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Mom's Bra


I spent the last year and a bit working overseas. My company paid for me to put my effects into storage, and I moved completely out of my home for the duration of the contract. I had a blast in Europe, but the separation was particularly hard on my mother, with whom I have had an especially close relationship, physically as well as emotionally. This close relationship blossomed into a full-blown love affair two years ago, after we both came to realize that we had longed for each other for years, without having taken any action. Two years ago, we crossed that most taboo line in the sand; we had become lovers.

But my overseas employment put that aspect of our relationship on hold, of course. I had no trouble bedding down with amazingly beautiful and eager Eastern European girls, far better looking than the type of woman I could normally attract back home. But for mom, my departure simply meant a complete end to her sex life.

Beth was nearly 55 years old, but she was still an attractive woman, a natural brunette now with a hint of grey in her short hair. High cheekbones framed a pretty face. Still relatively slender, age had nonetheless taken its toll on her frame, and the tiniest rolls of fat covered her cute tummy. She was no spring chicken, and most men wouldn't have given her a second look, but I remembered the shape of her frame when she was still in her 30's and 40's, and could see remnants of it in this middle aged woman.

To me, her motherly figure couldn't have been more ideal. Small, fleshy breasts hung freely down towards the side of her flat but wide stomach, with the slightest tummy-bulge that I just loved so much. Her matronly hips were the perfect segue way to her broad thighs, criss-crossed with tiny blue burst veins, and framing that dark tangle of grey-black pubic hair where paradise lay, and from where I sprang, some 35 years ago. How I longed to return there.

About seven months into my contract, I had to return home for a series of meetings at headquarters. The trip would bring me to within 500 miles of home, so I arranged for my parents to meet me in the city. They were both excited to be able to see their son for a few days. There were a number of conferences on the go that week, though, as well as the homecoming celebrations for the local university, so hotel rooms were impossible to find. I managed to convince my company to pay for a room with two queen-sized beds, and so my parents and I would share a room. That was fine by all of us.

I arrived on Tuesday night, my folks showed up the next day. Mom looked great. She hadn't aged at all since the last time I'd seen her. I have her a huge hug, actually lifting her off the ground as I squeezed her. Her smile was enormous. Dad got a hearty handshake and we even briefly clasped hands on each others' shoulders. It was good to see them. It was good to see Beth especially. So good that I was worried that my father would notice the massive erection I was sporting, brought about by the closeness of my lovely mother. Her pretty face, the fragrance of her perfume, the warmth of her body pressing against me as we had hugged, but most of all her inviting womanly frame, a matronly figure that instantly ignited the fire in my loins, sent blood rushing to my penis.

There was nothing I could do about it. Millions of years of human evolution were at work, and as soon as I made out the sultry silhouette of my mother's hips, waist, legs and breasts, my body was uncontrollably compelled to want to put a baby inside her. To procreate, to make life. Her shapely body, although well past breeding age, was designed to make men want to plant their seed deep inside her womb, and dammit, that's what I so desperately wanted to do. But with dad sharing the room with us, I didn't see how we would have any opportunity. The visit, although I'm sure it was going to be nice enough, would likely wind up being a huge cock tease.

My father, who had had a series of heart attacks several years before, was worn out from the two days' driving they took to get here, and soon after arriving, announced that he needed to take a long walk to get his blood flowing again. He quickly used the bathroom, changed into a pair of sneakers, put on his coat and a Dick Tracy hat, and promptly walked out the door, leaving Beth and I alone in our room on the 5th floor.

This was most unexpected, but I doubted that we'd have time to actually do anything together, mom and I. I'd be able to hold her in my arms though, and probably neck with her, but with the risk of dad walking back in at any time, I decided not to go any further than that, as I doubted that I'd be able to hold myself back if I started to make out with my mother. Sure, we'd start out harmlessly enough, some mild groping and petting, me mashing her small, warm breasts and grinding my hard cock against her pelvis, dry humping her as we danced around the room.

