tagLoving WivesMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 14

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 14

byParis Waterman©

Formerly chapter 35

The Night Is Still Young

As they watched the women enjoying one another, Robert nudged Dutch with his elbow. Dutch turned to him and gave Robert his undivided attention.

"I have a little surprise for the ladies."

"Do tell," said Dutch as a bemused smile crossed his lips.

"Oh, yeah, a little after midnight I have three well hung studs coming over."

"How did you find them? And are they clean?" Dutch asked with apprehension.

"Don't worry, I know them and to answer your second question first, yes, they're clean. Sharon checked them out; in fact she only got the test results in this afternoon. I was afraid I'd have to cancel them. But she came through once again. What a gal."

The black man pawed Dutch's should with his big hand. "They all work at the Ladies Night Lounge on Westbrook." He made no mention of the sum it cost to provide the additional entertainment although Dutch knew it had to be close to a thousand dollars.

"What about us getting the ladies some refreshment?" Dutch asked. "I mean, drinks, not dicks," he added lamely."

"I knew what you meant his long time friend said and they left the bedroom to prepare some tidbits of cheese and ham and mixed drinks for everyone. The women took advantage of the opportunity to rush giddily into the sumptuous shower and cleanse themselves and after drying each other, returned to join the men. As the ladies partook of the snacks and libations Dutch and Robert excused themselves and also showered.

Soon everyone had gathered again in the sumptuous living room. Although no one was clothed, no one appeared to be concerned either. Molly was moved to comment on the spectacular view Alice had of the Pacific as it grew dark.

Robert glanced at his Rolex, ten-fifteen. "God, he thought, "midnight's a long way off, we'll really need those guys when then show up." Then he forgot about them as Alice cupped his testicles in her hand and said, "Girls, what say we give these nice fellows a trip around the world?"

"A trip around...?" Molly said, obviously perplexed.

"Rosa you take Robert and I'll do Dutch. Molly you watch us and if we get tired you can take over, okay?"

Rosa nodded her agreement and Molly simply said, "I guess."

"I have a better idea," Rosa said after thinking about Molly being left out. "Come on guys, bend over the couch there. Molly, you sit on top of the couch. Pick a guy, either one. He'll be eating you while we take them on a nice trip around the world."

"Okay," Molly replied eagerly, already clambering up to the top of the large couch. Robert and Dutch followed her lead, leaning over the cushions, resting their hands between Molly's legs.

"Dutch," Molly said somewhat shyly after all she'd been through already, "would you do me... that is, would you do me first?"

He licked his lips twice before answering her. And then, as if being asked to dance by a lady at a formal affair, he replied, "My lady, I would be honored to dine upon your fair cunt."

All the women laughed at his wit and Robert looked nervously behind him to see Rosa getting into position.

"Hmmm," they heard Alice say, and tensed their respective buttocks.

"Oh, don't worry fella's, I just want a long look at your cute little assholes. I absolutely love a man's ass, don't you Rosa?"

Molly emitted a high pitched squeak that passed for laughter before Rosa answered.

"Oh, yes I do; particularly those round asscheeks and especially that deep furrow between them."

"And how about," Alice chimed in, "those cute little pink holes hiding in there."

"Of course, the puckering pud, I believe it's called," and they both giggled inanely.

Molly's moan brought the two women back to the moment, for Dutch, ignoring Rosa and Alice had started sucking on Molly's outer labia and had already inserted a finger in her hole. He also shifted his weight accordingly, providing Alice had easy access to his ass.


Alice started first, running her fingers up and down Dutch's anal slit, pausing only to poke and prod at his asshole.

Rosa smiled and shrugged. Then leaned over Robert and whispered in his ear. "You're gonna love this tonguing, my man."

Molly had all she could handle just maintaining her balance as Dutch used one hand to lightly glide over Molly's belly, slowly tracing it's way down through her small tuft of triangular hair as he patiently nibbled on her outer labia.

She moaned softly as he sought out the line where her legs joined her stomach and then casually traced a line with a fingertip along the groove between her leg and her crotch.

Meanwhile, Alice was finger-fucking Dutch's asshole, furiously running her finger in and out and making it plop as her finger each time she pulled it from his reddened rectum.

Rosa chose a more moderate attack on Robert. Holding his testicles in her hand, she tentatively probed his anus with her pointed tongue, eliciting a gasp from his lips.

