tagIncest/TabooMom's Red Bikini Ch. 02

Mom's Red Bikini Ch. 02


During the next week, when Michelle got home from work, she would come to my room and get in bed with me. After making love, she would go to her own room and bed. During sex, Michelle moaned and groaned and sometimes screamed. There were times I expected my mother to burst into the room to find out why her daughter was screaming.

Until last Sunday, I had never thought about my mother in a sexual way but now, even though I was fucking Michelle every night, I could not stop wanting to fuck my mother. And, there were times when it seemed mom was flirting with me. Some of the things she said and did since I got home from school seemed almost like a come-on, a hint that she was interested in me sexually.

The following Sunday, Michelle left for work at two fifteen. I went up to my room to put my laptop away and on the way back I noticed that my mother's bedroom door was open. Mom was standing at the mirror, her back towards me, fixing her hair in a ponytail. She was wearing the red bikini.

Just like the first time, seeing my mother in her red bikini was all it took to make me hard. I stood in the doorway, studying her bare shoulders and the contour of her naked back, her plump, sexy ass and her long, shapely legs. Her tanned flesh was smooth, like silk. I wanted to touch her. My cock ached to be inside her.

My mother must have seen me in the mirror. Just as I was about to leave, she said, "You can come in if you'd like."

Busted. "Oh -- uh -- I was..." I stammered, a little flustered by being caught.

She turned to face me. Seeing the front of her nearly naked body increased my arousal. "Why are you staring at me?" she asked.

Now I really was busted. I took a few steps into her room. "I told you," I reminded her, "I think you're beautiful."

"I still don't believe you," she told me. Her eyes dropped down to my bulging crotch. "Do you have a hard-on?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do," I admitted, suddenly embarrassed, "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be," my mother said, "I like knowing I can still give a guy a hard on. Especially my son." I was surprised by her bluntness, but I liked it. She sat down on the bed and crossed her bare, shapely legs. I wondered what it would be like to touch and kiss the smooth, tanned flesh.

"You could give a statue a hard-on," I told her.

"You're sweet," she said, a pleased smile on her lovely face. It was like I was talking to someone else. Certainly not my mother.

"Yeah," I said, "me and Oedipus."

"Oedipus," she repeated the name, "isn't he the guy who killed his father so he could sleep with his mother?"

"I learned about him in psychology class," I told her.

She looked at me with mock concern. "You're not planning to kill your father, are you?" my mother asked.

"Of course not," I said, smiling.

"Do you want to sleep with your mother?" she wanted to know.

I wanted to answer but nothing came out.

"Failure to answer is usually an admission of guilt," my mother said. That was a hold over from my childhood.

"I know," I told her.

"You don't think your mom is too old for sex?" she asked, looking directly at me.

"Are you kidding? You're the youngest mom I know," I told her, "and the hottest. Especially in that bikini."

My mother stared at me for a moment, as though thinking. "Maybe I should take it off," she said.

"No," I protested, "don't stop wearing it..."

"I didn't say 'stop wearing it,'" she interrupted me, "I said, 'take it off.'"

it took a second for her words, her meaning, to penetrate. When I realized what she meant, my whole body tingled, I got light headed and my knees felt weak. I moved to the dresser so I could lean against it. "Are you serious?"

"Would you like that?" my mother asked.

"Yes," I answered, my cock pounding, "god, yes."

Mom reached up and untied the bow behind her neck. The red tri-angles clung to her breasts as she reached behind her back and pulled that bow loose. With her left hand, my mother pulled the red cloth away from her breasts and tossed it to the floor.

Her bare breasts hung on her chest like two large sacks, made of silk and filled with honey. They were pulled down by their own weight and supported by their firm mass. The nipples were short and thick, surrounded by three inch circles of pinkish tan.

She stood up and slowly untied the bows on her hips. Again, she used her left hand to pull the red cloth from between her legs and toss it by the top of her bikini. I could see the beginning of her slit. Her pubic mound was covered by a neatly trimmed tri-angle of short, dark hair.

My mother stood by the bed, completely naked, letting me look at her. The bikini remained on her body, naturally white flesh surrounded by tan. Finally, she said, "Now its your turn." I looked at her, puzzled, and she said, "I like being naked but not by myself. Now you have to get naked, too."

It took about three seconds to pull off my T-shirt and drop my shorts. It felt strange to be naked in front of my mother, especially since my cock was totally hard and sticking straight out. It felt even stranger to be looking at my mother's naked body.

"My goodness," Mom said, "you are a big boy." She stepped forward and gently took my cock in her hand. A bolt of electric pleasure shot up my spine and my body stiffened.

"Bigger than Dad?" I asked.

"I think so," Mom said, tightening her grip and slowly moving her fist from the base to the crown and back. "Your definitely thicker."

