tagNovels and NovellasMontana Summer Ch. 01

Montana Summer Ch. 01


This is a complete work of fiction, any resemblance to anyone alive, or dead, is completely coincidental. All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.


The morning sun coming through the window woke Ryan from his slumber. While the fog of sleep still enveloped him, he wondered where he was. As he awoke, he remembered he was in Montana at his uncle's ranch. Bill, and Suzanne weren't technically his uncle, and aunt. Bill and his dad were second cousins, but had grown up together following a tragic accident that had killed both his father's parents, and Bill's parents.

Ryan had jumped at the opportunity to spend the summer working on the ranch. He had only been here once before, and that was when he was six or seven. Occasionally, when his father had been in a reflective mood, he had reminisced about life growing up on a ranch. Those stories had always made Ryan yearn to come to Montana.

Several times over the years, Ryan had hopefully suggested the idea of coming to Montana for a vacation, but each time his mother had shot the idea down, preferring to travel abroad for their annual vacations.

Bill had picked him up at the bus stop in the wee hours of the morning, and brought him back to the ranch. By the time they had arrived, everyone was fast asleep, and Bill had put him in the spare room for the night. Ryan remembered lying there, trying to unwind from the trip.

He had fantasized about the girl that had gotten off the bus a few hours before him. She had been about his age, cute, and a body that made men drool. Occasionally he had been able to see her erect nipples popping through her thin blouse, and that had given him a huge erection.

As he lay there in the dark his erection returned, and his hand had slipped down to his cock and had begun to move up and down its length as he thought about the girl from the bus. The bed had begun to squeak a little as his hand picked up speed, and he hoped that no one could hear. He really needed to get off, but didn't want his relatives to think he was a wanking fool on his first night. It felt so good, his hand moving up and down his cock. He had felt his orgasm approaching, and had slowed down; he wanted the pleasure to last. When his orgasm came, it was very intense and was immensely satisfying. He had fallen into a deep sleep almost immediately afterwards.

He could hear sounds coming from downstairs; he glanced over at the clock, 6:00AM. He thought about rolling over and going back to sleep, but decided against it. Grabbing some clothes, he headed off to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

When he walked into the kitchen freshly showered, everyone was up, and sitting around the kitchen table. Suzanne jumped up from her chair and gave him a big hug, "Look at you! I think you've grown a couple of inches since the last time I saw you."

Ryan blushed, and hugged her back.

Bill and Jessica, or Jessi as she preferred to be called, were deeply immersed in a catalog. Jessi finally looked up and grinned, "Well looky here, middle of the day and you are finally out of bed."

Ryan grinned and sat down, "Yeah, yeah, let's pick on the city boy."

Uncle Bill looked up from the catalog, "We are going to put you out in the barn, we built a small apartment out there for the hired man. It'll give you some privacy. Your aunt and I have to run to town to get some parts, and some other stuff. Jessi is going to stay here and help you clean up your place in the barn."

It didn't escape Ryan's notice how Jessi had filled out. He guessed that she was about average in height, her light brown hair just touched her shoulders, and her bright blue eyes sparkled like the sun on a calm lake. She definitely had inherited her mother's figure. He thought she must have driven the boys wild in high school. He wondered how many guys had felt her up, and if she had gone all the way with any of them. A sudden stiffening in his jeans reminded him that he had better start thinking of something else.

"Anything we need to do while you are gone?" Ryan asked.

Bill shook his head. "Nope just get your new home in order, and then Jessi can show you around the place, and show you what we have going on."

Bill paused for a moment and looked at Jessi. "Take him up to the upper pasture, and make sure that little stream isn't blocked up again."

After Bill and Suzanne had left for town, Jessi gathered up a couple of mops, buckets, and all sorts of cleaning supplies and said, "Well let's get at it."

Ryan was happy with what he saw. The small living room connected directly with an equally small, but functional kitchen. The window in the bedroom looked out over corrals, and had a nice view of the mountains.

Ryan started on the kitchen while Jessi tackled the bathroom. It had taken all of the morning scrubbing and cleaning to get the small apartment cleaned up. About noon, they had the place looking respectable again.

"I like it." Ryan nodded his head and smiled at Jessi.

"I'm kind of jealous." Jessi put her hands on her hips and looked around. "I wouldn't mind living out here."

"It sure beats the dorm room I was living in."

