tagIncest/TabooMom's Panty Seduction

Mom's Panty Seduction


As I pulled in to the driveway, I was already hard, because I knew what I was going to do when I got in, to where I lived with my mother. She was working, and would be working for another couple of hours, at least. She never came home before five o'clock, no matter what, so if I put away all her silkies by four-thirty, well, you see what I mean. It may have started with her panties, and her panties, my mother's panties, were always the sexiest, the most beautiful, but she also had pretty silk bras, which felt so empty against my eighteen year-old chest, and made me wish I was beautiful like my mother, and had big beautiful breasts, like she did. She really filled out her bras, but on me they were flat panels of silk. She also wore thick satiny slips, which came down to my knees. They were all on spaghetti straps, and all with lace trimming on the hems. I also discovered something of a secret about my mother. She didn't wear pantyhose like other professional women did. She went out of her way to wear stockings, with garter belts. Every day, at this time, I would have a secret sexual adventure, and dress up in my mother's silkies. First I would put on the pair of panties that looked best to me, then the silk stockings, then the garter belt, trying to hook the stockings with the light touch of a woman. Then the silk bra, hooking it very daintily in the front--as she only wore bras that hooked in the front--and then finally reaching my arms up in the air, and letting her satiny slip fall down my arms, and down my body, until the spaghetti straps fell against my shoulder, the lace of the hem rubbing against my knees, and the satin rubbing against my rock-hard erection. Those were such special times that I spent with my mother's underwear. I had no idea that they were about to lead to something more than I expected. Something I didn't even know I wanted.

Being eighteen, I was taller than my mother. She was about five foot two. I was thinner than she was. Her panties never fit me as well as they must have fit her. On me they were a little tight in places, and a little loose in other places. I knew that on her they hugged every curve of her beautiful bottom, and the soft, secret place between her legs.

My mother was the center of my masturbatory fantasies. It was always the same thing. I would be dressed up in all her silkies, lying on her bed, and suddenly I would realize that I had fallen asleep. I would wake up, and there would be my mother, standing beside me. The fantasy varied from there. Sometimes she sucked me, and I came in her mouth, or sometimes I fucked her in the pussy, or the ass. I guess you had to know her back then. She had medium-brown, permed hair, that was always wet in the morning. She had very large breasts, which looked especially large on such a small woman. She was in her early forties by this time. Her waist was slim, and I had caught glimpses before of her belly, which was trim and smooth. Her bottom was ample, but it was a full bottom, not fatty in any way. Her legs were soft, not muscular, but shapely. I saw her in bathing suits on occasion, even though she always wore one-pieces, so I saw how her legs looked when they were exposed. She had brown eyes that always looked moist, and full lips, that were usually covered with lipstick. When I would masturbate, dressed in her silkies, and my thoughts turned to oral, I would always imagine that as she pumped my cock with her mouth, she would leave smears of lipstick behind on the hard shaft.

As I mentioned, I had just gotten home, and knew exactly what lay ahead ... or at least I was certain that I did. I went straight into my mother's room, and stood in front of her large oak dresser, which was next to the door. I closed my eyes, in the silence, and thought about what was soon going to be touching my body. Then I undid my pants, my eyes still closed, and dropped them to my ankles. I took off my shoes and socks, and put them in a pile, over which my pants went. I had a very hard erection at this point, but I couldn't stand the fact that I was wearing men's cotton underwear, so I quickly took it off my body. My shirt came next, and then my undershirt. I was naked, and my cock was rock hard. I knew exactly which drawer was my mother's panty drawer. I had always known that. I opened it up, and began to lightly touch the folded panties with my fingertips.

I suddenly had the most intense impression that someone was staring at me. I turned my head, and I saw probably the most shocking thing I had ever seen. My mother was lying on top of her bed, in her business suit, clearly just woken from a nap, and was staring at me. She wasn't smiling, but I could tell by her face that she was not displeased. She yawned, and then said in a sleepy, sweet, quiet voice, "Keep going."

