tagText With AudioMorning Orgasm (Irish Accent)

Morning Orgasm (Irish Accent)


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When you wake, I'm laying next to you, freshly showered, some little beads of water still on my chest. I pat them off then toss my towel to the floor, and nestle close to you.

You lay, sleep-stretch and snuggle, smiling as you feel my fingers lightly trace a line from your ankle along the back of your calf, circling the back of your knee, dappling my fingertips along the inside of your smooth sexy thighs, moving in little circles slowly up your leg. 

You turn to the side, spooning me, and I don't turn down the chance to cup and squeeze your fabulous arse with one hand as I push your hair aside with the other, easing my fingers onto your scalp, little soothing pulses that tread a line between relaxing and horny.

You feel your body cross that line as my mouth finds the nape of your neck, my lips warm, barely touching you, my breath tickling the tiny hairs there, and now I kiss your neckline, lips parted, moving towards your earlobe, while one hand strokes your arse and your sexy legs, and the other massages your scalp, pushing through your thick hair. I gently envelop your earlobe, sucking it lightly, flicking my tongue over it, my warm breath caressing you.

I smile as you moan softly, my cock responding to your reaction by stiffening immediately, pressing against your wonderful arse. One hand still in your hair, I wrap my fingers in it and pull it very gently so your neck is taut, and I kiss along that tautness as my hand slowly moves from your ass up over your waist, cupping the heavy swell of your breast and squeezing, gently at first, then a little more firmly as I kiss your neck harder. 

I slip your nipple between finger and thumb, grazing very lightly over your areola before pinching it just a little, feeling it tighten under my touch. Moving from one breast to the other, but slow with it, letting the sleepy horniness seep slowly through you. As your body responds I squeeze your sexy tits more firmly, and you make me moan softly as you push your incredible arse against my cock. 

Still kissing your neck, you move from the spooning position so you're flat on your back, and I smile as I feel you part your legs wide, raising your hips to me. You feel me whisper at your neck before the words even come out...do you want me? 

Your soft moans in the affirmative and your eager hands reaching for me are enough for me to know the answer. I move myself between your legs, my cock already rock hard even as you reach for me, gently pumping me, pulling me towards you. I groan loudly as you ease the head of my throbbing shaft inside you, you're already so wet and you feel amazing. 

I smile as I see your tummy muscles spasm uncontrollably as I sink my dick inside you, slowly letting my full length slide deeper and deeper until I'm fully inside you and we're both panting softly. I stop moving now, letting you get used to me, as you run your fingers over my chest and over my shoulders. Now you pull me close to you, your breasts pressed to my chest, and you whisper in my ear "fuck me". 

I lock eyes with you, smiling as I grab your wrists, pushing your arms over your head and leaning my weight on them, and now in total contrast to the slow and measured moves I have made up to this point, I begin to piston my cock hard and fast in and out of you, loving the way you lift your hips to receive my strokes, urging me to fuck you harder, deeper. 

I lower my mouth to yours, cock still sliding deep inside you, feeling my cock head pulse as your sexy wet pussy squeezes me tightly, and our lips are open and wet as we kiss greedily, pushing our tongues together with a ferocity that highlights how turned on we both are, and I start to cry out as you moan against my mouth and I know if I look into your eyes now you are going to make me cum. 

So I close my eyes and concentrate on you, each stroke of my cock lightly grazing your clit, but now it's no use, I feel you reaching under your legend now your hand is cupping my heavy balls, gently squeezing and oh god I can't resist as I open my eyes and look down at you and your sexy eyes are on mine as you say "cum with me" and now I am totally lost, crying out, and I feel your whole body shaking as your orgasm takes hold and your hand tightens on my balls and makes me fucking explode and oh god oh god oh fuck we are both completely lost together as our bodies go rigid and I feel myself spurting over and over inside you as your hips shudder and your arms shake spasmodically and then you relax your grip on my balls and wrap them around me and pull me close as we slow down and let ourselves collapse together, utterly spent, utterly exhausted, utterly satisfied. 

Good morning...have a great day.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/16/18

Yes please!

Baby you can wake me up anytime...the moans and deep panting, sexy accent, and description. I loved it and so did my pussy!

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by Anonymous05/27/18

Thank You

This little Irish/Aussie just wants to say thank you, and good morning ;)
oh, and wow...

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by Anonymous04/21/18

Sweet Mercy!

Well goodness me! this has just given me such an amazing orgasm.. I came with you! Well read well written - talk about turn on! Will be listening again and again I'm sure! Just wow

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by jacqueline_renee03/02/18

Mmm good morning to you too

Well fuck. This is so incredibly sexy. I love the tender lovemaking in this just as much as the aggressive fuck in the library. Your voice gets me so fucking wet

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by Anonymous02/28/18

Holy fuck

That accent... those shudders... fuck.

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