Jessi gathered up the sheets and blankets from the bed, "I'll get some clean sheets and a couple of blankets and be right back."

Ryan looked over at the fridge, and groaned, he hadn't looked inside of it yet. He walked over and opened it, and was surprised to see that it was virtually empty, and spotless. Four bottles of beer were the only contents. The freezer was empty save a couple of empty ice cube trays.

Jessi returned with the fresh bedding, "Give me a hand making the bed."

As they were finishing with the bed Jessi stubbed her toe on something under the bed, she looked under the bed and fished a cardboard box from under the bed. She looked inside the box and grinned, "Hey, you're going to love this, something to make your lonely nights a little warmer."

Ryan gave her a quizzical look and then walked over and looked into the box. He felt his face redden as he saw it was full of porn magazines. He began to stammer something when Jessi laughed.

"Oh don't try to play innocent with me, I know you do it, I heard you last night."

Ryan reddened even more, "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Jessi laughed even harder, "Oh come on, I heard the bed springs squeaking in your room last night. Either you had a mystery girl in there last night, or you were playing with yourself."

Ryan's face was the color of a stop sign now, and he didn't know what to say. Although he didn't want to admit it, especially to Jessi, he was excited at what she had found, and couldn't wait to explore the contents of the box.

Jessi teased, "Well if you like, I can take it to the trash and burn it, that is if you don't want it."

Quickly shaking his head, "No, that's ok."

"I thought that might be your answer," grinned Jessi. She began pulling the magazines from the box. All of the magazines appeared to be hardcore porn with titles like, Girls Who Love to Suck, Girls Who Crave Big Cock, Cum Crazee, and Big Tits Meet Big Cocks.

Ryan picked up one of the magazines and began looking through it, the first series was a busty young brown-haired woman jacking, and sucking two well hung men. Ryan's cock was fully hard, straining at his jeans. He licked his lips as he drank in the images in the magazine.

Jessi had continued pulling the magazines from the box, "Oh look, he has some videos too."

She looked up when she got no response from Ryan; he was totally engrossed in the magazine he was looking at. She looked down at the swollen bulge in his jeans and grinned, "Hey city boy!"

Ryan looked up at Jessi, "What?"

She giggled, and pointed at his crotch, "Would you like me to leave for a bit, while you take care of business."

Blushing even harder, Ryan put the magazine down, and with a touch of sarcasm in his voice, "No, I think I can control myself."

Tearing her eyes from the bulge in his jeans she pointed to the box, "There's a bunch of videotapes in here, too."

A look at the videos showed titles similar to the magazines, Big Tit Bonanza, Oral Fest 2004, and Handjob Honeys.

Jessi giggled, "Well, these should keep you warm when the nights are chilly."

Ryan gulped, "Well, I suppose it's better than Murder She Wrote reruns."

Jessi was starting to feel a little flushed herself; there was nothing she would have loved more right now than watching one of the movies and teasing herself to orgasm. From the size of the bulge in Ryan's jeans he looked to have a decent sized cock, it had been all she could do to resist asking him to open his jeans. She wondered if he was circumcised. She would have loved to watch him stroke his organ to climax and watch his seed shooting in long white streams. Jessi had heard him masturbating last night, but what she didn't tell him was that she had played with herself while listening to him. She had heard him moan, and she knew exactly what that meant, he was cumming. Her orgasm had immediately followed. While he had fallen asleep immediately she lay, there for a while wondering what his cock looked like, what it would feel like in her hand, and mouth. She had been mildly ashamed of herself of thinking about her cousin in this way, and had tried to shake the thoughts from her head.

Jessi's thoughts returned to the present, and she found herself once again staring at the swollen bulge in Ryan's pants. He was too busy looking at the titles of the videos to notice where her eyes were glued.

She cleared her throat as she attempted to clear the carnal thoughts from her mind. "Well, if there is nothing else you need to do here now, we should head up to the upper pasture to check out the stream."

Ryan looked up and nodded. "Yeah, I guess we should."

Ryan began putting the magazines back into the box, there was nothing he would have loved more than sitting there stroking his cock looking at the magazines or the videos, but there would be plenty of time for that later on this evening. And it gave him something to look forward to.

