More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

In short order they arrived at the trailer park where Molly's RV was located. Rosa led the way to Molly's door and rang the bell. No answer. She listened at the door.

"God, I don't hear a thing," she said.

Dutch pounded on the door, shaking the RV.

"Who is it? Molly called out.

"Molly honey, let us in," Rosa said calmer now that she'd heard Molly's voice.

"Go away!"

Dutch said sternly, "If you don't let us in, I'll kick the damn door down."

There was a pause, then the lock turned and the door opened and Molly was standing there. She was wearing a white flannel bathrobe and she looked terrible. Her hair was wild and matted. There were splotches of makeup on her face and dirt under her fingernails. Her eyes were sore from crying and her face was swollen.

"I don't want to hear your damned story Molly," Rosa said, taking her arm and leading everyone into the RV. Dutch closed the door behind them and locked it.

"Nothin' to tell," Molly sniffed and started crying again. "I'm useless; serve no purpose; no reason to go on living; none at all."

Rosa led Molly through the bedroom and into the bathroom. Dutch wasn't sure what to do, but looked around. There were empty bottles of beer and gin everywhere, overflowing ashtrays, (he hadn't known she smoked) dirty plates and glasses, mounds of clothes strewn on the floor. Rosa saw them too. She turned back to him at the bathroom door.

"Maybe you can do something with this mess," she said, "while I clean Molly up."

He nodded and she closed the door. Moving swiftly and methodically around the RV, he put the empty bottles in a black, plastic garbage bag, emptied the ashtrays, folded the clothes and piled them on an armchair. He opened the windows to let the sour smell drift into the muggy afternoon air and turned the air conditioner to its highest level.

All the while he heard the shower running and wondered if Rosa had been forced to climb in with Molly just to hold her up. And as he straightened the chairs and the couch, the RV changed its character. The dirt and disorder had marked it as Molly's place. Now it seemed to belong to no one. There were no photographs of friends or loved ones; there were no books on the shelves or pictures on the walls. 'No wonder she'd become depressed,' he thought as he poured himself a glass of water from the sink's nozzle and drank the warm, rust colored water down.

'No one really lives here,' he told himself. 'We've got to do better than this for her sake,' and made that a commitment to be resolved before they left later for San Francisco.

The water had stopped running in the shower, but he heard no sounds. A jet airliner flew overhead. 'That sound must drive Molly mad,' he thought; and started washing the glasses and dishes in the sink. As he was finishing up drying them, the bathroom door opened and Rosa was standing there with a towel wrapped around her and nothing under the towel.

"Come into the bedroom," she said.

Molly was still wearing the bathrobe, but her hair was brushed straight back and her skin was shiny and her fingernails clean. She smiled at him like a kid arriving at a surprise party. Then she went to the queen-sized bed and, still wearing the robe, slipped under the covers, all the while her eyes were on Dutch.

He turned to Rosa.

She nodded at the bed and went past him, turning off the lights and drawing the one blind that wasn't already closed.

He undressed and got into bed beside Molly, engulfed by the odor of soap and fresh perfume. Molly looked directly at him and touched his face. Her skin shimmered whitely in the dim light.

Hi Molly," he said in a hoarse whisper.

"Take my robe off," she said, in a small frightened voice. "If you take it off, then everything's gonna be all right."

Dutch turned and saw Rosa suddenly naked, getting into bed on the other side of Molly. She nodded at Dutch and he began to untie the belt of Molly's bathrobe. Molly sat up and he slipped the robe off her shoulders and saw her freshly scrubbed pink nipples and lush breasts. She shifted her weight and he was able to slide the robe out from under her, dropping it on the floor.

"I've been so unhappy," she said, and suddenly began to cry.

He held her close, one of his hands reaching past her for Rosa; for her arms and breasts and face. Molly turned her face up to him and Dutch kissed her and tasted salt. He realized that Rosa was sucking one of his fingers.

And so, Dutch and Rosa began to make love to Molly, trying to console her; to heal her; taking her out of her loneliness and despair. They silently converged on her. Kissing her mouth in tandem – a trio of lips and tongues moved against each other, twirling in a single moment.

Soft sighs filled the bedroom, followed by a gentle sucking sound as Dutch kissed and sucked one of Molly's turgid nipples and Rosa did the same to the other. He marveled at the pebbled surface of her areola and used his teeth to tug at one of her several hairs sprouting from the brown circled nipple.

They felt Molly begin to relax and, with a soft groan, Dutch grasped his cock and inserted it in Molly's wet hole, Molly groaned in pleasure.

Then Rosa covered her mouth with a series of wet, sloppy kisses while playing with her nipples.

They both felt Molly's climax although it wasn't an especially violent one, consisting of a series of shuddering tremors and a long sigh.

After a while Molly whispered, "Don't come in me Dutch. Please don't come in me. That's for Rosa. Come in Rosa, for me, okay?"

And so he eased his member out of Molly and entered Rosa, who's vaginal passage seemed even hotter than Molly's had been, and he willed himself not to come, trying to make it last forever; or until Molly was fully consoled. And while his cock surged in and out of Rosa's seemingly molten cunt, Molly covered Rosa's face with kisses and sucked both her breasts in turn, murmuring over and over again, "You two are my true friends, my only friends."

Then Molly was behind him, pushing hard against his ass as he pounded into Rosa, the double weight flattening Rosa against the bed.

Rosa started to come, humping up against the incredible weight of both bodies and actually lifting them several inches in her frenzy.

Molly's breasts were crushed against his back; her hands crept under him to knead Rosa's breasts as she continued to come. And finally, he could hold back no longer and exploded. Rising up like a bucking bronco, he sent his seed to the farthest corners of Rosa's uterus --- Crashing down upon Rosa who didn't seem to know or care about the collisions as Dutch tried to dislodge Molly from his back, only to have Molly yank on his hair to maintain her position. And underneath the pile of flesh Rosa moaned and came and came again. Finally all three collapsed and lay still on the weary bed.

That didn't end things. They dozed for a while, Molly holding his limp cock, while his hand lay fingers spread open across her pussy and his mouth was agape inches from Rosa's sperm drooling cunt.

Later Rosa brought in large cold glasses of Pepsi. They drank in silence, listening to the birds chirping outside and then hugged Molly between them, until she wriggled free and began sucking his cock. Rosa got up and sat in a chair facing them. As Dutch's cock grew to its fullest, Rosa began to masturbate. Dutch watched her and found that he couldn't come, no matter how well or how hard Molly labored on him. But Rosa came, groaning loudly and on hearing her, Molly released his cock from her mouth and called to Rosa.

"Get over here!"

Half bent over, still in the throes of coming, Rosa rolled off the chair and stumbled to the bed and then Molly plunged her blonde head between those dark thighs, offering her own pink ass to Dutch, her cunt a thick gorged red, the blonde hairs almost invisible in the dim lighting; the lips slippery from her excretions and her asshole, tiny and tight, with dozens of little lines vanishing into the hole. He wet himself in her cunt and then eased himself into her asshole. Molly's body shuddered and rose and trembled and pulled away, and then pushed back at him to take him into her for she preferred taking it in the ass. And as Dutch surged into her rectum, Rosa's dusky hands gripped Molly's blonde head and pulled her face into her come filled cunt.

Afterward Molly smiled at them and said, "Thank you."

They spoke briefly, telling her what they were up to and assured her that in a couple days they would be introducing her to Alice and Robert, who were in a better position to find her some gainful employment. Molly appeared reassured and Rosa felt she would make it while they were gone.

They made their flight with seconds to spare.

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