tagSci-Fi & FantasyMoth Ch. 015

Moth Ch. 015


Please forgive the redundant copyright messages, I've found that sometimes my stories are copypasted in part and used elsewhere.

Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.


Lei was flying. It was mid day and she couldn't see anything for the brightness. Suddenly an unreasonable gust of wind grabbed hold of her and threw her, back down, into a spiderweb.

The brightness lessened and Lei could see clear as night. Black was approaching.

"Fooooood," he taunted in a ghoulish voice. "Fooood."

Lei realised she was naked.

"Food," taunted Black, looking down at her with hungry eyes. In one movement he grabbed her wrists and ankles, and spread them far apart.

"Food," said Black and laughed while webbing her hands and feet to the web.

From somewhere outside one of the birds that never left for winter made a loud racket and Lei woke. She wasn't sure whether to feel blessed or sad to have been rescued from that dream. It had been frightening but also... erotic. That was it. Erotic!

Lei smiled to herself. She had had erotic dreams before, but back then she hadn't been a full-blown woman. A good three-quarters of a year had passed since she had left her cocoon a full adult. In that time, she hadn't thought much about the mysteries of womanhood. Now that she, as a woman, had a taste of lust, what sprang to mind was that it really was about time.

Still smiling smugly, Lei snuggled against the soft silk. Her bedding was heavenly.

Black had padded her winter-hole with a thick insulating layer of it, and had made her several thick, fluffy, blankets. He had sternly instructed her that if she ever froze she should call for him, and he would come warm her.

It was no wonder her first erotic dream had been of Black. His silk delightfully caressed her skin all night, every night; all her winter-clothing was insulated with it. And at day she slept in the warmth of this wonderful bedding that was all his making.

Lei pressed her face into her blanket and inhaled deeply. Spending all day breathing his scent, it was no wonder she would dream of him.

In real life Black was just as strong as he had been in the dream. So swift, and overpowering, and...

Lei squeezed her legs together. Her most private place was pounding away, as if she had grown a tiny heart down there which pounded in tune with her other one.

She had never really touched herself there. Sharing a bed with two brothers and a sister didn't encourage such exploration. Before leaving home she'd never been alone while washing herself either.

Lei glanced toward her hole's exit. It had been cold at dawn; she had tied the drape closed before going to sleep. The knot hadn't loosened, and there was no risk of Black looking inside at an awkward moment. Yet, Lei kept the blanket on while slowly sliding a hand to her thong.

She had an expectant warm feeling in her gut and a mischievous grin on her lips. Alone or not. This was naughty.

Her fingers reached the top of her thong. She slipped them under, and slid further to get to where it throbbed.

Lei's smile disappeared. Something was wrong. Her fingers had found wetness. A lot of it. It felt too slimy to be pee. Lei threw off her cover, sat up, and looked at her fingers.

They weren't bloody, and it was the wrong time for that anyhow.

There wasn't anything to see, except that her fingers were wet. Lei rubbed her thumb against the wet fingertips. The wetness felt slimy. Nauseous with worry, Lei took off her thong, curled forward as best she could, and did her best to look at her privates. It was an impossible place to inspect on your own.

What if she had an infection? She didn't know anything about treating infections. All she had ever cared to learn about was bow-making. What if she got sick?

She forced the panic back and started wiping herself clean. Then she dressed and took a short trip into the daylight for snow. It took her a while to melt enough snow with her hands to wet a corner of a blanket. But, once that was done, cleaning off the last of the slime was fairly easy.

Lei had a hard time going back to sleep and often moved her hand into her thong to check for slime. After an hour of restlessness, there was still no trace of slime, and Lei slowly calmed. After even longer, she fell back asleep.

When she woke at sunset, the first thing she did was check her privates for slime. Lei breathed a sigh of relief when her fingers only found slight moisture. That was the normal condition of that area.

She smelled her fingers and was shocked by the tangy smell. Although, she admitted to herself, she really had no clue how she was supposed to smell down there. Lei cursed herself for not having been curious about that sooner.

Outside her hole the night was beautiful. There was snow everywhere. But, Lei was not in a mood to enjoy it.

Black seemed to be in a good mood, until her sourness infected him and he crawled off to mind his own business. Lei didn't bother to apologise. Black rarely bothered to when he was having a bad night.

Intellectual property of Nanna Marker.