After stashing the box back under the bed on Jessi's advice, they climbed into a battered pickup and headed out to the upper pasture. The road was a narrow and bumpy. To refer to it as a road was rather optimistic. It was more of a one-lane dirt trail. The old pickup bounced and shook as they drove along. Ryan sat in the passenger's seat; he would sneak peeks over at Jessi as she drove, her breasts jiggling delightfully with each bump. After about a half hour, the truck came to a stop, and Jessi motioned for him to get out.

They walked down to a small streambed where a mere trickle of water was flowing.

"Damn," Jessi said while looking upstream. "Must be jammed up again. We had a lot of snow this winter, and the run off has been heavy, it's cut away some of the banks up higher, and it's been hell keeping the stream open."

She turned and looked at Ryan. "We have to head on up higher, and I have a pretty good idea where the problem is. Jessi gave Ryan a smile. "Looks like you'll be earning your keep today."

Jessi was right. She had known precisely where the problem was. The heavy runoff had caused the stream to cut a new path. The bank had collapsed again, clogging it with dirt, and rocks.

Ryan had begun working with a pick, trying to clear a path while Jessi shoveled the mud, and small rocks away. He stopped working and peeled his shirt off. Even though the temperature was mild, the increased elevation made the work harder, and his t-shirt was almost soaked with sweat.

Jessi looked up and wiped the sweat from her face, "Guys are lucky, they can take their shirts off when they start getting hot."

Ryan looked over and grinned, and for the first time he sensed he had the advantage, "Well, no one's stopping you from taking your shirt off too."

Jessi was surprised at his response, her face reddened a little, "Yeah, well if I did, I wouldn't get any work out of you, and you would be too busy trying to stare at my boobs."

Ryan just grinned and got back to work.

About ten minutes later he heard Jessi mutter, "Fuck it."

He turned around, and she had removed her t-shirt, and was just wearing a grey sports bra. Her breasts were certainly nice sized, and he could see her nipples trying to poke their way through her bra.

She stuck her tongue out at him, "Don't get your hopes up buddy boy, this is as far as I'm goin'."

Ryan just grinned.

An hour later, they had the stream running freely once again. Jessi looked over at Ryan, "Good job," she looked down at her sweat-covered chest, "I need a shower."

Ryan laughed, "Me too, we had better drive back with the windows down, and our heads out the window."

Jessi had been impressed with Ryan. He definitely wasn't afraid of hard work, "I should apologize to you."

Ryan looked over, "For what?"

Her cheeks blushed slightly, "For teasing you about masturbating."

Ryan looked out the window, "Oh, okay."

"I mean, I shouldn't have teased you about it. It's a normal and healthy thing to do. I masturbate all the time too."

Ryan was surprised, although he knew girls did it too, Jessi was the first one to ever admit it. He laughed, "Well when I heard the bed squeak I should have known someone would have heard."

Jessi laughed, "Well I'm lucky my bed doesn't squeak, so no one knows when I'm uhmm, busy."

Again Ryan felt that he had the advantage, "So, are you─busy often?"

Jessi blushed, and just about drove off the road, "Well, uhm, often enough."

There was silence for a few minutes as they continued back to the house, then Jessi looked at Ryan. "So, have you done it with a girl."

He could have been coy and pretended not to know what she was asking, but he decided against it. "Yes, a few times." Few was precisely correct, three times, with three different girls.

"And you? Have you done it with a guy?" Ryan asked.

She shook her head, "Nope."

"Oh, still a virgin," Ryan teased.

Jessi grinned mischievously, "Well, certain parts, yes, and other parts no."

Ryan looked confused.

"Okay, since we are telling all, I've never gone all the way with a guy, but I have given a few hand jobs, and blowjobs."

Ryan was surprised, while he had intercourse, and had been on the receiving end of more than a few hand jobs, he had never had a girl finish him with her mouth. A few had sucked on him for a few minutes, but never long enough for him to finish.

Jessi grinned. "So do the city girls give good hand jobs, and blowjobs?"

Ryan laughed and looked out the window, his face turning a little red. "Well, the hand jobs have been good, but I've never had a blow job, well, all the way."

"Really? Why?" Jessi was surprised.

Ryan blushed even more, "Well, a few have put it in their mouth, but they said it made their mouth hurt, that I was too big."

Jessi thought about the bulge she had seen in his jeans earlier, before she realized what she was saying Jessi blurted out, "Jeeze almighty, how big are you?"