I put my hands on her breasts, lifting the heavy globes as I rubbed and squeezed the firm, yet soft flesh. "You really are beautiful." I told my mother. I lowered my head and began kissing her bare shoulder.

"That feels really nice," my mother told me, twisting her head as I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. I lowered my head further and sucked the smooth, soft flesh of her aureola into my mouth as I pressed my face into the firm, soft mounds of warm flesh. "Oh god," my mother sighed, her back arching.,

Standing on tip toes, mom put one hand on my upper arm and her other hand on the back of my head. I moved my hands down and behind her. Holding her ass cheeks, I raised my head and pulled my mother's hips forward. I could feel my erection pressing against her stomach. "I really want to fuck you," I whispered. As I spoke, I moved one hand to the front of her body and cupped her hairy crotch. My mother , her hand still behind my head, pulled my head forward and down, covering her mouth with mine. Her tongue pushed between my lips.

My mother moved away from me, took my hand and led me to the bed. She lie down and pulled me after her. Lying on top of her, I supported my weight on my elbows as I kissed her mouth, her face, her neck and shoulders. Then I twisted around and put my mouth on her breasts.

My mother groaned and gasped as I sucked and played with her tits, squeezed and softly bit her nipples. I moved off my mother's body but continued sucking her nipples as I moved my hand between her legs. She raised and separated her knees as my fingers slipped into her.

She was hot and wet. I fingered her slit, rubbing her clitoris and sliding my fingers in and out of her. My mother's eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip.

I raised myself over her and positioned my hips between my mother's legs. She reached down, held my cock with two fingers and guided it into pussy.

Her heat and wetness engulfed me. My cock was in my mother's pussy. I was actually fucking my own mother.

I began pumping in and out of her with long, deep, slow strokes. I wanted that first time to last as long as possible.

My mother was rubbing my back and groaning as I pounded my cock into her cunt. "Oh shit —fuck yes --oh fuck that's good--YES -- YES -- YES!!!"

Suddenly, my cock burst. I lowered my mouth onto my mother's and thrust my tongue between her lips. I pushed into her, hard and deep, and a river of cum spurted and flowed into my mother's belly.

I stood in the bathroom doorway, watching my mother. She was lying on her back, in the middle of the bed, with her eyes closed. Her left hand held her right breast, her fingers squeezing and twisting the nipple. Her other hand was between her legs, two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Slowly, my mother withdrew her fingers. They were wet, glistening with her own juices. She raised her hand to her mouth, licking and sucking her fingers clean.

I walked to the edge of the bed, "Can I do that?" I asked.

Mom opened her eyes and smiled dreamily. "Of course," she said.

I lie down on my stomach, between her legs, my face above her crotch. She reached down and held my head as I lowered my mouth to her slit. I tasted her, touching the tip of my tongue to her clitoris. I licked her clit and the lips of her pussy, moved my tongue through her slit and into her cunt.

Mom sat up. " Let me get on top of you."

I turned onto my back and my mother crawled over me. She lowered her pussy onto my face and took my cock in her hand.

She licked and sucked and kissed my cock, covering it with saliva, while I did the same to her pussy. Keeping one hand on her ass, I slid my other hand under her thigh, between her legs, so I could finger-fuck her pussy while sliding a finger in and out of her ass.

My mother was moaning, gasping and groaning as I fingered her pussy and ass. She was sucking my cock in and out of her mouth as her hands massaged my balls.

"OH--OH--OHMYGOD!" she squealed, as I rubbed her clit fast and hard, "OH--FUCKYES--I'MCUMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Her head strained upwards and her hips pushed down. She growled, deep in her throat, and lowered her mouth onto my pole. Her head bobbed up and down until streams of cum spurted through my cock and poured into her mouth.

Breathing heavily, gasping for breadth, my mother rolled off of me. "God, that was a lot of cum!"

My mother and I lie on the bed next to each other. After a few minutes, she raised up on one elbow and looked at me. "How long have you and Michelle been screwing each other?" she asked.

I turned my head to look at her, totally surprised and a little scared. "How--- I mean what--" I stammered nervously. My mother did not look upset but she was good at hiding her emotions.

"I can hear you guys doing it every night," Mom said, "I'm not stupid and I know what sex sounds like."

"Are you mad?" I asked.

"No," my mother said, "your Uncle Jim fucked me for almost two years while we were in school."

"You and your brother," I said.

"Did you force Michelle?" Mom asked.

"No," I told her.

"Not even the first time?" she asked.

"No," I said, "I swear."

"All right," Mom said, "as long as Michelle wants it, too."

"She does," I assured her.

"I'm going to start supper," my mother tod me, "and after we eat, we can have each other for dessert."

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