She washed her nether region at least five times that night, although there was no trace of the slime of the day. When dawn came, she felt a little better. Whatever had caused the slime, it had probably gone away.

Sleep came to her easily.

Lei was flying through the forest. Something was chasing her. Something fast. She was flapping her wings with all her might, but the wind just wouldn't obey properly, and the something was catching up to her.

Then it caught her and she realised it was her father.

"You are bad," he said, bent her over his lap, and pushed an arm between her folded wings, spreading them. His other arm he raised up in the air, preparing to spank her buttocks.

"You are very bad," he said, but it was no longer her father. The man holding her was Black.

Lei whimpered as he pulled her arms behind her back and folded them over her wings.

"Very bad." Blacks voice was smooth and hungry. His legtips were wandering all over her body.

Lei squeezed her legs together to protect her most private place. Black said nothing but pressed legs between her thighs and...

Lei woke. Her stomach was buzzing with warmth and her nether was pounding. She squeezed her legs together around the sensation.

There was a squishy feeling where her thighs pressed against her thong.

"Oh no," whimpered Lei, and started sobbing.


Kokata studied Lei from his hiding place. She had been moody for days, and it seemed she couldn't look at him without finding something to yell about. He was tired of being yelled at.

He was in a right mind to lay himself in the snow and speed up time. Maybe when spring arrived, Lei would be more like herself and less like a beetle.

Lei rose from her work and flew off. She returned shortly after. Most likely it had just been a piss break.

She sat back down at her usual work place, and picked up the leaf spine she had been working on before leaving, but then put it back down and simply started sobbing.

She looked very alone and scared.

Kokata left his place of hiding and crawled to her, approaching from behind.

"What's wrong?" he asked, and hated the way she stiffened her shoulders at the sound of his voice.

"Nothing," claimed Lei, and snorted back snot.

"Then why are you crying about it?" snarled Kokata.

"It's got nothing to do with you," said Lei, and surreptitiously wiped her nose and eyes. As if he couldn't guess that was what she was doing.

"What has got nothing to do with me?" pushed Kokata, straining not to snarl. He hated that she wouldn't confide in him.

"I think I'm sick," confided Lei, quietly.

"Sick?" Kokata's stomach jumped up to his heart, somersaulted, and dove down hard on his guts. "How sick? Sick how?"

"I don't know," sobbed Lei.

"Don't know!" snarled Kokata. "How can you not know?"

"It's in the nether region," sobbed Lei. "I don't know what it is."

"How bad is it?"

"I don't know," sobbed Lei, and then she started telling a long confusing story about slime, and washing, and fresh slime, and sleeping, and finished it with:

"... And now I just went to pee and there was slime in my thong. And I don't know what it is. And I don't know what to do. And I'm scared."

Kokata felt like a bucketful of rocks were churning around inside his stomach. If Lei was scared, he was terrified. They were far from any kind of people. How would he get her to a healer in the middle of winter? How would he even find a healer?

"Allright," said Kokata. "Slime." He slid some legs around Lei and hugged her. "It doesn't have to be dangerous. Maybe it's just a minor infection."

"What if it's a parasite?" sobbed Lei. "What if something crawled in there and laid it's eggs?"

Submitted to literotica.com by the author.

"Everything will be fine," comforted Kokata, and gently rocked her, but really he was anything but calm.

"I don't know what to do," wept Lei, pressing back against him.

"You need to let me look at it," said Kokata.

Lei stiffened in his hold.

"I know," snarled Kokata, "it's a private place. But maybe I can see something that you can't."

"You're not a healer," said Lei.

"No. But I'm good at killing bugs," snarled Kokata. "If it's a parasite that, at least, should be useful."

For a moment, Lei was silent. Kokata was just about to press the issue when she beat him to it.

"Allright," she said, and pushed out of his hold. "I'll let you look."

Then, her eyes firmly on the snow, Lei walked past him toward her hole. Kokata crawled after her.

Lei's hole was larger than her last one had been. There was more than room for both of them.

Kokata watched in silence as Lei took off her outer clothing, her under pants, and her thong. Under other conditions he would have loved a chance to inspect her nether region.

"I..." said Lei, holding her hands in front of her, hiding from his line of sight what the thong usually did. "I... I'm not comfortable about this."

Kokata wasn't sure what to say.

"I smell down there," said Lei, lowering her head even further.

