Morning Glory

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A young couple enjoys their first day off together.
3.4k words
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This story was an absolute joy to write. There's a lot of similarities in this story to my sex life with my wife. She has already read this over and given it her seal of approval. So, enjoy and don't forget to jack off while you read! Y'all are the best.

Morning Glory


The loud beeps from Shawn's phone flung him from his deep slumber into the early morning dawn that he now found himself in.

"Fuck...." He groaned wiping sleep from his eyes as he fumbled with his phone to turn off the annoying alarm. He finally got it to shut up and was now left in the quiet of his bedroom.

It was a warm spring Saturday and for the first time in, well Shawn couldn't remember the last time both he and his wife Jayne had a Saturday off. He looked over at his wife still sleeping peacefully.

'God she could sleep through an earthquake' Shawn thought to himself.

Shawn kept his gaze on his wife enjoying the peaceful look on her beautiful face. Her brown hair flowed elegantly in a cascading wave of bedhead. Jayne was a natural beauty. No matter where she was or what she was wearing everyone couldn't help but turn and drink in her in, at least that was Shawn's reaction to her the first time they met in college six years ago. Soon they started dating, and then fell in love, then got married and now they owned a house and were still deeply in love with each other.

Shawn stretched his limbs kicking the sheet off himself, he was nude, as was Jayne. They always slept naked, enjoying the touch of each other's bare skin. Shawn swung his legs out of bed and gave another stretch and yawned. He couldn't help but look back at the masterpiece of beauty that he gets to sleep next to every night. She stood five-foot nothing, and her brown hair framed her round face perfectly. She had subtle freckles across the bridge of her nose and her brown eyes sparkled with such joy that he couldn't help but feel his heart do backflips in his chest every time she graced him with her gaze. She was the definition of effortless beauty.

With Shawn's movement the sheets had moved and unveiled Jayne's nude upper body. The morning sunlight splayed its fingers across the bed as it peaked in through the window. Shawn followed those rays of light as they climbed and dropped over Jayne's curves.

Shawn's eyes danced over Jayne's body, eventually settling on her breasts. Shawn had always been an ass man. His love life always involved dancers or soccer players. He loved butts of all shapes and sizes and his wife was no exception. Jayne had been a dancer her whole life, so Shawn spent a lot of time worshiping his wife's exceptional bubble butt. The surprising thing lately has been his increased lust for Jayne's breasts. His cock twitched a little bit as he thought about burying his face in her cleavage. Jayne's breasts were still perfectly perky, each breast was topped with her puffy nipples that fit so perfectly between his lips. Shawn had also been noticing his desire to have Jayne on her back in missionary more so he could watch her tits bounce and move with each of his thrusts. Their movement almost hypnotizing him. He shook himself back to reality. Shawn rose from the bed and moved to the bathroom, his half hard cock dangling heavily.

Shawn flushed the toilet after he finished peeing, with some difficulty thanks to his ever-increasing morning wood. He washed his hands and started brushing his teeth. As he worked his back molars, he looked at himself in the mirror. Shawn was over six-feet tall; he was always a tall and lanky kid, but his body had finally started to fill out. His shoulders were broad and even though he had gotten a little soft around the belly area he still had a athletic, powerful looking body. His deep blue eyes and mischievous smirk are his two best assets, at least according to Jayne. He gave a couple poses to himself, flexing his muscles as he finished up his morning routine. See! He was just protecting his muscles with some cushion. He spit the toothpaste out and started walking back to the bedroom.

Shawn got as far as the doorway before he stopped dead in his tracks. Jayne had shifted positions while he was in the bathroom and had rolled over from her fetal-esque position to now being flat on her stomach. The sheets snaked around her lower body like a ribbon of silk around a wrapped gift. Except it wasn't Christmas yet and the gift was Jaynes perfect bubble butt. Like a mermaid about to dive back under the waves, Jaynes ass rose from the ocean of the sheets. Shawn's jaw dropped and his breath almost stopped. He was suddenly a man stranded in a desert and his wife's ass was an oasis in the sand. Shawn moved on autopilot, his morning wood was now back at full force as he stumbled back to the bed, his eyes never leaving his oasis. He fell into bed and took a nosedive directly between those heavenly cheeks.

