tagIncest/TabooMom's Progressive Submission Ch. 01

Mom's Progressive Submission Ch. 01


She stands 5'5", with strawberry blond hair that is curly and barely covers her neck and ears At 142 lbs., she had defined hips and ass, and shapely strong legs. Her eye color, green, is a pleasant asset to her not so great skin color, which touts its share of freckles. Her breasts are medium-sized with raisin-sized nipples and an inch wide areola with an assortment of little, tiny mounds scattered about. I know this because she is not very modest around our apartment, walking here to there was just her panties on. Apparently, according to her, at the grand old age of 24, I have seen breast numerous times so there is no mystery. She is right, but she forgets hers were the first ones I saw. As breasts go, they are quite nice but not as perky as they used to be. I pay attention to such things when they're out there to see, all natural like. Hence, my mention of the micro bumps on her areola. I'll I have even compared mom's breast to the others I've been fortunate enough to be intimate with or seen in a magazine, and I give mom good grades every time.

At 42, she has had a handful of men in her life, none of which left her with a fuzzy feeling. If asked, she will willingly tell you what a pain in the ass men are and that she has given up on them entirely. She apparently has because I haven't seen her with one in a lot of years. My father was the last.

So, this is my mom, a lot of fun to be around, but I think she's nutty as a fruitcake. She is independent as hell and has no problem speaking her mind, or threatening me with bodily harm if needed, if I'm not walking the straight and narrow.

Setting the stage, I will tell you a story.

Having been gone for two weeks on business, I arrived at our apartment around three in the afternoon, climbed the 24 stairs to the door and keyed the lock. The apartment was quiet and I figured that mom was still at work, but walking into the dining area I saw her lying across her bed, with just her panties on. I walked to the door and stood studying her form lying there.

I must stop here to describe mom's bedroom.

Standing at the door, there are two French doors with curtains 5 feet to my right. To my left, there are six tall windows that, except for the separating seals pretty much make the 20 foot length open to the world. Of course, three or four nicely leafed trees keep prying eyes at bay. Across to the far side of the bedroom, is a high smallish window, framed with a mahogany stain. Add to this, the eggshell white walls and off-white, thick pile carpet. My mother's bed is situated next to the French doors, a couple of dark colored bed tables with lamps and one or two dressers are situated around the room. Of course, we can't neglect the white bed covering on the bed on which my mother was stretched.

As I was saying, I stood in the doorway studying her form. Her legs spread ever so slightly, allowed me see a bit of pubic hair trying to escape from either side of her panties and the outline of her pussy. From my vantage point, I was happy to gaze on a great looking ass. I must have stood there for 12 to 15 minutes, and sensing that she was deep asleep I took the nine steps to reach the bed, and stood by her left leg. She had faced right with her right arm bent, placing her hand under her chin. Her left arm lay out by her left side. I could hear her restful breathing.

Closer now, I ran my eyes over her body, coming back to focus on her ass once more. I brazenly stroked the back of her thighs and ran my finger up the valley created by her panties across the crack of her ass. Still she slept on and I felt my erection pushing against my jeans.

I had never seriously thought about mom sexually until the last few minutes. And now, I wondered what mom would be like in the throes of passion. I am a physically playful type of guy, not to mention mischievous. And, mom's treasure was so close. I, as delicately as I could, stroked my forefinger up the valley created by the panties over the labia of her pussy. I immediately sensed her awakening and retracted my hand totally away from her body.

"Paul! What the hell do you think you're doing?" She demanded, lifting her bare chest 1 or 2 inches off the bed and turning her head to look at me.

"Trying to wake you up, I suppose." I replied.

"By running your fingers over my ass and......... where your finger don't belong?"

"It worked. How have you been?" I asked, trying to extricate myself from the awkward position.

"I've been awake the whole time. Don't try and change the subject! I'm not one of your whores!" She snapped. "What makes you think you can put your paws on me like that?"

"Well, after all these years of you trotting around in front of me as close to bare ass as you can get, I guess I just felt compelled to finally touch you. You have a door on this room, you know" I replied, defending my actions. "I think you like to tease me, thinking it's safe. While it's not, and to be quite honest mom, now that I think about it, I'd like to compare your pussy with the ones I've seen for real and in Magazines. I've compared your breast and ass for years."

