tagLoving WivesMontana Camping Ch. 01

Montana Camping Ch. 01

byDr. Bull©

"I'm telling you Mitch, Karen still has the best breasts I've ever seen." The little grin on Ed's face told me that behind his closed eyes he was looking at my wife twenty some odd years before when she had gotten into a wet tee shirt contest and she stripped off her shirt in front of him. I swear that every time we get together Ed's mind flashes him back to that day.

"I wish I had been there to see them," Lance remarked, "but they do look good from what I can see."

"Hell Buddy you've seen them too," I threw back at him.


"1980, Spring Break, we all went skinny dipping in the hot pool up Slate Creek Canyon."

"Oh, yeah... OH Yeah!" you could watch as the memory filled Lance's mind, "they are nice."

The three of us sat for a moment each with their own vision of my wife's chest floating through our minds, when the door on the fifth wheel opened and Karen came out with bottles of beer and a Margarita in her hands. "What you boys talking about?" she asked as she set a bottle in from of each of us and sat in her chair between the other two.

"Your tits," I stated flatly while the other two blushed caught in their fantasy.

"These old saggy things?" She wiggled her chest showing off the cleavage her flesh colored bra pushed up towards the top of her white tank top, her 38d's were an impressive site even covered. She laughed as they leered towards her, acting impressed with the show. She met my two friends when we were in college, but we three guys, had been friends since grade school.

I smiled thinking of my friends' comments and how they lusted for just the sight of the magnificent breasts I played with for the last thirty years. In addition, the fact that Karen was drinking Margaritas... because as the song goes "Tequila makes her clothes come off." She was squirming all ready in the uncomfortable bra that gave her plenty of cleavage but the under wires pinched her; it was only a matter of time before it came off. I grabbed the next round of drinks while Ed started grilling the steaks, Lance was chatting up Karen.

Lance at 50 had the body of a 25 year old, an ironworker building bridges for the last 20 years he was rock hard, not the show off muscles of your average weight lifter, but the sculpted working muscles shaped by physical labor. Ed and I were not so physical in our jobs but still in fair shape, Ed is a chef and cooks some amazing dishes, but since his divorce fifteen or so years before he pretty much drank himself to sleep very night. His liver is shot, but he stays trim. Me? Well Karen drug me off to a health club that has done me well and amazing things to her, we had dropped a lot of inches and Karen was looking better all the time. Her hourglass figure had returned and once again, she was turning heads when she walked into a room.

I was a hot August evening and Karen was pulling more and more at her bra straps and the under wire just trying to get comfortable, "Why don't you just take it off? There is no one here but us." Lance suggested coolly.

Ed's head snapped from the grill to where Karen and Lance were sitting, I could tell the drinks were starting to kick in, but how much was the question. I got almost an immediate answer when she did that amazing thing that women do... she removed her bra without removing her shirt. You know the unbuckle the back slip it out of the arms move that amazes us all, her breasts now comfortably unencumbered looked larger even if there was some drop to them. Ed whistled and I clapped as she handed her bra to Lance who was grinning ear to ear. "Thank you," Karen quipped, "I feel better now." She took a bow, her tank top teasingly falling open exposing more flesh than before through the top and by the look on Lance's face a good view through the low cut arm hole. "So is dinner ready?"

Ed looked back to the steaks and fixings he had on the grill "just about," he spoke to her them mumbled to me "You lucky bastard, I know what I want to eat and it ain't steak!" Karen jumped up and went into the trailer bringing out some spud salad and chips to go with our dinner, her breasts now jiggling with every step. Through the white top, her areola faintly showed darkening the fabric and either the attention or the cloth moving across her nipples was causing them to harden.

As we sat down to eat the jokes were flying, Karen could hardly contain herself and the guys and I kept feeding the one-liners. Karen was half way to her mouth with some mustard potato salad when she started laughing and dropped a bit off her fork onto her chest just above her right nipple. "Did you see that?" she giggled.

"I got it!" Ed's head dove into Karen's chest, his mouth sucking in not only the offending piece of food, but her nipple also. She squealed and laughed but did not pull away, when Ed sat back up the food was missing and her shirt had a wet spot over her nipple, which was now standing at full attention and showing through the wet fabric.

"Pervert" she playfully slapped Ed pushing him back. Looking at me, she winked and I knew the tequila was hard at work; I just gave her a smile. "So I suppose you want to help too?" she looked at Lance with a grin.

"Of course"

"Let me help you then," Karen spooned up a little more potato salad in her spoon avoiding the chunks, then pulled her left tit out the side of her shirt and coated the nipple with the mustard sauce. "There you go." Lance wasted no time cleaning up the sauce, suckling on Karen's nipple, and caressing her breast. She rolled her lust-filled eyes past me and pulled the other side open offering her left breast to Ed who immediately joined Lance at my wife's bosom. Amazingly, I was turned on watching my friends pleasure my wife, I thought I might be jealous but her intense pleasure and the naughtiness of it excited the hell out of me, Karen too by the look on her face.

