tagErotic HorrorMood Slime Series 05: Awakening Ch. 13

Mood Slime Series 05: Awakening Ch. 13


Bruce and Ezrina laid in bed covered in sweat and other fluids as they were both reeling from the last hour of sex. Bruce was finally starting to return to normal as his skin began to brighten and his claws retracted. He still felt strange knowing she had changed him and he rolled over to see the naked blonde next to him whose skin shined from sweat as she was breathing heavily and quickly. Ezrina opened her eyes and looked over at Bruce smiling at him before she rolled over and ran her fingers along his chest. She looked at his new muscle tone as even though he looked human again her effects on him were still apparent. Even his cock was a little thicker and longer than it was before.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Bruce asked.

"Nothing you will regret."

"No seriously." He said rolling out of bed "what the fuck happened, what are you?"

"This is what happens when you lose your virginity to a sex demon!"

"Sex demon?"

"Well, that's an over simplification of what I am, but did you not enjoy yourself?" She said standing up and walking over to him rubbing up against him. "We can have some more fun if you want."

"But I..." he said as he was confused and worried about the monster he had become.

"sshhh, let me show you the new world you of possibilities I have created for you!" She said before they both heard a loud bang. Ezrina looked up knowing what had happened before smiling and walking over to the window seeing the light and the creature flying off away from the apartment building before she saw a house in the distance with all the lights on and multiple cars parked outside. "There, that's where we are going!"

"What, that's Justin's house, there's a big college party going on there tonight."

"Perfect, let's go." she said turning towards the door.

"But we can't go there, what we if I... transform or something?"

"Oh Brucey, I'm counting on it!" She said rubbing her hand along his face.


The house was alive with activity as it was filled with college students. Many of them were classmate of Bruce who was invited by his friend Sofia but had decided to stay home instead. Bruce wasn't sure how they had gotten there so quickly. He remembered rushing to get dressed after trying to talk her out of taking him there but he was suddenly walking through the front door. Ezrina stood there breathing in the scent of everyone in there. There was at least 20 people all drinking and chatting not even noticing the two of them as the walked in. Bruce looked around until he saw a tall blonde woman across the room with a drink in her hand talking with some of her friends.

"I see you have found your mate for the evening, I consider myself lucky you have a passion for blondes."

"That's Danielle."

"I see, go and have her then."

"I, I can't."

"You don't understand my pet, she cannot resist you, the moment you choose her as your lover she will not be able to say no, besides we have some guests arriving as well."

"What have you done to me?"

"You are the future," she said turning him towards her. "I have to posses people, but you are the perfect mix of human and demon, I almost envy her, to have your cock inside her."

"Bruce? Holy crap you decided to come!" A young woman said to him giving him a hug for a moment as Ezrina looked on a little confused. "What made you change your mine?"

"I uh, I dunno, just was sick of sitting around I guess." He said looking over at Ezrina. "So you having a good time?"

"Bleh, actually it's been kind of dead here, oh hi, I'm sorry I'm Sofia, and your Alexa right we have a few classes together?"

Ezrina looked over this attractive young Latin woman with long dark hair and tanned skin. She was wearing a flowery dress that showed off her curves as Ezrina looked her over before she took her hand greeting her. "Yes, of course."

"Alexa?" Bruce asked never actually knowing the name of the woman who's body Ezrina was occupying.

"Yeah, her and I shared a laugh earlier when Mr Hartwell ripped his pants in class, poor old guy." Sofia said chuckling to herself a little.

As Sophia stood there she caught the scent of something strange. She wasn't sure what it was but it smelled very good and it was making her a little light headed. Bruce began to notice it as well not sure what was happening as Ezrina stood there smiling knowing exactly what was going on.

"Sophia, you feeling okay?" Bruce asked concerned

"Yeah I um, excuse me a second." She said before heading for the bathroom.

"What was that all about?" Bruce asked looking at Ezrina.

"It's your pheromones, she can't take them for very long, another few seconds and she would have been all over you."

"What! What the hell have you done to me?"

