tagIncest/TabooMom's Catfight Goes Very Wrong

Mom's Catfight Goes Very Wrong


My name is Lori, I'm 42 years old and I live in Orange County, CA. I have two great kids, Jimmy is 18 and Amber is 19. They are both lifeguards and extremely fit. Both blond, both tan with broad swimmers shoulders. Amber, like me, is very slim with petite but perky breast and bikini lines from being in the sun. Although I'm in my forties, I run, swim and play tennis and keep myself very fit.

My husband passed away about 7 years ago and we have all become very close to each other. We live in a middle class neighborhood and I have to work very hard to maintain our lifestyle.

I also have a sister named Yvonne; she is 38 and married with no children. She and her husband live in a gated community and have lots of money. They seem to have plenty of time for their friends, clients and church friends but little time for me and my kids.

My sister is built very differently from me. She is also blonde and tan but has a very full body, very large natural breasts and curvy hips and bottom, but not fat.

We also have a 36 year old brother that lives out of state. I haven't seen him in years. He is married but has been separated from his wife for over 6 months.

I don't mind that my sister doesn't make much time for me but when she slights the kids, that upsets me. She will make plans to do something with them and then cancel at the last minute almost every time.

I've spoken to her several times about this and she promises she will never do it again but she still does.

Yesterday was the last straw, she was going to take my daughter Amber to the mall and buy her some new clothes when she sent a text saying that she would not be able to make it and that they could go another time.

My daughter was upset; she doesn't have much money and was really looking forward to spending the afternoon with her aunt. She was for the first time visibly upset. I had had it; I was going to have it out with my sister.

I planned on going to her house and confronting her when I received an email from her, inviting me and the kids to the house for dinner, I thought maybe she is trying to make up for all the times she has stood us up and I felt a little better, I still planned on letting her know how much she disappointed Amber.

When we arrived at my sister's house the next day for dinner I was surprised by how many cars were there. When we went inside the only persons I knew were Roger my brother in-law, my sister Yvonne and my brother whom I hadn't seen in a couple years.

The others were business contacts and their preacher and members of their church. This was not a family function at all! I was upset and went looking for my sister.

I found her talking to a couple of her church friends when I barged right in. My sister was wearing a very thin floral pattern summer dress, about mid-calf with two little straps holding it up and high heels.

I started to raise my voice about who was more important in her life, family or these so called friends. Her little church friends slowly walked away. My sister turned her back to me and started to walk away, this really infuriated me. I grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her backwards. She turned towards me and started swinging. I let her go and pushed her... she fell back into a large overstuffed chair. We grabbed each other and started yelling, a small crowd gathered but nobody stopped us. When she finally did let go, I pushed her back into the chair but held onto the straps on her dress. The thin silky dress tore off and was left in my hands.

My sister, now falling back in only a sheer floral bra that was so thin you could see her large white breasts and very large areolaes and her matching thong, also so sheer you could see that she shaved her pussy.

Her legs flailed open as she landed in the chair. When she stood the entire room looked on as she was practically naked in heels and underwear!

This could not have worked out any better.

Because she was so tan, her white breasts almost glowed, showing the contrast of her large brown areolaes. When she turned toward the stairs, the entire room could see her little thong covering the crack of her ass but her round white ass cheeks were exposed for all to see.

She tried to cover herself and run up the stairs, but I wasn't done with her yet. I grabbed her bra strap from behind and swung her around. She flew back down to the floor as the front clasp let loose and tore allowing her huge breasts to fall out for all to see. I was now holding her expensive bra in my hand and smiling down on her, feeling pretty good.

When she got up I was surprised when she did not just run up the stairs, instead she came right at me. She socked me hard in the stomach, it took my breath away. I was stunned. She grabbed my white blouse by the sleeve and flung me to the ground. My left sleeve tore completely off, allowing that side of my top to fall, exposing my white lacy bra covering my left breast. Before I could get to my feet, she was on top of me. She outweighs me by 25 pounds, I rolled into a ball as she was pulling and hitting me. She's bigger and stronger than me but I was always a better fighter.

Soon she was on top of me, both of us facing each other with our arms wrapped around each other, she pressing her large bare breasts into me. As we both struggled, I was surprised nobody intervened. I was able to work my way on top of her, but we were facing in opposite directions, like a 69 position. I had all my weight on her, she was tired, and I was in much better condition. I was able to hold her down and rise up and look around the room. I was on all fours now holding her down. My breast hanging down, my left bra cup allowing more of my breast to be exposed then I would have liked. Showing most of my small firm white boob, but my nipple still barely covered. My white jeans intact and my crouch directly over my sisters face. I was looking down only inches away from my sister's panty covered pussy.

I looked around the room at all the faces, and saw the look of shock. Also standing there, were my lovely daughter, my brother and son. My son had worked his way around so that he had a great view of his aunt's panty covered pussy. He had taken his camera phone out and was snapping pictures. With my sister bucking underneath me, my bra strap slipped over my shoulder allowing my left breast to hang, now completely exposed and swaying with the commotion. My son noticed this and started taking close up photos of my exposed tit.

