Mom's So Hot! Pt. 07


"Uh... it's... it's o.k." she replied just as awkwardly.

Brad quickly turned back towards his room and Nan took a few more steps down the hall before stopping abruptly. She turned and looked at him as he was just about to shut the door.

"Brad." she softly called out. The door opened and he peered out. Nan quickly walked towards him.

"Can we talk for a minute?" she asked.

"Uh, sure." he replied and stepped aside to let her in.

"Uh, why don't we go to my room." she suggested. "I know Jim won't be up anytime soon, but I don't want Maggie to come up and catch us talking."

"Oh... sure." he replied and they both walked to Nan's room.

Being the pervert that I am, I followed behind them, careful to not get caught. They went into Nan's room and she shut the door, but not hard enough to latch it. I pushed it gently and the door rocked slightly open and I pushed it a bit more until I could see in.

"Why don't you sit Brad." Nan said. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking a bit like a kid called into the principal's office. Nan kind of hovered over him, standing close enough that their knees nearly touched.

"I, uh, thought we should talk about what happened in the kitchen." Nan said.

"Uh, oh... oh, o.k." Brad responded.

"I want to apologize for my behavior. You must think I'm some kind of predator or something." she blurted out.

"Oh, no! No, not at all" he said.

"Well, you should. I practically threw myself at you." she said.

"I... I don't see it that way." he said.

"I don't see why. I mean we were having a nice conversation and I... I... don't know what came over me." she explained.

"It's o.k. Really." Brad said. Nan looked at him with a pained look on her face.

"I am so sorry Brad. I guess I just see you in a different light since this afternoon. You're just such a sweet, warm, gentle man that I got swept away. Do me a favor and promise me you won't change, no matter what Maggie says." she said.

"If you say so, but if she's not happy I'll... I'll lose her." he replied.

"Let me tell you, there are plenty of women out there that would jump at the chance to be with someone like you." Nan told him.

"You think so?" he asked.

"Absolutely! " she insisted. "If I were single I'd be trying to steal you away! "

"Really?" Brad asked, amused.

"You really should have more confidence in yourself, honey." Nan said, as she ran her fingers lightly up and down his arm. "You have a lot to offer a woman." Nan slowly drifted closer to him as she spoke to him and then gradually parted her legs around his and floated onto his lap.

"I... I shouldn't... shouldn't say this... but... but there's something about you I find... irresistible... " she whispered and then took his head in her hands, tilted it upward and planted her parted lips onto his in a deep kiss.

Brad slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and the kiss deepened to a soulful, intense lip-lock. Nan moaned into Brad's mouth as their lips slid across each other's, their heads swiveling back and forth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! " Nan groaned as they kissed, her hands weaving through his hair, her breathing ragged. She pulled her hands from his hair and reached for the straps to her gown, pulling them down over her shoulders and revealing her large, round breasts as the top of the gown fell to her lap.

"Ohhhh, Brad!! " she gasped as she broke their kiss. "Oh, please, suck them for me! " She pushed her chest at his face as Brad leaned in and engulfed her right tit into his mouth, sucking strongly at the nipple and areola.

"OOHHhhhhhhhhh!! " Nan groaned at the feeling of Brad's mouth on her tit as she grabbed the back of his head, gently pressing more of it at him. She allowed him to feast on her right tit for a while before pulling it loose and directing the left into his mouth. While she held the back of his head with one hand and the other raced up and down his back, she started rocking back and forth on his lap.

"OOHHHhhhhhh, God, Brad!! " she moaned as he placed fiery little kisses all over her tits, stopping to lick each nipple.

Nan half stood up, keeping her freckled tits in contact with his kisses, and allowed the gown to slide down her magnificent frame to the floor, leaving her in a pair of wispy, french-cut panties. She slid back onto his lap and pulled his mouth off of her tits, replacing it with her own in another passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

"MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!! " Nan exclaimed in the throws of passion as she used her weight to turn and land on her side on the bed with Brad.

She quickly tugged at her panties, working them over her hips and down her legs until she could use her feet to flick them onto the floor. She reached down and unsnapped Brad's shorts, unzipping them and tugging them over his hips.

