tagNonHumanMore Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 17

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 17


I would like to apologize for the long delay since the last installment. Life attacked in a big way and I had one hell of a case of writer's block on this piece. I seriously considered ending the story. Every time I pulled it up, I just sat there. I wrote other things, some very good. However, I just couldn't move forward. Then one afternoon, I had a scrap of story hit my brain. So I started writing. I realized that it had been nearly a month. Gads!!!

About the same time I started to write again, little voices began to drop queries in my email wondering if I had somehow vanished. No, I had not. I appreciate those voices from the wilderness. Special thanks to GiftySands for supplying a lovely line which I borrowed. One of my character issues had been Angie, and the line was perfect.

So, here is the next chapter. I've already started on the next one as the creative juices are flowing. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter. My partner is smiling again too as he has been enjoying this series even though I snitch bits of his life to add a slice of reality.


Luc headed off to work alone on Monday. Meg was headed in to see Jeff and get conformation on her pregnancy. He was humming away as he parked his car. He also hoped he could keep quiet until Meg arrived. Angie was waiting at the door for him. He unlocked it quickly and let them inside.

"Remind me to get you a key," he said to Angie.

"Okay. Where's Meg this morning?" she asked.

"She had an appointment first thing and will be in around 10am," said Luc.

"Alright. My questions can wait until then," she said.

"Is it anything I could answer?" Luc asked.

"Um, well..." Angie started and then went all shy.

"Oh, never mind, I'll let Meg answer those kinds of questions. Do you have any about the office," he asked smiling and wondering what Angie wanted to ask.

"No, I think I have it all in hand," she said. "Plus Ginny said she'd be in today to show me a few things."

"Okay. I'll be in my office," said Luc and headed down the hall. He got started on the list of things from Friday which included a few phone calls.


"Morning Angie," said Kevin as he came in the door.

"Hello Kevin," she replied. "You have two appointments scheduled. I put the notes on the computer for you.
"Thanks. I could get use to this," he said and went to his office.

Cal and Peter walked in just as Kevin headed down the hall. They waved to Angie and headed back to the loading dock. Angie waved and then started working to make the space her own. She set the stuff that she knew was Ginny's on her desk and started to arrange things. The two women had chatted briefly about this at the dinner party. Between answering the phone, and moving things, time passed faster than Angie expected. The door opened and when she looked up, Ginny and Patrick entered the office.

"Morning Angie," said Ginny and looked over at the reception area Angie was setting up. "Hey, this will do."

"I put your vase over on your desk," said Angie with a smile.

"Vase?" asked Ginny. She looked to where Angie pointed and then started to giggle. "Oh god. Those guys! Don't know whether to kiss them or kill them," she said.

"Just thank them. You can kiss me," teased Patrick. "Besides, I like beef jerky."

That made Ginny and Angie laugh. Patrick walked down to talk to Luc while the two women figured things out. The last thing he wanted to do was get in their way. He walked into Luc's office and found him talking on the phone. He waved Patrick towards a chair.

"Yes, I understand. We'll be out as soon as possible. No, no extra charge, but this time you need to make sure the password stays in secure hands. No, you can't trust certain individuals. Yes. Goodbye," Luc said into the phone.

"Oh boy, that sounds like a real winner of a client," said Patrick.

"Special case. Business exec gave his piece of ass his password and now has an entire business system from the server on down with a virus and from the sounds of it, a root kit," said Luc. "Oh, and he tried to blame us."

"Some people shouldn't be allowed anything more than pencils and paper," said Patrick. That made both men laugh.


Meg was waiting in the exam room. She hated physicals. The room is always too cold to be sitting in a paper gown. She grabbed her sweater and put it over her shoulders. The door opened and Jeff walked in. He saw her wrapped in her sweater and frowned.

"It is cold in here isn't it," he said.

"Yes, exam rooms are always cold," said Meg.

"Not all of them. Mine should be warm. Cold shifters shift. Stay here a second, and I'll be right back," he said. He disappeared out of the door and a second later Meg heard the heat kick on.

"That should be better. Monday morning hick-up. No one turned the heat on. Sorry about that," he said. "Now if you'll lay back, I'll check you out."

Meg laid back and put her feet in the stirrups. She stared up at the ceiling and started to giggle. On the ceiling were pin-ups of good looking men and one in the same position she was with a look of horror on his face.

"So, you like the pictures?" Jeff asked as he checked her out.