I thought maybe I would give him and everyone else a better view of my sister's pussy. I grabbed the shear silky material and pulled it hard to one side. Now all could see her clean shaven pussy, my son started snapping away photos of this also.

Roger my brother in-law had seen enough of his trophy wife being displayed for all to see and grabbed my jeans from the back of my waist and started pulling. I was not going to let go. I wrapped both arms around her hips holding tight. This put my face right above her pussy and as we struggled, and pulled she raised her hips a few times and my face would make contact with the soft folds of her pussy lips.

I was dressed to fight, my pants were not going to tear and Roger could see I had a death grip on his wife and was not going to let go. So he grabbed the bottom hem on each leg of my jeans and tried to pull them off. At first they didn't budge over my hips but soon there were two men pulling and I could feel then inching down. I opened my legs wide trying to prevent them from coming off. I was losing that battle and as I looked over my shoulder at the two men determined to remove my pants I could see more and more of my ass being exposed. Soon the white from my bikini line came into view as my thong did little to hide my tiny bottom.

My sister, still underneath just inches from my crotch watched as my jeans were slowly pulled down exposing my white cotton thong right above her face.

Then in one final pull, they were off. My untanned cheeks exposed with just one little string covering my asshole. My son was now behind me taking some close up pictures of his mother's white ass hovering over his aunt's face.

I still was determined to not let go. Roger gave another warning then grabbed the back of my thong and started slowly removing it. His wife, my sister watched as my shaved pussy was slowly coming into view right over her face.... When he pulled my underwear off I made it a point to press my exposed pussy into my sister's face, and grind my hips and pussy on her nose and mouth. Of course my son loved this - getting pictures of his mother's exposed pussy being shoved into his aunts mouth. He also knew the opportunity would never come again and took some close-up shots of my tight little pucker hole.

From the looks of all the bulges in the room I think most the men liked it also.

I still did not loosen my grip, when I could feel someone getting very close behind me. I heard another warning then the sound of a zipper. I turned to look over my shoulder and Rogers cock was out and was hard and his engorged cock was aiming for my vulnerable pussy, my legs were open wide straddling his wife's head. She had the best view in the house when he entered.

He was angry, no fore play here; he buried his cock full hilt, first time and every time after. This hurt, I hadn't had sex in over a year and my pussy is tight to start with, it was now being brutally fucked.

This first thrust made me loosen my grip on my sister and some of her bible study friends dragged her from under me. Before I could react, a couple women pulled my torn blouse up and over my head leaving me with only half a bra in place. Their preacher grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as far as it would go while ramming his hard cock in my mouth.

From the looks of him and his wife it had been a long time since anyone had sucked his cock. He began saying that I was a sinner and this was my punishment.

How could this happen? One moment I was in complete control and now I was completely exposed and on all fours being fucked from both ends. My daughter looked on, silent, mouth open. My brother was next to the preacher doing nothing, watching this stranger fuck my mouth. He also had a hard-on. My son was moving all around the room documenting this horrible scene with his camera.

Both men were fucking me very hard, this was not sexy, not fun for me. I did not want this.

My brother in-law had a very strong grip on my hips as he drilled my pussy, then without warning in one move he pulled his cock from my pussy and buried it in my very tight ass. I screamed but could not get away... My late husband and I had tried this a couple times but it was always very slow with alcohol and lube. I didn't like it so we very seldom did anal. I heard the woman react when he did this, I'm sure they knew how much pain I was in.

The old man must have liked this because he soon came in my mouth, forcing it in my throat. Some of his semen dripped from the corners of my mouth. My eyes were closed, glad that was over and praying the ass fuck would finish soon.

With little hesitation another cock was shoved in my mouth, not as rough but fucking my mouth and throat with this larger cock.

I could feel Roger's pace quicken, thank god he was getting close. Then he came with a few more angry thrust he withdrew from my ass.

Immediately though another cock replaced his in my pussy. I realized right then, I was being gang fucked... and in front of my family!

The new cock in my pussy was a little gentler, but anything would have been soothing at that point.

For the first time I looked up at the man whose cock I was sucking and it belonged to my own brother. I could not believe that he would take advantage of this situation and make his own sister suck his cock.

I know it had been awhile for him also going through a very tough divorce.

For some reason I wanted to make this good for him. I also wanted him to know that I was good in bed. Instead of remaining on all fours, I reached up and squeezed and stroked his cock as he slid it in and out of my mouth. I could see him looking down at me making eye contact.

I have never thought of my brother in a sexual way but perhaps as a young man he had thought about this moment many times and could not pass on this opportunity.

I must have been enjoying it; I could feel my pussy getting turned on... I wanted to resist any appearance of enjoying this forced sex but I started to very gently press my pussy towards each thrust.

My brother was getting close, what should I do... I thought I would pull him out when the time came and jerk him off.

Behind me, the man's pace was also quickening, I was now openly fucking him back... I was about to cum! It built and built and I was right on the verge when my brother shot his load in my mouth... I didn't care. I sucked and stroked him trying to get every drop out as I let out a loud moan... "AHhhhhh my god I'm cumming!!!!!"

