Mom's Disappointment, Son's Enjoyment


"Okay - - " she said hesitantly. She rationalized that titty fucking her son was better than letting him inside her again. "If I can finish him off with my tits then it will all be over. I can tell him afterward that it will never happen again!" she thought to herself as she bent her arms so her fists were up towards her face while she squeezed her soft fuck pillows together with her forearms.

Bobby gasped from the amazing sight of his mom's huge tits squashed together around his massive manhood. Her silver-dollar sized aureola were puffy and dark pink as her rock hard nipples poked out like pencil erasers. Her tits were so big that he could just make out the very tip of his cock as it was sandwiched between her funbags.

"Your tits look so hot wrapped around my cock, Mom!" Bobby said as he placed one hand on the back of the couch to support himself while the other reached down to pinch her right nipple. He pulled his hips back and slid forward as he began to fuck his mother's cleavage.

Lilly looked down and watched with a hypnotized gaze as the plum-sized head of her son's cock popped in and out from between her pale sweaty boobs. Her tits jiggled in her arms from the thrusting of his hips. Her gaze slid up and admired her son's sweaty athletic lean body. His six pack abs clenched as he worked his legs and his pecs and biceps also flexed a little from the movement. "He must shave his balls." she thought as she felt his hairless cock and testicles drag across her tingling skin.

"Fuck this is so hot!" Bobby exclaimed as he pulled his dick free of Lilly's tits. He slapped the heavy piece of meat across the tops while she continued to hold them together. They both watched as the abundant flesh jiggled from the wet slaps. He dragged the sensitive underside of his cock across her nipples causing him to suck in a breath between his teeth.

Lilly whimpered as she felt helpless to do anything about the massive cock rubbing across her breasts. She nibbled on her lower lip again as she admired the taboo sight. "It's so fucking big!" she thought as she watched her son rub himself all over her tits.

Bobby became impatient quickly however and plunged back into the warm, steamy confines of his mother's cleavage. "Ugh! Fuck yeah!" he said as he quickly began to hump her chest. "I love fucking your big tits, Mom!" Bobby said with a big smile as a trickle of sweat fell across his cheek. He gripped the back of the couch again with one hand for support but the other he snaked behind himself and cupped his mother's bald wet pussy while he continued his thrusting.

"UGH!!!" Lilly grunted as her son thrust three of his fingers into her wet opening. Her back arched involuntarily which caused her son's cock to pop free from her cleavage. Bobby didn't miss a beat however and quickly grabbed his hard pole and plunged it back into her soft breasts. Lilly's knees shut tight together and her hips rotated as she pushed back onto her son's invading digits.

"God you're so wet, Mom!" Bobby panted as he continued to tit-fuck her deep cleavage. He could hear wet gushing noises come from her pussy as he worked his fingers in and out.

Lilly was breathing heavily as she wiggled her sexy hips onto her son's hand. Her neck was arched and her eyes were shut tight from the intense pleasure. "I - - I want to - - Ugh! - - c-cum!" she exhaled. "I want to cum - - so bad!"

Bobby smiled down at his buxom mother as he pulled his huge cock free of her quaking tits. He next pulled his fingers free before standing up beside the couch.

"I want to make you cum Mom!" he said as he slowly stroked his dick. "Face the window for me for a sec and I'll give you the biggest orgasm of your life!"

Lilly was still breathing hard as she got up and faced the window behind the couch. Her tits pressed against the glass as she looked out at the dark street in front of her house. Her breath frosted on the chilled glass as she enjoyed the cold on her sensitive nipples. She looked back over her shoulder as she felt one of her son's hands lay on rounded ass cheeks. She watched as he stepped up behind her and begin to guide his huge tool back towards her gaping pussy. "Ok, I'll just let him put it inside me again until I cum and then I'll tell him to stop," she thought as she felt the swollen head nudge into her stretched lips. Her eyes fluttered as she gasped from the contact.

Bobby was shaking as he saddled up behind his mother's comely ass gripping his cock tightly as he slipped the head in. He groaned as he cupped the round globes of her ass with both hands and began to push into her slippery pink walls. "Fuck you have the tightest pussy ever, Mom!" he said as he watched her cunt lips expand around his massive cock as he pushed in inch by inch.

Soon he bottomed out and neither moved as they both became accustomed to the feeling. Bobby's eyes traveled slowly up from the sight of his pelvis squashing his mother's round ass, up across her arched slender back, and finally to her bright blue eyes and wide panting mouth. He thought she looked sexier than any pornstar he'd ever seen. He smiled at her as he flexed his strong legs and pulled out halfway before slamming back home.