"I don't mind," said Kokata. "Just please, let me have a look."

Lei nodded, laid herself down, and, very hesitantly, spread her legs.

Kokata moved in between and gently laid legtips on her upper thigh to spread them further. Lei's body jumped on the bedding.

"You're cold," she apologised.

"Gimme a moment," said Kokata, released Lei's thighs, and shivered for all he was worth.

"Is that better?" he asked, holding a legtip against Lei's thigh.

"Much better," said Lei, nodding.

"Good." Kokata again, put legtips on both Lei's thighs, and gently pushed for her to spread them further. Then he lowered his face till it was a mere hand's width from Lei's womanhood.

"So far it doesn't look wrong," said Kokata, though he wasn't sure exactly how it was supposed to look. "It's not a bad smell," he added, for a moment raising his body and glancing up at Lei's face. Her eyes were closed and she had a tortured, embarrassed look on her face.

Kokata ran his tips over the folds. They really were wet with something. The substance didn't seem malignant though. He moved his face even closer and inhaled deeply. It was a good smell. It was strong, and alien, but his whole body recognised it to be very good. Kokata shivered.

"Not now," he soundlessly mouthed to himself.

How could his body choose this time to respond to Lei?

Kokata took a slow deep breath to calm himself. Through his nose. It had the exact opposite effect. It was the smell. His body recognised it even if he had never smelled it before.

"Are you sure you are not supposed to smell this way?" asked Kokata, having a very hard time keeping his voice even.

"No," replied Lei. The word came out resembling an embarrassed whine.

"I think the smell is right," said Kokata, and raised himself. If he could have a few breaths without it then maybe he could clear his head. 'The smell is right.' Couldn't he find a more delicate way to put it?

"What about the slime?" asked Lei, covering her face with her hands.

"Let me check." Kokata lowered his face again, and made sure not to inhale the intoxicating aroma. Without warning, not to give Lei time to be further embarrassed, he stuck out his tongue and ran it over the wettest area.

Lei shrieked with surprise, and would have closed her legs if he hadn't held onto them. To calm her he raised himself while tasting his tongue.

"What are you doing?" Lei's voice was hoarse with shock and thick with embarrassment.

Kokata waved at her with a legtip, still tasting his tongue.

"It tastes sort of metallic," he said, and again moved his tongue around in his mouth. "It doesn't taste unhealthy. Are you sure it's not supposed to be there?"

"Of course it's not supposed to be there," complained Lei. "I told you. I've never had slime like that there."

The heavy feeling in Kokata's stomach had lifted at the arousal the scent had caused. Now it returned and pushed the arousal away.

"I'll start looking for parasites," he said, and lowered himself.

He carefully spread every fold she had. There was no sign of neither eggs nor tinybug bites, and he told her so.

"Allright," said Lei, the palms of her hands firmly attached to her face.

"The slime is coming from inside you," said Kokata. "I'll have to feel around in there."

"I don't want you to," sobbed Lei. "I wan't a healer."

"I'll be very gentle," promised Kokata, and exceedingly slowly moved a legtip toward where the cracks in the folds went deeper than could be stretched.

"Don't," screeched Lei the moment he started sliding it in.

Kokata withdrew the legtip and raised himself. Lei was sobbing hard. He could see tears running out at the sides of her hands. She was scared and miserable.

Submitted to literotica.com by the author.

"I can't," she sobbed. "I can't. I can't."

"It's allright," said Kokata, and pressed his cheek against one her thighs.

"You don't have to," he lied, while securing his hold on the thigh. He turned his face till his lips were on her thigh and kissed her soft white skin.

Then he opened his mouth and bit.

Lei shrieked and fought him like a caught moth-beast. Kokata pulled his teeth out of her flesh but held on tight awaiting the effect of the poison. It only took a moment, but it was a long heart-wrenching moment.

"Everything will be allright," he said, when finally Lei relaxed and sagged back on the bed.

"I feel great," sighed Lei, her arms splayed on both sides of her. "This bed is soooo soft. I love this bed."

"That's good," said Kokata gently, and slowly spread Lei's legs.

"You bit me," said Lei and giggled.

"I bit you," agreed Kokata softly, firmly keeping Lei's legs apart with two of his own.

"It didn't hurt much," said Lei. She had a wide, silly, beautiful smile on her face.

Kokata spread Lei's folds and again moved a legtip in position.