"Ohhh, God, Brad. I know we shouldn't, but I can't stand it anymore!! I've wanted you all day!! " she exclaimed as she continued to tug at his shorts. When she finally managed to get his shorts over his hips and down his legs she revealed a surprise I wasn't prepared for, and, by the look in her eyes, neither was she. She uncovered the biggest dick I had ever seen, except in porno flicks. Brad had about 12 inches of hard steel between his legs and as thick as my wrist!

"OHHhhh, Brad, honey!! Nan exclaimed at the site of him. "You're huge! "

"I... I... know." Brad replied sheepishly. "I can't help it."

"Oh, no! I didn't mean it that way. It's beautiful! " she explained, just staring at it. "I desperately want to feel you inside!! " With that Nan pulled him on top of her as their mouths met in another long, open kiss, positioning herself underneath him until his massive tool lay nestled in her damp, auburn bush. Her eager fingers took hold of his cock and guided it to the hairy portal of her wet love passage.

"Come on, Brad." Nan groaned. "Make love to me! Get inside! " Brad slowly pushed and his massive tool knifed it way through her wet slit, the head of his dick slowly disappearing.

"OOHhhhhhhhh!! Nan moaned as his tool sank into her slippery canal inch by inch.

He continued to push slowly, opening her drooling pussy more and more to accommodate the girth of his oversized love muscle. He was taking it careful, obviously realizing that his equipment wasn't exactly standard size and not wanting to cause Nan any pain. As he got about half way in he stopped, waiting for Nan to adjust to him inside her. She stoked her hands up and down his arms, shifting her ass in an attempt to relax and open herself up to the giant shaft.

UUGGHhhhhhhhhhhh!! She groaned as she raised her ass off the bed, her legs sliding up his thighs. "OOHHhhhhhhh, Brad!! I'm Cummminngg!!

Her body shivered, as a series of small orgasms washed over her, her entire frame flush with passion. Brad held his position, half of his massive stalk buried into Nan's love nest, as she trembled and quivered around it. As soon as she settled down he continued to slowly feed the rest of his cock into her, stopping momentarily to allow her to adjust every couple of inches. Soon he was completely in, his balls coming to rest against Nan's sexy ass.

"OOHHHHHHhhhh, BRAAAADDDDD!! " she moaned as he bottomed out inside her, her legs tightly wrapped around his hips.

He began to fuck her slowly, pulling way out very slowly and then pushing all the way back in at the same pace. He put his mouth on hers, kissing her passionately. Nan moved her hips in exact response to his slow fucking, pulling back as he pulled out and lifting her cunt to meet him as he shoved his cock back in. She began making noises into his mouth, sort of a humming and murmuring, almost like purring. Brad responded with sounds of pleasure, murmuring back.

They began gradually picking up the pace while maintaining the gentleness of their love-making. Brad would pull out and push back in at a quicker tempo and Nan followed his lead, her hips and ass reciprocating in perfect union. He had a handful of tit in each hand, gently kneading it and rubbing the nipples. Nan had both of her hands on his ass, sort of guiding his motions. Finally, they both seemed to sense that it was time for the stretch drive. Brad began to thrust in and out of her quickly and Nan's belly leaped up to meet him.

"OOHHHH GOD BRAD!! " Nan cried into his ear. "FASTER HONEY!! FASTER!! " He began to thrust into her furiously, plunging her ass down onto the bed, but she bounced right back up for each new thrust, humping her ass for all she was worth. There was a "squish, squish" sound as his cock pistoned into her sopping wet pussy. His balls were slapping against her ass on each plunge. She had her legs spread wide and her heels pressed into the small of his back, opening herself to the fullest for his big prick.


Her whole body thrust up at him and stiffened, trembling fiercely, arched up off the bed. For long moments she hung there as her orgasm overtook her, shuddering, as her pussy muscles churned and grasped at his cock.

"OOHHHHHH, NAN!! " Brad moaned. "CAN'T... HOLD... BACK!! "

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!! " Nan cried as her cunt violently sucked and pulled at his cock, pulling the come right out of his balls!

It was then that I realized my sister's hidden secret that the guys used to hint at in school. She had a snapping pussy! Her cunt would convulse so strongly that it would literally suck the cum right out of you!

This is what Brad was feeling as he shoved his dick up her twat to the hilt and stiffened, firing off round after round of his hot, white cream deep into Nan's molten hot canal. They strained against one another as their orgasms ran through them, shuddering and twitching together, kissing passionately.

