tagNonHumanMore Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 14

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 14


A new chapter at last. Between holidays and the beginning of the new year it was a real challenge to find time to get this all written! As always, thanks to my partner for inspiration, funny lines and editorial help when needed. Hope you enjoy this latest offering. More soon!


Luc woke up to see Meg staring at him. "What's the matter Meg?" he asked.

"Did you know you use sub-vocals when you snore?" she asked.

"Huh?" replied Luc.

"When you snore, about half the time there is a sub-vocal that goes along with the snore," said Meg. "It woke me up and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get back to sleep."

"I'm sorry Meg," he said and looked over at the clock. It was 3am. "Did the snores upset you?" he asked.

"Well, at first I felt antsy. Then I realized that I was... um... sort of horny," she said.

Luc smiled. "Well, we can fix that," he said and moved to take her in his arms. "I may hurt, but I can certainly make her feel better." he thought.

"Okay, if you feel up to it," she said.

"Let's play with you and see how things work out," he said. Before she could answer, he kissed her and then ran his hand down her back and cupped her ass. His fingertips moved down to just tease the insides of her thighs.

Meg moaned. She loved the feelings Luc stirred in her when he touched her. She rocked back and his left hand moved between her legs stroking her lips. She tried to push against them and he held her tight with his other arm and kissed her. She smiled and wiggled, but he held her tight. Slowly, he brought his left hand up to her clit and slid his fingers down through the wet folds of skin to the opening of her pussy. She was dripping wet. His finger slipped in easily and was followed by another. His thumb brushed her clit as he worked his fingers in and out of her. Luc's mouth covered hers in kisses, as she moaned again.

Luc's fingers picked up the pace and he could feel the orgasm building. Meg's muscles clenched his fingers in a pulsing rhythm as the pleasure built. Keeping his fingers deep inside of her, he stroked the g-spot.

"Oh ggggggooohhhhhds," Meg groaned.

Luc smiled and ran his thumb across her clit. Meg arched in pleasure and he changed up the rhythm of his fingers to a fast pace. Meg shuddered as the orgasm rolled through her. As she gasped for breath, he flicked her clit bringing her to another orgasm.

"Ahhhhh!" Meg gasped as her body bucked with pleasure. A sharp intake of breath marked the last orgasm and then she melted to the bed.

Luc moved his hand out of her sopping pussy. She'd come so hard that the bed was soaked under her. Her breath was coming in little panting gasps as she slowly came back to consciousness. He brushed the hair out of her face and smiled.

"Oh... Luc," she whispered.

"Feel good?" he asked.

Meg nodded. "But,... you... not fair," she mumbled.

"Meg, I hurt way too much at the moment, but that didn't mean I couldn't make you feel good," he said.

"But," she tried again to protest.

"No, curl up and let's sleep," he said. "You can make me howl in delight later."

"Oookay," she said sleepily.

Luc cuddled her with his right arm. His left and the neck felt as if it were on fire. He'd overdone it at work and even this small act of pleasure had him hurting. Curling up around her he felt himself shift.

The wolf sniffed their mate and ran his tongue over her hip. "Soft One very sleepy." He curled up around her tighter than he had been and went to sleep. "Soon," drifted the thought through his head as he too fell asleep.


Luc and Meg had made it to the office with minutes to spare. Ginny had just unlocked the door. They both knew if they were too late, she'd call Jeff and have him checking on Luc before they finished coffee. Neither one of them wanted to put Ginny under any more stress than she already was. The day after the incident with Bitty, they had been an hour late. When they arrived, Ginny was shouting at Kevin until he had hid in his office. When they'd tried to explain why they were late, she'd threatened to send Luc home and call Jeff. Ginny had made it clear that if Luc wasn't up to working, then he needed to just go away and leave her to deal with the office.

"Morning Ginny," said Meg.

"Morning," said Ginny as she grabbed for the phone that was ringing already. "Alpha Wolf Technologies, how can I help you?"

Luc and Meg waved and headed for his office. Luc shut the door behind them and headed towards his desk.

"Is there anything we can do to take the strain off of her?" Meg asked.

"Yeah. Get her the hell out of the office and find someone to take her to bed!" said Luc. He was trying to find the paperwork for Calvin Johnson, the new shifter they'd hired to replace Duke.

"Did I just hear you right?" Meg asked.

"Yes. Last time she got this crabby, we hunted high and low for an old flame to stop by and fuck her brains out. Just because she's older than us doesn't mean she doesn't get horny," said Luc. "It's about the only way to cool her down."

