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Morning Glory


The sun was barely up but he was already dressed. The charcoal suit fit his tight runner's body like a glove. Under it he wore a dress shirt with pale blue stripes and a dark tie with white, navy and sky blue stripes of varying thickness. The tie had been a gift from her and was his favorite. It had seen a lot of use since she gave it to him almost a year earlier on his birthday. He smiled at the memory. He'd come home to find her wearing only the tie, face down and ass up on the soft rug in the foyer. It still ranked among the greatest homecomings of his life.

He put the exhausted French press into the sink along with the pot from the stove, filled with water and left to soak. He covered the plate of food and called over his shoulder.

"I'm leaving your breakfast here on the counter. Don't let it get too cold, ok?"

No response.

"Baby? Answer me, please, so I know I won't come home to find the cat got it before you did."

"Mmmph," came the muffled answer from inside the bedroom.

"Use your words, please" he said.

"Hmm? Yes," came her sleepy reply. A yawn marred her second sentence so badly he couldn't make it out.

He wiped his hands on the dishtowel and hung it back on the rack. His polished leather shoes clicked on the tile floor as he moved away from the counter, down the hall and into the bedroom. He moved across the room from the doorway over to his tall dresser. He smiled at the bed, a riot of blankets, sheets and one noticeable lump on the right side. Her dark curls were just peeking out from the top of the duvet.

"Was that second sentence a thank you?" he asked patiently.

"Yes," came the muffled response from beneath layers of down and silk. Then continuing in the same bored tone you would use to recite multiplication tables: "You are the greatest boyfriend God ever blew breath into. I could work my entire life like a dog and never actually deserve you." Another yawn bubbled up from the girl-shaped lump. "All of which is evidenced by the fact that I haven't even opened my eyes yet and you've already accomplished more than I will by 5 p.m. tonight."

He laughed. His girl was no morning person. He sighed dramatically. "I am the best. It's true."

"And you've ruined me for all other men," she added, finally sounding a bit more awake.

"Now we're talking," he said. He was picking up his wallet and other personal items and depositing them into pockets. "Ok, Sleeping Beauty," he said absently while scooping spare change into his hand. "I've got to go. Don't fall back asleep. It's almost time for you to get up anyway."

He looked over his shoulder to see her eyes peering out at him from the top of the big fluffy comforter. They were wide and only slightly hidden by the mass of unruly curls falling over her forehead.

"Oh my god." she whined. He looked up at her swiftly and with concern.

"What? What is it?" he asked quickly.

"You," she shot out accusingly. "You in that suit." She groaned softly and glared at him from the bed.

"What," he said looking down his own body. "Did I miss something?"

"Yeah," she said pushing the blankets down from her face and wiggling up to an almost upright position in bed. "The part where you have an early meeting and won't be around long enough to-" she broke off suddenly. "Well, the least you could do is have the courtesy to not rub my nose in it. And," she took a long inhale. "Jesus! You smell so good. Christ, I hate morning people."

"Does the lady approve," he asked with a smile and holding his jacket open to give her a good view.

"No," she said petulantly. "It's unkind to parade around here looking all delicious and," she paused searching her sleep-fogged brain for the right word. "Unhavable!"

"Unhavable?" he asked as she harrumphed herself back down under the covers.

He shook his head and checked his watch. "Sorry, babe. No time," he said scanning the bedside table for something. He paused, giving her one more chance to act like a grown-up. "No goodbye kiss for your smart dressed man?"

She burrowed down even further, pulling the blankets in tight around her body and pushing her butt into the air. "If I did that to you, you'd spank my ass," she accused from inside her warm cave.

"What are you saying?" he asked moving to the foot of the bed. He glanced quickly at his watch again and remembered why he never forced her to speak until after she had been awake for at least an hour. She was a defiant little thing otherwise. His grandfather would have called her ornery. Everything seemed to piss her off when she woke up. "Well, almost everything," he thought with a smirk. Too bad he was in a hurry.

She shot back up to sitting and dramatically tossed the thick covers back. "Last month! I had that board meeting and I'd spent an hour getting ready. You wanted to fool around but I said I didn't have time. You waited until I was running out the door to..." her voice trailed off.

