tagIncest/TabooMom's Halloween Costume Ch. 03

Mom's Halloween Costume Ch. 03


Freddy gave his mother the time she requested, then ventured upstairs to her room, where he found her decked-out in her genie costume just like the night before. She looked just as beautiful to him...maybe even more so. She stood at the foot of the bed with her hands clasped in front of her. She had a sweet smile on her face as she watched her son enter the room.

"I'm ready for you, Master," Debbie said with a grin.

"Mom, you don't have to call me that, you know," Freddy replied.

"I know, Sweetheart. But it fits the outfit, doesn't it? Besides, that's how I feel. I want you to know, that I'm all yours, and I'll do anything you want."

"Wow," Freddy said in mild awe. "Last night I thought maybe I was dreaming. But this is really happening, isn't it, Mom?"

"Yes. We're not asleep, and I'm totally sober now too. I have all my faculties about me this time. So, what does my master desire?"

"Well, Genie Mommy," he said with a chuckle, "I think I'd like to see you do a little striptease for me."

"Oh Master! I thought you'd never ask! Sit on the edge of the bed and I'll gladly do that for you."

Freddy happily obeyed. His mother stood a few feet in front of him and began gentle gyrations and turns. She ran her hands over her arms, shoulders and breasts. She turned and softly squeezed her ass as she pushed it in his direction. Freddy was totally taken by his mother's beauty.

She turned back toward him and playfully slid her fingers into the top of the cups of her red bra. She squeezed her breasts together before sliding the cups down and exposing them fully.

"Oh Mom, your tits are just so amazing."

"Thank you Master," Debbie said as she continued her movements. "I'm glad you like 'em." She took one large, heavy breast in each hand. "You don't think gravity has taken it's toll too much? They're kinda saggy...not tight like my sister's."

"Mom, quit it, will you? Your boobs are perfect. Aunt Sally has a rockin' body, for sure. But who cares if her tits stand up a little more than yours? I certainly don't. I would much, much rather be looking at yours right now than hers."

"I doubt your father thinks that."

"Well then he's a complete jackass, Mom. But he's also not here, is he? But I am, and I am just in love with those tits of yours."

"Really? Freddy, you are so sweet. You know you used to nurse from these, right?"

"Yeah Mom, I know you breastfed me. I'm sorry I don't remember it. Maybe I'll get another chance someday?"

"You naughty boy. I love the thought, but you are so very naughty! I remember that I used to feed them to you. One, then the other, then back again."

"Is that right, Mom? Wanna show me?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Debbie moved toward her son. He spread his knees to invite her to stand between them. She swayed back and forth, bringing her breasts very close to his face. As much as he wanted to pull her to himself and bury is face in between them, Freddy restrained himself so the events could unfold at their own pace.

After a few moments Debbie took one breast in her hand and put the other hand on her son's shoulder. She cupped her boob and brought her thumb and forefinger around the nipple so she could pinch it slightly.

"Ohhhhh, Mom..."

"Let's see if I can recall how this works."

Freddy opened his mouth slightly. His mother gently pulled him to her, while at the same time moving slightly in his direction until his lips met her nipple. She continued to move both him and herself, encouraging him to latch on, just as she had when he was a baby.

"Mmmm...," Freddy moaned.

"That's it Freddy Baby... When milk was leaking out of this, I used to rub it around your lips so you understood what was going on. Take Mommy's nipple in your mouth. Suck it Sweetheart, just like you you used to. Oh that feels so good, Freddy..."

"I thought I was Master," Freddy said, taking his mouth off his mother's nipple for a moment.

"Just shut up and keep sucking Mommy's tit, Wiseass. Ohhhhh, fuck. Suck it harder...fuck! Bite it, Master! Ha! Fuck yes!"


As it turned out, Glen had not gone to the office. Rather he had driven to Sally's house to talk through what had happened the night before, and what had been happening between them for years.

"What are you doing here?" Sally asked upon opening the door and seeing Glen.

"I just had to talk to you," he replied.

"You didn't miss Deb by very much, you know?"

"Deb was here?"