"I have dreams about you," said Lei and giggled.

"That's nice, Scrawny. Now try to lay still, please."

"I like dreaming about you, Black."

Kokata very slowly pushed the tip inward.

"That feels nice," said Lei, and moved her legs within his hold on them.

Kokata shivered. He closed his eyes and reminded himself why he was doing what he was doing.

"It tickles when you shiver," giggled Lei.

Kokata pushed further and Lei made a complaining sound.

"Was that my virginity?" she asked, with a blurred voice. "It didn't hurt much."

He wasn't sure but made sure to move even slower. He had no idea what her inside was supposed to feel like.

"It feels gooder than it hurts," sighed Lei, restlessly moving around on the bedding. "Much gooder."

Kokata felt around, first sides, then bottom side, then top side.

"Yes, there," exclaimed Lei.

"Where?" asked Kokata, slowly retracing his movement. "Did you feel something?"

"Back a bit," insisted Lei. "No, not that far. Deeper. Yes there! Touch there."

Kokata gently rubbed the spot.

"You have something there?" he asked. He couldn't feel anything resembling a parasite on the spot.

"Stay there," pleaded Lei. "It feels really good."

Kokata stopped.

"Don't stop," whined Lei.

Maybe biting her had been a bad idea. She wouldn't be much help the state she was in.

"It felt really nice," whined Lei, writhing against the bedding.

Slime squeezed out of her around his legtip. Kokata shivered with lust but pushed the feeling away.

While he had his eyes on the liquid, and his ears on Lei's ragged breathing, pieces clicked into place.

Lei was feeling lustful. With the words of young men speaking in whispers, one would say she was 'wet'. Kokata had always thought it had been a code. Secret slang for young men. He felt stupid to have taken this long to realise that the expression was literal.

Kokata pulled his legtip out of Lei, tucked her blanket around her, laid down next to her, and pulled her into a protective hug.

"This is nice too," said Lei, and sighed happily.

"You're not sick," said Kokata.

"I have nice dreams about you," said Lei, and giggled.

"That's nice, Lei." Kokata hoped she wouldn't be too angry when the poison wore off, especially since it had all turned out to be needless.

"The other day I dreamt that I flew into your net." Lei pressed her blanket covered body against his. "And then you webbed me down and fucked me."

Kokata's eyes widened and his breath stuck in his throat.

"It was such a nice dream." Lei stretched with pleasure. "Will you fuck me, Black?"

Kokata shivered and for a few seconds he couldn't speak.

"Try to sleep," he finally managed to croak out. "You will probably have nice dreams."

"You think so?"

"Yes," croaked Kokata. "Just close your eyes and lie still."

Lei did as instructed. Kokata too lay absolutely still. Given the circumstances, she might forgive the bite, eventually. But she'd never forgive him if he did more.

"I wanna fuck," said Lei.

"That's the poison talking," croaked Kokata, as much to himself as to her. "Go to sleep."


Kokata was not sorry. Not really. He had done what he thought best with as much as he had understood at the moment of doing it. He wasn't repenting. And yet, he spent most his waking hours on an act of repentance.

Kokata was spinning thread.

Lei had been right about the oak-tree; there was almost never any wind in it. He often let his spinning stick dangle so far as a body-length below. Lengthen the silk, spin it around, watch it spin, ball the thread. It was hypnotising work.

Lengthen the silk, think of your life, spin it around, hope for the best, watch it spin, fear the worst, ball the thread, control your fear.

They weren't talking. Lei had said she needed time.

Kokata lengthened the silk. Maybe he needed time too, but it wasn't nice not to have a choice about it. He set the stick to a spin.

How could she have erotic dreams about him? Maybe people could dream anything. He had once had a dream that he was a green cloud up in the sky. It had been a strange dream, but that didn't mean he wanted to be a green cloud.

She had said she liked the dreams she had had about him.

When he had been very small, some of the young beetle-men had dared each other to let him bite them, and then they had tortured him till he had done it.

Back then it had seemed his poison sedated and caused euphoria, while also being an aphrodisiac and a truth serum.

But maybe it just made people say strange things.

Kokata balled the thread, refastened it, and lengthened the silk.

He wanted to taste that metallic taste again. He wanted to taste it and be able to savour it.

He spun the stick, and watched it spin.

She had liked being touched by him. Kokata knew it had been the poison, but that didn't stop him longing.

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