"You keep asking that question, I have made you what you were meant to be, you can have any woman you want now, and don't worry about your friend, I'll take good care of her, you go after your prey." Ezrina said with a smile.

"I can't do this, what if I kill her?"

"Then she'll die with a smile on her face."

"This isn't funny!"

"Listen!" Ezrina said grabbing him as her eyes turned red. "I created you, I am your master and I am telling you to go and catch your prey." She said with a growl before she started to calm down. "We are vicious creatures but we are lovers more than we are fighters, we are demons of lust and passion so believe me when I say she will be fine, now go and have fun." Ezrina added before she turned and followed Sophia to the restroom.


Sophia was standing in front of the mirror waving her hands trying to fan herself. She was suddenly feeling very strange and was even sweating a little. The strange thing was she was actually feeling attracted to Bruce. He wasn't a bad looking guy even by her standards but she had never thought of him that way before and wasn't sure why she was now.

Suddenly the door opened and she looked to see Alexa walking in and shutting the door behind her before saying "Are you alright? You look a little flushed."

"I'm fine, just uh, thinking I drank little too much is all." She said patting some cold water on her face. "But anyway, bathrooms all yours of you..." she stopped when she turned and Alexa was right in front of her. "What are you doing?"

"You are a beautiful woman, do you know that? This house is full of men that you could snatch up without even trying." Ezrina said as she slid a piece of hair from Sophia's face to the side.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you, you are a hunter, and outside that door there is prey." She said circling around behind her. "Its time for you to claim what you want."

Sophia was still feeling dizzy as Ezrina ran her hands up her sides. She was enjoying her touch even as the hands slid into her dress and around her stomach. Ezrina began to kiss the side of her neck which only got her more aroused as her hands slid up cupping her breasts gently stroking them as he nipples hardened at her touch.

"What are you... doing to me?" Sophia asked confused and light headed.

Sophia wasn't sure what was going on as she felt strange but didn't want her to stop. Her body was quivering at this womans touch who she assumed was still Alexa not knowing the creature that was inside her. She felt the strap around her neck let go as her top fell down leaving her breasts out in the open only covered by Ezrinas hands. She was so turned on at the moment feeling her breath against her neck as on of her hands slid down under her panties.

"Oh Shit!" Sophia said as this womans hand was suddenly playing with her clit massaging it.

Her knees were getting weak as the pleasure filled her not seeing the red eyes glaring at her from behind. Ezrina continued to pleasure this Latin beauty before her getting her more and more ready. She pulled her hand off her breast and reached into her pocket pulling out a small black orb. Her other hand was still inside Sophia's pussy as she used her fingers to bring her closer to orgasm.

"Are you ready to become what you were meant to be?" Ezrina whisper in her ear before kissing her neck again.

"Oh fuck, don't stop!"

"Trust me my dear, the pleasure will never stop!'


Bruce was heading across the room to Danielle who was talking to her friends and hadn't even noticed him. He was nervous about a great many things which made it feel like it was taking him forever to get to her. He was nervous because he had always had a crush on her but also of what was done to him and he wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do to her.

Suddenly she turned noticing him getting closer before she said "hello there, its Bruce isn't it, you're friends with Sophia?"

"Uh, yes, hi I'm Bruce, yeah."

"It's Bruce right?" One of her friends said jokingly mocking him before she laughed.

"So um, great party right?" Bruce said nervously as he could hear his heart racing.

He began to notice other things happening as well as he stood there. His senses seemed to sharpen a bit as well as he could see and hear the heart beats of all 3 of the woman in front of him. He also began to feel the tightness in his pants as his cock began to harden and he was getting more nervous now as he felt himself losing control.

"What is that cologne you're wearing?" Danielle said taking a deep breath. "You smell really good tonight Bruce."

"Actually, yeah he does smell very good?" Her brunette friend said breathing in his scent along with the other blonde who had mocked him moments ago.

Bruce wasn't sure what was happening as the three of them suddenly were getting closer to him smelling him and touching him. He was enjoying the attention though he wasn't sure why they were all suddenly all over him. He remembered what Ezrina said about his pheromones but he didn't realize they were that strong as Danielle was actually trying to take his pants off all of a sudden.