"Well no, she was on the phone. She called me a little while ago."

"Oh shit."

Sally invited Glen in and offered him coffee, which he accepted. The two sat down in a nook adjacent to her kitchen.

"So, you better prepare yourself for this one," Sally said once they were both sitting.

"What? What did Debbie say? What did you talk about?"

"She seemed really agitated about something. Did you guys have a big fight or something? You weren't fighting at the party, were you? I didn't notice anything."

"No, not at all. But she did seem really out of sorts this morning. She was even weird when I got home last night."

"Oh yeah? Why, did you need a little more action? Did you have to go home and fuck your wife, my sister, right after you fucked me?"

"No...well, not exactly. But it wasn't me, Sal. Seriously, she started it."

"So you did fuck her."

"No, she wouldn't let me. Not that I started it. She did. But then she didn't want to do that."

"It doesn't matter what you and Deb did anyway," Sally said with only mild resentment.

"No, it doesn't. My point is just that she was weird last night when I got home, and she seemed upset about something this morning before she left the house."

"Well, she wasn't exactly a happy camper when I talked to her, either."

"What did you mean when you said I needed to prepare myself?" Glen asked.

"She knows," Sally replied bluntly.

"What? She knows what? About last night? About...us...about everything?"

"I don't know for sure. It sounded like she knows what's been going on. It seemed like she just assumed what had happened when you brought me home last night. I assume you didn't tell her anything."

"No, but she did make some comment about the effect you have on me...so did Freddy."

"What do you mean, Freddy? Did you talk to him?"

"Ugh...yes. I told him about last night."

"Are you shitting me? You told your kid?"

"He's twenty two. He's hardly a kid. But yes. It just came out."

"What did he say?"

"He was very understanding. And for some reason he thought Deb would be understanding."

"I can't imagine that. She wasn't real understanding when I talked to her."

"So, what does she know, exactly."

"Well, like I said, it seemed like she knew what had been going on with us, and that it was a given that we were together last night."

"So, what did you say?"

"I didn't deny it...last night at least. She didn't say anything more specific about anything in the past. It just seemed like she knew."

"You didn't deny it? Does that mean you admitted we were together last night?"

"Pretty much. Like I said, Glen...it wasn't like she had no idea. It was like, she already knew. I didn't see any point in pretending anymore."

"I understand, and I don't blame you."

"Oh, thank goodness, Glen. That was my biggest worry. I've been fucking my sister's husband for...forever, and more than anything I didn't want you to be mad at me for admitting it. Good one."

"I didn't really mean it that way, Sally. So anyway, what now?"

"Hell if I know what now. What do you think about what now?"

"I don't know."

"What was that about, the effect I have on you. What does that mean?"

"Apparently everybody else knows what it means. I'm surprised you don't."

"I don't get it, Glen. What are you saying?"

"Well, in Freddy's words, I'm like a puppy around you."

This caused Sally to laugh out loud, which lightened the mood considerably.

"A puppy! That's hysterical. Is that how you feel, Glen? Do I make you feel like a little puppy? What does that mean, anyway?"

"Sally, don't you know how you make me feel? I guess what it means is that you can make me jump through hoops, do tricks, I don't know. Probably just that I would say, or do just about anything in the world if I thought it would make you happy."

"Glen...," Sally said in genuine surprise, "What are you saying?"

"Really Sally? After all this time, you really don't know? You really don't know the effect you have on me? Why do you think I've kept doing this all these years?"

"I assumed it was because you were hot for me...because we're hot for each other...because I'm a good fuck. Isn't that why we've both kept doing this...whatever this is?"

"No Sally. Well...those things are true, yes. But it's not the real reason I've been doing this for all these years. I wouldn't do this behind my wife's back for all these years just because you and I are good in bed together. It wouldn't matter how hot you are...which is off the charts, by the way."

"Yeah, I know I am," Sally said with a smile. "But seriously Glen. I still don't know what you're trying to say."

"Sally," Glen said, taking a deep breath before going on, "I am so, totally in love with you that it's not even funny. I always have been."

Sally was dumbstruck. She just stared at Glen, her mouth slightly open.