"To what?" he asked with a smirk. "Throw you up against the door, push that skirt up around your hips and then have the audacity to make you come? Twice, if I recall correctly."

"You made me late. It was embarrassing," she shot back with a scowl.

He sighed heavily and made the choice to not let her get him worked up. There would be time for that after work. "I recall begging that morning. But, not for me to let you go," he teased moving toward the doorway.

"That's not the fucking point!"

"Hey!" he said, stopping in his tracks. "Watch that tone." He needed to go. He knew from experience that this was going to lead nowhere good and it was bewildering to him why she got like this. She'd pick a fight with the kitchen table if she thought she'd get away with it when she first woke up. It was like living with a little monster for the first 90 minutes of every day. A tiny, smoking hot monster, granted, but a monster nonetheless.

She was flushed and breathless, seething and defiant. He loved her like this. He cursed himself for not setting his alarm for earlier and took another deep breath. He knew she needed to be soothed. No reason to start her day in such a mood. She had a full work day to get through, just like him.

"Easy, baby. Just get up and have some breakfast. Take a shower. I'll make it up to you later. I promise."

He smiled at her warmly, reached down into the covers and found her ankle. He gripped it tightly. "Besides, you'll get what you want a lot faster if you ask nicely," he chided gently.

She wasn't having it. "Oh, right!" she exclaimed. "If I begged prettily enough you would just forsake your precious meeting and stay? Just because I asked? That's all it would take? I'm so very sure," she snorted dismissively.

He sighed again and kept moving toward the door, stopped quickly, and turned around to grab his keys from the dresser behind him. Her words followed him across the room.

"What exactly are the magic words that would make you blow off this presentation you've been preparing for over a month, huh? As if you'd ever," she said rolling her eyes "EVER blow off work because I begged you to. You? The earnest worker? Everyone's favorite boy? Blow off a presentation?" She paused, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at his retreating back.

"Why would I even waste my breath?" she sneered.

She saw him come up to a short stop and watched the tension suddenly blossom across his shoulders. He seemed to grow taller somehow and suddenly. The room filled with electricity. She remained reckless.

Looking directly at the back of his head with the flush crawling up toward his hairline, she chose her words very carefully.

"You don't have it in you." she spat.

His right hand shot out and landed with a loud thump as his open palm hit the door frame. Turning to face her slowly, he quietly said, "When you get like this, you just don't know when to stop talking, do you?"

Her eyes grew as big as saucers and she pressed herself back against the pillows. She opened her mouth to speak but (finally) thought better of it. He moved swiftly to the side of the bed, unbuttoned his jacket and put his hands on his hips. His eyes pinned her to the mattress. She at least had the sense to look contrite. He stared down at her silently for 10 full seconds, clenching and unclenching his jaw. Then he spoke very slowly.

"Your logic presupposes that the only reason you would beg me to stay is to fulfill your own needs. You would only lower yourself to groveling in the pursuit of getting your own selfish desires met." He continued in barely a whisper. "But the truth, kitten, is that sometimes," and here he smiled coldly, "in fact oftentimes, you will beg simply because it pleases me for you to do so. Am I making myself clear?"

She seemed to sink further into the bedclothes. She nodded quickly and almost imperceptibly.

"I'm sorry," she whispered and he believed her.

He reached over to her nightstand, picked up her small battery operated alarm clock, looked at it and then put it back down with more force than he meant to.

"Fuck," he muttered.

Reaching his hands behind his back he pulled on the right sleeve of his jacket and began to quickly shrug it off. As it slid down over his arms he heard her let out a small gasp. He carefully folded the jacket and laid it out across his side of the bed. She scooted over as he moved to sit along the edge, carefully rolling his left sleeve up to the elbow. He patted his thigh twice, snapped his fingers and then pointed to his lap.

"Here. Now."

She clutched at the sheets around her trying to cover herself. "Oh, no, please," she whined tilting her head to the side in supplication. "I said I was sorry. I meant it. Please no," she pleaded in a small voice.

He continued to stare directly ahead out the small window overlooking the street. His voice was calm and almost taciturn. "I don't have time for this, baby."

