me, don't tell ME you don't love getting beaten up by your mother!!"

Mark fought it but Janice was relentless, powering the grapevine harder and snapping her hips brutally hard on his crotch, nearly tearing out his knee joints in doing it. Again she neared orgasm and again Mark succeeded in breaking her concentration by nearly throwing her off his bucking form.

"You little prick!" she screamed, flipping him over and rolling him back into her legs for a brutal bodyscissors, her white leather shoes locking up in front of his belly. "Now you'll pay! IN MOMMY'S LEGS!!!"

Janice bore down hard and Mark screamed. She howled, leaning back and using just her legs, letting go of his neck with her arms, pushing against his shoulder with one hand to position him perfectly in the deadly clamp of her punishing gams. Her knees locked around his lower ribs, taking them to the breaking point "Mommmmmmmmmmmmm.." Mark screamed, almost unable to breathe in the leggy vice of his mother's hugely muscled legs. "Pleeeeeeeeeeease."

Janice put her head back and tore into him harder before pulling at his hair, tilting his head back and shouting into his face.

"Feel Mommy's BIG NASTY LEGS scissoring you, little boy? Huh? You feel my bodyscissors about to crush you in two, you little fucking shit!!!" she screamed. "You gonna whack that dick for mommy every day as she works out? Huh? Is that dick MINE yet!!!"

He balked at answering so Janice redoubled her efforts - and snapped four ribs in rapid succession, having a miniature orgasm as she felt his bones bend and yield to her crushing thighs. Mark screamed in agony, Janice in a cummy clamp of leg, before finally letting him go. He rolled away, sobbing, holding his sides. Janice sat back, laughing. His freedom didn't last long.

She lashed out with her long legs and snared his head, pulling him back into her mammoth thighs for a crushing straight headscissors. He grimaced in pain just before Janice set the big thighs into full scissoring fury.

"M.mommy.please, not this, please.your legs too strong...please, please, PLEASE!!" he yelled.

Janice laughed - and snapped her legs out straight, tightening her gripping thighs, the sheer bulk of them doubling in size as she put the headscissors on, full bore. Mark screamed in agony as his mother destroyed him in her big legs. She sat up in a half sit-up and smiled down at the sight of her big legs gobbling up his moaning skull.

"Hey, pretty boy, you don't look so pretty now, your face all red and pained and shit!!" Janice smiled down at him. "I should get some pictures of this, pass it around to your football buddies and your girlfriends. But you'll be outta action for awhile, what with the busted ribs - and being grounded!"

Mark bucked up at that, but Janice just relocked her ankles and vibrated her scissoring, gigantic thighs on her son's head until he quieted down. She leaned over to speak to him.

"What part don't you get, son?" she asked. "The grounding? The not playing football for awhile? Or the part where I OWN your big dick to do what I want with it?"

Mark couldn't fight anymore, his breathing was labored from the busted ribs his mother's legs had given him, and his skull throbbed with pain from her massive thighs being scissored around it. He couldn't fight back anymore, he knew she'd won. He panted, trying to talk, but his sides burned, his ears packed full of thigh meat so he couldn't even hear himself talk. Janice squeezed harder.

"I know, I know, you wanna say, 'you win, Mom', right?" she asked, and watched as Mark waved his hands helplessly, making a thumbs-up sign to indicate she was right, she'd won. "Atta boy."

She let go the scissors and Mark breathed more quietly now. Janice stood over her boy, smiling. He watched in horror as she straddled his face, then sat on it, hard, leaning over him now and clamping his head up her ass and in her thighs for a gruesomely painful reverse facescissors, 69 style.

"You just lay there and enjoy this, lover boy," she growled, pulling at his pants and freeing his monstrous trouser snake. "I'll use your face - and this!"

Janice opened wide and inhaled his mammoth prick into her madly sucking mouth, all the while letting her big thighs chew at his neck and head and pull his moaning face deeper into her huge, muscular ass.

She humped his face harder and harder, the moistness of her insatiable cunt wetting him, coating him in her musky aroma. Her big tits now embraced his huge dick as she booby-fucked him, lapping at the tip of his gigantic prick stem as her warm tit meat stroked him.

"Almost there, baby..almost there."

She leaned up on her hands now, letting her huge tits fall around his monstrous cock as she came and came hard, squeezing him in her scissors so hard his head felt like it were splitting in two. His hands pried at the gigantic scissoring mass of her big thighs but couldn't budge the iron limbs which were etched in silky steel

"Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.." Janice roared, humping her cunny against his chest now as the sheer scissoring bulk of her huge thighs pushed his head away from her sweaty ass.

She squeezed Mark so hard he passed out cold, and she kept squeezing until her orgasm abated a full minute later. Stopping to catch her breath, she let him go and slowly sat up on his chest, facing his face. She reached back and stroked his still-hard prick that stuck out the leg of his shorts until he came around, and then stroked him harder.

"Give it up, little boy, cum for Mommy's hand, all over mommy's hand." she hissed, looking back at her pumping fist.

Mark couldn't fight it and turned away, shamefully, as he felt his orgasm build, finally exploding in a geyser of boy cream all over his mother's plunging hand. Janice growled as she worked the handjob harder, wringing every drop of goo from his pulsating prong, wiping her hand clean on his thigh. She turned to face him, now humping her tireless pussy against his cock, which she stuffed back inside his gym shorts.

"You gonna be Mommy's good wittle boy from now on, Marky honey," she hissed, snapping out a mini-orgasm as Mark lolled helplessly under his mother's muscular form.

"Y..yes, Mommy.."

"You a slave to Mommy's big legs from now on, honey?"

"Yes..yes, Mommy..," he sobbed.

She shifted, putting her knees up on his arms, sitting dominantly on her beaten and cum-stained son.

"Damn right," she hissed, pulling aside the cloth of her brief top and settling her neatly trimmed cunny on her son's crying face. "Time for another workout right now."

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