Finally, Nan collapsed beneath him and the both lay there, exhausted, panting into each other's open mouth. Nan was sprawled out wide open, her legs totally relaxed in a wide spread, her tits spread out on his chest. Brad lay completely on top of her, just as relaxed, his hard cock still buried in her overflowing pussy. They didn't move for several long moments and then Brad lifted himself up off of her and rolled onto his side. Nan slowly came around, pulling her legs closed and rolling onto her side. Her eyes opened slowly and she found herself staring right into Brad's. It seemed to slowly register what they had just done and I could see Nan's body stiffen.

"I... I... think you... better get back to... your room... " Nan mumbled as she quickly got off the bed and threw her nightgown on. Brad looked at her sheepishly and got up, quickly getting his shorts. I made a beeline down the hall and managed to turn the corner just as Brad came out of Nan's room.

Chapter 3

I was consumed by both jealousy and horniness over what I had just seen. Brad had just lived my longest fantasy and fucked Nan, which also made me hornier than I had been in days. At just that moment I heard the kitchen door open and peered down around the corner to see Maggie come in. My dick lurched as I saw her walk into the kitchen in the yellow swimsuit. The slight bounce to her hard, round ass encased in the small suit bottom tied at the hips made my cock twitch. I made my way down the stairs and caught her eye as I came into the room.

"Hi." I said, letting my eyes quickly glance across her tight little body.

"Hi." she replied, somewhat awkwardly.

We pretended that everything between us was normal as we cleaned up some remaining dishes and glasses and put them away. I couldn't take it anymore, especially with her bending over in front of me to put things away. I needed to get laid and she was my last hope.

"Magg, can we talk?" I asked.

"Uh... sure." she replied.

"Look, I don't want things to be strange between us." I said.

"Neither do I." she replied, looking at me with tears in her eyes.

"C'mere." I said, gesturing for her to step into my outspread arms. She quickly reacted, wrapping her arms around my waist and hugging me tight. I wrapped my arms around her back as she buried her head into the crook of my neck.

"I wouldn't want anything to come between us." I said "Even a dumb idea."

"I guess that was what I was so afraid of." she replied. "That if we... did... you know... that it would ruin our relationship."

"I would never let that happen" I said, as I stroked her back. "I was just suggesting it because... I'm... so... horny... and when I saw you with Jim I thought... "

"I know." she said, returning my stroking with her own. "I was just so frustrated... AM frustrated by Brad that I couldn't resist... "

"Nothing is ever going to change the way I feel about you." I said as I lowered my head and planted a few small kisses along her shoulder blade. "I'm just worried now that you know I'm kind of hot for you."

"Yea, right! " she giggled, as she kissed the side of my neck. "I was just a port in a storm. I'm surprised that you didn't try Nan."

"Well, first of all that's not true. I really have thought about you that way." I replied, placing a few more kisses along her shoulder and neck. "And second, Nan wouldn't cheat on Jim."

"Hmmm, I don't know" Maggie said, rubbing the tip of her nose gently along my neck.

I had to admit that all this stroking and kissing was turning me on big time and I tried to shift my position to keep Maggie from feeling my hard on against her.

"So! Are we ok?" I asked as I pulled back to look her in the eye.

"Hmmm, I don't know." she replied, looking up at me, grinning. "Am I going to have to watch myself every time I bend over in front of you?" She pulled her arms out from around my waist and loosely wrapped them round my shoulders.

"You always had to, you just didn't know it." I replied.

"Oh! I'm flattered! " she giggled.

We stood their smiling at one another for a few minutes and then, as we had many time in the past, quickly mover our heads together and kissed for a few seconds in a brother-sister fashion. As we parted we looked at each other, slight smiles on our faces and I knew I just had to try something. I leaned back in for another kiss, which I am sure Maggie thought was quite innocent by the look on her face. This time when our lips met I pressed mine firmer on hers, turning my head slightly side to side.

"Mmmmmmm! " she snickered against my lips at first, thinking that I was fooling around.