Having been rimmed before, the black skinned man, pushed down attempting to relax his anus, as if taking a shit. His puckered anus expanded outward, affording Rosa more area to lick and suck on. And did she ever suck! And when his puckered asshole rose up even more, Rosa thrust her tongue into it, jerking his massive hardon at the same time.

Alice slowly removed her finger from Dutch's asshole and placed it in her mouth, licking and sucking it clean of any trace of feces that might have adhered to them.

Dutch forgot about eating Molly to turn his head and stare at Alice, who looked him in the eye and said, "Delicious."

Molly used the respite to place both thumbs on her labia and pry it wide apart to enable Dutch to probe her even deeper than he had.

Alice grabbed his ass cheeks and wrenched them apart. Dutch knew what was coming and returned his face to Molly's twat, eagerly licking and tonguing her once again. Molly sighed contentedly and placed both hands on his head, guiding him home. While Alice simultaneously lowered her mouth to Dutch's ass and buried her face between his cheeks, sucking hard on his asshole.

Rosa, thoroughly warming up to her work, gave Robert's ass one longish lick with her tongue that took her from his rectum to his balls. Then with a lewd giggle, she made a point of her tongue and in a series of light flicking motions covered the grove of each crotch, causing Robert to dig his nails into the material of the couch as he writhed with pleasure.

Alice continued to overwhelm Dutch, licking his scrotum, sucking his balls completely into her moth, one at a time, of course and then humming on them. When his groans rose in volume, she changed tactics and massaged his perineum (the space between the testicles and the anus).

Molly's labia had begun to swell up and her juices were flowing as Dutch strove to eat her to the best of his ability, although Alice was driving him over the edge with her talented tongue.

Dutch reached up and grasped her legs firmly under the crook of each knee, then bent them slowly back. She relaxed and leaned back against the wall. Dutch placed his hands on her thighs and drove his tongue into her, licking up and down her slit and switched to her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over it. Molly gasped again and he increased his efforts, applying just a little more pressure to her little nubbin, causing Molly to squirm and moan with delight.

He raised a hand and caught hold of one of her tits and began squeezing and kneading it before tracing circles around her already rock hard nipple. Alice left him alone for a moment, to tease her own clit and he took advantage of the respite to really get into Molly. Locating her clit with two fingers, he began to wiggle them around her little clit, faster and faster and suddenly Molly exploded, squirting her love juices all over Dutch and even Alice's hair and shoulders.

"What the fuck?" Exclaimed Alice, who was startled enough to throw her hands in the air.

"Shit!" cried Dutch, whose mouth was suddenly half full of Molly's exploding juices.

"Sorry! God I'm sorry!" Molly whimpered, terrified at what had happened as it had never entered her mind that such an explosion was possible for her to achieve. But before she could utter another word of apology, Alice was on her, lapping and sucking away as still more fluid coursed from Molly's cunt.

Moaning with joy, Alice reproached Molly. "Don't be sorry, girl. Be happy that you can give us so much of yourself." And a minute or so later, after satisfying herself that Molly's juices were depleted, at least for the present, she added, "Can you do that anytime you want?"

"I... I..." Molly stammered,"I don't think I ever did that before. I... I've never been so... so stimulated before."

And while all this was transpiring, Rosa, fully absorbed in the work before her, was taking long, slow laps at Robert's rear end. She had supplied sufficient saliva so that her tongue was now probing in and out of his rectum while at the same time she fondled his testes. Robert was close to coming and in a shaky voice told her so.

"Can you last another minute?" She asked, not wanting to stop her anal exploration too soon.

"I can if you don't go crazy back there. I'd really like to come inside your ass."

"Sounds good to me," Rosa said already excited at the prospect of his long, black dick reaming her ass and ran her tongue in and out of his asshole one last time, telling him, "Just a second or two to clean you up." With that she took a long, hard suck on his ass, and with a wet smacking sound, left the area, rolled on her back and told him to fuck her ass from the current position.

Robert had no problem with that, merely hefted her legs to her shoulders, took careful aim at her puckered bud and eased himself into her already partially opened ass.


Dutch was having a similar problem with Alice, and attempted to shift his position in order to bone her, either in her cunt or ass, whichever she preferred. Only Alice held on tightly to his ass

"Please, Dutch, it's been so long. Hold off a little longer and let me suck on your ass just a while longer."