He inhaled her scent as his hands moved to grab her cheeks, spreading them apart to gain better access to his prize. His tongue flicked across Jayne's delicious butthole. He moaned at his wife's taste, he wasn't sure how, but her ass always had such an intoxicatingly sweet taste. He was addicted to it, but he definitely didn't have a problem! He feasted on her hole as his mouth and tongue glided up and down Jayne's crack.

Jayne was dead asleep, totally relaxed and deep in a dream. But somewhere in the fog of sleep she felt wetness flicking across her back door. She let out a groan as the pleasure & warmth rolled over her body like a wave. Her amazing husband was eating her ass like it was his last meal. At least she hoped it was Shawn. She felt the familiar tickle of his facial hair between her thighs, but she couldn't necessarily be sure it was him.

"I really hope that's you back there my wonderful husband." Jayne moaned out as she stretched back a bit, shoving her ass back against Shawn's face.

"Who else could it be?" Came the muffled response.

"My other boyfriend." Jaye giggle and shook her ass from side to side.

"Oh really?" Shawn responded, giving her ass a quick spank eliciting another giggle from his wife.

"Shhh...babe it's rude to talk with your mouth full" Jayne giggle as she pushed her plump ass back harder against Shawn's face. This earned another spank as Shawn continued to devour her rosebud.

Pleasure was pulsing through Jayne's body; with every flick of her husband's tongue, she could feel her arousal building. This wasn't Shawn's first rodeo; he had been between his wife's cheeks countless times. He could read her body like a map and right now he was reading it well. He blended tongue and lip action to build Jayne's wave of arousal into a tsunami that was about to crash over her. Jayne's moans and whimpers were getting louder and more desperate. Shawn was pushing his tongue deep into her ass and Jayne was meeting each push. Shawn knew she was close and right before the wave crashed over her body; he sat up pulling his face from her cheeks.

Jayne groaned and tried to push her ass back desperate to find her husband's face again. "Please fuck me baby, please I need you, I need your cock inside me." Jayne whined.

"Are you talking to me or your other boyfriend?" Shawn asked as he moved his had between his wife's legs and gently rubbed circles around her clit.

"Oooohhhh fuck" Jayne moaned breathlessly "I knew that comment would come back to bite me." she added with a giggle.

"Oh absolutely, so I hope it was worth it my beautiful wife."

"I'd do it again in a heartbeat!" Smack! "Ah fuck!" Jayne yelped with a smile plastered on her face.

"You're a brat!" Shawn said smiling "Why don't you turn around and put that mouth to better use."

"Yes Sir!" Jayne teased as she spun on her knees, so she was now facing her husband.

She stood up on her knees and leaned her head up and closed the gap between them. Their lips crashed into each other in a slow and sensual kiss. Shawn groaned as the softness of his wife's lips shot electricity through his body. Their tongues wrestled one another as Jayne reached down and slowly started to dance her fingers across Shawn's cock. She moaned when she felt how hard he was.

"Someone is excited this morning" she said, the words dripping from her lips.

"Can you blame me?" Shawn growled as his wife teased his cock head with her fingers.

Shawn leaned in and met his wife. Their kiss was slow, sensual, and passionate. Their lips danced with each other, both hoping that the feelings they put behind the kiss would come remotely close to the well of love they have for each other. Jayne's hand was now slowly moving up and down Shawn's cock. Jayne reluctantly pulled herself away from the kiss. They sat there for a second. Both of them on their knees in their bed, breathing deeply as they tried to catch their breath from the magical kiss they had just shared.

"I love you" Shawn whispered.

"I love you too" Jayne responded as she trailed kissed down Shawn's body. Bending at the waist she placed a gently kiss on his pelvis just above his twitching cock. Jayne was now face to face with her husband's sizeable cock.

Shawn's cock really was beautiful. It was eight inches long, its plump cock head was already leaking pre-cum. The drop glistened in the early morning light. Jayne slowly closed the gap between her lips and Shawn's cock. Her tongue flicked across his cock head scooping up the delicious drop. She let out a deep purr as she savored the taste of her husband.

