tagIncest/TabooMom's Stolen Panties

Mom's Stolen Panties


"Where the hell did I put those?" I thought to myself as I shoved everything on top of my dresser, back into my drawer. Lately it felt like the dryer was claiming every stitch of clothing that I owned. Everything eventually turned back up though, often right where it was supposed to be. Which I guess, exonerated the poor dryer.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out to what was happening to my unmentionables. I guess a woman's undergarments were a hot commodity in house that contained just my 18-year-old son and me.

My son had been the reason I dropped out of college at 19. But he was worth all of the hassle. It had been just him and I since the day he was born. Between scrapping together a living and raising a son, my life had grown rather dull, at least according to some. Nevertheless, there were always two things I could do to inject some excitement into my life: read a book or get dolled up and go at it in the bedroom. Never mind the fact that it was just me in there.

Saturday morning had started innocently enough, got the newspaper, did laundry, etc. But soon the urge to have some quality time was awash over me. I hoped in the shower, pretending that a cool shower might douse some of the flames. I knew it would not.

As I stood, clean as a whistle, digging through my underwear drawer looking for my frilly pink undies, nowhere to be seen. Guess someone else was using the schoolgirl fantasy this morning or maybe it was last night.

We would have to switch to the sultry seductress instead. Digging the black stockings out of my closet, I hoped that at least this outfit was intact. It had been a few months since I had worn the long, lace, thong-backed teddy. Do I still look good in black? For certain, my neon green dildo always looked good against the black backdrop.

With all my equipment laid out on the bed, I began to undress. I admired myself in the mirror for a little longer than usual. My mom had always warned me that big boobs were a curse. She always said, they make you get pregnant too soon (right on that one) and that they will be at your knees by age 35 (wrong on that one). MY 36H chest was rather unusual, but less so when you saw the rest of my family. While my mom's breasts sagged early, mine had stayed rather perky considering. Not to mention, they had a nice teardrop shape.

Relatively narrow hips also ran in the family, and I didn't miss out on those either. What I lack in hips I make up in the rear, a nice bubble bum with plenty to hold on to. Not long, but not short legs finished off my lower half. Long, shiny black hair on top helps to offset my dull blue eyes.

It had been so long since I had actually been with a real person. I often thought to myself, 'sex is nice, but it ain't the real thing.' That isn't to say I don't miss having sex with someone other than myself. It's just that I wonder if I'm any good at it anymore or if I could even derive much pleasure out of it.

Sliding my stockings up my thigh as if someone was watching, my mind wandered, the early stages of a fantasy swirling in my head. Describing the specifics was impossible. But I knew where it was destined to wind up. All of my fantasies wound up in the same location now. Just down the hallway.

Pushing my shoulders back, I gave myself another look in the mirror. My breasts poured out of the top of my teddy, not to mention, peeking out the side. My stockings ran high up my legs, stopping where the teddy made its U-turn. Spinning around, I glanced at my posterior, bulging out of that thin layer of cloth that covered only the most personal of places. Breathing deeply as I closed my eyes, I tried to focus on my daydream.

Laying in bed, I kept my eyes closed. I loved to let my mind wander before I even began anything physical. Some nights, I would do this for hours, drifting in and out of sleep. Often waking up, realizing I never finished the deal. That would not be a problem today.

Wayward tongues, groping hands, strict orders, my mind filled with thoughts that grew ever so naughty. At first, everyone was faceless. It was almost as if I wasn't even in my own fantasy. My hands came to life, running over my body. Arching my back, I let my palms shape me. Biting my lip as I tended to do.

Thoughts began growing more concrete. I was more formed in my dream. The man, if you could call him that, less so. Lying to myself no doubt. His slender waist was clear, as were his undisciplined movements. A boy who needed to be taught no doubt. A boy, who would never forget it if I would wrap my lips around him, even if it was for just a second. His face came into focus. My body shivered ever so slightly as I slid my hand down my stomach. Waiting...waiting...

What is that noise??!?

I snapped out of my dream. Annoyed. Breathing deeply. I steadied myself and listened closely. Moaning. Definitely moaning. I stood up quietly, and put my ear to the wall.

Was he getting laid in there? Or did he just think I wasn't home so he could turn the volume up on his porn? I shouldn't try to find out. I shouldn't. I have to.

Creeping towards my door, I turned the knob as quietly as I could. I did not want him to know I was onto him. Sneaking in a touch helped override my more sensible self. Sliding out of the room, I had only ten feet to go for his door. Tip toeing. My nylon covered feet felt so smooth against the hard wood floor.

My ear pressed itself against his door. Moaning. Still faint. But most certainly there. The door handle spun easily and silently. My heart was about to pound out of my chest. If there was such a thing as a heaving bosom. I leaned my head through the crack of the door. He was alone. Facing the other way, staring at his computer. Headphones on. Leaking the tell tale noise.

A normal person would have closed the door.

Shutting the door behind me, I sealed my fate. The cold, clammy door handle pushed against the crack of my backside as I leaned against it. He was sitting still. Eyes on the monitor. Unaware of what was about to happen. His left hand reached out. Grabbed my pink undies. They both disappeared.

My eyes shifted to the monitor. A man and a woman were 69ing. She was moaning loudly as her mouth slid up and down the man's prominent shaft. His tongue alternated between her pussy and her backside. My son's arm began to move. Obviously liking what he saw. I inched closer.