He let her go, looking up at Molly, who was squeezing her breasts. Her eyes were closed and her cunt gaped open seeming to beckon him to fuck her there.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Dutch reached out and pulled Molly down to the couch cushions where both he an Alice were sprawled. He twisted away from Alice long enough to slip his thick cock into Molly's boiling cunt and began to fuck her as hard as he could.

To her credit, Alice hung onto his ass and jammed her tongue as far in as she could manage as he hammered away at Molly.

He'd thought he would come right away, but it didn't happen. Dutch hovered on the verge of ejaculation for an eternity. Molly had three more orgasms as he pounded into her; while Alice in a frenzy of oral gratification lashed her tongue into his hole filling it with her hot saliva. She spit into his asshole each time she withdrew her tongue, and then forced the saliva further back into his anal canal with the following thrust of her pliant tongue. His asshole was a slimy mess, not that anyone cared.

It occurred to Dutch that Alice's attention to his ass might be prolonging his staying power with Molly and since Molly's eyes were tightly shut, and she hadn't stopped trembling since the first orgasm arrived after she had spewed the gusher, he might as well keep going. And suddenly he was coming! His body rigid, his mind on fire, Dutch gave one last thrust into Molly and then the first contraction slammed into him.

"Argh! Argh!" he bellowed, blasting his load into Molly's seemingly cavernous cunt long, shuddering spurts. Spasm after spasm of pearly jizm catapulted into her, triggering yet another stunning climax for Molly who is now unable to function in any capacity except for slapping her hips against him, striving to squeeze the very life out of his magnificent prick as reward for the untold joy he has provided her.

And, after his last contraction, Alice took him into her mouth and cleaned his softening cock and only when satisfied that she has taken the rest of what he had to give, she moaned and turned to bury her face in Molly's still gaping hole, sucking the remaining remnants from it.


Molly and Dutch lay spent on the couch, panting and waiting to catch their respective breathe. Alice, in what had to be an oral stupor, rolled off the couch to see what her husband and Rosa were up to and smiled broadly as she watched her lover's dick sluicing its way into Rosa's puckered asshole.

"Save the cum for me!" Alice chided her husband, who nodded acknowledgement and after several more strident strokes into Rosa's rosy bud, pulled out and tendered his black cock to Alice's open mouth.

Alice looked up at him with a devilish grin. She licked her lips slowly, then leaned her head forward and took him in her mouth, her tongue swirling around his cockhead, spewing salvia across it and then with an obvious joy, swallowing it, including those several small pieces of feces that still clung to his cock after skewering Rosa's ass. She began to hum as she sucked the tip of Robert's prick.

He thought of Alice as a terrific woman, the love of his life and once again he was amazed at her lack of inhibitions and her ability to persuade others to lose theirs and join her in her pervasive acts. Then all thoughts vanished as he began to come.

Alice knew from experience that he was there, and opened her mouth wide as she jerked his shaft, making sure it was aimed at her throat. His balls clenched at the sight of her jerking him and holding him thusly and then his black prick jumped and the first rope shot out; a direct hit, landing on the back of her extended tongue.

A loud groan seemed to be wrenched from his throat and caused him to twist his body to the left just as his second jet soared forth. This spattered against Alice's right eye, and she winced, not from pain, there was none, but from the discomfort and loss of vision for the moment. But she persevered and recaptured his pulsing prick and placed it on her tongue and thereby gained the balance of Robert's load.

After cleaning his cock as she had Dutch's, she lay her head on her husband's stomach and toying with his now flaccid penis, offered her opinion that, "It was all so wonderful. I don't know when I've had so much fun."

"Got off a few times did you?" He asked.

"Oh, yes, but not as many times as Molly. Did you see her come?"

"I'm afraid not. I did hear her on several occasions though."

Laconically turning her head, Alice asked the same of Rosa, who was just coming down from her own tremendous orgasm, thanks to Robert.

"Mmmm, 'fraid not. I believe I was somewhere else in this lovely universe of ours, really far out." She looked at Robert. "Thank you Robby that was truly a special treat."

"I should be thanking you. The way you handled my ass... that was very special. Perhaps someday we'll do it again."

She laughed. "It would be my pleasure, or should I have said it will be our pleasure?"