Jayne wrapped her hand around the shaft. Shawn's girth prevented her from getting her fingers all the way around it. Even after all these years together her husband's size still gave her butterflies. She moved her other hand and cupped his balls gently. This earned a low growl from Shawn, Jayne smiled at that.

Leaning over further, making sure her back stayed arched so Shawn had something to drool over as she worked his cock. She swirled her tongue around his cock head. Her hands worked together as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. She buried her face in his balls moaning as she inhaled his musk. This gained another sharp groan from Shawn.

Jayne moved to a kneeling position in front of Shawn, both hands now wrapped around his thick shaft. Jayne spit onto his cock head and slowly worked it up and down his shaft. She gazed up at her husband with glossy lust filled eyes and gave him the best "fuck my face" look she could muster.

Shawn nearly shot his load at the look his wife was giving him. He got the hint and knew just what she wanted. He nodded down at her, and Jayne parted her lips and opened her mouth.

He gently grabbed both sides of Jayne's face. Slowly he pushed his cockhead between her eager lips. Shawn groaned as the warmth and wetness from Jayne's mouth engulfed his cock. Jayne moved her hands down to the fire of arousal that was currently burning between her legs and began to slowly rub her clit.

Shawn pushed in till he hit her throat then slowly pulled out, making sure her lips traced every inch and vein of his cock on the way out. His cock head now rested on Jayne's bottom lip. He paused to let her take a deep breath and slowly pushed back in.

Shawn continued this see-saw of pleasure for a couple minutes. Each push was met with less resistance and less gagging from Jayne. Spit now coated Shawn's cock, dripping down his shaft and running over his balls. Soon Jaynes nose was pressed against Shawn's pubes. Fuck he will never grow tired of feeling Jayne's throat hug his cock so tightly.

"You ready my beautiful wife?" Shawn asked as he pulled his cock out of Jaynes throat.

"Yes sir!" Jayne said breathlessly, as she sputtered and gagged slightly. Spit covered her lips and chin.

"Good girl."

The only sounds that filled the room for the next couple minutes was the creaking of the bed and Jayne's beautiful gagging and slurping as Shawn built up speed with each thrust. Jayne kept her eyes locked on her husbands as he fucked her throat. She fought back every gag as best she could but his cock was just too big, and every handful of thrusts Shawn had to pull out so Jayne could catch her breath. Jayne was the perfect cock sucker though and only took one deep breath before she submitted her throat again to her husband's cock.

Shawn felt himself getting close, but he wasn't done with her yet, he gave one final thrust and pushed his cock deeply into her throat and held her head against his pubes. After a handful of seconds Shawn let Jayne up for air.

She fell back on her heels, sputtering and gasping for air. She gulped down breaths as she looked up at the spit covered cock in front of her. Her chest was glistening with the drool that fell from her lips. Shawn smirked down at his wife, 'God damn does she look incredible,' he thought to himself.

Jayne leveled her husband with a look and simply said "Fuck. Me. Now." And fell back against the pillows her legs spread wide, inviting Shawn inside.

Shawn wasn't about to argue and crawled between his wife's toned legs. Shawn positioned himself at her entrance and prepared to plunge his cock into her pussy. But before he could start his descent Jayne stopped him with a finger pulling his chin, making him look at her.

"No sweetie, it's day off, we both deserve a naughty treat. Aim a little lower and fuck my ass." Jayne said with a wink and a smirk. Her tongue flicking across Shawn's lips.

Shawn starred at his wife in disbelief, "Are you sure?" He asked.

"Why else would I have slobbered allover your cock like that? I wanted to make sure it was nice and slick. This is your fault anyway because with the way you ate my ass it got me horny to feel your cock stretch my hole. So line up and fuck my ass baby!" Jayne demanded.

"I love you so fucking much" Shawn said as he positioned his cock lower and started to push into his wife's beautiful ass.

"I love you too baby" Jayne moaned out in a higher pitch as she felt her hole start to stretch around her husband's cock head.

"Fuck Jayne you're so fucking tight!" Shawn said through gritted teach as he cock slowly worked its way inside his wife.

"Fuck me baby, your cock fills me up so fucking well!" Jayne moaned as all eight inches of Shawn's cock bottomed out inside her ass.