Lance's hand had been resting on Karen's knee, she slowly slipped into a reclining position in the lawn chair enjoying the attention, and this action slid his hand half way up her thigh in turn she shivered. Ed must have noticed what was happening because his hand started its own walk up her other thigh, she spread her legs allowing their progression to the gym shorts she was wearing. Their hands started to slip under the Fabric... "STOP!" Karen sat up suddenly pushing both men away, her face flushed, her cheeks red and her nipples hard she covered up got up and started cleaning off the table. It took a moment for the shock of her sudden shift to wear off the three of us. Was she pissed at them, at me for letting it go so far. I started helping her clean off the table, so did the others quietly and quickly the picnic table was cleared, only then did Karen look me in the eyes she had the bedroom fuck me now look in them. She kissed me hard and pulled me to her, "I want this to go on...," she whispered in my ear, "but only if it is ok with you."

"Baby, I'm so freaking turned on from watching you," I kissed her; "you go as far as you want."

Our friends had backed off towards the edge of camp, glancing our way and talking to each other, wondering what was happening. Karen went back into the trailer and started going through some of the cabinets. "Mitch?" Ed spoke, "is everything alright?"

"She's fine," I assured them. I watched Karen through the camper window as she took a big shot straight from the bottle of Jose Cuervo.

"We can leave if you need us too," Lance offered.

"You can't leave," Karen stepped from the camper, with a blanket and a bottle of chocolate syrup. She flipped the blanket over the tabletop, pulled her shirt off throwing it to the side; she sat up on the table and poured chocolate across her breasts. "Without dessert." She lay back and slipped her shorts off, her blonde pussy hair moist and glistening and her pink nipples hard as a rock. She ran her finger across her the lips of her pussy as her eyes rolled. Karen grabbed the bottle of chocolate and ran two lines from her nipples down the sides of her stomach ending with a dab on either thigh. Neither man moved not sure what to do. Dibbing her finger once more to her pussy then into some of the chocolate on her chest, she sucked her finger in and out like a cock, "so do I have to clean this up myself?" She was leaning on her elbows looking at the three of us. I pushed my two friends in her direction; they got the hint and were at her side, tongues hanging and their pants beginning to swell. Both went for the nipple first as Karen lie back to enjoy the sensation. Lance's hand dropped toward her leg starting on the outside then under her leg, so as to not disturb the chocolate, she raised her leg allowing him access to her thigh and swollen cunt.

I grabbed a chair and watched the show, stroking my hard on through my pants.

Both of them reached their goal pf the chocolate pool on her thighs Lance had been playing with her pussy and moved around between her legs, while Ed moved back up towards her tits. She reached for his dick and found his pants in the way. She sat up, "Boys, I think one or two of us are over dressed... and I'm sure it's not me."

Both guys were so excited the fumbled with their cloths, me I stood up in front of my chair right in her line of sight and dropped my pants showing her my raging hard on, she smiled and blew me a kiss. Lance was wearing logger boots and it took him some time so get them off, Ed on the other hand soon had his fat dick swinging towards her face, she took it in hand stroking it gently as Lance finally naked, his dick sticking straight out, stood between her legs. Karen slipped down the table and hooked her heals on the edge opening herself to Lance. Pulling Ed into her mouth sucking him deep into her mouth, not only does Karen love sucking cock, she is good at it. Ed grasped her tit and the edge of the table as he pulled him in her mouth. Lance slowly slid his dick deep into her cunt, and then he slowly slid out teasing her clit with his fingers. Soon Karen was quivering with excitement, suddenly her legs wrapped around Lance's waist holding him in and Ed's dick popped out of her mouth as she came. She sat up crushing lance to her bosom as she twitched.

Smiling she kissed him and lay back on the table he started to resume his stroke, "Wait," she grinned, "time to switch positions."

Lance looked ready to pop, he continued slipping in and out of her as Ed moved around and touched him on the shoulder. Karen was rising up towards a second orgasm as he slipped out of her. Now as far as I'm concerned lance has a respectable size dick, not that I look at a lot of other dicks, but Ed is thick, much bigger around than either Lance's or mine. He stepped between her open legs, rubbed the head across her lips as she squirmed, then he slammed it in full length. She came again, just that quick, her legs locked around him as she twitched, her legs released and he started a slow deliberate stroke.

Karen reached for Lance's poor swollen member, sucking it, and then stroking it while she sucked on his balls; soon he was cumming in her mouth. Karen swallowed like a pro and as Lance sat down, Ed increased his stroke.

Banging harder and harder into her cunt, shaking her tits and making her moan louder and louder, he was rocking the whole table when they climaxed together she sat up with him still inside her tits in his face as her third, then fourth climax came over her. He held her until she let go. He slipped his dick out and across from Lance. "Wow" was the only word heard and I think I said it.

Karen sat in front of me on the table chocolate smears in a few places, cum on her lips and dripping from her pussy, head down with her hair over her eyes. It seemed to take her a couple of moments to focus; she looked up to see me sitting still with a raging hard on in front of her. Her smile told me all was well, she got off the table and walked over to me, leaned over allowing her breasts to tickle the head of my dick. "Thank you... I love you," then she kissed me. Then she stood, turned away from me, stepped over my chair and sat down spearing my dick into her fucked out cunt, Ed's warm cum still dripping from her. As she thrust up and down, I wondered at why she had turned away from me knowing I love watching her boobs bounce. Then I realized not only was she fucking me she was showing her two lovers her bouncing boobs. In one quiet Montana evening, she became a whore and an exhibitionist.

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