Alice finished wiping her face and spooned the last of her husband's jizm onto her tongue. Then turned to the group and said, "It might be better if we went out and soaked in the hot tub and just talked about things for a while."


A little later, while they were cuddling in the hot tub, Rosa shocked Molly, saying, "Have you ever fucked anybody with your whole hand?"

"My whole hand? No, is that possible?"

Rosa grabbed Molly's hand and raised it to her very sensual lips. Slowly, she folded

Molly's fingers down to make a fist, then kissed the whole fist all over. Molly felt that rapturous feeling return between her legs and smiled demurely.

"I can't believe this beautiful thing has been so sheltered until now," Rosa thought. The depths of sensuality she had first glimpsed deep in Molly's eyes when they had met for the first time remained, but Rosa realized it had been an innocent sensuality and that she and Dutch had opened doors within the woman that had been sealed and now she was on her way to being as perverted as Rosa and Alice were.

She helped Molly from the hot tub and led her to a chaise lounge and indicated that she should lie down. She did. Then Rosa leaned forward and kissed her; it was a slow, searing kiss. "I'm going to show you just how easy it is," she breathed into Molly's ear.

Molly's eyes, already swimming and throbbing with sexual delirium, were fastened to Rosa's as she spread her thighs across the sides of the lounge thereby exposing her delectable pussy to everyone gathered around. Rosa slid down between them and began by sliding two fingers up and down in the warm wet channel, opening it further. They could all hear Molly as she began to pant. Soon she had three fingers sliding up and down the inflamed cleft of Molly's pussy, and Molly was gnawing her lower lip, whimpering softly now and then, knowing what was to come.

Soon Rosa joined all four fingers together and began to push them further into Molly's slippery crevice, fucking her gently with them.

"Oh... oh, yes!" Molly whimpered, while moving her hips very slowly so as not to dislodge Rosa's fingers from doing their wondrous things. Unconsciously, she clenched the backs of her thighs, and her hands held tightly to the lounge chair she lay on.

"Can you take some more?" Rosa gently inquired.

"So far, so good. So, yeah, more...please."

"All right then, this might be somewhat painful, but it shouldn't hurt too much," Rosa said as she joined her thumb to her four fingers making a wedge. Rosa knew by now just how to slowly work her whole hand into a woman's cunt.

Molly was becoming wildly aroused. She could see more and more of Rosa's hand entering her splayed pussy. Alice, ever the deviate, wet her fingers and sank them in her sodden cunt and maneuvered her hand under Molly's ass, inserting her middle finger in Molly's rectum.

"Oh shit! Molly gasped.

"Did I hurt you?" Rosa asked in alarm.

"No . . . not you. Alice just put a finger in my ass. It didn't hurt...surprised me, that's all," she panted.

"Honey, your pussy is so wet," Rosa cooed, as her fingers rotated, feeling the slippery squishiness of Molly's well lubricated cunt.

"Oh no!" Molly groaned, jerking her hips upward and wrenching Alice's finger from her ass.

"Did it hurt, baby?"

"No, feels wonderful."

Alice probed until she located Molly's anus again and sent her errant finger back in.

"Uggghhh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Molly grunted.

Rosa looked at Molly's face. She appeared to be in another world, some type of hypnotic state comprised of pure pleasure mixed with some pain. Rosa knew from her own experience it was not totally pleasurable to have someone's entire hand rammed inside one and so she continued to move slowly and carefully, working the wedge of her hand inward, feeling Molly's cunt stretch reluctantly, but opening nonetheless.

Alice was determined to get at least two fingers up Molly's ass, but like Rosa, knew it would take time and careful work to get there.

Rosa emitted an involuntary grunt, startling everyone as her hand suddenly slipped in past her knuckles.

"OH!" Molly sighed and rolled her head from side to side.

"I'm in!" Rosa gloated, "I'm in there!" "How does it feel?" Rosa asked as their eyes met.

Molly gnawed on her lower lip; she had chewed it so much that a trickle of blood now trailed down to her chin.

Rosa saw her sensual lips form words, but no sound came out.

"What are you trying to say?" Rosa asked with concern.

"Molly swallowed and found her voice. "You better fuck me good... I'm gonna come hard any second now."

"Okay," Rosa whispered and caught Alice's eye. Alice nodded in understanding.

Alice went first; trying to draw the two fingers that were so tightly clenched by Molly's rectal Muscles in a small circle.

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