But there's no way I could stop there; I'd carry on, remove her top to reveal her pasty white belly, her freckled shoulders, the loose skin covering her stomach. I'd snap off her plain white bra, and assault her breasts with my mouth and tongue, while slipping a hand down the front of her polyester pants, stroking her bushy mound as she started to get wet, her pussy lubricating as her body prepared itself for sex. For sex with her son.

Before long, her pants would be on the floor, and her panties would be tossed across the room as I gently laid her on her back and kissed her beautiful, soft, aged body up and down, before mounting my darling mother. I would wind up penetrating that sloppy crease between her thighs, and driving my cock deep into the womb from which I had emerged so many years ago. I would drive into her mercilessly until I sprayed my semen deep into her vaginal cavity, flooding my mother's womb with my sperm and making us both oh so happy.

But since dad would undoubtedly be back pretty quickly, I decided that things wouldn't go that far. We'd hug and kiss, standing up, but no more. It was the only way to be safe from getting caught, because there was just no way I'd be able to hold back.

Mom walked over the window and pulled back the curtain, looking out over the parking lot and the large park beyond it. She sighed deeply, but didn't say anything to me. I was mesmerized by her silhouette against the bright window. Lying on my bed, propped up by a couple pillows, I soaked up the view of my 55 year old mother's outline. Her narrow shoulders slumped slightly forward, her waist still slender, but with the expected amount of baby fat on the sides of her torso and at her tiny love handles. It was her hips though, voluptuous but not too broad, which really took my breath away. Those more than anything announced her fertility to the world, and made men want to breed her. In silhouette, of course. In reality she was well past her due date.

Her wide ass was flat in the back now, the tolls of aging. It was big but not fat. Large but not sloppy. It complemented her waistline perfectly. Her legs were long and narrow, but the backs of her thighs had spread and flattened over the years, so she had some shape down there too. Damn I was in love with her, and it sucked that I wasn't going to get to enjoy her womanly pleasures.

I approached her from behind, nuzzling my face into the crook of her neck. I ever so tenderly brushed her hair off the back of her neck, and kissed her, my tongue flicking out and tickling her. This always drove her wild, and she sucked in her breath and arched her back as my attentions sent tiny tremors down her spine. My hands roamed freely over her bum, rubbing and squeezing it, reveling in the warmth of her body. I moved my hands around her front, and rubbed them across her flat belly, pinching the loose skin that covered it. I held her body tightly against mine, spooning her as she stood by the window.

"We have about an hour and a half," she said, still looking out the window.

"What do you mean," I dumbly replied.

"His walks. They last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours. It's about the only thing that keeps him alive, taking a long walk every day. And in a new city, he'll probably get lost as well. We have an hour and a half alone here. After that, I can't guarantee you that he won't walk in on us. There he goes now."

I looked over her shoulder, my hands still resting across her stomach, and could see my father entering the park at the far side of the parking lot. There were a series of trails through there that wound on for miles, so he could easily spend a couple hours on his walk. I was dumbstruck. This was an amazing stroke of luck. I was going to get to fuck my mother today. To lie down with the fifty-something woman who had become my lover. Amazing luck.

Beth turned to face me, putting her hand on the back of my head as I embraced her. Our foreheads touched, and we stood together tenderly for a moment, our eyes closed, our breathing heavy, our loins burning in anticipation of the sinful act that was about to take place. Sinful, but beautiful. Natural. Tender. Explosively passionate.

I reached down and grabbed a big handful of bum, pulling her groin into mine and grinding my hard cock against the front of her midriff, pinning her hips against the window pane. She bucked back in earnest, and we started necking as our pelvises started to dry hump each other. I could easily have blown my wad right there in my pants, I was so turned on by what was happening. Mother and son about to unite in an unholy but carnal fashion. I couldn't wait to spill my seed in my mother's womb.

But she had other ideas first. After driving all day, mom wanted a shower.