Turning his head and looking at Jessi, Ryan shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I dunno."

"I thought all guys measured themselves." Jessi giggled.

Ryan blushed. "No, really, the thought has never crossed my mind."

Jessi just shook her head. While she didn't have a whole lot of experience, she had only given head to four guys in her young life, and the few other cocks that she had held in her hand, she wouldn't have had any trouble taking them into her mouth if she had wanted to. She wondered how large his male organ was. The rest of the trip was finished quiet as the two of them were immersed in their private thoughts.

Ryan stared out the window, but his thoughts weren't on the passing scenery. He was imagining Jessi with a cock in her mouth, sucking it until it released its creamy load. He wondered what her mouth would feel like sucking him while he fondled her firm breasts.

When they arrived back at the house, Bill and Suzanne had returned from their trip to town.

Upon seeing their grimy appearance Uncle Bill commented, "It looks like the creek was blocked up again."

Jessi nodded. "Yeah, in the same place again."

"I'm going to call Frank and see if we can't borrow his backhoe for a day or two," Uncle Bill stated, "Well you two get cleaned up, Ma has supper goin'"

Ryan went to his apartment, stripped off his dirty clothes, and climbed into the shower. The hot water felt great on his body. As he lathered his body, he looked down at his semi-erect organ and thought about the treasure trove of porn under the bed. He might have enough time after his shower for a quick jack off session.

He heard a quick rap on the door, and then the sound of the door opening. "Hey city boy," Jessi's voice rang out, "I forgot to bring you some towels."

Her head peeked in the bathroom door as she tossed some towels in, "Hey you're not, uh, busy, are you?"

Ryan was about to tell her no, but changed his mind at the last moment. In a teasing voice, he replied, "Well, you can come on in and see if I'm busy or not."

Jessi was taken aback, she had been expecting a flat out denial, "Well, uhh, I might take you up on that offer, but..."

She stepped into the bathroom, and grabbed a hold of the shower curtain and quickly pulled it aside. She gasped when she looked at Ryan's partially erect cock, "Wow, it is big!"

Ryan had been surprised when she entered the bathroom, more surprised when she had opened the shower curtain, and down right shocked when she took his organ in her hand and began stroking it. It had only taken a couple pumps of her hand to get him to full erection.

Jessi was amazed at both the length, and the girth of his cock, it was definitely the largest one she had ever seen. As much as she hated to, she had to get back to the house. She released her grip, and her voice sounded slightly husky. "Hurry up, supper is almost ready." She paused, and she stared at his erection. "And save that for later."

As soon as Jessi had left Ryan climbed out of the shower, his cock still throbbing and pointing skyward. Her hand had felt so good on his cock, he wished she would have stayed and finished him off. He wondered what she had meant when she had told him to save it for later.

After getting dressed, Ryan walked over to the house. The aroma of roasted chicken greeted him as he entered the kitchen. The growling in his stomach reminded him that he hadn't eaten since breakfast.

Jessi grinned. "I'm glad to see that you weren't too busy to join us."

Ryan grinned. "I'm never too busy to eat."

Suzanne shot Jessi a quizzical look.

Jessi gave her mother a coy smile. "Just a joke, you know how you are always saying the city people are too busy to eat with their families."

Ryan suppressed a snicker while Suzanne responded, "Yes, that's the trouble with the world today, everyone is just too busy."

Jessi shot Ryan a sweet smile, and then winked at him.

Bill walked into the kitchen, and sat down. "Frank says we can have the backhoe on Thursday. We'll get that creek cleaned up and out of our hair for good, at least until next spring."

He looked over at Ryan, "Well, Ryan, and how was your first day?"

Ryan looked at Jessi, and then at Uncle Bill. "Pretty busy."

Uncle Bill nodded as he dished some potatoes onto his plate, "That's a good thing. We like to stay busy around here, don't we Jessi?"

Jessi smiled sweetly "Yup, dad, the busier the better."

Ryan just about choked on his iced tea.

Suzanne looked over at Ryan. "Are you okay?"

Ryan nodded and looked over at Jessi. "Oh yeah, just fine."

After supper was finished, Bill leaned back in his chair, "That was good ma, really good."

Ryan nodded in agreement, "Yes, I agree. Aunt Suzanne that was simply delicious."

Suzanne beamed in appreciation. "Thank you, Ryan. That was nice of you to say that."

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