Shawn paused for a second, just letting his wife enjoy the full feeling of his cock buried in between her cheeks. Electricity shot between them as their bodies reacted to every small twitch and movement. Shawn gazed down at his wife and couldn't help but admire her beauty. Her eyes were glossed over in pleasure, her face was flushed and every inch of her was showing the amount of pleasure she was experiencing. Shawn couldn't help himself and leaned down and passionately kissed his blushing bride. Their tongues engaged in another wrestling match as Jayne wrapped her arms around Shawn's neck. They were both panting and moaning as they just let their minds and bodies give into the pleasure of their intimate moment together. The walls of the bedroom fell away and for a moment it was just the two of them lost in a world of their own pleasure and love. Their kiss grew more needy and desperate, and Shawn felt his hips give little thrusts into Jayne's ass.

Shawn needed to fuck his wife. They were once again reluctant to break their kiss, but Shawn had to see confirmation that it was ok for him to continue. Jayne nodded and they both were excited about what was to follow.

Shawn slowly pulled his cock out, letting his wife feel every inch of his cock. Jayne deep a sharp breath in as the cock head popped out of her hole. She immediately felt empty and needed Shawn to fill her ass once again. Shawn obliged that need and slowly thrust back into her ass.

Shawn was kneeling, his arms wrapped around Jayne's thighs as her ankles rested on his shoulders. At this angle he could watch his cock disappear into his wife.

"Fuck Jayne, you are so incredibly beautiful" Shawn said his eyes locked onto her pussy and ass. Jayne moaned and moved her hands to her breasts giving each nipple a pinch before running her hands down her stomach to her aching pussy.

She ran her fingers through her pedals and gently spread them apart. She could feel how soaked she was and knew it wouldn't be long before her orgasm stampeded through her body.

"Shawn, baby, I need you to fuck me, I need you to pound me into this mattress, please sir I need to feel your cock pound into my tight asshole" Jayne whined as she gently rubbed her fingers across her clit.

Shawn watched this unfold and felt the need building in his loins. Somewhere deep down his animal brain took over and he knew it was time to switch gears.

Shawn moved his hands to her waist. Gripping tightly, he started slamming his cock into her ass. He made sure she felt the power of each thrust as their bodies bounced off each other like colliding atoms.

"OOOHHHH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK" Jayne repeated as her mind went blank. Pleasure flooded her brain and the only thing that mattered to her in that moment was Shawn and his incredible cock.

Shawn was going full speed now, his cock working like a piston as it slammed into his wife's insides. Their slaps from their thrusts were echoing off the walls and the noise the headboard was making could have woken a hibernating bear! The love making as over, this was good deep, fast fucking now!

"OHHH fuck Jayne I'm gonna cum" Shawn moaned.

"Cum inside me baby, I want to feel you flood my ass, cum for me Shawn, please sir cum for me!" Jayne begged as her fingers blurred across her pussy.

That's all it took; Jayne felt her tsunami crash first. It started low in her body but soon flew through her body like an avalanche. Her face was locked in pleasure, her mouth forming a perfect 'O.'

"AHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! AHHHH" Jayne whimpered and screamed as her body was rocked with pleasure.

Because of her orgasm her ass clamped tight around Shawn's cock and the noises she was making sent him over the edge.

"OHHH FUCK JAYNE! FUCK!" Shawn grunted as his body exploded with pleasure. He shot rope after rope of cum deep into his wife's ass.

They continued to moan and scream nonsense words as their orgasms subsided. Shawn's thrusts were getting slower and slower until he collapsed onto his wife. Their bodies were soaked with sweat and the essence of their sex.

They soon found themselves locked in another passionate kiss as they both caught their breaths with the help of that kiss.

"Holy shit." They both said at the same time which made them both giggle.

"You're incredible" Shawn said as he basked in the glow of their sex.

"You're not so bad yourself....but I think my other boyfriend might have been better"

"You fucking suck!" Shawn said laughing as he lifted Jayne's leg and proceeded to spank her well fuck ass.

They were both laughing as they wrestled and soon were locked in another embrace, their lips dancing slowly with one another.

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stockingnutstockingnut4 months ago

Wow! What a lucky guy.

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