"Fine," I said. Why don't you clean up while I tidy up the room a bit. She disappeared into the bathroom as I unpacked hers and dad's clothes into some dresser drawers. Had to make it look like we sorted out the room, in case dad comes back earlier than planned. No need to invite any awkward questions about why we hadn't unpacked yet.

Before I knew it, Beth was out of the shower and was standing before me, her delightful body wrapped in a long, white hotel towel. Her black hair was still wet, her face free of any makeup, her cute feet bare on the carpet. She looked delicious. Old and used up, but delicious. I was spellbound by the liver spots on her shoulders. They looked like cute freckles. Tiny blue veins criss-crossed her legs, but didn't detract from their porcelain white hue, and her tits hung low and loose under the towel.

I lay down on the bed, resting my head in one hand, and gave her a come-hither look. She smiled and walked towards me, letting the towel drop to the floor just before she reached the bed. God she was lovely.

We embraced as she joined me on the bed, and we started to softly kiss one another, timidly exploring each other's mouths. Our hands ran freely over each other's bodies, feeling the grooves and seams that we'd been missing for the past seven months. Gosh I missed her. Tight-bodied Romanian chicks were great eye candy, and it felt wonderful to plunge my cock into their tight young pussies. But mom was mom. There was no equal relationship, and I was in heaven right now.

I positioned myself over top of mom, her legs splaying across the bed as I settled in and got ready to take control of the sex. Leaving her breasts for later, I kissed my way down her soft white stomach and went right to her mound. I rubbed my face over the smooth flesh of her soft creamy thighs, soaking up the fragrant aroma emanating from her crotch.

I looked up at her pretty face. Her eyes were closed, her pretty face scrunched up as she braced for the attack I was about to launch on her pussy. She combed her fingers through my hair, rubbing my face deeper into her groin. I plunged my tongue into her vagina, swirling it around and around her lips as I sopped up her pre-cum. Her lips engorged themselves as I worked her over, teasing her closer and closer to the point of no return. She rolled her hips as I ate her out, mashing herself into my face. I gagged on the smell of her cunt, the dank stench of her crotch overwhelming my sense of smell. But I soldiered on, eagerly lapping up her juices.

My tongue forced its way into her inner sanctum, exploring the canals that brought me into this world. She gasped as I found her clit, playing with it tauntingly as she wrapped her fleshy thighs tightly around my head, completely encompassing my face and head in her dark realm. I breathed when I could, and focused on flicking my tongue across her bud as she drew closer and closer to orgasm. My face was soaked with her fluids, my breathing forced and shallow, but I kept eating her. This is where I was conceived, where I grew, where I entered the world. I wanted desperately to climb back into that steamy hole, to work my way back into my mother's womb. If only my head could fit inside her!!

Her moans resounded off the walls of the room, spurring me on even more. I was sure the neighbours heard it clear as day. Good! Maybe it will inspire them to indulge in their own action. I briefly wondered what they would think when they saw me and my mother walking out of the room together. A woman in her fifties and a man in his thirties, after having made all that noise together! Hah.

Soon, Beth's breathing faltered, she squealed chokingly, and her pussy contracted violently around my tongue. She was cumming. I was giving my mother an orgasm at the end of my tongue. Her legs squeezed my head tightly, constricting around me like a boa as her body was racked with her first orgasm in seven months. The smell was disgusting, but I loved it, and I kept swirling my tongue inside her as she came and came. Yee-haw.

Eventually she had to let go of my head, and I sucked in the fresh air of the hotel room. I climbed up her torso, my sweaty, slick belly sliding up along her own wet tummy as I moved my face up to hers. I reached down and pushed her wide thighs apart, making room for me between her legs. They squeezed against my torso, urging me into position as we settled in for the main event. We kissed passionately, our tongues swirling together as we found just the right spot for our lovemaking. We broke our kiss long enough to express our love for each other, and to wish we could be together always.

Looking me in the eye, my mother asked me to take her, to come inside her.