She whimpered quietly but began to move slowly out from under the covers and across his lap. She was naked and still covered in the smells and marks of having been taken roughly and well before dawn when he'd reached for her in the darkness. He'd woken suddenly, rock hard and out of some primal need had dragged her sleeping form beneath him. Pressing his cheek to the flesh between her shoulder blades, he had bitten her gently on the back of the neck. He loved how cool her skin felt in the middle of the night, like silk. She had dutifully pressed her face to the pillow and pushed her ass in the air for him without being told. He never said a word, just used her tight little body like a man possessed. She'd come hard and fast like a wild little beast, clawing and growling.

Returning to the task at hand, he allowed himself a brief moment to drink in the smell of their mutual lust still clinging to her lush little body.

As the strong morning sun finally reached the bedroom windows, she put her knees on his right thigh and centered her own hips over his. She pressed her torso into the bed beside him and tucked her palms beneath his left thigh.

"You're going to beg for each one, do you understand?"

She nodded, keeping her eyes averted and her body tense.

"The more pleasingly you beg the fewer times I'll spank you. Nod if you understand."

She nodded and gave a small sniff. She knew the rules by now. Be silent and still. Speak only when told to explicitly.

"What would you like, kitten?"

She took a deep breath and spoke as clearly as she could. "This girl asks to be corrected, Sir, for behaving so badly this morning. If it pleases you, please spank me so that I will learn to be your perfect girl."

"Very nice," he said. He brought his hand down on her right ass cheek, very hard.

She buried her face into the blankets and growled low and deep in her throat.

"Did that hurt?"

She gasped and nodded.

"How much?" he asked with an edge to his voice.

"Very, very much," she said through clenched teeth. He knew she genuinely disliked being spanked as punishment.

"And what do you say, beautiful girl?" he asked, his left thumb pressing slow circles into the side of her neck as he held her down.

The words seemed to stick in her throat, but she finally said: "Thank you."

"What now?"

"Please, Sir. If it pleases you, spank this one again so that I will learn to be your perfect girl."

Another hard slap to the same ass cheek. This time she emitted a high pitched noise, but didn't turn her face away.

"Good girl. Would you like another?" He traced the outline of his hand on her creamy skin with his fingertips. He knew these marks would linger.

"Oh, thank you, Sir. This one craves as many as you see fit to give."

"Ask nicely."

"Please, Sir. Please, may I have another?" she ground out as his hand massaged her glowing red ass.

"Do you deserve this spanking?"

She squeezed her eyes shut in response to the question. Her bottom lip was trembling, but he couldn't tell if it was from pain, anger or pride. Knowing her it was a complicated mixture of all three.

When her answer never came he added, "Does it usually go well when you don't respond to my direct questions?"

She shook her head gently. His voice dropped to the lowest whisper. "Then answer the goddamned question, kitten."

"I..." she began and the rest of her body began to tremble. "Yes."

"Yes, what, baby?" He began to trace light circles with his fingertips along the length of her inner thighs. "Come on. Release it, for me."

She took in a deep, shaky breath and exhaled slowly. "I deserve to be punished for being willful, stubborn and unkind. Each strike is a gift that brings me closer to my center. They bring me closer to you." With this she curled her body in towards his and turned her face to nuzzle against his bare forearm.

"That's my girl," he breathed.

A third loud crack broke the quiet of the morning and her body jumped, but she stayed silent. He smiled. She was gasping for breath and he could feel her muscles clenching, but she stayed silent. His girl was tough as nails.

"That's enough. Lay back in bed. Face down," he directed.

She hurried to comply and pressed her flushed face into the pillow. She would wait for him to leave before she let the few tears in her eyes fall. She heard him open the small drawer in her nightstand and pull something out. Then she heard the flip of the cap and smelled the sweet citrus scent of her favorite thick cream.

"Part your legs for me," he ordered gently. She did and he began to massage the balm into her stinging skin. She sighed and pressed her ass up into his hands. He finished quickly, but thoroughly. The last touch she felt was his lips pressed gently to each cheek.

"Be a good girl and help me with my jacket."

