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Monkey Love


Becky took me back through the park in the late afternoon. She was the zoo’s primate specialist and we often came in after the gates were closed. We would occasionally eat dinner there, listening to the strange birds and the grunts and groans of the exotic animals. It was peaceful, if a bit eerie, among the unusual trees. There was a sense of solitude and sometimes it felt like we were the only humans on earth.

It was mid summer and the days were long. The sun would slowly slip down the horizon and it would be light sometimes until 9 o’clock.

This particular day she met me at the gate as the security guard was locking everything down for the night. She took my hand and lead me along the winding path toward her lab. Her eyes sparkled and we laughed in the warm afternoon. I watched her bottom sway erotically as we walked. When we arrived at her lab she took me around back into the great ape living quarters.

We passed by the rows of empty cages where the large monkey’s usually slept. We came to a large metal door which she quickly unlocked.

My heart skipped a beat. “Aren’t the razorbacks out there?!” I stammered in alarm.

“No, silly” she smiled pulling the door open “they’ve been transferred up to the animal hospital for a few weeks. We spent the last few days cleaning this place up for when they come back.”

We stepped through a shallow cave and out into the open paddock. I had never been inside one of the large enclosures and it was an interesting point of view. It was like a large outdoor set for a play about African gorillas. A high rocky point, topped with tropical brush, sloped gently downward toward a clear pool that also served as a mote. Concrete, shaped to look like large stones, topped by iron bars rose from the water. On either side were thick stands of native trees and bushes which blocked the view of the tall electric gates.

I followed Becky into the center of the paddock when she turned and gave me a mischievous look. “Take off your clothes” she said with a smile.

“What?” I replied.

“You heard me. Take off your clothes,” She repeated.

“You first” I said nervously. Not certain what she was up to.

“Ok.” She said as she bent down to remove her hiking boots. Setting them aside with her socks neatly draped over the laces she stood up and began pulling out the tails of her blouse. She unbuttoned the khaki Park shirt, quickly slipped it over her shoulders and tossed it onto a large rock. She reached back and unclipped her bra, releasing her breasts into the cool afternoon air. The bra went sailing toward the rock. She loosened her green web belt, then unhooked and unzipped her green Park slacks.

“Come on” she urged as she pushed her slacks over her hips.

I paused a moment longer to admire her as she wiggled out of her pants and was left in just her sexy thong underwear. When her pants were stacked with her other things she turned back to me and ran her tongue out over sexy lips. Next she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly slipped them down her legs.

“You have got like 30 seconds to get naked” she said as she stepped out of her thong “or no blow job for you!”

I don’t know how long it took me, but I’m sure it was less than 30 seconds, to get into the buff. It felt strange standing naked in such an open setting. Surrounded by the jungle I got an idea of what early man must have sensed as he wandered through the primal landscape. It was liberating and yet I felt very vulnerable. I knew the apes were gone and the other animals were safely locked in their own paddocks but without my clothes the world suddenly seemed a wild and dangerous a place.

I stacked my things in a sloppy pile on the big rock and looked up to see that Becky had wandered down to the pool. I went down and realized that, up close, it looked more like a small lagoon.

“Here I am honey” I said “the full monty, or monkey, as the case may be.”

“Shhhh” she replied with a finger to her lips. She knelt down and signaled for me to do the same. I waited as she looked from left to right then reached down and took a sip of the water from her hand. Then she turned and ambled over to me, crouching, like one of her primates. She wandered around behind me and I felt her nose suddenly press against my shoulder. She was sniffing me and at the same time running her wet lips over my back.

My skin bristled with her soft kisses. The sensation of her warm body next to mine began to arouse me and I could feel my cock beginning to stir. Becky pressed her breasts against my back and gently humped her pubic mound against my ass. I remained still as she reached around my waist and ran her cool hands over my chest. She moved gradually down over my stomach until she felt my crotch. Feeling for my balls, she softly squeezed them with one hand while her other began to tease my steadily growing erection.

"Mmmm." She grunted as she took my cock into her hand; obviously pleased with what she held. She drifted lightly along its length, stroking it until it had grown fully hard. Then, while continuing to massage my balls she began to pump my dick up and down. No one had ever pleasured me like this and the strange masturbation, combined with the feel of her body against mine, soon had me ready to burst. She teased me like that for a while.

But, when I was about to come, she released her grip on my pulsing vine.

