tagIncest/TabooMom's Halloween Costume

Mom's Halloween Costume


When Freddy arrived home, the Halloween party his parents had hosted was over. He entered the house not sure if Mom and Dad would be awake, or already in bed. When he entered the family room he found his mother, Debbie, picking up paper plates, cups and napkins that guests had not thrown in the trash.

"Hey Mom," Freddy said. "Dad already in bed?"

"Hi Honey!" Debbie answered in the overly enthusiastic way she always did when she had too much to drink. "Are you just getting home?"

"Uh, yeah Mom. So, is Dad in bed already?"

"No," Debbie replied. "He had to drive Aunt Sally home. She had a little too much to drink. They just left."

"She had a little too much, huh?"

"Yes. Dad just left."

"Was he OK? Or did he have too much to drink too?"

"Oh no, he was fine! Wait a minute...are you implying that I have had too much to drink?"

"No, Mom. I'm not implying it. I'm saying it straight out."

"Oh...you! You just don't...I...fine, maybe a little too much."

"Yeah, right Mom. So, how was the party?"

"It was really fun! Everybody had a great time, I think."

"You actually wore that costume after all, huh?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I?"

Freddy took a step back and surveyed his mother's Halloween costume. She was dressed in a genie outfit, resembling a television character made famous long before he was born. The outfit consisted mostly of sheer, billowy fabric that covered her legs and arms. A swath of red fabric hung in front of the the bikini-bottoms that held the lower fabric in place. Her midriff was bare from below her navel to just under her breasts, where a red bikini-like top allowed her considerable cleavage to be on full display. A small, conical red hat sat atop her head with another swath of sheer fabric flowing from the top.

"Well, Mom. It's a little, revealing, isn't it?"

"You don't think I can pull it off?"

"No, it's not that, Mom. You look great, of course. I'm just saying, it shows a lot of skin."

"Oh, don't be a prude!"

"No worries about that, Mom. You're funny when you're drunk, by the way."

"Oh, stop!" Debbie exclaimed with a vague wave of her hand. "I am not drunk!"

At forty-two years of age, Debbie was indeed still able to pull-off the genie costume quite well. She was curved in all the right places. Her body was pleasantly soft, but still very shapely. She continued to turn heads of all ages. And her blue eyes, beautiful smile and long blonde hair, which was pulled up, and sticking out of the little red hat completed the sexy package.

When Debbie looked up at her son, intending to give him the best scowl she could muster, she noticed for the first time how he was dressed.

"What?" Freddy inquired after seeing his mother's puzzled expression.

"Speaking of costumes, what, on earth, are you supposed to be, Mister?"

A wide grin spread across Freddy's face. Debbie didn't notice, but he also blushed a little.

"I should have gotten out of this get-up, Mom. I'll go upstairs and take it off."

"No, wait. What the hell is that?"

Freddy wore a black t-shirt and black pants. A pair of sunglasses sat atop his head. And a cardboard box, roughly the size of a large shoe box stuck straight out from a spot below his waist. A black strap which held the box in place went through two belt loops, then ran behind his back.

"It's just something silly, Mom. I'm going to go take it off."

"You you are not. I want to know what you're supposed to be first. Did you put that on here?"

"No, I came up with it at Jason's. I walked home with it on, but now I wish I had taken it off before I left."

"OK, but Freddy, I still have no idea what you're supposed to be."

"I don't think you want to know, Mom. It's just something stupid."

"I do want to know. I'm totally curious now. What is that supposed to be?"

Freddy sighed, seeing that he was not likely to get out of telling his mother what he was dressed as.

"OK, Mom. But don't freak out or anything. This is a," he gestured to the box, "it's a Dick-in-a-Box."

"What?" Debbie asked, looking puzzled once again.

"It's just something from a song, from a stupid video."

"But...Freddy, I don't understand."

"Mom...dick...in...a...box. That's exactly what it is."

Debbie's eyes grew wide. She didn't want to laugh, but she couldn't control it.

