tagGay MaleMore Curiosity, The Final Chapter

More Curiosity, The Final Chapter


More Curiosity:

The Video tape continues:

After about an hour in the hot tub, and after having dosed off a couple of times, I felt Scott’s foot playing at my crotch. I smiled back across at him and found his cock with my toes. We both had raging hard-ons again! Not much had been said since the scene in the living room, but I had several questions. Sensing all was well between us, I thought now would be the perfect time.

“So, did you like what we did earlier?”

He blushed a little, “yea, did you?”

I nodded my head, “Yea, man it was great!”

He smiled.

“So, what did it feel like, having my dick in your butt?” I asked.

“Well,” he started, “It kinda hurt at first, but then it really got to feeling good. I can’t explain it, it was like having a finger in there that was harder, thicker and very hot. I could feel the ridges on your dick with my muscles in there.” He went on, “and when you started to cum, I could feel your dick swelling inside me and each squirt was really hot against the inside of my butt.”

“Could you feel my cum oozing out after we were done?” I asked.

“Yea, I could. I could feel it leaking out of my hole.”

“Do you hurt now?”

“Not really, kinda tender, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“You know, the other day you said you’d be my cocksucker any time I wanted, so now will you let me screw you too?”

Scott smiled and said, “I think I might actually like your dick in my ass more than in my mouth.” He then asked, “What did you think about the kissing thing?”

“It was really cool. I liked swirling the cum around and then that second kiss was, well, it was really hot!” I replied.

“Yea, I liked it too. I’m getting harder just thinking about it!”

“And, what did you think about me licking your asshole?”

“It was incredible. I thought you were going to make me cum while doing that! It was awesome.”

Not too sure of the next answer, I asked, “So, do you want to fuck me now?”

Scott smiled and stood up, stroking his cock he replied, “No, I think I want you to fuck me again.” He then turned and bent of the edge of the hot tub, his perfect bubble ass glistening from the warm water.

I stepped across the small hot tub and buried my tongue in his tight hole. He gasped, then reached behind him with his hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart as the guy in the tape had done. Once he did this, I was able to push my tongue about and inch or more into his tight hole. There was no taste at all, just warmth surrounding the tip of my tongue.

I continued to force my tongue deeper into his hole, pulling out and flicking my tongue across the tiny opening, then plunging it back in. I pulled out and licked the entire length of his ass crack, then I began to place tiny kisses along the insides of his cheeks and across his beautiful globe of his bubble butt.

Scott was moaning louder with each pass of my tongue over the hole. With the way he was leaning over, I was able to wrap my hand around his cock and pulled it tightly under his crack. As I ran my tongue down the length of his crack, I continued licking along his balls and the under side of his cock, flicking my tongue across the tip of his cock. I would then slowly run the length back up, forcing my tongue into the tight hole again.

After a few minutes of this, I raised up out of the water and grabbed a bottle of bath oil that was close by, lubing Scott’s ass and my cock at the same time. Once ready, I eased my cock into his hole. He was still holding his cheeks apart and I slid in much easier this time. Once I was buried in completely into his hot ass, I pushed a little harder, forcing his hips firmly against the hot tub wall gaining an extra half inch in depth.

I didn’t move, I just stood there with my cock buried as far as I could go into his ass. I then asked, “Do you like my cock in your ass?”

The response was a low moan then barely audible words, “Oh yes, I love your cock in my ass.”

“Tell me what you want me to do?”

“I want you to fuck my ass,” Scott moaned.

More forcefully pushing against his, I said, “Beg me!”

Again, he moaned, “Please, oh, please fuck my ass!”

I pushed forward again, pushing him harder still against the tub wall, “I can’t hear you!”

Scott moaned louder and with shallow breathes pleaded loudly, “Please fuck my ass! I want to feel your cock fucking me!”

With that, I drew my cock out to where only the tip of my dick was still inside him, then quickly plunged forward.

Scott almost lost his footing with the hard plunge and had to release the grip on his ass to catch himself.

I repeated the motion, pulling almost completely out then shoving as hard as I could back into his tight ass.

He was moaning loudly with each thrust, when I decided to spank him. The first swat was on the left cheek as I pulled out, then the right cheek as I slammed back into him. His moaning was more intense than before and with each swat he moaned louder.

Suddenly, after about one minute of spanking and the hard thrusts of my cock, Scott began to quiver, and yelled, “OH SHIT! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!”

His hands were no where near his dick, but he was cumming, shooting spray after spray of cum along the tub wall.