I have to tell you honestly that it came out of left field. To this day, I can't believe I had the audacity to say that to my mother. I was a bit surprised by her reaction. I figured, she would bolt out of the bed and put an ass whipping on me. Instead, she reached for a pillow to cover her chest and rolled to her back, holding a pillow across her breast and said;

"Paul, have you lost your mind?" She exclaimed. "What the hell happened to you in the last two weeks? I suggest you get the hell out of my bedroom and we'll forget all of this nonsense."

The fact that I was not receiving a severe ass whipping only strengthened my resolve and made me more brazen.

"No, mom, I'm quite serious!" I assured her. "I want to see what your pussy looks like."

"Get the hell out of here!" She shouted, but not so loud that our landlords downstairs might hear.

I swiftly moved towards her and grabbed at her panties, to strip them off her, but she kicked at me fending me off, successfully.

"You've lost what little sense you had!" She exclaimed. "Get the hell out of here and leave me alone!"

I saw a suppressed smile cross her face and heard the humorous tone. We both were competitive and had over the years play-boxed and tousled quite often and it was possible that she had taken my craziness of trying to grab her panties as joking around. I would find out later that it was exactly what she thought. My next attempt changed her mind. I approached her from the left side and slipped under her kicking feet, snagging her panties with my fingers. Her smile disappeared, as did the humor in her tone.

"Don't! For crying out loud, have you lost your mind!" She bellowed, pounding me on the head and shoulders with her fist.

Her defense was effective enough for me to forget about her panties and I maneuvered atop her and eventually subdued her hands to the bed, straddling her waist.

"We're going to do this, mom!" I assure her. "Now, accept it and behave yourself it will only take a minute or two."

I suspiciously released her hands and she promptly popped me on the side of the head with a clenched fist.

I wrestled her into submission again and held her fast.

"Paul, if you don't stop this nonsense, I'm going to cry rape." She cried. "I mean it! I swear I will."

"You'd rather throw me in jail, your son, than give me a peek at your pussy?" I queried. "What can a harmless look at your treasure her? I'm going to let you lose. You are going to lie still and let me take your panties off."

"The hell I am. I'm your mother and I demand you stop this silly idea of yours!" She demanded.

Again, I suspiciously let go of her arms, pointing my finger into her face, which I could tell now was redden by anger and exertion.

"You can't do this, dammit!" She exclaimed, seemingly near real tears, which I was sure she was faking.

"Behave yourself!" I cautioned as I maneuvered lower over her body. "I've seen ever part of your body except your pussy. Maybe over the years you should have been more modest. I intend to do this."

"So, this is my fault?" She questioned. "Just remember what they say about payback! You do this and I'll get you back!"

I mother never threatened and I believed her, but I was here, my fingers under the elastic of her panties, as she lay passive, no longer trying to escape. I slipped her panties off her hips, down her legs and off. I was immediately in awe of her very lavish, strawberry blonde bush. I cautiously, as I expected a foot in my face, lifted her knees and spread her legs.

"Somebody is going to see us, dammit!" She exclaimed, referring to the wall of glass. "I can't believe I'm letting you do this! Do you not have any respect for me?"

"All the respect in the world, mom." I replied, spreading her labia tenderly and marveled at her treasure a few long moments. "I have to admit you have one of the most loveliest pussy's I have ever laid my eyes on."

"Thank you!" She said sarcastically. "But you're not telling me anything I haven't been told before! And let me add, you are pervert!"

"Did they think enough of your pussy to do this?"

With those last words, I put my mouth to her pussy. It brought an immediate response, a very negative response.


She began to crab backwards across her king size bed. Tried to turn over but I prevented the flip and put my face back into her crotch. I got my tongue on her clit and she struggled briefly before coming to rest. Long moments later, I declared victory when she moaned and placed both legs over my shoulders. I scooted my hands under her ass.

I alternated tonguing her clit and running my tongue from inside the bottom to the top of her labia, all with the desired affect. She refrained from any vocal words but her moans told me all I needed to hear. Her hands, rather than pounding my head, now massaged it lovingly.