"Ha! Get out of here! You're not...your...isn't...no way!"

Freddy rolled his eyes and shook his head in embarrassment.

"Yes, Mom. I know, it's ridiculous. I never expected you to see it, though."

"Honey, you're telling me, that YOUR...dick...is in that box?"

"Mom, I'm sorry. I know, I know. It's ridiculous. It was just a joke."

"You have to be shitting me, Freddy!"

Freddy felt at least slightly relieved that his mother still seemed to be laughing, seeing the situation as humorous, rather than being furious or disgusted with him.

"No, Mom, I'm not shitting you. Now can I go take this off?"

"Why, does it hurt or something?"

"No. It felt really weird for a while, but I got used to it."

"How could you do that, Freddie?"

"Well, Mom...I know it was a dumb idea, like I keep saying. But look at you. You're half naked, your boobs are hanging out of the top of that costume. You're not exactly dressed as a nun, you know?"

This comment made Debbie giggle almost uncontrollably for a few moments.

"Oh, Freddy, I guess you're right. But, I still don't think I believe you. I don't believe it's really in that box."

"Trust me, Mom. It is. What do you wanna do, take a look?"

"Yes!" Debbie exclaimed. "I think you're totally teasing me. I don't think it's in there."

"Mom, there's a hole in the box, and my thing is sticking through it, into the box...for real."

"No way. Let me look."

"Mom, seriously?"

"Yes! I wanna prove I'm right!"

"Fine," Freddy said, shaking his head. "Go ahead. The lid comes off. Lift it up and look, if you have to."

Giggling once again, Debbie moved toward the mysterious box affixed to the front of her son. With a silly smile she bent down and pried the top off the box, first just an inch, then two, then...

Debbie stood upright instantly, eyes wide.

"Freddy! You better tell me that's a fake. Tell me that's a dildo in that box."

"Mom, it's real. It's me. Enough already, OK?"

"It's a dildo. It has to be. It's rubber. You bought it at a porno bookstore or something."

"Mom! Stop it, will you? MY dick, is in the box. What do you want to do, touch it or something?"

"Why not? I know it's fake. So who cares if I touch it?"

"Mom, that's more than enough. You're half drunk. I promise you, it's not fake. I'm going up to my room..."

"No Sir. Stop right there, Young Man."

Before he could turn to leave, Freddy's mother pulled the top completely off the box. There lay what she was convinced was a good-sized rubber penis. For a moment she wondered how Freddy had attached it to his pants, because it appeared to be connected to something, rather than just laying loose in the box as she had thought.

"Mom, you're gonna want to stop before you go any further. Trust me."

Debbie rolled her eyes and smirked at her son just before putting her hand on what she thought was a dildo. She knew instantly from the texture and the warmth, that it was indeed not a fake.

"Freddy! Oh, no way! I can't believe you...oh, shit! This is your...this is YOUR dick."

"Yes, Mom. I told you that, many times."

"I can't fucking believe this! Are you crazy?"

"Am I crazy? Mom, not only are you exposing half your body, but may I point out, you still have your hand on me."

Debbie looked down at her hand, in the box, on her son's cock, and giggled again.

"Ohhhh, fuck! My hand is on my son's penis! This is a Halloween to remember, isn't it!"

"Mom, you should take your hand off now."

"I know I should, Honey. But for some reason, I'm not. What's wrong with me?"

"You've had way to much to drink, like I said."

"Get rid of the box, Freddy."

"What? Mom, what do you..."

"Lose the box. As long as you're here, I just...I just want to see what it really looks like. I don't know why. But I'm sure I'll never get another chance like this. Just lose the box, OK?"

"I can't believe I'm doing this. Fine, Mom."

Freddy put his hand on top of his mother's which was still lightly grasping his member, lifted it up, and easily detached the box from around his waist, then cast it aside. Without thinking, He instinctively opened his pants the rest of the way. He wasn't wearing anything underneath, since it would have restricted his ability to actually BE in the box. His pants fell to his ankles and he was naked from the waist down.