I just stood where I was, mortified. I must not have understood her, or known her intentions. She had to repeat herself. "Keep going." I still didn't move. She sighed, and then said, in her delicate, soft voice, while still lying on her side, "I knew right away when you started wearing my things, honey. You were stretching out my stockings, and folding my panties and slips backwards, and really, honey, you have no idea how to correctly fold a bra. Give your mother a little ..." She yawned. "... a little credit." I was staring into her warm, brown eyes, and she was looking right at me, and talking about ... I couldn't believe what was happening to me. My cock was so hard that it was hurting me. I had to double over a bit, it was straining so hard. She repeated for a third time, "Keep going. I want to see what you do every day with my undies."

I just couldn't move. She stared at me for a while, the whole time my cock getting harder, not softer ... so I was really starting to hurt. I had never felt this intense erotic sensation before. She sat up on the edge of the bed, stretching her arms, and yawning. "Okay," she said softly, "I think maybe this is a bit too much for you." She got off the bed and stood in front of me. She reached out a hand and lightly brushed one of my cheeks. It was the most intimate thing she had ever done to me. It sent an incredible thrill through my naked body. "I'll have to help you," she said quietly, and began to shuffle through the panties that were organized in her still-open panty drawer. "Which ones do you like the best, honey?"

I didn't answer. She put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me into her arms. I was so weak, I think I literally fell into her grasp. She held me tight, and through all of this, I stayed very hard. My naked body was pressed against her business suit, my hard cock pushed hard against her left thigh, and I could feel underneath my mouth the milky softness of her large breasts. Just like she always did, whenever she shifted her weight, I could hear silk sliding against silk from inside her suit. She finally stood me up, and said quietly, "Just stand there and let me dress you."

I was overcome, and stood still, while she picked out a nice pair of panties. They were black, full-back, satin hipsters. They were actually my favorite, though it seemed incredible that she could know that. Seeming to read my mind, she said, "These are the ones I find the most stains in." They were clean now, and very soft. She knelt in front of me, so that her mouth was only inches away from the tip of my cock, which was throbbing by now, aching to be inside her, or to feel the touch of her panties, or her hand. She lifted first one foot, then the other, and slipped her panties on me. As she pulled them slowly up my legs, she started to moan approvingly, as if she were eating a very good piece of chocolate cake. Finally she pulled them all the way up, and reached her hand out and grasped my cock, tucking it inside the satin of the panties. She had touched me, with a hand that was so much more gentle and dextrous than the hand of a high-school girl. It was electrifying. I started to tremble, and I was afraid my legs wouldn't support me. She whispered that it would be just fine, and kissed me on my left hip, on the side of her panties. I breathed in suddenly and held my breath. I was petrified. She whispered, "You look very sexy."

She then closed the panty drawer, and opened the one above it, pulling out a pair of stockings. "These are the ones you seem to abuse the most," she said in a gentle way. Not daring to look down, I listened to her gathering them up in her hand, then I felt her hands on my left foot, and the stocking placed over it. She gently, and with much more finesse than I had ever exhibited, rolled the silky black stocking up my leg. I couldn't believe how good it felt, but I was lucky, because she was going to do it again. When she did, I was almost delirious with pleasure. She immediately brought out the matching garter belt, and, lifting up my feet, she slid it up my legs, and attached the straps to the top of the stockings in a surprisingly elegant fashion. She said, in a low, almost moaning voice, "Very good."

She stood in front of me again, and looked me up and down, very openly. I was trembling again, and she seemed touched that I was so overcome. She "aww-ed" and hugged me, pulling me close to her. The whole bottom part of my body she had dressed up in her own silkies, and I was shaking because I was so desperate to come, and yet it was the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted this moment to last forever. She pulled her head around. I was taller than her, but she was able to reach my mouth, and Mom started to kiss me. Her tongue went deep into my mouth. It was so warm, and wet, and soft. I made a daring move, and put my hands on her bottom. She didn't take them away. I even squeezed, and she just kissed me harder. I felt so terribly ashamed, because of what I was doing with my own mother, but it was what I had always wanted, and I was finally getting my wish. It was really happening.

