Mom's Visit Makes It All Better


This entire scene was played out in utter silence. There was no sound except for our heavy breathing. I pushed against my mom's ass, holding her up as she continued pulling my trunks down until I could slide one leg out and then use it to push my trunks off my other leg. When I did, Mom reached down into the water and caught them up and draped them over the side, and then she kept one hand between her legs as she put the other one down on my thigh to support herself.

I was insane with excitement, with the forbidden thrill of being in such a compromising position with my mom. My cock was rock-hard, and I wanted to pull my mom down on top of me. Even as I thought that, my mom lowered herself, still leaning forward, and I felt her ass cheeks press against my belly with a tantalizing thrill, and then I could feel my cock pressing against something.

"Oh god," was all mom said. Then, "Sit up."

I scooted back until I was sitting up against the wall, and mom slid her ass down from my belly as I did and then onto my lap again, and then we were back in our original position except that my naked cock was now pressed against her ass. My hands automatically reached for her breasts, but because she was leaning forward, all I could do was pull gently on them as they hung down inside her suit. I didn't think, but just slid my hands up to the top of her chest, and then I pulled at the straps of the bathing suit until they slid down her arms. "Yes, my baby boy," Mom moaned, and I peeled her bathing suit down until her heavy tits swung free from her body and plopped into the water. I grabbed the sagging sacs in my hands, cupping the heavy meaty titflesh in my fingers, gently pinching her large stiff nipples between my first two fingers on each hand, squeezing the stiff nub of flesh until she hissed with pleasure.

My mother leaned her whole body forward then, and I was compelled to move with her. As she fell forward, her left arm came up to reach in front of her and grab onto the opposite side of the hot tub. I clung onto her breasts as if they were handles, and I ended up standing on the bottom of the hot tube, with my mother's generous ass pressed right against my groin, my penis once again pushed downward, and as she spread her legs I could feel the tip of my cock pushing against the smooth material of her suit. Then I felt my mother's fingers brush the tip as she slid her hand underneath the crotch of her suit and then pulled it to the side. Her fingers then touched my cock, and I involuntarily leaned forward, pushing her forward too, and as we moved, she grabbed the tip of my pole and I felt her aiming it, and then I could feel the the very tip of my dick pressing against a soft, slick depression. My hands tightened on her boobs, and my fingers clenched, pinching her thick rubbery nipples, and she groaned deeply but quietly.

I paused for a second, but no longer. I couldn't wait. The tip of my cock was pressed against my mother's hairy slit, my fingers were sunk deep into her soft saggy tits, and every fiber of my body was trembling with anticipation. Could I do this? Could I actually do this with my mother?

No answer was necessary, because without waiting any more, I pushed my hips forward and my mom gave out a long low moan as the tip of my swollen penis pushed against her pussy lips, and then inside the secret motherly warmth of her cunt. It was like heaven, even that small amount, and the buttery heat of her juicy slit was the best feeling I had ever felt. I grunted with the sheer pleasure of the feeling of my mom's lips opening for my stiff cock, sliding over the head, parting before it, allowing it to enter where a son should never enter his mother.

My mom groaned too, and I pushed gently on her ass with my hands until she moved forward a little more, bending over a slight bit more, her legs separating, her ass tilting up until she was almost horizontal, and I pushed my hips again, driving another inch of my cock into my mom's welcoming pussy. She let out another groan, and then before I could stop her, she drove herself back at me, pushing until my cock slipped more and more deeply into her widening cunt, pushing her lips open, driving the stiff cockmeat into her hot, slick hole. Nothing had ever felt as right as my cock slipping into my mother's twat; it was as if she was made for me, designed to fit my cock exactly, her inner walls gripping my shaft, tightening and loosening as I accomodated her hungry pressure. Her ass pressed up tightly against me, the wide cheeks spreading before me as my cock delved into her sliding further and further until it could go no deeper and I was lodged right up against my mother, my cock as far as it could go, my hands still cupping her meaty tits, her fat ass touching me all over the front of my thighs with an indescribable sensation of love and lust and hunger and desire.

"Oh, baby," my mom moaned softly, "that feels so good, honey. Oh, baby, you make your momma so happy."