"Woah woah wait, what are you?..." he asked stopping her.

"You right, let's take him to the bedroom." She said as they threw of them began to pull him into Justin's bedroom.

The four of them were gone and the bedroom door shut. Only a few people there had noticed until suddenly the bathroom door opened and Alexa and Sophia came walking out. Alexa had a smile on her face but a few people noticed Sophia had a very sultry look in her eyes as she looked around the room at all the men staring at her. She had her pick of the men around her as she licked her lips and walked out into the living room. Ezrina stood there watching her child in her new body begin her hunt when she noticed a young man looking at her from her right side. She glanced at him as he looked away and began to chug his beer before he looked back at her. She looked him over and he wasn't a bad looking guy but she was more curious than anything else when he finally walked over to her.

"Hey, it's Alexa right, I'm Justin, I sit behind you in Econ."

"I see." She said looking him up and down.

"Can I um, get you a drink or something?" He asked nervously.

Ezrina glared at him for a moment seeing him sweat as he was extremely nervous talking to her. She found it funny as humans always seemed so scared when it came to sex that she even questioned how the reproduced at all. She smiled at him as she was starting to like how she had this power over the men of this world. She knew he wanted her and she was going to take him for a ride.

"Sure." She said replying to his request to get her a drink as she followed him.

There was nobody in the kitchen as most of them were watching Sophia as she danced seductively in the living room seeing who she would lure in first. Ezrina looked back at her with a look of pride in her offspring before she turned around. Justin handed her a bottle of beer as she examined it for a moment. She smelled it sensing all the ingredients before she placed the bottle against her lips and chugged the hole thing within seconds. Justin stood there shocked by what he had just seen.

"Holy shit!"

"This is an interesting beverage." She said savoring the flavor not sure why humans drank it as the flavor was not to her liking.

"How did you... that's amazing."

"You men are so easily impressed." She said walking over to him until he was against the counter with his right in front of him. "Now let's get down to business."

"What um... what do you mean?"

"You want me, you want this body." She said as she began to grind up against him getting him turned on. "You want to give yourself to me." She added before she pressed her lips to his shoving her tongue into his mouth much to his surprise.

Her hands began to unbuckle his belt before sliding inside. She felt his cock harden in her hands as her lips never left his. His eyes widened shocked by everything that was happening at the moment as she stroked his member getting him primed and ready as she unzipped his pants freeing him even more.

"Holy... what are you doing?" He asked.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"I uh, no, I mean..."

"Shh, there is no shame in your desires." She said before she kneeled down in front of him and began to kiss his cock letting her lips gently touch it over and over again breathing in his scent before using her tongue to taste him.

Justin stood there as she took his cock into her mouth gently teasing him moving her lips slowly savoring the flavor. He had never felt anything this good before and was a little worried about someone walking in and seeing this but luckily they all seemed a bit distracted by what Sophia was doing in the other room. He glanced over and saw her dancing wearing nothing but her panties which was a shocking site to see but his attention was focused on the blonde woman sucking him off at the moment.

He looked back down at her as he suddenly saw something strange to his right side. There was a green creature floating towards them that seemed to be transparent. It got close to his cock as Ezrina let go of him and looked at it. Justin wasn't sure what was going on but suddenly he watched her start to growl as her eyes turned red as if she was trying to scare off whatever that thing was and it seemed to work as it floated backwards before flying over them and into the living room.

"What the fuck was that?"

"It wanted your cock, but trust me, what it can do is nothing compared to what I am gonna do to you." She said before reaching up and grabbing his shirt pulling him down onto the floor.


Sophia continued to dance showing her body and distracting all the men and even a few woman as the room began to fill with a few different colored phantoms. Nobody noticed them at first but soon they all began to notice them and react differently as she heard something behind her. She turned to see one guy standing there as a pink creature floated down in front of his crotch before unzipping his pants and flying inside.

"What the...fuck!" He said crabbing his crotch and falling to his knees as everyone watched him before his cock began to swell sticking out of his pants getting much larger than any cock should.