"Oh God!" Lilly screamed as she brought one arm behind her and placed her hand on her son's hard stomach. "Fuck Mommy!" she encouraged her son as she pushed back against his thrusts. The living room quickly filled with the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other.

The movie on the TV was quickly forgotten and the credits rolled as mother and son fucked each other savagely. Lilly's eyes were shut tight and her teeth were clenched as she squeezed around the huge cock plowing into her womb. Bobby squeezed his mother's tight ass cheeks as he huffed and fucked into Lilly's depths. He loved the sight of his mother's huge tits as they pressed against the glass of the window and stuck out from her sides.

"Fuck that's such a big cock!" Lilly exclaimed as her head swung down so her long blonde hair draped over her face. Her hands both came up and slapped hard on the window as she started to moan with a low deep noise coming from her throat. She started to feel the tingling in the base of her stomach as she felt her orgasm build.

Bobby planted a foot up on the couch cushion as he kept the other on the wood floor. He looked down and watched the thick veins of this cock, now shiny and wet from their combined juices, get squeezed tightly as he pushed and pulled. He squeezed her ass hard, leaving pink palm prints on her cheeks, before sliding them up and encircling her thin waist.

"Fuck! I - - I'm gonna cum!" he exclaimed as he felt his stomach flutter and his balls tighten.

Lilly's eyes shot open and she looked back over her shoulder again and her handsome son. "Not inside! You can cum on my big tits if you want!"

Bobby ignored her and continued his thrusting. He didn't know if he was ever going to get a chance like this again and he wanted to see it to the end. He wanted to fill her with his cum. He wanted to see it pour out of her and over his cock and balls.

"Oh Fuck!" Lilly exclaimed as the lighting started to hit her. "I'm cuuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnngggg!!!!" she screamed out as she suddenly stopped thrusting back onto her son. Her tits quivered on the glass of the window and her sweaty skin left streaks across it. Her small fists gripped the top of the couch like a vise as her whole body began to quiver from the most intense orgasm of her life.

Bobby's eyes became wide as he watched his gorgeous mother cum. Her muscles flexed and her curves jiggled in all the right places. "Take my cum, Mom!" Bobby yelled. Six long strokes later he pushed into her all the way and blasted her womb with thick white ropes of jizz. His back and ass clenched as again and again he shot his potent seed inside of his own mother.

"OOOHHH MMMMYYY GODDD!!!" Lilly screamed as her son's cum coated her insides and she exploded with an even more intense orgasm then before. Bright white sparks appeared in her vision and she suddenly couldn't take a breath. Her toes curled as her legs flexed again and again as she felt her son's thick jizz fill her to bursting.

"Holy shit!" Bobby said as he seemed to cum forever. This was easily the biggest orgasm of his life. He pushed her mother further forward so she was completely pinned against the couch and the window. Her panting breath fogging the glass. "AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!" Bobby expelled as he felt his cock flex as another thick steam shot inside her. He looked down and watched in amazement as his thick sperm poured out around his thickness and fell across the couch cushions.

For five minutes mother and son stayed locked in their orgasmic embrace before Bobby slowly extricated himself. His cock sagged slightly but still looked quite thick and intimidating as he was pulled from Lilly's pussy with a sound much like a boot bring pulled from mud. He had to make one finally slightly painful tug to pull out the swollen head, causing a steam of cum to pour from her gaping hole.

Bobby fell back and sat on the coffee table panting and sweating. He admired his mother's body as she stayed on her knees facing away from him with her cheek resting on her mashed tits.

"Fuck Mom, that was amazing!"

"What have I done?" Lilly thought as she continued to shake with post-orgasmic bliss. Strands of her hair fell onto her sweaty brow as her gaze fell upon a family photo of her and Greg standing smiling with their strapping son standing between them. "Oh God, what have I done?"

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by Anonymous

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by Firmhands501/15/18

TOTALLY enveloping!

Like going to Adult DEX in Las Vegas - literally a cum-fest! So well done, but more is needed! Sorry you have not written more with this theme in mind! At least the story is still here!

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by 4yourpleasureiam09/28/17

I wish I was her

I know what I would be doing a lot of. And I know what limp dick would be eating every night after Son finished with me. 4yourpleasureiam

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by MightyHorny08/28/17

An Incest Classic

Sorta sad the author never bother writing a sequel to this one...
About as sad as he not writing anymore.

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