"Holy shit, Glen. Are you...you're not kidding, are you?"

"Of course I'm not, Sally."

"Holy shit," she repeated. "I don't... Really?

"Why is that such a shock to you?"

"Well, I... I don't know. I just never thought... I mean, I know a lot of people think I'm hot stuff and all. I know a lot of guys have always wanted to fuck me. But that's just like...whatever. I don't care. But, shit, Glen... Nobody's ever..."

"That amazes me, Sally."

"I don't even know what to say. What do you mean, you always have been?"

"I mean, always. As long as I've known you."

"Glen...what? Well, why did you marry my sister all those years ago? Why didn't you say something then?"

"Sally, how old were you when I started dating Debbie? Twelve?"

"I think maybe closer to fourteen...but something like that. Yeah, I suppose there wasn't much you could do then, huh?"

"Not without getting arrested and thrown in jail. Not that I didn't think about it often enough."

"Going to jail?" Sally said with a laugh.

"Of course not. I mean, I thought about what I wanted to do, how I wanted to be with you...which I knew would land me in jail if I acted on it."

"You thought about me like that? Way back then?"

"I just loved you, Sally...always. I dreamed of being married to you, and I dreamed about everything that goes along with that."

"Wow, Glen. That's kinda fucked up, 'ya know?"

"Of course! I know it's fucked up, Sal! I've known for all these years that it was fucked up. But my feelings never changed. I figured that when I married Debbie, and especially when we had Freddy, that these feelings for you would stop. But they never did. So, however many years ago it was, when the opportunity presented itself to be with you, there was no way I could not go with it."

"Son of a bitch, Glen. You...you love me? Really?"

"More than you'll ever know, Sally."

"Holy shit."


While Sally was learning about Glen's true feelings for her, Glen's wife was having a somewhat different conversation with their son. In the middle of Debbie's striptease for Freddy, he decided he couldn't wait any longer to have access to his mother's curvy body, so he peeled off the rest of her genie costume, leaving the hat atop her head for the time being, and pulled her into bed.

"I think there's still a wet spot in here," Debbie said.

"From what?" Freddy asked.

"Well, last night I think somebody shot two full loads into me, and when I came up to bed, the leftovers were leaking out for a while. And the fact that I was so horny I was diddling myself like crazy didn't make things any more dry."

"Really Mom? That's so hot. Wait a minute...what happened with Dad?"

"Dad? What makes you ask that?"

"Well, he just told me a few things this morning, while we were talking about Aunt Sally and all."

"What did he say?"

"Just that, he wanted to do it, and you wouldn't let him."

"I guess that's about right. I don't remember all the details, but I guess when he got home I was here, getting myself more worked up, getting my sheets more and more soaked. And I guess I pushed him between my legs. I probably thought he was you."

"But you didn't actually have sex?"

"No. I think I blew him. He said it was really good. I'm not surprised about that."

"So, you're a Genie Mommy, and a Slut Mommy too, huh?"

"Aren't you glad, Honey?" Debbie said with a laugh.

"Totally, Mom. That's my favorite kind of Mommy. So, anyway..."

"Yes, I got him to eat me...hmm..."


"I just realized that, when I sent him down there to help me out, I was having him lick up some of what his son had deposited in my pussy. Kind of wild, huh?"

"I guess so. But why didn't you have sex with him?"

"That part I remember a little better. By then I realized it was him and not you. And I... This might be kind of embarrassing, Freddy."

"Why? What, Mom?"

"Well, this is so crazy, and I don't want to be too presumptuous. But I remembered what you said, about wanting to see me pregnant. And when I realized that you had cum inside me, and that your father was wanting to screw me, I...I wanted to be sure that if I were to get pregnant, that it would be yours for sure. Is that disgusting or anything?"

"Are you kidding, Mom? That's about the hottest, most amazing thing I've ever heard."

"So, you really do want to...get me pregnant...knock me up?"

"There's nothing I'd rather do, Mom. Are you sure you want to have another baby in your forties?"