His friends backed away shocked at what they were seeing as his large cock began to pulse as he laid on the floor watching in horror not sure what was happening. He began to moan out as his cock swelled a little more becoming about a yard long and a foot wide still pulsing before it suddenly pointed at a woman to his right and began spraying pink slime all over her knocking her down.

Sophia smiled still dancing as and touching her body as more and more of them were attacked by different creatures. One guy sitting on the couch watched as his pants came undone by what seemed to be invisible hands before sliding off along with his underwear before this orange creature appeared and began barfing slime all over his cock. He wasn't sure what was happening but his penis began to start moving on it's own jerking itself as suddenly little version of the same orange creature started shooting out of him every time he orgasmed.

A few of them began to swirl around the Sophia who was still dancing seductively in the middle of the room. She turned slowly looking around and randomly pointing at different people before one of the creatures attacked them. She looked over at a cute blonde girl with glasses standing against the wall in fear as she pointed towards her as a long thin blue worm slithered around her arm before lunging at her flying into her mouth. The girl didn't know what had just happened to her as she fell to the floor. Her eyes rolled into her head as she touched her crotch.

"Stacy we gotta go!" Her boyfriend said running to her and trying to pull her up before she grabbed him pulling him down to the floor.

He landed with a thud not sure what she was doing as she lifted up her skirt and slid off her panties. She pulled off his pants as he struggled to fight her off but once his cock was out she hovered over him for a second as two little tendrils came out of her pussy and wrapped around his shaft pulling his cock inside of her. He let out a scream of fear until it turned into moans of pleasure. Sophia watched as every time she lifted her hips she could see the blue worm sucking his cock from her pussy.

Sophia continued to dance watching all of the men and woman all getting molested by different creature, watching their genitals become possessed, manipulated, some of them afraid and other enjoying the pleasure. She saw the woman who had been covered in slime fingering herself frantically as more slime shot out of her with every orgasm. She saw another woman naked floating in the air as a green creature had tendrils in her pussy and both her nipples apparently fucking her as it pumped green slime into her letting it drip off her body and she screamed in ecstasy over and over again. There was a guy on the floor behind her getting his dick sucked but a red phantom woman with large breast and no lower body just a tail who seemed to hover over him sucking cum from him over and over again.

Looking all over at the supernatural orgy happening Sophia suddenly began to wonder if there was anyone left for her. She looked all over when she heard a door shut which caught her attention. She glanced over at the bathroom and could smell someone inside it as she walked towards the door. She pressed up against it as she could smell the young man behind the door before she opened it and stepped in shutting it behind her. There was a man there who she recognized from earlier checking her out the moment she had emerged from this room a little while ago. His name was Kyle and he seemed to be trying to open the window but stopped as he saw more of those creature floating around outside. He looked down as the sink began to bubble with pink slime coming up from the drain as he backed away not noticing Sophia at first until he turned around and saw her standing there.

"Sophia, what the fuck is going on?" He asked confused and panicked.

She said nothing and stepped closer to him still wearing nothing but her panties as she began rubbing her hands up his chest. She smelled him which he thought was a little strange but he was very turned on from the show she had been giving everyone and her touch now.

"Sophia are you alright?"

"I want you." She said kissing him and touching the bulge in his pants.

"Wait wait, this is just those thing out there, they've gotten to you Sophia, what's going on?" he was stopped as she kissed him before throwing him down on the floor.

"You don't get it do you, there is no escape." She said sliding off her panties and standing over him. "I am going to fuck you, I am going to feel you inside me." She said grabbing a glob of the pink ooze in the sink before holding it above him letting it drip down landing on his pants.

Kyle watched as his pants started to open up on there own followed by his shirt and shoes coming off leaving him on the floor naked as his cock stood straight up. Sophia took the slime and started rubbing it all over her skin moaning while she did. Kyle watched this and couldn't help but like what he was seeing before she kneeled down and crawled towards him getting her face right near his erect penis. She smiled up at him as her flashed red for a second and she began licking his cock.

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