tagIncest/TabooMom's Tied Up Ch. 02

Mom's Tied Up Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Steve Mason sat in a chair with a big smile on his face. He has just found his mother drunk, tied to a padded sawhorse completely naked except for a black hood that covered her eyes, ears and hair. In her drunken stupor, she had sucked him to the best orgasm of his life. Most of his orgasm was on her face and slowly dripping onto the sawhorse and carpet below. He also had some fantastic digital pictures of her restrained and his exploration of her body.

Suddenly, Steve heard a thud that sounded like a bottle falling. Probably the empty vodka bottle he has left next to his sleeping, drunken father downstairs on the couch! Panic shot through Steve. If his father had awoken and came upstairs to find him naked with his cum covering his mother’s face, he’d probably be as good as dead!

The erection that he had been regaining went soft immediately and his heart was beating as loudly as a bass drum. He sat silently and waited. After it seemed like an hour had passed, Steve realized that he hadn’t heard anything more from the downstairs, like the door at the base of the stairs that he had carefully shut. He looked around the room for his shorts, found them and pulled them on.

He looked out of the bedroom and then quietly walked into the hall and listened again. Nothing. He slowly made his way down the stairs, silently turned the door knob and slipped into the downstairs hall. Steve peeked into the living room to see the naked form of his father, still sleeping heavily on the couch. He had rolled over in his sleep and knocked the bottle off of the couch. “Whew!” though Steve. He padded quietly across the living room floor and picked up the bottle.

When he looked at his dad he realized a bomb going off in the living room probably wouldn’t awaken him. Both of his parents drank heavily when he was gone on weekends for high school wresting meets, or any other time he was away. Steve came to the conclusion that his dad wasn’t going to be interrupting anything Steve had planned. Steve pulled the throw off of a chair and draped it over his father. If he was comfortable, he was unlikely to bother to get up to go to bed.

Steve silently left the living room and went back upstairs, pausing to close the door again propping the empty bottle against it as a crude alarm. He made his way back up the stairs, went into his parent’s bedroom and retrieved his camera. His mom lay restrained on the sawhorse, breathing deeply. The lower half of her face was glazed with his cum. Her lips were bare where she had licked his cum off. Bringing the camera up, he took several more pictures of her cum covered face. He made sure to get several more pictures of her lips.

He quickly reviewed the photos he had taken. “Wow!” he thought, “My mom is hot! She must love kinky stuff to end up secured to a sawhorse, available for anything!”

Steve walked out of the bedroom and down the hall back to his own room. He looked at the clock and realized that he had plenty of time. What he had time for he hadn’t completely planned out. Steve slipped the flash card out of the camera and inserted it into the reader attached to his computer. The drive light flashed on and the downloader popped up on the LCD screen. He selected the directory he wanted the pictured to be stored in. It wasn’t the one he usually used. He wasn’t taking chances on anyone finding this stuff.

The downloader finished bringing the pictures off of the flash card and cleaned the card off automatically. Then the viewer program popped up showing the first picture it had just downloaded. Steve walked over to the fridge in his bedroom and got a bottle of beer. His parents didn’t mind him drinking beer as long as he didn’t drink and drive, or let his grades slip. He sat down in the chair in front of his computer and selected slideshow.

As the photographs of his nude mother silently flashed across the monitor, he sipped his beer. Steve wasn’t sure what he might do with the pictures, but they sure were hot! As he looked at the photographs of the most intimate portions of his mom’s restrained anatomy, he realized he needed to piss, big-time. He picked up the card, putting it back into the camera, collected his beer and went down the hall to the bathroom. Steve walked into the bathroom and carefully set his beer and camera down on the vanity next to the toiler. He slipped the lid and seat up and began to take a leak. As he did so, he reached over and picked up the camera. Looking down he took several shots of the stream and his cock.

One of Steve’s turn-ons was photographing himself doing intimate things. He had photographed himself jacking off, cumming and anything else that came to mind. He suddenly had a vision of his mom, lying on her back smiling as he pissed on her. He hands were between her legs as he pissed on her chest, face and pussy. As he finished, he realized his cock was getting hard again. He watched, mesmerized, and his cock got fatter, longer and harder. His hand absently rubbed and stroked his cock, thinking about his mom. His other hand stroked his chest, balls and ass. Steve was thinking of his mother.