Then I heard my daughter Amber squeal and say, "Jimmy made mommy cum!" When I heard this I pulled my brother's cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder to see the man that just made me orgasm and it was my own son! His eyes closed and his head back he held my hips tight and he fuck his mother's pussy and hard as he could... and shot his semen deep inside of me.

How depraved was this, yet I was turned on watching, knowing that I was able to make this young man cum.

Both men withdrew their cocks from me and I rolled on my back and sat up. I just wanted to leave when I heard my sister voice coming down the stairs. "Not so fast, I'm not done with you"

When her church group heard this several woman grabbed my arms and legs and held me down on my back. I was unable to move, my arms straight out to my sides and legs opened as far as possible.

My sister appeared with a short silky robe tied in the front and just barely covered her ass. She had a strap-on dildo secured in the front. I thought no way she's fucking me with that; I have already had four cocks in me... a little mercy. But none today, she kneelt in front of me, my legs and pussy wide open I had no defense.

She slid the black, hard rubber cock deep into my pussy! I was flat on my back watching the hate in her eyes as she fucked her older sisters pussy, I'm sure she has wanted this to happen to me for a long time. Her large breasts were swaying under the thin material and would expose themselves every several thrust. She leaned forward and pulled the rest of my bra down exposing both of my white petite breast... nipples erect, as she leaned forward both of her massive breast fell from her robe and as she roughly squeezed and pinched mine she didn't seem to care that everyone could see hers.

This was not arousing for me, I have no lesbian tendencies but she reached down and flipped a switch on her strap-on that made it vibrate! She reached up to my shoulders and was able to pull me into her thrust, her huge areolas dangling over my face. I could feel my body betraying me... I did not want to be aroused, I had just cum yet I could feel my pussy and clit getting aroused.

The vibration must have been too much for her also because she was about to cum....I was on the edge. She placed her hand behind my head and forced my face into her to massive soft breast....forcing her nipple into my mouth I started to suck on it! She drew back so everyone could see I was sucking her hard nipples on my own.... She let out a long loud moan as she came!!!

She reached behind her and unbuckled the strap-on. She stood, leaving it buried all the way in my pussy and buzzing away. My legs still being held wide apart I could do nothing, I was on the verge of Cumming and she knew this. There I was spread wide and moaning and humping the air trying to get off. They laughed. I just needed a few more strokes in my cunt and I would be done. I must have laid there and buck wildly for two long minutes before my loving daughter finally had seen enough. She stepped up and pulled the dildo from my pussy, making a very wet sound.

My sister did not like this and ordered her to put it back in, she said no. She said either you put the vibrator back in your mom or you will take her place. When I heard this I could not watch this happen to my innocent little girl and told Amber "its ok, do what she says".

Amber looked confused, not sure what to do. My sister looked at her friends and said "hold her" and they grabbed her and held her in place. Amber said "Ok,ok I'll do it" my sister response was "Your damn right, but you'll do it my way" With that my sister reached over and unsnapped her short little shorts and let them slide off Amber's slim hips and were on the ground around her ankles. She was wearing a little pink thong that I must have washed and folded and put away 20 times.

All could see her bikini lines as her white, tiny bottom was exposed. They also pulled her little tank top off over her head displaying a matching pink bra supporting her tiny firm breast.

Nobody seemed to notice but me that her brother was again busy taking pictures, now of his sister standing in just a throng and bra. My sisters friends helped strap the dildo on her even though she was protesting.

I'm not liking what was about to happen - I see her being pushed in my direction. My legs and pussy spread wide, the cum of two men and myself making me very slippery. She could not miss the target.

My little girl kneelt between my legs and with one hand started directing the dildo towards my pussy, she mouth to me "sorry mom", then she placed the tip of the rubber cock in my pussy. She slowly and gently started to fuck her mom. This was the first slow fucking I had this afternoon. Every other one had been very hard and fast. She fucked me slowly as the room watched, my son directly behind his sister getting as close as her could for penetration shots! His sisters white cheeks directly in front of him. This slow fuck went on for a few minutes; my sister grew impatient and ordered her to fuck me faster and harder.

My sister turned the vibrator portion back on, I could see my daughter quickening the pace.... The vibrator stimulating her clit through the thin material of her thong. I could she she was getting aroused, my sister came behind her and with one pull slid Ambers thong down around her thighs... the vibrator was making direct contact on her clit.... My little girl was about to cum. The men, including my son and brother and some of the woman moved to get a better look at Ambers now exposed asshole and glistening pussy.

She reached up and grabbed both my shoulders, both eyes closed and she was about to orgasm. With her leaning forward you could see her bra was a couple sizes too big as her bra hung down allowing the entire crowd to see her entire breast and nipples sway as she fucked me.

Soon, she was whimpering holding my breast and squeezing them. They let go of my arms and legs and I reached down and held my daughters ass cheeks and pulled her close for a deeper penetration.... We both moaned. I could feel her fluids running down my thighs! It was a loud hard climax for both of us.

The crowd applauded, and laughed. My daughter and I grabbed our clothes and my son and ran to the car.

We drove home, not a word was spoken until we got in the driveway when Amber said "We need to get even with that bitch"

Note, I'm open to any ideas to get even with my sister.


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