"Yeah, that's pretty good. Much better than counting holes in the acoustic tile. So Doc, am I pregnant?" she asked.

"Yes and we have one last test to do," he said. With that, he stood up and went over to another machine. He grabbed a paddle and a bottle of gel.

"What is that?" Meg asked.

"Ultrasound," said Jeff.

"Don't I have to have a full bladder or something?" she asked.

"Normally, but I'm not looking for sex or details. I'm looking for heartbeats," said Jeff as he lifted her gown, smeared her stomach with gel and put the paddle on top of the gel.

"Heartbeats? Not heartbeat?" said Meg.

"Your hormone levels are a bit high for a single baby. So, I'm looking for heartbeats," Jeff said.

"Twins? You think I'm pregnant with twins?" said Meg a bit panicky.

"Settle down, lots of women have twins," he said. "Hold still." He moved the paddle to the left a little. "Yes, there it is!" Jeff said with a smile. He pointed at the black and white image and two flutters on the screen. "Two heartbeats Meg. Congratulations."

"Oh boy... puppies," she said with a bit of sarcasm.

Jeff just smiled. "Could be worse. Could be quads or more like a real canine," he teased.

Meg blew raspberries at him as he wiped the gel off of her stomach. "Luc will be over the moon literally for the next week," she sighed.

"Yes, and now we know why he's been so protective of you too. His wolf probably knew and just didn't communicate it," said Jeff.

"Oh shit, I didn't think of that," said Meg. "Can I get dressed?"

"Yes. Martha will have some prescriptions for you for vitamins and such," he said.

"Huh? Won't the ones I take now be okay?" asked Meg.

"Maybe. Shifters tend to need more and pregnancy really drains a woman. I like to err on the side of caution. Martha will have some other information for you too," said Jeff.

"Okay," said Meg as she got dressed. "Oh boy will this rock Luc's world." she thought. Once she was dressed, she went out and got the information and prescriptions from Martha.


Meg drove up to the office and saw Patrick's Subaru in the parking lot. "Good, I can tell most of them all at once," she thought. She grabbed her briefcase and headed into the office.

"Hello Angie," she said as she got into the office. "Hi Ginny, where's the guys?" Meg asked.

"Down in Luc's office. They ran away from the estrogen out here," said Ginny.

"Okay, let's join them. You too Angie," said Meg with a wicked smile on her face.

"What are you up to?" asked Angie.

"You'll just have to wait a minute," said Meg as they headed to Luc's office. She walked in and saw that Luc was talking on the phone. What she didn't know is that he'd been on the phone for the last twenty minutes. Every time he hung up, it rang again. Patrick was sitting back munching on a piece of jerky and trying not to laugh.

Luc looked up, saw Meg and smiled. "Yes ma'am. Our service does include wiring the computer to your modem. No, no problem. We will be there sometime this afternoon, Glad to be of help," he said and hung up the phone. "If that rings one more time, I think I'll throw it out the window," he said.

Meg laughed. "Well then, my news should make your day," she said nonchalantly.

"And what news is that?" Luc asked. "Oh please let it be that she's pregnant!" he thought.

"Oh, I'm having puppies," she said and sat down on the edge of Luc's desk.

Everyone in the office just stood there. Luc finally found his voice. He was expecting her to say that she was pregnant, but her use of the phrase 'puppies' had him flustered. "Puppies? As in plural?" Luc asked.

Meg just nodded. "Twins," she said softly.

Luc came around the desk and swung Meg into his arms. He tilted his head back and howled. The sound of it echoed through the office. Patrick joined in and the noise brought Kevin, Cal and Peter running.

"What the hell?" asked Peter.

"We're having puppies!" shouted Luc.

An hour later, seated around a table they were chatting and enjoying coffee. Meg was eating a piece of lemon meringue pie and listening to Ginny and Patrick's travel plans.

"George has volunteered to stay with the kids and Ysabel is going to help. When we get back, Patrick has a couple of job interviews lined up," said Ginny.

"You gonna be able to do all that in two weeks?" asked Cal. He was still laughing at the idea of Ginny being a relative. Granted, his joke about 'taming the shrew' earned him a smack up side the head and the right to pay her bill.

"I think so. If nothing else, we get a chance to be alone. Something I don't think Ginny's done in years," said Patrick.

"I have too!" said Ginny. "I've showered alone for as long as I can remember," she protested.

That made everyone laugh.