"Oh," said Meg. "I just figured that finding someone to help with the work load was the issue."

"It is to some degree, but the rest is all just too many damn hormones in that house of hers. Bitty, 'Solda, and then Ysabel and Sandy have been around a lot too I found out. All of them unattached. All of them horny. It's like a damn soup over there," said Luc.

"How can you tell? You haven't even been to Ginny's lately," said Meg.

"No, but I can smell it. It came with Ginny the other night and this morning it is as thick as a pea soup fog around her," he said.

"Oh geeze," said Meg. "So who do you call? A werewolf dating service?"

Luc laughed. He shook his head. "No, I'll call Sandy and see if he can find one of her former lovers and see if they are available." He snickered again.

"What are you laughing about?" Meg asked.

"The thought of a dating service for shifters. Arrrrowls.com or Hunka-hunka-Furry Love.com or better yet, Howling Delights.com," he giggled. They were laughing so hard that they missed the knock on the door at first.

"Hello? Ginny sent me down here for some paperwork," said Calvin from the door.

Luc looked up, "Sure, come on in, I have it right here," he said and held out the paperwork to the man.

"If you don't mind me asking, what was so funny?" asked Calvin.

"Meg and I were making bad jokes about dating services for shifters," Luc said with a chuckle in his voice.

"Ah, I take it the boss lady out front needs a good romp in the forest?" said Calvin.

"That's an understatement." said Luc. Meg just nodded.

Calvin smiled and walked over to a chair to look at the paperwork. He pulled a pen out of his shirt pocket and started filling out the forms.

Luc picked up the phone and hit the speed dial for Sandy. Meg blew him a kiss and headed for her own office. "Hey Sandy, this is Luc. Um, we have a bit of a problem here at the office," he started. "Yeah, guessed you'd have noticed. Any ideas?" he asked. He listened for a few minutes and wrote down two numbers. "Thanks Sandy. I'd appreciate it," he said and hung up the phone. He sat down and booted his computer while waiting for Calvin to finish the paperwork.

Calvin stood up and brought the papers over to Luc. "Here you go Luc," he said.

"Thanks. Do you go by Calvin or Cal?" he asked.

"I prefer Cal. When I hear Calvin, I keep looking over my shoulder for my mom," Cal said.

Luc laughed. "I know the feeling. When you hear your entire name, it just makes your hackles rise," he said.

Cal nodded. "Hey, I know you don't know me very well, but I have a cousin that lost his mate a few years ago. He's sorta in the same state that boss lady is and well,..." he trailed off.

"The boss lady is Ginny, and she'll rip your head off and shit down your neck if she hears you use that phrase. As for your cousin, is he nearby?" asked Luc. "God this sounds lame, but if it works, I'll give the guy a raise!" he thought.

"He's suppose to come visit next week. You could meet him then and see if Bos- I mean Ginny might like him," said Cal.

"Sounds like a plan. Now let's show you the warehouse, let you meet Peter and see how well the backhoe likes you," said Luc as they headed out of the office.


Luc entered the warehouse with Cal only to see Peter pacing back and forth between two stacks of boxes.

"Peter, what the hell are you doing?" Luc asked.

"There's a cat in here, and the last thing I want is piss all over my inventory," called Peter as he moved fast to the left. He thumped a box hard and out shot a silver tabby. The cat headed off across the parking lot and out of sight.

"That was a pretty good shot there," said Cal.

Peter looked around and saw a man in his mid twenties standing next to Luc. The jacket and work clothes made him think this might be Duke's replacement. "Hi, I'm Peter, the warehouse foreman," he said.

"Cal, Cal Johnson, and I guess we'll be working together," he said as he held out his hand. The two men shook hands and sized each other up.

"Where'd Duke leave the backhoe?" asked Luc.

"Round the corner out back," said Peter. "It was acting up last time he used it, but I'm not sure how much that was Duke and how much it was the backhoe."

Luc nodded as they headed outside. He opened the door to the cab. Keys in the ignition. Luc hopped in and started it up. It died. Luc pulled out the choke and tried again. It died. Luc checked the oil and fuel levels and tried a third time. It caught, ran for a few seconds and died again. "Dammit!" said Luc as he climbed out of the cab.

Cal had already lifted the engine cover off and was looking at the engine. "Geeze, what he do to this thing?" he asked. Luc looked over his shoulder. The wiring harness was covered in tarry goo. Hanging just off the edge of the oil filler tube was the oil cap. Oil had burped everywhere. Other things were messed up too that Luc could see.