I proceeded cautiously, not wanting her to come too quickly or end my enjoyment. I held her in sensuous suspension for 25 minutes.

"Stop playing with me, Paul!" She tenderly critiqued. "You're driving me crazy!"

I did a she directed, and with a few feather-light, fluttering licks to her clit, her ass lifted as the climax seized her. My face followed her ass and I kept my tongue centered on her clit.

As the climax evaporated, I withdrew from her without any words, leaving her to her reflections, and went to take a shower. A long shower as I jerked off to the knowledge of what it just occurred.

As I dressed in my room, I wondered if she would have let me fuck her. I had pushed the envelop without crashing hard. Still, I didn't know if I had the nerve to stick my cock in my mother, hence, by not trying to.

I dressed and left my room, returning to the dining area. I found my mother dressed in khaki shorts and a white blouse. She had on red flats.

"I thought we would walk up to Teresa's and have pizza?" Mom asked as if nothing unusual had happened.

"Sounds good to me." I responded. "It's a long walk but it's nice out this afternoon. It shouldn't be too cold after dark."

He walked up the hill to Teresa's Italian restaurant, making small talk and kidding around like we always did. As usual, we got there before the supper crowd and had the restaurant pretty much to ourselves. We took our usual booth up front away from the kitchen and ordered a large cheese pizza and Cokes. My mom finally broached the subject.

"I still can't believe I let you do what you did!" She began in a quiet voice.

"Has anybody ever kissed your pussy like that before?" I replied, and just as quiet voice.

"Paul! Behave yourself!" She chastised. "Kissed! Nice way to put it, I suppose. But, you have got to be kidding me. Those lowlifes that I took up with were only interested in Wham Bam thank you ma'am! But it is still almost like a dream. You do understand what we did?"

"You mean incest?" I queried. "All we did was have a little fun. We did not go all the way, to use an outdated term, so, what harm did it do? And I bet, if you'll be honest, you'll admit you feel a lot better?"

Mom lifted her eyebrows and nodded, alerting me that Teresa was bringing our pizza. We ceased our conversation, exchanged pleasantries with Teresa, and waited until she was out of earshot.

"I wouldn't have let you go all the way, as you call it!" Mom assured. "But yes I do feel much, much better. I suppose, that long shower you took, you must be feeling better too!"

I heard the challenge in her tone but let the comment pass without affirming her suspicion that I had masturbated in the shower.

"It's good to feel better, to relieve the tension." I replied.

"Yes it is, but rest assured that this afternoon was a fluke. If you think it's going to be a common occurrence, it's a Fig Newton of your imagination.

We both laughed.

Five days passed without any further sexual contact or comment about what had happened. Then, one day, I called mom to let her know that I had to work late and would not be home for supper.

Arriving much later than I expected, around 11 PM, upon entering the apartment I hung an immediate right and entered the bathroom, undressed and took a shower.

I dressed for bed as I usually did and headed for the kitchen to get a stack. I ate the ice cream and cake at the table looking at the light under my mom's door, figuring she was reading, as there was no TV in her room. Cleaning up, I walked to the door and tapped lightly.

"Come in, sugar." She called.

I entered the room and saw her as I expected, lying on the bed reading a novel. She had on the usual light nightgown and panties.

"I finished off the cake you made. It was really good!" I said, walking over to the large wall of windows and studied her reflection for long moments. "Would I be out of line if I asked you put the book down and turn the light off?"

"Have you forgot what I said last week?" She questioned.

"I think you said that it was not going to become a common occurrence. That would imply that it could happen again. I didn't hear anything about it never happening again." I replied.

"You are never going to screw me, Paul!" She assured. "So get it out of your head."

"Mom, in the world there are takers and givers." I explained. "Sex, to me is giving pleasure. It's what makes me happy! I would never fuck a woman unless she wanted to be fucked."

"You are being vulgar. Your graphic words are wasted on me." She chastised. "And your actions last week say otherwise as to what you will take."

"We're talking about two different things here, mom." I tried to reason. "I want to make you happy. Our mother and son relationship caused me to employee a little forceful persuasion. I can't see the harm that was done. Did I not, just ask you to allow me to give you a pleasurable experience?"