She pulled away from me and whispered, "We can't forget the brassiere." She reached over to the other end of the open drawer, and picked out a matching black satin bra. She deftly got it over my arms and around my chest, and hooked it in the front. I was so turned on I thought I was going to faint.

Mom pinched the satin of her bra, as it was on my chest, and then said, "We'll have to do something about this." She opened up her panty drawer again, and lifted out a few pairs of silk and satin panties, which she then gently folded inside the cups of her bra. I wanted to come so badly, but I would have been happy to feel my mother stuffing her panties into my bra (her bra) for the rest of my life, it was such a loving, tender thing for her to do. Finally she primped the cups of her bra, and declared, "You have breasts now. They look very sexy."

She kissed me again, very deeply, and then turned her head, and reached over into the dresser again, pulling out a black satin slip, with spaghetti straps, and lace at the hem. As my heart raced out of control, I watched her bunch it up, and then nod at me. I knew what to do. I raised my arms. She placed the slip over my upraised hands, and then, playfully, let it fall all the way down my body. Much of it was stopped near the bottom by the rock-hard erection, which was desperately straining against the satin panty it was inside of. She gently reached over and let the slip fall free from my cock. It was the second time she had touched me, although this time only brushing my cock gently.

We kissed again, for a long time. It didn't matter what time it was. We lived alone, and had nothing to do that night except eat dinner. We actually had until the morning. She finally pulled back from me again, and instantly began taking off her business suit. First her suit jacket, which revealed her silk blouse, pressing out because of her large breasts. She then undid her slacks, and dropped them to her ankles. I felt a hot rush of desire mixed with shame. My own mother had just taken her pants off in front of me. I could see her stocking-covered legs, partly hidden by another black satin slip, almost exactly like mine, except for a different lace pattern at the hem. She then undid her blouse, starting from the top, and slipped out of it. We were both wearing the same type and color of slip, and that was very arousing. She took my hand, and led me slowly to her bed. As we stood at the edge of her bed, she pulled me close to her again, our slips rubbing and sliding against each other, and against our stockings, and she kissed me. She leaned over, until her lips were touching my right ear, and she whispered very lightly, "Do you want me?" It sounded very loud with her mouth so close to my ear. I tried to say yes, but only stammered out an approximation. She nodded, and opened up the bedsheets, allowing me room to scoot in. I climbed into her large bed, and she immediately got in behind me, lowering the covers down over both of us.

She began to passionately kiss me, not just on the mouth, but on the neck, especially over the straps of her slip, and then back again to my mouth. I was in her hands, and I let her kiss me until she couldn't stand it anymore. She pulled the covers back suddenly, to expose the two of us, and, before I knew it, pulled her slip up over her head, so that I could see her huge breasts bulging out from all sides of a tight satin bra. I could also see her black satin bikini panties, which had a little bow at the top. I wanted to soak this all in, but she was in too much of a hurry. She reached down to my knees, and began pulling up my slip, exposing me to her, as I wore her panties, bra, stockings, and garters. I felt the satin slide up my body, until the slip was lying on the bed. She sat back, on her heels, and stared fixedly at my panties--or, rather, her own panties, which I was wearing right in front of her. I didn't know what was so interesting to her. I found out, when she leaned forward suddenly and began to kiss my cock through her own black satin panties, and to try and suck me without taking my cock out.

She stopped when I began to arch my back rigidly. She knew I was going to come. She sat back again on her heels and watched me, as I slowly stopped writhing, and began to relax. I was still hard as ever, but I wasn't going to come yet. She climbed on top of me, as if we were making love, and as she kissed me deeply, she rubbed her crotch against mine, our panties grinding against each other. I could feel my cock, as it was held back so firmly by the satin panties, sliding inside the lips of my mother's vulva, which was covered by her black satin bikini panties. I was ready to come again, and my mother knew it, and sat back again.