But the expression on her face changed as I continued to press the kiss, grinding my lips against hers. I pulled back, breaking the kiss for a moment and then leaning back in to nibble on her lips. She wasn't fighting me at all, just merely letting me place several fleeting kisses on her lips. She slowly started responding, first leaning in as I would plant my lips on hers and then eventually she started parting hers and kissing me back. The kisses became a bit longer each time until our parted lips merged into one steamy kiss, our heads bobbing in unison. The kiss went on for several long moments until we slowly pulled back for a second, breaking it off. Our heads were still close, our noses touching, as we caught our breath and then suddenly our mouths collided in a torrent, lustful kiss. Our tongues battled as our arms wrapped around each other, not leaving a thin dimes room between us. We moaned into each other's mouths as our heads swiveled wildly, our lips fused together. My hands ran up and down her frame, rubbing her smooth, cool skin before dropping to her ass and grabbing a cheek in each. I kneaded her firm, round ass in my hands, pulling it closer to me as I ground my rock-hard cock into her bikini-covered mound.

Maggie responded by grabbing my head in both hands, pulling it towards her as she tried to grind her mouth closer onto mine. The room was filled with sounds of our moaning and the quiet rubbing of our hands all over each other as we continued to kiss in a passionate desperation.

"Tom! " Maggie moaned as she broke the kiss for a moment. "Please fuck me before I change my mind!! "

She quickly smashed her open mouth back onto mine as I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I made my way across the kitchen and up the stairs. I entered my room, closing the door behind me with my foot and crawled over to the edge of my bed. I gently let her down, her feet resting on the floor. The fact we were now in my room, next to my bed, seemed to refuel our passion as our kiss intensified again. My hands raced across her frame, clutching and grabbing as we continued to kiss. I swiped my hands up her silky thighs until they came in contact with the ties of her bottom at each hip. Pulling on them they quickly untied and the bottom fell to the ground in a heap. My hands raced to her naked ass, clutching a cheek in each as my cock jerked at the feeling of her soft, firm moons.

Maggie immediately began reaching for the snap on my shorts, pulling it open and shoving them down my legs. As soon as they were past my crotch I felt her cool silky hands caress and pull on my twitching, hard staff, sending sparks through my groin. I reached up, untying the strap to her top and pulling it off as she practically ripped my shirt off my chest. We embraced again, the feel of our naked bodies sending shivers throughout as our mouths mashed together in another hungry, illicit kiss. Her nipples scrapped across my chest as my dick quivered against her grinding, damp twat.

I led her back against the bed and as soon as the back of her legs came in contact with the frame we started lowering ourselves onto it. Never breaking the kiss, Maggie lowered herself onto the mattress, clutching onto me, as we came to rest with me on top of her. The feeling of our entire forms pressed together sent another jolt between us as we wrapped ourselves around each other, devouring each other's mouths.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm!! " Maggie moaned into my mouth, her arms and legs wrapped around me, her moist slit sliding across my raging hard-on.

We continued to kiss as I reveled in the exquisite feeling of my engorged cock slipping and sliding against her sizzling, wet gash. The head of my cock was poised at her entrance as I leaned down on my elbows. Taking one of her round, soft tits in each hand, I massaged and squeezed the mounds of flesh as I guided my dick into her sopping, hot cunt.

"OHHHhhh, YESSSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSS! " Maggie wailed the instant my cock head slipped between the soft lips of her weeping gash. "PUT IT ALL IN!! ALL THE WAY!! FILL ME UP WITH IT!! "

She continued to moan and beg me as my cock knifed down into the soft wetness of her cunt. Dipping my hips, I thrust myself down into her, ramming the entire length of my petrified dick into her gobbling pussy. As the barrel of my distended cock plunged through the spongy flesh of her vagina, I could fell it wetly clinging to me. My entire manhood was now buried down inside her as she squeezed and caressed it with her cunt muscles.

Loving the feeling of her silky sheath of hot, sucking flesh wrapped around my dick, I fiercely jerked my hips backward, pulling it out of her burning, clenching canal, leaving just me cock head buried. Hesitating for just a moment, I vigorously shoved my cock back into her and began fucking her with long, hard, deep strokes.


We became rutting animals as I sent my cock sawing in and out of her slavering twat. My hips slammed down and recoiled back, over and over again, hammering my throbbing dick into her slobbering gash. It felt so good after such a long dry period that I wanted this to last, but I knew it too damn hot for me to hold off much longer. Her pussy was gripping my pole like warm, wet silk, driving me right out of my mind, until all I could think of was blasting her sopping cunt with every drop of hot, sticky cum that I could produce.

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