I groaned in protest at the sudden cessation but felt her moving around me. I remained still, certain that she had plans to continue. She crawled around with her feet and knees digging into the sand. Her firm breasts pointed down between her arms and her delicious ass rose up above her narrow waist. I brushed her hair from her eyes as she moved in closely between my knees.

She looked at me hungrily and her eyes fell to my member. It was hard, and protruding straight out. She wrapped her small hand around my shaft and stroked it gently. Her other hand moved to my balls and caressed them with her nimble fingers. Parting her sweet lips, her tongue slipped out and teased the head of my dick. I moaned as she stroked the tip of her tongue over the head. She grasped my cock and pushed it up against my abdomen as she dropped her mouth to my balls.

Her lips closed around my tight sac, and she massaged my nads with her tongue. She began humming, as her hand moved around to feel my ass. Becky’s tongue lapped at my balls some more, before moving up the bottom of the shaft. Up and down she licked getting it nice and wet. When it was glistening with her saliva she took it into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the thick head. She relaxed her throat to keep from choking and slowly pushed her mouth all the way down, until my balls were pressing against her chin. I rested a hand on her shoulder as she bobbed up and down on my dick stroking my shaft with her hand, and started to suck faster.

"Oh, fuck yeah!” I groaned “I'm going to cum, baby, oh, going to cum soon."

Becky moved her head faster.

"Did you hear me?” I stuttered “I, I'm going to ...Oh, yes!"

Becky closed her eyes as I pumped a huge load of hot cum into her mouth. She gulped it down greedily and sucked several bursts from my cock. I recovered as her lips gently massaged my ticklish organ, coaxing out as much jizm as she could. My breathing slowly returned to normal as I watched her clean up.

Looking up at me she smiled then quickly turned and scrambled into the gorilla lagoon. With a splash she slipped beneath the cold, clear, water. I watched her naked body slide across the bottom of the shallow pool until she reached a large smooth boulder at the center.

She rose up and pulled her wet hair from her face. Rivulets of water ran down her shoulders and over her firm round tits. Her nipples were large and brown and fully erect in the afternoon air. Long shadows ran across her firm stomach and framed the thick triangle of hair between her legs.

She smiled at me before climbing up onto the big flat rock. Once there she lay on her back and spread her knees wide apart. One hand stretched down and began to strum her slick cunt lips. I couldn’t believe my normally conservative, practical, Becky was laying naked in a public park playing with her pussy. I wasn’t about to complain though, and waded out to meet her on the rock.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips but she began to gently guide my mouth down her body. My tongue moved lightly over her skin as she guided me to her navel. I moved my palm against her sex and she began grinding her clitoris against it.

Her hot juices flowed from her pussy in contrast to the cool wetness of her thighs. The smell of her arousal began to surround us as she pushed my mouth to the top of her soft bush. I couldn't get enough of the sensuous smell of her.

I drifted towards her sex and sent my tongue dancing over her clitoris hood. I could feel the hard shaft under my tongue and delighted in the taste of her sexual excitement. She spread her legs wider, opening herself to me fully. I slid down to the opening of her vagina and inhaled the earthy scent of her wet pussy.

Pressing in, I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina and worked it vigorously in and out of her. Then, I moved back up to her clitoris sucking it into my hot mouth and letting my tongue have its way. When I thought she was about to come, I let go and slipped back to her hole. I plunged my tongue inside of her dripping wet pussy.

Her hips were going wild! She held her legs open and humped at my face. Her moans came in time with her illicit gyrations. I continued to pleasure her as she ground her pussy into my mouth.

Each time she was about to go over the edge I would slip away and tease her sensitive inner thigh. Several times she was so close she tried to reach down to bring herself off. She tried to press her fingers into the hot folds of her sex but I would push her away. Each time she would wail in frustration and each time I would bring her to a higher level of pleasure until she couldn’t take it any more.

“Please! Please!” She finally cried out “No more!”

I knew it was time that I brought her to orgasm, so I dragged my tongue back up to her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth again. While I did this I slowly eased two fingers, deep into her sopping wet pussy. I began fucking her with my fingers while sucking furiously on her clit.

”Yes! Yes! Yes!” She cried as she pumped her ass up and down against my fingers and tongue. Her firm breasts made slapping sounds as they rocked violently back and forth. Her face was scrunched into a look of the pure determination and almost painful need to cum.