She crawled over and gently scooped up his suit coat. She stood on the bed, moving to the edge and still keeping her eyes averted from his. She held it open for him to step into. He shrugged it on and turned back to face her. Even standing on the bed she barely came to his eye level. He put a hand to each side of her neck and pulled her to him, pressing his forehead to hers. Her own hands wrapped around each of his wrists.

"I really am sorry," she breathed between them, her eyes closed.

"It's ok, baby. I always know how to settle my girl."

He tipped her face up and pulled her into his body for a long, slow kiss. She tentatively put her hands against his chest while his tongue slipped against hers. She clung to him and moaned softly into his mouth when he bit her bottom lip gently. That small sound seemed to ignite something in him and his kiss turned possessive.

She melted against him, her small fists clutching each of his lapels. His hands found hers and pried them off his suit, bringing them gently behind her to rest at the small of her back. His palms traveled further south to gently cup her ass cheeks. Then in a swift and punishing move, he griped her tight, growled into her mouth and pulled her groin up against his. She responded with mewling cries, pressing her suddenly restless little body to him.

He turned her roughly in his arms so that her back was pressed to his chest. Her palms were pinned between their bodies. She whimpered as he slid the flat of his left palm across her collarbone, pressing into her skin. His other hand moved quickly to cup her between the legs and began to move over her with feather-light strokes.

"Mmm. So soft," he murmured against her neck.

Just then the stillness in the room was broken by his phone vibrating in his pocket. His left hand slid into his pocket. The phone went still as his other hand parted her legs and began to gently stroke her wet folds knowing that she was most likely still sore from the night before. Her body began to sway as her lips parted and her breath started to come in short gasps.

"My sweet girl is so wet. And you took that spanking so well," he whispered. "Have we soothed the beast for now?"

She bit her bottom lip and looked down at her feet. A slight blush washed across her face.

"No?" he said with a breathy chuckle. A dark shadow passed over his features. His voice became heated.

"Would you like to play, kitten?" Her only response was a shy smile.

"Then ask nicely," he instructed.

In one graceful movement she sank to her knees on the mattress and then down onto all fours. She slid around his legs and onto the floor immediately beside the bed. The smooth, cool surface of the gleaming hardwood felt delicious against her bed-warmed body. His own body turned to follow her movements. She knew exactly how he preferred her. She pressed her knees to the floor directly between his own spread legs followed quickly by her chest. Her arched back provided the perfect morning stretch as she turned her face back to him over her shoulder. Her eyes stayed focused on the floor. A quick flick sent all her hair forward and exposed her neck to him as his gaze traveled from the soles of her feet, over her upturned ass, down her back and up the delicate column of her neck.

"This one aches for you, Sir."

"Jesus," he sighed running his fingers across his face and then up through his hair. Then, his voice colder, "Show me."

She immediately turned over onto her back and extended her legs through his spread ones, keeping her shoulder blades pressed to the floor. She arched her back and drew her bottom lip into her teeth. With her knees slightly bent, she ran her small hands down her body to rest along the tops of her thighs. She seemed to hesitate, the bright light of day suddenly making her less bold.

He stood straddling her knees and towering over her, burning her everywhere his eyes touched. He reached down to adjust the bulge in his trousers and she suppressed a whimper from her vantage point many feet below.

"Oh, don't lose your nerve now," he taunted. "Not when you're so close to getting what you want."

She spread her thighs just enough to slip her fingers into the gap and reveal her glistening, pink hole.

"This is where I want you, Daddy...right here...".

"Get back in this bed," he growled. She hurried to comply.

He walked the short distance to her dresser, unplugged her iPhone from its charger and returned to her bedside. He placed the phone immediately beside her. He turned her small alarm clock so that it was in easy sight from her vantage point on the bed. He opened the drawer in her bedside table and pushed a few things around inside, laying her hairbrush on the tabletop beside her clock. Then he turned his intense stare back to her. His right hand moved steadily across her body and settled around her neck, just tight enough to make her body go still. Instinctively she folded he hands beneath herself at the small of her back. Her body was taut with excitement.

His voice was husky and had lost none of its intense timbre. He asked one simple question.

"Are you a good girl who does what she's told?"

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