He imagined her on her back, with her legs spread wide. He was above her, his hard erection jutting out towards her. She smiled at him and lowered her hands to her pussy. She spread her lips wide, looked him squarely in the eye and whispered, “Fuck me, fuck me now!” As he lowered himself, his hand on his cock ready to penetrate her, he came out of his fantasy.

Steve flushed the toilet and pulled his shorts up, cock bulging out in front. He picked up the beer and camera and walked out and down the hall. Back to the bedroom his mother was secured in.

As he stood there, he slipped his shorts down to his feet and stepped out of them. He stood there with his hard cock and drained the beer. Setting the bottle on the floor, he walked towards the sawhorse. Steve stood there looking at his mom, his hand still stroking his cock. He was thinking about what he should do. He wanted to fuck his mom. He realized that it was as if he was standing on a cliff. If he took the next step, his life would never be the same.

He was thinking hard about the situation. He could clean his cum off his mom’s face, undo the chains securing her to the sawhorse and put her to bed. In the morning, he would be the only one who really knew what had happened. Of course, he wouldn’t have fucked his mother, who was nude and restrained. She was also drunk and wouldn’t have any idea of what had happened. She’d probably assume Steve’s father had fucked her, which obviously was the idea, and then dad had wandered off in a drunken stupor. Dad would likely assume the same thing.

His eyes focused on his mom’s exposed pussy. His hard cock made the decision for him. Steve traced his mom’s pussy lips with one finger. Without the stimulation of the vibrator, her pussy wasn’t as wet as it had been before. He slowly traced his finger up and down her pussy. As he did so, she slowly began to moan and her pussy got moister.

As his mom’s pussy dampened, he slowly slid his index finger back into her pussy. She breathed deeply as he did so, and moaned even more as he slowly finger fucked her. Steve wanted to shove his cock all the way into her pussy, one hard thrust, but knew he needed to move more slowly than that. As she got wetter, and her pussy became accustomed to his finger, he pulled the lone finger out and slowly worked two fingers in.

Steve’s mom groaned louder with the introduction of a second muscular finger. He watched as her head rose up briefly, they lowered back down. She was breathing deeply as Steve’s fingers slowly fucked her. Her moans continued as she obviously liked what he was doing. She even began to push back against his fingers as they bottomed out inside her wet, hot tunnel. “Man! She’s really hot to be fucked!”

He thought three of his fingers together ought to be about the same thickness as his hard cock, so he withdrew the two and inserted three fingers slowly up into her hot, steamy pussy. She moaned, but in a higher pitch, He looked up at her face and realized he had a drunken smile on her face. She continued to moan and smile as his fingers worked in and out. She coughed and then said, “Ohhhh baby, that’s it! That’s it! I need it so bad!” in a slurred voice.

Steve spoke in a lower pitch, to sound more like his father and asked, “You need what?” His mother said nothing as his fingers fucked her. He repeated the question. His mom licked her lips and said, “I need to be fucked! I’m a horny slut and I need to be fucked by a hard cock!”

This made Steve’s cock even harder, which he could hardly believe. His fingers continued to pump in and out of his mom’s wet pussy. His heart was pounding hard again. With a deep breath, he slowly pulled his fingers out of her wet, slick pussy and stroked his cock, spreading her juices onto his hard cock. He ran the fingers over the head of his circumcised cock but realized that it was already wet and click from his pre-cum.

Panting slightly, he stepped up so he was directly behind her bare ass and pussy. He moved a little so that his cock was aligned with her waiting pussy. He remembered that his camera was still tethered to his wrist. He brought it up and flicked it back on. He looked through the LCD and saw his cock about an inch away from where he wanted to put it. He took a shot, and then leaned forward so the head of his cock was up against his mom’s pussy. Took another shot.

Steve leaned forward and pushed with his hips. He watched as his cock slowly slid in until the head of his cock was completely inside. His mom gave another deep moan and said, “Yessss!Mmmmm! Fuck!”

Steve took another picture, and then slowly pushed his cock further in. He felt her pussy open and surround his cock. Steve looked towards his mom’s face to see she had a drunken smile on her face. He pulled back until only the head was left inside, and then pushed forward again until about half of his cock was in. He repeatedly this slowly several times, and each time he pushed in, his mom moaned.