I then felt my own orgasm approaching, I said to Scott, “beg for my cum!”


“I don’t think you really want it!” I teased.

“OH PLEAAAAAASE! SHOOT YOUR CUM IN MY ASS!” Scott was now yelling loudly and my cock swelled to the point of no return and I filled his tight ass with cum for the second time that afternoon!

I shook for five minutes as I continued to fuck him at a fast pace, even after cumming until my shriveled cock plopped loose from his tight asshole.

As my cock came out, Scott turned and began to kiss me. We staggered backwards into the deeper part of the hot tub never breaking our kiss. My hands were wandering over his body as his were wandering over mine. I pulled on his ass, squeezed his balls, stroked his cock and even pinched at his tiny nipples, all without breaking the hot kiss.

Scott did the same, pulling me closer to him by grabbing my ass in his hands and squeezing them, pulling me tightly against his naked body.

After more than five minutes, the kiss broke as we both needed a deep breathe of air. We had been in the tub for almost two hours and decided to get out and have dinner. We climbed out of the hot tub, both remaining naked and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Being naked throughout the entire house was great. Where ever or what ever, we were naked. We cooked hamburgers naked, ate naked, sat around naked and watched TV naked. I loved seeing his perfect bubble ass bouncing as he walked and when he had an erection it was an added bonus watching his cock bounce up and down.

Shortly after dinner, I suggested that we watch the tape to see if there was anything else on there. He agreed and back to the den we went, each with hard-ons beginning to develop.

There was another scene on the tape. This one showed the guy wearing the stockings laying flat on his back on a bed. His hands seemed to be tied to the headboard and his legs were spread and bent at the knees with his feet flat on the bed. The camera zoomed in on his cock, which looked to be at least six inches long, and very skinny. His entire crotch area was bald, shaved smooth as a babies butt. The camera panned up and down his body, then seemed to be set level on the bed with a perfect shot of this ass, balls and cock. We could hear talking, but could not make out the words. The camera was picked up again and panned towards the end of the bed. There was Scott’s brother, not holding the camera! This meant a third person had joined them. Keith then lifted the guys legs up over his shoulders, letting his upper calves come to rest on either side of Keith’s head. He then slowly slid his cock into the guy on the bed.

The guy on the bed moaned as he accepted Keith’s entire dick, which was longer and slightly thicker than his own. The cameraman zoomed in on the cock, showing how it slowly went in, inch by inch, until it was completely in his ass. Once Keith was buried in his butt, the camera showed that there was less than a quarter inch between the two boys.

Looking over at Scott, I noticed his cock was as hard as mine, to which I commented, “Do you think you could take all of Keith’s cock?”

“I don’t know, it’s a couple of inches longer and a little thicker than yours, but I’d like to try taking on one that size.”

It then dawned on me that Scott was really turning into a cock slut, not that I had a problem with that. “So, do you think you would like me to fuck you like that, on your back?”

Scott grinned and said, “Sure, that looks really hot!”

As I looked back to the TV, I heard Keith talking to the cameraman, “Okay, hand me camera and move on in.”

The camera jerked and waved as it was handed to Keith, who steadied the camera and focused in on the stocking guy’s face. As he panned back, you could clearly see the other guy, who was naked, stepping towards the face of the tied down guy. He held his cock out with one hand and turned the guy’s face with the other until his cock head was touching the tied up guy’s mouth.

The guy tied down opened his mouth and the other fed him his cock until we was as deep into his mouth as he could go. The new naked guy was also clean shaven on his crotch, which was clear to see as Keith zoomed in on the mouth sucking the new cock. Keith was obviously fucking the guy as the camera moved back and forth with his fucking action.

The camera was now panning from the butt fucking to the blow job both of which were extremely hot. Keith was pulling almost completely out of the ass and running the length of his cock back in with each stroke. The other guy was sliding his cock in and out of the mouth.

My cock was aching now and I was gently stroking it, when I felt my hand being pushed away. Scott had moved up beside me on the couch and was laying his head down towards my lap. Soon, his warm mouth encircled my cock and he began to slide his mouth up and down the length of my cock.

Since he was lying across the couch face down, I had a perfect view of his awesome bubble butt. I sucked on middle finger into my mouth getting it slick with saliva and leaned over, pushing his butt cheeks apart with my index and ring fingers and slowly inserted my wet finger into his butt.

He moaned, which caused a wonder vibration around my cock. I then started to move my finger in and out slowly finger fucking his ass. Of course, this caused more deep moaning.