I couldn't control myself. I was certain I was going to come. There was about a minute or two where I teetered on the brink, arched up as if I were going as deep as possible inside my mother, although really she was beside me .... Finally the feeling subsided, and I knew I wasn't going to come. My mother seemed to see the exact instant that this happened, because as soon as it was safe, she said, "You look so beautiful wearing my undies."

I almost came when she said that, but I held off. She started to move on the bed, coming closer to my face. I thought she was going to put her crotch in my face, and I was right. She straddled my face with her legs, and lowered her crotch onto my face. She was still wearing her panties, and it was wet black silk that was pressed firmly against my mouth. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to break. My mother's pussy was right up against my mouth, and I could taste on her satin panties the juice that had been wetting them down ever since she had started to seduce me. What I didn't realize, because I couldn't see, was that she had her mouth right over my cock. I suddenly felt her gentle hands removing my cock from my panties, and my heart seemed to stop. I sucked hard on what was pressed into my mouth, and suddenly I could feel my mother's warm mouth covering my cock, moving it in and out. Her mouth was so wet, as she tongued my hard penis. She stopped sucking up and down, and began to just suck the head of my cock. I started to writhe, and I couldn't stop. She lifted her head up, and I didn't feel anything for a while. All I could see was a close-up of my mother's pantied crotch, and I began to suck her pussy again through her panties, as a signal that I wanted her to suck me. I felt spit dripping onto the head of my cock, and I heard my mother say softly, "I used to go to work wearing the panties you stained. Did you know that, honey?" She rubbed the spit all over my cock. "I could feel on my bottom right where the come stain was. It made me very horny."

I then felt her start to suck me very slowly. Her mouth was very gentle, and very wet. I think she must have done this for at least fifteen minutes, always aware somehow of when I was reaching climax. Finally, when climax was inevitable, she just knew somehow--as if she could feel what I could feel--that she had to take my cock out of her mouth. She did, and I could feel it swaying back and forth, still rock hard. She said softly, "I want you to come in my mouth, sweetie. Are you ready to do that?" I responded by sucking hard on her panty-covered pussy.

I felt her suddenly start to suck me again, and now she was moving my cock in and out very fast, and going deep, all the way down to the base. She was ready for me to come. My natural instinct was to suck harder on her pussy, and as I began to reach climax, she began to shove her crotch into my face as hard as she could, and her sucking became less orderly. It seemed as if she really wanted to lift her head for some reason, but wanted to keep sucking. I was making Mom come by sucking on her pussy through her black satin panties. I couldn't belive it was happening. At the same time, I felt her tugging at the sides of my panties, and I exploded inside her mouth. She sucked hard, in order to get every drop. She kept sucking long after I was through, but because my penis was so sensitive, I kept dry-coming into her mouth, until she finally stopped, and let my penis slide out of her mouth. It was flaccid and extremely sensitive. She held it gently, and tucked it back inside my panties. She then lifted her crotch off my mouth, and turned back around.

She laid down beside me, and took me in her arms. My panty-covered bottom was pressed against her wet crotch, and her breasts were tight up against my back. She stroked my body gently, and kissed me wherever she could reach. I felt so calm and drained. She eventually just held me tight, and I fell asleep in her arms.

I awoke the next day, still in her arms. She was awake, and was rubbing my body absent-mindedly. When she saw that I was awake, she said to me, "I don't want you wearing my panties outside, where people could tell, but as soon as you get home, I want you to pick out your favorites, and change your clothes. I will check you when I get home, and if you are properly clothed, I will give you your reward. Do you know what that is?"

I nodded.

She said, "Good. Now get up and change your clothes. I look forward to seeing you when I get home from work."

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