"By the time we get back, George has promised to fix up the house too. Paint, rearranging a few things and make it better for us to live there with the kids. With 'Solda and Bitty almost grown, they don't need to share rooms with the likes of Sara or Ivan," said Ginny.

"And we get to turn the guest room into a nursery," said Luc. He was still utterly gob smacked by the idea of twins.

"First though, we've got some work to do. Otherwise, we will all be in the doghouse," said Angie. She'd been keeping an eye on the time and knew that Luc and Kevin had thirty minutes before appointments.

"Geeze, and I thought Ginny was a stickler for keeping on time," joked Kevin.

"And now you know why we hired Angie," said Meg with a smile. "No rest for the wicked."

Laughter broke out again. Cal grabbed the bill and paid everyone's tab.


Ginny and Patrick had their bags packed and sitting by the door. She was taking a last look around and checking the list she'd written on the dry write board. She added a few things and then went to find George. He was out back with Sara, Ivan and Joe.

"Hey George," she called from the back door.

"Yes Ginny. Are you ready to head out?" asked George.

"Just about. Patrick is making a few last minute calls and then we are out the door," she said.

"Good. I think you going on holiday is a great idea. Now when you get back, if we can just get Luc and Meg to take a break," he said.

"Oh, she'll take a break soon enough," said Ginny.

"Yeah, I am so happy to hear that she's pregnant, and with twins," he said with a huge smile playing over his face.

"Luc was a riot. Talk about moonstruck," added Ginny. "Here is the list of stuff that we discussed. Things in red have to be done. Things in blue would be nice," Ginny said.

George looked at the list. "I'll get as much done as I can. You just go have fun," he said.

"I plan to," Ginny said with a smile.


Twenty minutes later, Ginny and Patrick were headed out of town to Spoon River, a little resort area up in the mountains. Luc had suggested it. He and Meg had stopped there on the way back from time to time after a drive in the mountains.

"So, tell me about this bed and breakfast Luc suggested," said Patrick.

"It's called Spoon River B&B, but it is the restaurant across the street that Luc said we'd like. It's called the Dog Bar," said Ginny.

"What?" asked Patrick.

"You heard me. From what they said, people actually bring their dogs with them. Sort of a local color place with good beer and great pizza," she said.

"Sounds good. I'm looking forward to some time up in the mountains away from people. This resort may just be the right thing," said Patrick.

"I hope so. You've made me realize just how much I need to get away and relax," said Ginny. "Oh gods do I need to get away!" she thought.

Patrick nodded as the road demanded his attention. It wound up into the mountains and over a gentle pass followed by another pass, full of switchbacks and truck runoffs. The view was getting better and better. Ginny would occasionally point out a hawk or deer. Otherwise the only sounds were the engine of Patrick's Subaru gearing to climb the road. Time as a vital concept ceased.

"I think that's our turn," said Ginny after a long bit of silence. She pointed to a small sign.

"I see it," said Patrick as he hit the blinkers and then turned. "Just twelve miles to go."

Ginny smiled. It had been nice to just sit quietly, basking in the scenery. She watched as the cabins began to play peek-a-boo between the trees. Then rustic buildings reminiscent of a western film set mixed with modern signs crowded an intersection.

"Here's our turn," said Ginny pointing to the left. "The B&B is down on the left according to Luc."

Patrick hit the turn signal and after the semi truck passed, he pulled onto the dirt road. Forty yards down on the left was the Spoon River B&B. He pulled into a spot under a ponderosa pine and turned off the engine. "Shall we?" he asked.

Ginny got out of the Subaru and stretched. The smell of pines, dirt and clean mountain air hit her nose. She inhaled deeply. Her scalp itched with the urge to shift right that moment and run up into the hills. She turned to see Patrick scenting the air as well. She smiled at him.

"You wouldn't think the air could smell so good would you," she said.

"Yes, but it has been way too long since I was in the woods. Let's get checked in and then see the sights," he teased. The stretch of road inhabited by the town probably took up a whole two city blocks.

Ginny laughed. "Sights? Wow... Three restaurants, two tourist shops, a hotel and the Dog Bar. Yeah, heavy civilization up here," she joked. They grabbed their suitcases and headed inside. The B&B was a huge multi-story log cabin. The lobby looked like a cross between Little House in the Big Woods and a chintz snowstorm. Behind the desk was a tiny woman with a sunburned face and a shirt that complimented the fabrics.