"Would you do that for me? Would you do that for your mother. Pump her with your seed. Is my sloppy pussy good enough to carry your sperm around for a couple days. I want your life inside me, baby. I want to take your load. Please let me. Please put your juice where it belongs, back where you came from. Own me. Take me. Make me yours. I am only yours forever."

How could I say no?

I looked down to where our groins met, and guided myself into her. She lifted her hips to accommodate me, and before long my cock was buried to the hilt in my mother's cunt.

I pulled back until I was almost out of her, then jammed it back in with one long thrust. She sucked in her breath and moaned loudly as I plunged into her moist cavern. She was so wet, so slick. And it was a good fit. I kissed her long and softly as we started to fuck.

We couldn't wait though. Mom started to speed things up, pumping her hips against me as I worked myself in and out of her. Before long, her tits were swaying madly as I pounded her hard and fast, the headboard repeatedly slamming against the wall as I fucked my mother. Her hands pulled my ass deeper into her loins. Moans and wails filled the air, and her ass bounced off the bed as I rode her hard. Her wailing was out of control. I raised myself up onto my hands, mercilessly driving into my mom's slot. This was so right, so perfect. I belong in here, inside her.

I bit my lower lip as my ejaculate sprayed out from the end of my cock, spurting madly inside her churning innards. My back arched and I screamed in ecstasy as my semen spewed back in to the hole from which I entered this world, flooding Beth's womb with my cream while her vaginal walls continued to squeeze me and milk me. This was so wonderful. My hard cock jerking and spurting deep inside my own mother. Fuck.

Eventually I had to slow down, reverting to long slow strokes as we caught our breath and held each other tightly. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths as I rode the remnants of my hard on, plunging deep and slow, our slick bellies making squishy noises as they slid across each other. Exhausted, I buried my face between her warm milky breasts, soaking up the aroma of our sweat mixed together. We were both drained. But happy, content, satisfied.

I looked down on her pretty face. She smiled up at me. I pulled out of her, kneeling up on the bed and looking down at her mashed pussy, her grey-black pubic hairs matted and wet with our juices.

I stood up and got off the bed, reaching back to help her to her feet as well. We embraced again, and kissed gently. She took a quick look out the window. No sign of dad, so we went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower together, dancing to imaginary music as we soaped up and stroked each other all over. Horny again, I turned her around to face away from me, and to her shock, I entered her again, gently from behind, bracing one arm against the shower wall as I drove my shaft up into her pussy one more time. Her old legs were shaking with the effort of holding her position in the shower as I plundered her crease one last time.

But this was a quick fuck, purely for my pleasure, so I sped things up and soon I was pulling her soft, wide ass roughly against my stomach as I flooded her pussy with my cum one more time. She got nothing out of it, but I sure did.

We stepped out of the shower, her being ever so careful not to spill too much water on the floor. She inspected her breasts and her pussy, looking for signs of our sex. We dried off and went back into the room. And then she reverted to her mom mode, making the bed and tidying up the room a little bit before dad came back. She got dressed, putting on a pair of tight polyester shorts and a short button-up shirt. Damn her legs looked good. I wished I could plunge back between them.

"Here," she said, turning around quickly and tossing a white garment at me. It was her bra, the plain white bra she had been wearing earlier in the day. "This will remind you of me when you get lonely back across the pond."

I raised the bra to my face and breathed deeply, enjoying what little of her fragrance there was in it.

"Panties are more traditional, you know!" I teased.

"That's just gross, babe. Dingy underwear. Enjoy the bra. It's all you're getting."

Since dad wasn't back yet, we lay back down on the bed and snuggled a bit. There wasn't much to say, so we really didn't talk. We just lay together, feeling each others' heartbeats and enjoying the warmth of our bodies. It wouldn't be too bad now; I'd be home for good in another six months and we'd be able to resume our normal relationship. Until then, we'd have the memory of today's adventure to get us through the long nights. I can't wait to come home again though.

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