I slid my hands down off of her breasts and onto her wide hips, resting them on her waist as I pulled her even more tightly against me, pressing that fat ass into me as if we could become one person if I only pulled hard enough. "Oh, mom," was all I could say.

"Yes, baby, I know. I know." She pushed forward a little pulling her cunt slowly off of my cock and then pushing back again, sliding herself onto my prick until her ass was pressed tightly against me once more. "Does that feel good, baby?"

"Oh, yes," I replied quickly.

"Do you like your mommy's pussy, baby?"

"Oh yes, mom," I said, and I pushed her forward myself, slowly peeling her steaming cunt from my pole, and then I pulled on her hips, sliding her back against me, sliding her juicy slit back around my cock.

"Do you really like my pussy, baby?" my mom said, still not looking at me, but wiggling her ass very slightly in a slow figure eight motion.

"Oh, god, mom," I said urgently, "I've never felt anything like it!"

"I've wanted you for so long," she said. "I've always wanted you to be back inside me, back inside my pussy."

I pushed her forward again, then pulled her back. It was still slow, but there were no pauses now. Very, very slowly, I was fucking my own mother, sliding my swollen cock into my own mother's pussy, doing something so taboo, so forbidden, that the very wrongness of it only added to my confused desire.

"I've always wanted you, too, mother," I replied as I continued to increase the pace of our pumping, pushing my mother forward and pulling her back, feeling the soft pudding of her assflesh slap against my thighs as we humped at each other. I didn't have to pull on her, because she was pushing back so strongly, her motherly body straining to reach mine, her fat cunt slurping hungrily at my meat, pulling it deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust.

"Oh, baby," she mewled as I began to pump her more ferociously, pulling that motherly ass back against me, reaching forward with my swollen cock to push as deep as I could inside my mother's cunt. The water in the hot tub was swaying to and fro with our motions, and it began to slosh out over the edges as I pumped hungrily, desperately at my mother's twat, shoving my cock deep inside the only woman who ever really loved me.

She was moaning with each thrust now, and so was I, and we were no longer trying to be quiet.

"Oh, god, baby," she cried as I shoved my cock in and out of her buttery pussy, her lips sliding up and down the shaft of my cock, the swollen head staying inside, but just barely each time. "I love you, my baby boy, I love you so much."

"I love you, mommy," I hissed as I continued to hunch my cock up inside my mother, pushing my prick deep into my mother's secret place, "I love you, I love you, mom."

My mom was humping her ass back up at me as fast as I was slamming my cock into her cunt. I loved the feeling of her ass cheeks pressing against my thighs with each deep thrust.

"Yes, baby, yes baby," my mom was crying over and over, "Love your mommy, love your mommy."

"I do," I replied as I pummelled her hole with my dick, my hands dug deeply into her waist so that I could pull her back against me over and over, the delicious feeling of her pussy sliding over my cock the most sensual thing I had ever felt.

"Love your mommy, love your mommy," she continued to repeat, and as I slammed my cock over and over into her fat cunt, spearing into her, driving deep inside her, I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start.

"I'm gonna," I panted, "I'm gonna... gonna... gonna..."

"Oh yes, baby," she hissed wickedly. She humped back at me with increasing speed and strength, driving me to impale her with my bloated meat. "Come for me, baby, come for your mommy, come for mommy, come for mommy..." She kept repeating that part as we slammed our bodies together over and over, faster and faster, and then I felt it coming.



My cock throbbed wildly as come erupted from the tip, boiling into my mother's pussy, jet after jet, spasm after spasm, and even as I began to spurt my seed into my mother's womb, she began to shudder and shake, and her pussy clenched around my cock tightly and she cried out loudly and wordlessly and humped her ass up against my pushing my cock more deeply inside her than I thought it could go, her ass cheeks quivering as she pressed herself against me with both her hands on the edge of the tub and I pushed back into her, hunching over my mother's body, pulling myself into her with the pressure of my hands at her waist. I shook with the force of my own orgasm, feeling aftershocks echoing through me as the last of my sperm shot into my mother and she shivered with her own pleasure, keeping me clasped deep inside the velvey sheath of her cunt.

We stayed like that for a long moment, and then without a word, we got out of the hot tub, put our suits back on, and went upstairs. But that's another story.

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