I stood directly behind him for what felt like hours. He still had his slender build, nearly hairless. His thighs still skinny, much like his biceps. Panties wrapped around his penis along with his hand. Being butt naked made his cock look rather impressive against his slim build. Thick and meaty, he had to be closing in on 9 inches. Guess that runs in the family as well.

Biding my time, I watched as his pace quickened. He clearly liked watching this girl get her ass licked. I breathed deeply. Picked my hands up and held them next to his headphones. It was now or never.

Slowly, I place my hands over his ears. Moving quickly, I pulled his headphones off. He froze. Knowing he was busted.

"What are you doing son?"

"I..uuhhh...didn't think you were home."

His eyes stared straight ahead. Arm moved towards the mouse. Shaking he attempted to close down the porn. I moved my hands to his shoulders. Noticing his penis softening. Fear has a funny effect.

"Don't do that."


I leaned over his shoulder and looked him in the face.

"You seemed to really like it when the girl was getting her ass eaten out? You like doing that son?"


"What are these?"

My hand reaches down his chest. My hand opened wide, and I grabbed a handful of frills and flaccid cock. Shake, shake.

"We will have to do something about that"


Walking around the chair I let him get a view of his mother. He forgets to breathe. My ass a few inches from his face. I hold onto the table. Looking back at him, I reach to my backside and dig the thong out of my crevasse. Feeling the cool air on my tight asshole.

My hand finds the back of his head. Pulling his face slowly towards a place that has filled his dreams.

He most certainly is inexperienced, but eager. His tongue is sloppy. He licks everything in sight. Up and down. Up and down. He focuses mainly on my most personal area.

I bend over further, exposing my dripping pussy. He dives in face first. Licking rapidly. No sense of rhythm. It doesn't matter. He hits my clit, but it feels accidental. I moan anyway. His tongue explores everything it can find. He starts groaning. Almost humping with his face.

Looking down, I see a rock hard rod. Ready to explode. My left hand reaches down. My finger tips lightly dig in under his helmet. I spin them and watch pre cum trickle out. He licks wildly. My pussy may as well be a faucet.

Stroking him slightly. Eruption is near, unless I play my cards right. I grab his balls firmly. Taking away the built up pleasure.

"Don't cum yet sweetie"

I spin around. Slide the shoulder straps down and let him see his mommy's breasts for the first time in ages. His eyes are dinner plates. I undress minus the stockings.

His legs together, I straddle him. Slowly descending on his throbbing member. One hand on his shoulder the other powerfully gripping his semen filled testes. The tip of his cock hits my pussy. I thought my crotch is on fire. His is burning. "You ready to fuck Mommy?"

Staring him in the eye, my left hand pulls him into my cleavage. He devours me. My pussy lips envelope my son's dick. With this build up, I cum immediately. The moment his shaft is all the way in me, a wave of pleasure washes over me. His mouth, sucking on my nipples. Pushing and pulling his head as I thrust back and forth. My hand still vice gripping his nuts.


I explode. One of his hands probes my backside. The other, my breasts. Time is of the essence. I don't have long to blow his mind. He is going to blow his load.

I pull off of his cock, its dripping with my juices. I turn around again. Opening his legs, I put mine together. Reaching back, I grab the base of his penis. Steady as she goes. Knees bent, I sit down.

I didn't get rusty at all after all my time off. The tip of his cock is a perfect bulls eye. Dead center on my aching asshole. One hand behind me on his base, the other holding the cum in. I let his dick open me up. Past the first barrier, my anus closes around his helmet. Creating the vacuum. Slowly, I descend down his penis. Inch by inch.

"Mommy loves your cock in her ass honey. You ready to do this every day?"

Inch by inch. I creep further down. My ass almost willingly expanding for him. It's as if my mind had prepared it for this moment. Finally, my sphincter hits the base of his cock. Balls deep in Mommy's ass.

Rocking gently back it forth, I flick my clit. Bring myself to a head. Careful not to let him cum, I shiver in pleasure, almost seizure like. My knees struggle to not buckle as his cock throbs in my ass, waiting to explode. Mommy's not done yet.

Catching my breath as I rest on his cock. Time to show him that no one is a bigger slut than his mom. Lifting my butt, I let his cock slide out of me. Slowly but surely my knees straighten out until his dick flips out of my backside. He is staring at my ass again.

"Do you want Mommy to make you cum now, honey?"

His eyes nod. I turn to face him again. Climbing to my knees, between his legs.

My chin near his balls, his shaft climbs above my eyes. My breath falls on him. I smile.

"Did you know Mommy knows how to deep throat? I can take this cock," I nudge it with my nose, "and make it disappear."


My eyes smile at his as my lips climb above him. Opening wide I slowly descend on his cock. Careful to breath on him. No contact is made as the tip enters my mouth. My teeth lightly scrape against him. He shudders. I keep moving. Mouth wide open. I let my flat tongue lay on the bottom of his cock. Sliding it down further. Finally, my lips crash down around him. Moaning as loudly as I can. I shove him down my throat. Moving quickly, I bob up and down. Moaning, jacking, being a slut. He fills my throat.

Taking him out of my mouth, I lift my tits up to him. With one hand on each breast, I envelope him. Smiling up at him as I rock back forth. Titty-fucking him.

With that, I felt the pulsating. Thick ropes of jizz come shooting out of my son. Plastering my tits. Hitting my chin. Stream of cum after stream of cum. Porn stars would be embarrassed. The chasm between my breasts glazed in cum. His cock goes flaccid.

I lay down on my back. Breathing loudly.

We stare at each other.

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