"There it is, Mom. You wanted to see it. There it is. Take a good look."

"Freddy! I didn't tell you to take your pants off!"

Freddy shrugged his shoulders. His mother took a few steps back and sat on the edge of the couch.

"Come here, Honey," Debbie said.

"Mom, isn't this enough?"

"I just want to look, like I said. I don't know why. I just do."

"What if Dad comes home and finds us like this?"

"I told you, he's driving Aunt Sally home. He left just before you got here, and she lives like forty minutes away. Plus she'll want him to come in the house for a while anyway. He won't be back for probably two hours. Come here, Freddy."

Freddy moved toward his mother, feeling a sudden urge to ask to see her breasts in exchange for having seen his cock. But rather than ask, he decided to move very close to her and brush his stiff dick against her cleavage.

"You got to touch me, Mom. This only seems fair."

Freddy briefly wondered what was possessing him to do what he had just done. He knew he had not had too much to drink as his mother clearly had. Before he could analyze his actions much further, he felt his mother grasping him again.

"You like how that feels against my boobs, Freddy?"

Debbie had put her hand completely around her son's dick this time and she was rubbing the head up and down her significant cleavage.

"Oh shit, Mom, yes it feels unbelievable."

"I have no idea why, Honey...but I am really intrigued by you and your little stunt. I feel like I'm losing my head, but it feels really good."

"Your costume is kinda making me lose my mind too."

Debbie looked up at her son and smiled as she grasped the cups of her bikini-top, then pulled them down to allow her big breasts to flop out.

"You can feel my boobs a little better this way, I think."

She took one big tit in each hand and wrapped them around her son's erection. She looked up at him and grinned as she moved slowly up and down.

"Fuck Mom...I can't believe this."

"That makes two of us, Honey. I can't believe I'm gonna do this either."

She took her boobs from around her son's cock and without pause, took it in her mouth. Freddy leaned his head back and moaned as he felt his mother swallow him down. Debbie worked him for a few minutes before he pushed her back, unable wait to have his turn.

Freddy maneuvered his mother to the couch, laid her back against the armrest and quickly pulled the fabric from her bottom. It was still attached around her ankles, but he was able to spread her knees and plunge his face into her pussy without completely removing it.

"Ohhhhh Honey, Honey, Honey...," Debbie whispered softly. "Oh Freddy that feels...ooohhhh yeah...yeah...yeah..."

Freddy licked, sucked, kissed and nuzzled his mother's slit and clitoris until she was very near orgasm, then he pulled away.

"Did you like that, 'Genie'??"

"What do you think, 'Master'? Fuck yes."

"What do you want me to do now?"

"Well, do you want to put that dick of yours in a different box?"

"I like the way you think, Mom."

Freddy now pulled the bottom of Debbie's costume completely off so that he could spread her legs wide. She locked eyes with her son as he got between her legs.

"Put that inside your genie, Master...please?"

"Am I your master?"

"Yessss...you're my fucking master."

"You want your master to fuck your pussy?"

"Oh, yesssss, Master. Please, please fuck your mother's pussy, Master."

Freddy entered his mother slowly, inch by inch until he reached half way.

"Don't stop, Baby. Give Mommy everything."

"You want my whole dick in your box?"

"Oh yeah Honey. Mommy wants that whole big dick in her box."

Freddy pulled back slowly, then pushed back in to half way again, then pulled almost out, loving the feeling of teasing his mother. Then with a smile, he rammed his hips forward and penetrated her all the way.

"Ohhh! Fuck! Yessss! Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"I can't believe we're...really doing this, Mom," Freddy said as his breathing became heavier.

"That makes two of us, Honey...mmmoooohhhh...oh shit...wait a minute!"

"What, Mom?"

"Fuck, we have to stop, Honey," Debbie said urgently. "Come on Freddy, really. Stop."

"Why, Mom? What's wrong?"

"I just realized that I'm not on the pill! Shit! My brain is totally checked out. Really Sweetie, we have to stop."

"It's OK, Mom," Freddy said, returning to pumping his mother's hole.