"Cal, can you fix this?" he asked.

"Yeah, general mechanics license. Where are the tools?" he asked turning back to the building.

Peter was headed towards them with a tool box. "I'll get it fixed," he said.

"Peter, give Cal a chance," said Luc.

"It was my responsibility, I'll fix it," said Peter. His body posture was beginning to go defensive. He knew he should have checked on it a week ago, and kept putting it off.

"No, Let Cal fix it," said Luc with a touch of sub-vocals.

Cal backed off and Peter's shoulders slumped. He put the tool box down by the backhoe and headed back to the building.

"Um, Luc, I didn't mean to start any trouble," said Cal softly.

"You didn't. Just do your work and remember who's boss," said Luc. Luc then headed back to the warehouse. He found Peter and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey, cool the temper Peter," he said.

"Sorry boss. Just that I should have taken care of it and..." Peter trailed off.

"It's okay, just let Cal get his feet wet. You can see who's got the bigger set of balls later," said Luc. "Besides, we may need all the males we have if Ginny rips our heads off."

"Don't I just know it. She chewed my ass for a whole hour the other day. Surprised I have anything to sit on," said Peter as he pointed at his ass.

Luc nodded. "I have a few numbers to call, and Cal there has a cousin."

"Here's hoping," said Peter.

Luc smiled and headed back into the office building.


When he got to the office, Ginny had a stack of messages for him to return. She was holding court in the front office and Luc had no plans of disturbing her. He looked towards Meg's office and saw the door closed tight. What a day, and it was only 10:45am.

Luc went back to his desk and started working on the messages. He called the numbers that Sandy had given him only to find out that one guy was married and the other out of town. Here's hoping Cal's cousin isn't a washout," he thought.

Luc got lost in the paperwork and startled when Meg walked into his office. "Hi Meg," he said.

"Hi yourself. You so engrossed in paperwork you didn't hear the fight?" she asked.

"What fight?" asked Luc.

"The one Kevin said was going on out in the warehouse," said Meg.

Luc stood up and looked out his window. He didn't see anything. "Would you care to go outside with me?" he asked as he headed to the door.

"Sure, as long as we go out the back way and can avoid Ginny," she said.

Luc nodded and headed out the back door. Meg followed and soon they were in the warehouse. They looked around and no one was to be seen. A few boxes were out of place, but no fight. Luc headed back towards the backhoe. There they found Cal and Peter both looking worse for wear working on the engine.

"Is everything okay you two?" asked Luc.

"It is now," said Peter. As he turned to face them, they could see he was sporting a black eye and he had a bloody lip.

"Yes sir," said Cal. When he turned to hand a wrench back to Peter, Luc and Meg could see that Cal had a black eye, his nose was swollen and both sets of knuckles were scraped up.

"Geeze!" said Meg. "What the hell set you two off?"

"Oh, the normal thing. Who has the bigger set of balls, who's faster, stronger, bigger. All the normal stuff," said Peter.

"An don't forget who's got the best mechanical skills," said Cal.

"Yeah. You fix the damn machines, and I'll deal with the inventory," said Peter.

"Sounds good to me," said Luc. "Glad you two got things worked out fast. Oh, and Cal, don't forget to call that cousin."

"No sir!" said Cal from the depths of the engine.


Two days later, Luc came back from a client to find Meg out at the front desk. No Ginny either.

"Okay, why are you babysitting the phones?" he asked.

"I got tired of Ginny growling and yelling at everyone so I sent her home," said Meg.

"Um... how did you do that?" asked Luc as he looked over his mate.

"I just remembered what she told me and started channeling that inner bitch. She had Kevin in tears and she broke the phone when she slammed it down. So, I came out and told her to go home. She didn't want to and I said if she wasn't gone in five minutes, I was calling Jeff and was going to ask him to bring the tranquilizer gun. She started to yell at me and then just shut her mouth and went home," said Meg.

Luc tried not to laugh, but the giggles leaked from the corners of his mouth. Then the belly laugh started. "Oh Meg, let's never fight," he said between laughs.

"Nope, don't even want to go there," she said.

Kevin and Cal came around the corner to see what the noise was. They smiled when they realized that it was Luc laughing.

"Damn that sounds good," said Cal.

"Yeah. I've had just about enough of Camp Hell this week," said Kevin.

Luc looked at the two of them and nodded. "If we don't get her laid soon, one of us is going to have to kill her, and I think that responsibility just went to Meg," Luc said.