Suddenly she pressed hard against me and arched her back. Her mouth opened as if to scream but only a series of high pitched monkey calls made it out. I felt violent contractions around my fingers and her hot pussy erupted like a volcano. Cum juice spilled out onto the rock and coated her mound with slick glittering love oil.

Her body twitched and her thighs squeezed my head as orgasm rolled over her like waves of rain in a tropical storm. Then she was still. Her breathing began to slow and she giggled in her bliss.

Reaching down she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to her mouth. She kissed me hard and we ran our tongues together. I knew that she could taste herself on my lips but this did not discourage her from licking my face. Cleaning her cum from my cheeks.

We held each other as the afternoon sun slid down the sky. Our breathing slowed and our bodies cooled in the lengthening shadows. I thought she was done but she had one more surprise. Pushing me aside she rose and stepped off the rock. As she waded back to shore I watched her slip through the shimmering water. The sight of her naked body made my cock twitch and I hoped to yet have a chance to play hide the banana.

“Where are you going?” I asked when she had reached the shore but she just smiled and darted up the sandy bank. At the top of the hill she plunged into a tropical thicket and I watched her bottom disappear into the thick foliage. Soon the bushes began to shake and she began making monkey sounds. I climbed down off the rock and hurried to follow her.

Stepping through the thicket I found her kneeling in the sand with her back to me. She had spread her knees wide apart and, on my arrival, leaned forward onto her elbows presenting herself to me, breasts hanging freely, back arched, lifting her ass up. She grunted like a chimp and wiggled her backside invitingly.

I got the hint and kneeled behind her to claim her as my mate. Gripping her swaying hips I teased her wet pussy by sliding my cockhead along its length. After a few strokes she reached back and guided my cock to the trail head of her hot passage. She pressed back against me and I was soon swallowed up. Her passage was slick with sweat and cum and I had no difficulty sliding up inside its dark channel.

“Oooh” we moaned in unison as I began moving in and out of her pussy, grinding my pelvis against her heart shaped ass. My cock deep inside, I could feel her heat and moisture as I rode her. I began pulling her hips so we’d move together. She really seemed to enjoy this and groaned as she arched her back. She pushed into me as I drove my cock repeatedly into her hot snatch. She became very vocal, howling as we fucked like wild animals. We were having hot monkey love in the middle of a zoo. Her burning pussy squeezed my cock with each thrust and I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could.

For her, the romance seemed to be over and the mating begun. She mewled like a mounted female animal in heat. She pushed back against my thrusting pelvis so that her ass slapped against me on each stroke, fulfilling a primal need to get my cock as close to her womb as possible. We pushed and pulled, fucking hard, until the heat of our bodies created a slick coating of sweat over our skin. She groaned, and shuddered, as she came over and over.

Then she screamed, "Oh, do it! Do it now!"

My own climax rapidly approaching I wanted to send her over the edge so I moved one hand over her butt and pushed a fingertip into the tight ring of her asshole. She squealed and her pussy spasmed around my cock. This was all I could take. I thrust deep and let loose, what felt like, a gallon of cum that had been building up inside my balls. The powerful torrent rushed into her most intimate membranes and sent her over the edge. Her knees collapsed and she fainted onto the sand taking me with her.

My orgasm caused me to shake and pound against her even as we fell. On the ground I landed on top of her and continued fucking until my balls were empty. Even then, pumping through several jerking aftershocks. Until at last I was empty and I lay still against her, exhausted.

When I opened my eyes she was smiling and I was reminded of how much I loved her. Even covered in sweat and sand, her hair soaked and wild, she was beautiful.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Yea. You?” She responded.

“Never better” I said

“I’m hungry,” she said as she always did after we had great sex. “Lets get cleaned up and go get something to eat.”

“Ok” I replied and we slowly drew ourselves out of our embrace, my manhood slipping from her softness. I felt like Tarzan as we strolled, hand in hand, down to the lagoon to rinse off. The Gorillas were returned soon after that and we didn’t get to do it again. But our frolic in their habitat gave us more than just memories of hot sex. A few weeks later Becky found that she was pregnant. That was almost three years ago and we now have a child we've nicknamed “Monkey Boy.”

Some folks think it is because he climbed out of his crib almost the moment we put him into it. Others think it’s because he can scale anything he can get a grip on, and a few think it’s because he is as curious as Curious George. But we know better don’t we.


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