"Freddy! I didn't notice a condom on your dick when it was in the other box, or when it was in my mouth. It's not OK. How is it OK? You have to stop."

"I won't do it inside you, Mom. Come on, don't you like my dick in your box?"

"Ohhh Freddy...I think you can tell how much I love it. But I cannot get pregnant. Damn...stop Freddy!"

"Mom, it's too late now anyway. If it's gonna happen, it probably already happened. But to be safe, I'll pull out."

"Ohhhhhhh...fuck it. OK, you better pull out, Mister...Master." This made Debbie giggle. "MMMmmmm...your dick does feel sooooo good in my box, Freddy. Keep fucking your mommy like that."

Debbie's big boobs moved up and down with each thrust of her son's cock. When she grasped them in her hands and pinched her nipples, Freddy slowed down so he could move in and give each one a suck.

"You have the most beautiful tits I've ever seen, Mom. I've wanted to have 'em in my mouth for so long."

"You have? Freddy! You...really? That is so wrong! And I love it. Ohhhh Honey, you're gonna make Mommy cum soon. Bite my nipples for a minute, please."

Freddy gladly obliged, taking one nipple between his front teeth and firmly closing on it to the point it made his mother squeal and squirm with added pleasure.

"Like that, Mom?"

"Ohhhhhhhh!!! Fuck yes! Oh Freddy my baby...Mom's gonna cum...oohhhhh..."

"Me too, Mom. I'll pull it out now."


"What? Mom, I thought you were afraid of getting..."

"I don't care. I probably won't. I don't know! I want you inside me, Freddy. I'm gonna...ffffuuuuuuck...I'm gonna...ohhhh just don't stop fucking me, please."

Freddy was too close to care. He thrust as hard as he could, feeling his glans come in contact with his mother's cervix each time he hit full penetration. He knew he shouldn't do it. His mom told him not to, but then she said she wanted it. Freddy could control it no longer.

"Ohhh, Mom...oohhhhhhh!!!" Freddy moaned loudly as he began to spasm.

Freddy pushed all the way into his mother as his cock blasted off. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him tightly as she felt his dick throbbing and squirting inside her as she shuddered to her own big orgasm. The two held on to each other for several minutes once the moaning and convulsing had subsided.

Finally Debbie released her tight hold on her son so she could pull back a bit and look at him before she spoke.

"I must be completely out of my mind. How could I let this happen? You're my son, Freddy. I'm your mother. And we just fucked. I just fucked my son."

"And your son fucked you. You were always good at pointing out the obvious, Mom," Freddy said with a grin.

"Don't be a wise ass," Debbie retorted, unable to hide a slight smile on her own face. "What if I'm pregnant, huh? What are we gonna do then?"

"Well Mom, then I guess next Halloween your costume can include a baby carriage and a nursing bra."

"Freddy! Don't even say that."

"Don't worry, Mom. I'm sure it's fine. But if not...if you are...you know, you will let me nurse next to my new baby brother or baby sister, right?"

"What am I supposed to do with you? And by the way, are you ready to take your dick out of my box?"

"I don't know, Mom. If we talk a little more about you getting pregnant and me sucking milk from your boobs, I might just get hard again pretty quickly, and then I can keep it in your box a little longer."

Debbie shook her head. Then suddenly she felt a bit intrigued by her son's comments.

"Freddy, are you saying you...you'd LIKE me to be...you know...pregnant?"

"I can't even imagine how hot you'd be, Mom. I'd want to put my dick in your box every fucking night."

"That might be a tough one to slip past your father, Honey."

"Mom, we both know he sleeps like a log. I could just sneak in your room...or you could sneak into mine..."

"Freddy! Enough already. Really? You'd want to do that?"

"I would. Happy Halloween, Mom."

"Happy Halloween, Sweetheart...naughty, wiseass Sweetheart!"

Freddy did in fact get hard again in no time and he fucked his mother's box a second time, and came inside her a second time, before finally taking his dick out of her box...for that night, at least.

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