"Oh no, not me. She's scary enough unshifted. As it was today, her eyes went yellow and she started sprouting ears. Ginny didn't back down until I picked up my cell phone and the can of condensed air," said Meg.

"Damn," said Luc.

Kevin and Cal just nodded.

"When is that cousin of your's due?" Luc asked Cal.

"In two days. I tried to soften the ground a bit, but if she's acting like that, nothing will get him to even talk to her," said Cal.

"I know. Just wish there was a way to get through to her that she's being a bitch in more ways than one," said Luc.

"Um... How about I ask her to take me shopping?" asked Meg. "Maybe if she can get away for a bit it might help. Tomorrow is Saturday. Can you get Sandy to watch the kids?" asked Meg.

"I like this plan," said Luc. He pulled out his phone and called Sandy. Twenty minutes later everything was arranged. As everyone left the office, Luc locked the door and they headed home.


"What on earth are you going to go shopping for?" Luc asked as they climbed into bed.

"Well, we have this dinner party that we are suppose to hold. I figured if I started planning it, she'd want to be involved," said Meg.

"True. I can see you two being gone all day for that," he said. "Have you called her?"

"Yes, while you were cooking our steaks. I was going to tell you and then the work call came in," she said.

"Yeah. There are days I hate forwarded calls. Then again, St. Mary's doesn't get rewired every day and it isn't Margaret's fault that they forgot about the Cat5 cable ends," said Luc as he pulled Meg to him. She smelled so good tonight, that he felt himself shifting in anticipation.

"No, and it gives you a reason not to be here when Ginny shows up," said Meg. Luc's fingers running up and down her side were making her horny.

"Yesh," he said as his jaw shifted. He nuzzled her neck. "Yuh shmell soh goohd,"

"Did I spill steak sauce on me?" she asked. She hadn't seen him this interested in her scent in a long time. Not since the last time she'd made hamburgers and wiped her hands on her jeans.

"Noh, juhs yuh," he said. Sniffing and licking down her neck, he kissed and bit.

"Watch the snacking!" she teased. The bites didn't hurt, but made her so wet.

"Meh noh schnakkin'," he said as he flipped her over and licked down her spine. He nipped her ass and she squeaked. He licked the spot and then rubbed his fingers between her legs. Luc's fingertips stroked her lips and slid slowly between them until she gasped.

"Oh my..." Meg started. Her words went away with a sharp intake of breath as he touched her clit at the same time his fingers in her pussy found that g-spot. Meg's hips bucked.

Luc growled softly against her shoulder as he moved in behind her. His cock bobbed against her ass. Meg wiggled to move the head of his cock between her legs. His fingering of her had her hot and ready faster than she expected. He moved closer and slid his cock up and down the wet folds of her lips. Then he slid slowly into her pussy.

"Geeze!" gasped Meg. She swore he was bigger than normal. Then again, it had been a while since they'd made love with him shifted. She had forgotten how nice it felt to be filled like that.

Luc wrapped a hand around her hip and gently started to pull in and out of her wet pussy. When he was certain that she was fully ready for him, he grabbed both hips and started to increase his rhythm. It felt so good. He shifted a bit more which made his cock stroke her cervix with each thrust.

Meg gripped the sheets and pushed back against Luc as he increased his rhythm. It felt so good. Their bodies smacked against each other with almost enough noise to drown out the groans of pleasure.

Meg could feel her orgasm building. Luc sensed it too, and reached a paw around to stroke her mound and clit. When he touched it, she bucked hard as the sensations rolled through her. He did it again and then felt his own orgasm rush up his body. Grabbing her hips he pounded into her. Luc's balls slapped against her ass and then he froze as the orgasm ripped through him.

"Arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh," he moaned. He felt the knot being squeezed as Meg orgasmed. Each pulse of her muscles brought him again and again.

"Oh-oh-oooooh," moaned Meg. If Luc hadn't been holding her hips, she would have melted to the bed.

Luc's cock pulsed once more and he finally had enough muscle control to lower them both to the bed on their sides. He pulled her close to him and then tried to grab the covers.

"Let me get those," said Meg softly.

"Noh, Cahhn't leh go," said Luc.

"What?" said Meg as she started to pull away and then realized she couldn't.

"Nohht," said Luc.

"Not able or..." Meg paused and tightened her pelvic muscles. "Knot!" she thought. "You're knot formed?" she asked.

"Uhuh," said Luc as he felt himself shifting more as his body relaxed.

"Oh," said Meg. "We're stuck for a bit?"

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