"Only if it's yours, Freddy. I want to have your baby inside me more than anything in the world. Of course, I guess I first have to have that cock in my again, huh?"

"I think your master can arrange that, Genie Mommy."

"Let me get a better look at this thing before you fuck my brains out with it." Debbie climbed between her son's legs and began examining his erection. "Damn Kid, when did you grow such a beautiful dick?" She stroked the rod from top to bottom. "I know this felt amazing in my pussy last night, but I cannot wait to feel it again, now that there's nothing clouding my brain."

"I loved being inside you, Mom. I can't wait to be there again either."

Debbie continued to look Freddy's cock over. After a minute she brought her face close and softly rubbed the hard penis around it. She then began gently kissing it.

"I love your dick, Sweetheart. It's the most perfect thing I've ever seen."

"You're the most perfect thing I've ever seen, Mom. I fucking love your body, I think you have the most beautiful face, and tits, and ass in the whole world."

"Thank you, Freddy my love," Debbie whispered as she slid her son's penis into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, Mom...ohhhh suck it, Mommy...ohhhhh..."

Freddy put his hands on either side of his mother's head and guided her up and down as she sucked him. Her silky blonde hair was held in a sort of ponytail by the conical red hat of her genie costume. Freddy carefully lifted the hat and wispy veil off and tossed it aside so that he could really stroke and tease her hair.

"Freddy...my Freddy...that feels so good Baby."

"I want that perfect pussy in my face, Genie Mommy. Turn around and put that cunt in your Master's face."

"Like I said, Master. I will do absolutely anything you want me to do."

A few seconds later Debbie was maneuvering her body around and lowering herself onto her son's eager mouth. He grabbed her soft hips and pulled her down, stuck out his tongue and began licking all around her vulva. She began moaning softly, then more loudly, sucking him down her throat while he put his tongue deep inside her.


Sally threw her arms around Glen and didn't stop kissing him for at least two minutes.

"Glen! I can't believe you... Nobody has ever said anything like that to me."

Glen was experiencing a tender, soft version of Sally that he had never seen before. In all the years he had known her, and loved her, and in all the years he was sleeping with her, he saw her as a fascinating, independent, incredibly sexy, intense, hard-edged woman, who didn't take shit from anyone. Never did he expect to see sensitivity coming to the surface. But that's just what he saw emerging.

"Sally, I don't know what to say. I just thought that every guy in the world felt the same way about you that I did."

"If so, no one ever said so. I've always been aware that I scared a lot of guys away. How come you were never scared away, Glen?"

"I don't know, Sal. I mean, it's not that you're not scary. Don't get me wrong. I love you just like I said. But you can be scary."

"But I never scared you away."

"No, you didn't. I've never known anyone more wonderful and beautiful and complex as you, Sal. It was worth putting up with thinking you might kill me, or at least crush my balls every now and then."

"You jerk," she said with a smile, and a few tears, before hugging and kissing him repeatedly again. "Oh...shit..."


"Well, now what the hell do we do? You're married to my sister, remember?"

"How could I forget?"

"Of course, she knows that we've been together. Well...what do you want, Glen? What do you want to do?"

"I've only thought about this about a million times, Sal. Of course I love Debbie. She's beautiful and amazing. She's the mother of my son and we've shared all these years together. But I have been in love with you since you were twelve, or fourteen, or however old you were when I first saw you. I've always known that if I had the chance to be with you, for real, then I would turn everything upside down to make that happen. So, do I have that chance?"

Sally responded with another round of serious hugs and kisses.

"Glen," she finally said, "now my sister will probably be the one doing the killing, but yes, you have that chance if you want it. I'm yours if you want me. And I want you."


"Really. In fact, there's nothing I'd rather do right now that have you fuck me senseless and cum inside me over and over, knowing that whatever happened, even if you got me pregnant, we would be together and it would be perfect. But we have to talk to Debbie. I have no idea what she'll think. But don't you agree that we have to try and square things with her?"

"Yes, but she's my wife. I should go alone and tell her."

"No. She's your wife, and my sister. Let's tell her together. She's less likely to want to kill both of us at once anyway."

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