He slowly worked until he had his entire cock up his mom’s hot pussy. He smiled as he realized he was now filling the opening though which he had been born. Steve pushed his cock all the lay in until his groin flattened her ass. “That would make a great pic!” he decided and got another shot. As Steve took the picture, his left hand unconsciously flattened on his mom’s ass, pushing against the butt plug that was filling her ass.

“Oh! Yes baby! You know I like it up both my horny holes!” his mom slurred. Steve almost jumped out of his skin! He would have sworn his own mom wouldn’t say anything like that! She moaned louder and said she loved it up the ass. Steve was concerned with the amount of noise she was making. He didn’t really want his dad waking up while he was fucking his wife! Speaking in a lower pitch he said, “Quiet slut, or I’ll stop fucking you.”

Steve’s mom said in a quiet voice, “I’m sorry! I’ll be a quiet slut! Please fuck me, fuck me hard.” Steve responded, “Ok, keep quiet and you’ll get fucked!” With that Steve picked up the pace of his fucking and began to fuck her harder. His groin began to slap again her sexy ass. Each time his cock bottomed out in his mom’s pussy she grunted and pushed back against his cock. She was the hottest fuck he’d ever had, he realized.

Grunting with each thrust, his mom hissed, “That’s it! Fuck me like a slut. Give it to me! Oh god! It’s so hard and big!”

Steve almost laughed out loud when she said that. It WAS bigger from what he has seen! Steve shifted his hands on her ass so his left thumb was on the butt plug and pushed down on it in time with his fucking. With a louder moan, the pussy his cock was in suddenly became wetter and her ass shook under his hands. Steve realized his mom was cumming on his cock.

“Mmmmm! I love it when both of my holes get it!” she slurred. Steve never had realized his mom was such a horny slut! This turned him on so much. So much, in fact, he realized that he was about to drain what was left in his balls up his mom’s horny cunt!

“Cunt!” he thought, “My mom is a horny slut with a hot, horny cunt he was fucking and was going to cum in!” He was fucking her hard and fast. She was grunting almost continuously now and with a groan of his own, Steve began to cum in his slutty mom’s hot cunt.

Steve orgasmed so hard he though someone was squeezing his nuts. It almost hurt, but it was an amazing feeling as he emptied his balls.

The next thing Steve knew, he was standing behind his mom, his cock was softening and his cum was slowly oozing it’s was out of his mom’s pussy and down her leg. Steve pulled his cock from his mom’s pussy and sat down onto the floor. His legs felt like he had lifted the world and now they were just jelly. He was breathing deeply and felt exhausted. When he opened his eyes, his gaze fell upon his mom’s fucked pussy. Almost without thought, he raised his camera and took several pictures, including a nice close-up.

He stumbled over to where he had left his beer and drained the remainder in a single gulp. He looked over at his mom. She was asleep, but had a smile on her face. He suddenly realized that he had to figure out what to do with her. He didn’t want to leave her chained to the sawhorse. She wouldn’t be able to straighten up if she stayed that way all night.

Steve walked over to his mom’s bed and turned it down. He went over to where she was and unfastened the restraints on her hands and legs. He realized that she wasn’t going to be able to help, so he picked her up carefully and carried her over to the bed. He laid her onto her back. She sprawled on the bed, her breasts rising and falling as she slept. Steve couldn’t help but cover them with his palms. He cupped both of them and gave each nipple a suck.

Steve stood above her then and took a couple more pictures of her nude, fucked body. He retrieved his clothes, beer bottle and walked out of the room, turning off the light and quietly closing the bedroom door behind him. With all the sex toys and stuff by the end of the sawhorse, Steve never saw that packages of condoms that were there to be used.

He dumped his clothes, bottle and camera in his room and then headed to the bathroom. He showered and washed all of the cum, his and his mom’s off, shampooed and got out. Steve dried himself and then realized how tired he felt. He threw the damp towel over the rack to dry and made it back to his room.

Steve lay down on his bed, on his back, nude and fell into a deep sleep.

He slept, satisfied. So did his mom, for the first time in a long time.

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