"Howdy folks, What can I do for you?" she asked. "My name's Sam. Short for Samantha, but no one calls me that up here. Not unless they want punched," she said with a smile.

Patrick and Ginny smiled at the feisty old woman. "Dorrit, reservation for two?" Patrick said wondering where that printout with the reservations had gotten to. Checking his pockets, he found it folded up. "Here's our reservation."

The woman took it and looked it over. "Ah yes. Got a call about an hour ago. Do ya know a man named George?" she asked.

Ginny and Patrick nodded.

"Well, he went and upgraded your room. You have a real nice place all to yourselves now. Not exactly the bridal suite, but just as spacious. He said not to fuss, otherwise he'd send Sara up to you," she said with a smile. "Follow me." She grabbed a set of keys and headed off down a hall. Her cowboy boots clumped across the floor, and then up a flight of steps.

Sam moved much faster than Ginny expected for someone her age. "Damn short and damn fast!" she thought.

At the end of the hall, Sam opened a door and ushered them into the room. It was dominated by a huge four poster bed on one side and a fireplace on the other. A dresser, a few chairs and an armoire completed the room. One door lead off to a balcony and another was probably a bathroom or closet.

"Think this'll do ya?" Sam asked.

"This is fine," said Patrick.

"This is wonderful," said Ginny putting down her suitcase.

"Well, if you need me, I'm downstairs 'till nine," Sam said. "After that, I'm in my room."

"All right. Thank you Sam," said Ginny. She closed the door after Sam left and walked around the room. The balcony looked out onto the main road on one side and met the hill on the other. The ground was only about a foot lower than the decking planks. The other door lead to a bathroom done up in moose and coyote motifs. The bathtub was an old clawfoot that must have been six feet long.

"Patrick, come see this tub," said Ginny.

"Wow," he said looking in over her shoulder. "Think we can fit it in our luggage and take it home?" he teased.

"Well, maybe. Depends on how well it folds," she teased back. "Better than that though is the fact that we can leave the room via the balcony."

"I saw that. I was worried about how we were going to exit unseen," he said.

Ginny laughed. "You mean you didn't want to walk out in the woods and get naked, shift and then hope like hell you remembered where we left our clothes?" she teased.

"Right. I've never done that, Ever! And don't you believe a word about any such incident that my lying cousin Cal may have told you about," Patrick said laughing.

"I think we all do it, just most of us pretend that it never happened," she said as she dropped her clothes on the floor.

"And what do you plan to do all 'nekkid' like that for at least an hour until our B&B mom goes to her room?" Patrick asked smiling at Ginny.

"I plan to take a long hot bath," she said and headed for the bathroom. She turned on the taps and started filling the tub. She turned to get her cosmetic bag from her suitcase to find Patrick standing in the doorway naked and 'happy' to see her. "Why Patrick, what a big um.. 'nose' you have," she giggled.

"All the better to tease you with," he countered. "Is that bathtub filled yet?"

"No, give it a few minutes. It is really deep," she answered as she scooted past him. She found her bag and headed back to the bathroom to find Patrick stretched out in the tub. She smiled.

"Hey, can I play with you boat mister?" she asked.

"Any time you want. Just climb aboard," he replied.

Ginny crawled into the deep tub. She sighed as she relaxed in the deep water. "Oh this feels good," she said.

"I agree," Patrick said as he turned off the water which had begun to lap the overflow drain. They sat facing each other just letting the heat of the water soak into them. Ginny's eyes started to close and Patrick reached for one of her feet.

"No going to sleep on me!" he said. "We've got mountains to run and deer to hunt tonight."

"Stop! You're making my mouth water," said Ginny as she rubbed her eyes.

"Then don't get sleepy on me," he countered.

Ginny leaned forward and sat on Patrick's lap, adjusting things as she went until he was nested inside her. "Then let's have a little fun before we go," she said rocking back and forth gently in the water. The wave motion felt good against her skin and his cock was rubbing all the right spots.

"I like this idea," he said and moved so he could rock with her. It didn't take long before he felt himself begin to hit that sweet spike of pleasure. He grabbed her hips and pulled her tightly to him.

Ginny loved the way he made her feel and clenched her muscles around him as she rocked back and forth. It had been a long day and she could hold back no longer. "Ohhh," she gasped as her orgasm rocked her. Her fingers grasped his shoulders. Patrick arched up in the water as he orgasmed deep within Ginny. The two of them collapsed back into the tub and floated for a few minutes.

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