From the TV, I heard, “I’m cumming!” Turning to look at the TV, I saw that it was the guy getting the blowjob. Keith then said, “Shoot it on his face!” The guy then pulled out and was stroking his cock with blinding speed as blast after blast of cum covered the tied up guy’s face.

“Oh man!” Keith said, “That’s a shit load of cum!” The guys face was completely covered and he was doing his best to lick what he could reach with his tongue. Keith then said, “Okay, clean him up.” The guy who had just cum leaned down and began to lick up his own cum from the face of the other guy, which naturally caused moans from me and Scott, who had turned to see the show too.

Scott lifted his head and said, “THAT is cool! Maybe you should cum all over my face like that.”

“Maybe I will,” I replied.

The scene on the TV now changed to the two guys kissing, obviously exchanging the cum. Keith then belted, “OH, here it comes! I’m gonna fill your ass!” and he began to jerk, causing him to almost drop the camera. After a minute or so, the camera settled down and was pointing again towards the cock sliding in and out of the ass. The cock was covered in cum as it slowly slid out. Once out, the camera was lowered to the bed again, to show the guy’s open asshole leaking a river of cum. The camera stayed focused on the scene as the butthole slowly returned to a closed position, squeezing out a large amount of cum.

The camera was then put on a tripod and left pointing at the naked guy tied to the bed. A girl came in and straddled the guy’s face and she carefully lowered her face to his lips. The camera was moved to the front of the girl’s crotch showing her pussy sealed around the tied up guy’s mouth. Then Keith said, “Alice, how many guys did you just fuck?”

The girl replied, “Five.”

Keith then asked, “How many loads of cum are you feeding John?”

The girl moaned, “Five.”

I was now very close to cumming, as Scott continued to fuck me with his mouth. He was moaning deeply too, with each stroke of my finger.

“Man, you better stop, I’m about to cum!” I warned.

He raised up and said, “Good! I’m hungry for dessert!” He then lowered his mouth onto my cock again, then pulled back up adding, “talk dirty to me.”

The scene on the TV changed again, as the girl came from having her pussy eaten. Once down, she got off of the guy, kissed him and left. Keith then said to the camera, “hope you liked our little show. Come to the dorm for a visit and you’ll see what else goes on around here.” The TV then went black as the tape ended.

I was very close to cumming and buried my finger deep into Scott’s ass, wiggling it around inside him I said, “You like my finger in your ass don’t you?” He tried to nod, I then said, “You like my cock too don’t you?” Again, an attempt to nod.

I then took my other hand and forced his head down further onto my dick and said, “That’s right suck my dick, feel my finger in your ass, I’m gonna cum and you’re going to swallow it all! Here it comes! Get ready!” I felt my balls tighten and the cum began to rise up my shaft, “AGHUGGHSHIT!” And I shot my full load into Scott’s swallowing mouth. He tried to keep up, but I could feel cum running down my balls and under my ass. After I stopped cumming, Scott then cleaned the cum from my nuts and from the underside of my ass. I withdrew my finger from his ass and he rolled over, showing that he too had cum, his cock was deflating and there was cum all over the couch and now he was sliding his butt around on it.

I stretched out beside him and we began to kiss, making out sucking each others tongues and rubbing our hands up and down each others bodies. We must have dosed off and didn’t wake up until almost four in the morning, getting about five hours of sleep. Instantly erect, we switched to a sixty nine position and began swallowing each others cocks. It didn’t take long for both of us to reach a strong orgasm, with cum filled mouths, we moved towards each other and shared our mouthfuls of cum, then swallowed and kissed again.

“WOW! Just think, we still have the rest of the morning, all day, all night and most of tomorrow!” He said.

I replied, “I know! I think we should rest for a while though, my cock is sore and besides, I think we should do a few other things.”

Puzzled, Scott asked, “Like what?”

I smiled and said, “Like shave our hair off, find stockings to wear and cum all over each others faces!”

A huge smile came across his face as he said, “I’m sure your sisters or your mom has some stockings and I saw the razors in the bathroom, so what do you want to do first?”

“Eat,” I said, then quickly added, “Food! I’m hungry.”

We both padded off towards the kitchen, naked, with dried cum on various body parts.

***I hope you have enjoyed the stories…more than ninety percent is the absolute truth, of course the names have been changed, but the sex acts occurred and were repeated many times before we both left for different colleges. Please let me know what you thought, good or bad. I have many other stories to share based on the feedback I get.

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