"You could charm a cobra!" She replied, submission in her tone. "You're content just doing what you did last time?"

"Yes!" I assured.

Mom laid the book on the night table and reached to pull the chain on the lamp. I was blind for a few moments until my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

"Should I pulled them off or would you like to?" She queried.

"I can't see a thing this second. If they are still on when I get there I'd be honored to." I replied.

In the darkness, I could make out her form, as mom maneuvered across the king size bed to position herself in the same place as the time before. Walking to the edge of the bed, I found her feet and rubbed them for a few minutes before moving up her legs massaging as I progressed.

"Well, this is a welcome addition!" She said.

I soon discovered that she had not removed her panties but had discarded the nightgown. Continuing my progression upwards, I bypassed her panties, kissed her right breast a moment or two, keeping my hands on the bed, before suckling lightly on the nipple. She offered no resistance, moaning lightly. Long minutes later, I began my descent and slowly removed her panties. Her legs when over my shoulders as my hands slid under her ass and I began to course through her lavish bush with my nose.

"Do you like a thick bush like I have?" She queried.

"Yes. Very much so!" I replied

Slowly, I descended through the forest to her treasure and began to lightly explore with my tongue.

"I should be ashamed of myself, but I've been thinking about this all day long." She said in a lustful whisper. "I have never felt anything so stimulating and pleasing."

I again, monitored her responses and the level of her arousal. She moaned disapprovingly every time I backed off of her clit, seeking other areas to tease.

"AAaaggggg! You are so bad!" She breathed, as I lifted her ass from the bed and pushed my tongue into her pussy. "I'll give you 30 minutes to stop that!"

Her ass met each thrust of my tongue as I shoved it into her as deep as I could. I tongue fucked her until it hurt, 3 to 4 minutes. Then, I returned to her clit and stroked it with my sore tongue ever so slowly and lightly, letting her rise to orgasm, taking as much time as I could control. Her breathing became labored and her moaning sounded pained until the orgasm seized her and her ass humped against my face as I try to maintain contact on her clit

"AAhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohh! Ohh! YYEesssssssss!" She exclaimed.

As her orgasm subsided, I eased her ass back on the bed, and as before, I withdrew from her and headed for my room.

"Sleep tight." I said softly as I left.

Six or more weeks passed and life pasted in a normal fashion, except that once a week I would offer and mom would accept oral stimulation in pretty much the fashion so described.

Then, one weekend found us at Lake George, New York on a three-day trip. As we always had, we slept in the same motel room with separate beds.

I had spent more than an hour in the lake swimming and was lying on the bed reading, wearing only shorts when mom returned from shopping.

"How's the water?" She questioned.

"Unbelievably great!" I replied. "This was a great idea. I've been wanting to get back up here for a while."

"Are you unhappy it's with your mom instead of one of your girlfriends?" She asked.

"Well, I can't answer that question yet." I answered. "I'll tell you on the way home."

"What say we go have some dinner and when we get back I'll try, up to a point of course, to make this trip memorable for you." She replied.

This would be the first time that mom initiated our intimacy.

We walked about five minutes from the motel and had a great seafood dinner. Leaving the restaurant, we walked down by the lake and mom actually took my hand as we stood looking at the nightlights of the lake.

"Look! It looks like the lake boat is just pulling in." She proposed. "Let's go see if they're going to make another trip?"

We spent the next two hours touring around the lake and returned to the motel room a little after 10 PM.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, if you don't mind?" Mom said.

"Not at all. The night is young." I replied and asked. "But how about I join you in the shower?"

"I don't see why not." She replied, after a few moments of thought.

We showered together, her scrubbing me, and me scrubbing her. She made no advance and I behaved myself. We toweled each other off and returned to the bedroom. I switched off the light by the door as mom switched on the bed table lamp.

"How about we do something a little different tonight?" I suggested, spreading my towel at the foot of the bed and taking a position on it, on my back. "Come over here. Straddle my head and squat......"

"You're not serious?" She exclaimed. "I can't do that! That's embarrassing as hell!"

"Squat over my face." I continued to direct and motioned with my hands.

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