In the time since my daughter's short marriage had ended in divorce, we grew closer than we had been in years. For the first time, I had told her about the nature of the sexual relationship I had with my late husband, her stepfather, which involved female sexual dominance and enforced male chastity. She was entranced by my stories, and even speculated that such a relationship would be more satisfying and longer lasting than the one she had just ended. Therefore it was most exciting when she became involved with a wonderful man who was very receptive when she told him of her new interests.

When he proposed, we carefully planned her response. I ordered a male chastity device, and she informed him that he must wear it until the marriage, and that I would hold the key. He was very excited and very much in love, and agreed readily. As the weeks passed, he did not try to renege, despite his growing sexual frustration. On their wedding day, I did not think I had ever seen a more eager groom. Afterwards, the three of us returned to my home for their wedding night, where I could unlock him and provide instruction.

In the bedroom, he hesitated only a moment when I ordered him to undress, as he knew he was there to obey. First, I had him kneel on the bed with his back against the brass headboard, and I handcuffed his hands to the headboard behind him. Only then did I unlock and remove the chastity device. "Watch closely," I told my daughter. "Now I can demonstrate some of the things I have told you about." I lubed my middle finger and, reaching behind him, pressed my finger between his buttocks until I found the tightly puckered anus. I applied pressure until the finger had slid all the way in, and then withdrew it until just the tip remained inside. "Observe how I use my finger tonight," I said. "I will save another night to demonstrate the use of a strap-on, of which I am also an expert, in all modesty." I then began a steady rhythm of sliding my finger deeply in and out. Reaching down with my other hand, I cupped his testicles and gently rolled his balls around in their sac.

The effect was fast and wonderful. My daughter and I were delighted by the sight of the most magnificent erection either of us had ever seen. His penis stood out straight and hard, and the swollen head had reddened and darkened. It bobbed gently in rhythm with the thrusts of my finger, and every few seconds a clear drop of pre-cum would form at the flared opening in the tip, before falling to the bed below. "This is just what I wanted," I explained. "Isn't it marvelous to see a man in this state? His genitals are full of semen, overfull really by this time. What I am doing now with my finger and massage is causing the semen to churn and heat in anticipation of ejaculation."

Looking up at his face, I saw him staring hungrily at my daughter, who had undressed to her underwear. "Strip completely," I told her. As she removed her bra and panties, I elaborated: "The sight of your nude body will be the crowning touch. He knows that there are a hundred ways a sexy body like yours can satisfy a man, and he will imagine every one of them." "When will he come?" she asked. "I think the slightest touch to his penis now would bring on an ejaculation," I replied, "But I don't think we will let that happen tonight." "No, I like all that hot semen right where it is, churning and bubbling inside but unable to escape," I said, all along never pausing the actions of my hands.

Hearing those words along with my continuing ministrations was finally too much for him, and he began to beg. "Please, oh please," he moaned. "Please, Mom," said my daughter. "Let me be alone with him." I looked at her sharply; I knew that she loved him very much, but pity was not a desirable trait in a woman who would dominate her man. But in looking at her, I could see immediately that her nipples were dark and protruding, and her labia were visible and glistening with wetness. I realized then that she was driven more by her own lust than by any concern for his release. "Very well," I said, and reached for an ice pack I had prepared earlier. I pressed it against his testicles until his erection subsided enough to re-attach the chastity device, and snapped the lock on with a loud click. "He's all yours," I said as I removed the handcuffs and got off the bed.

I now felt secure in the knowledge that no matter how intense and varied the sex play that now ensued, no ejaculation could occur to relieve the pressure I had worked so carefully to build. I looked back as I walked away, and saw their nude bodies locked in a passionate embrace, feverishly kissing and running their hands everywhere. The sight was made still more erotic by my certainty that his penis was already straining painfully against the confines of the chastity device, in a hopeless attempt to regain the glorious erection of only minutes ago. I smiled as I closed the door, for I knew that tonight my daughter would enjoy several delicious orgasms, despite his frustration. Or, more likely, because of it.

Part 2

My daughter's stories of her sexual activities with her new husband on their wedding night were as wonderful as I had hoped they would be. Despite being unable to come himself due to the chastity device chastity device locked on his genitals, he had used his fingers, lips and tongue to produce the sweetest orgasms she said she ever had. She had not been passive, having used almost every part of her sexy naked body to stimulate him in every way she could think of, limited only by the inaccessibility of his penis to direct contact. His increasing sexual excitement, unable to vent itself in the ejaculation he so desperately needed, instead drove him to devote even more energy and imagination to satisfying her. She said that she could not have asked for more in an attentive lover.

I avidly absorbed every detail, and suggested that we not wait until evening again before resuming my demonstrations in sexual dominance of the male. She quickly agreed, having become excited by her remembrances of last night's events. She led him into the bedroom, and we began in the same way as before. After he was completely naked, I handcuffed his hands to the headboard behind him, and unlocked and removed the chastity device. This time, however, it was my daughter who inserted a well-lubricated finger into his rectum. Following my instructions, she soon learned to withdraw it not quite completely before thrusting it deeply inside again. I also showed her how to gently massage his testicles with her other hand. We were quickly rewarded with a huge and throbbing erection. Her continuing efforts soon had drops of clear fluid forming at the tip. "Watch this," I said, and bent down to bring my face to within inches of his penis. Pursing my lips, I slowly and carefully approached until they barely touched the drop of fluid at the tip, and quickly sucked it into my mouth before it could fall to the bed below. "MMMMM" I purred, savoring the sweet liquid as I spread the precious drop around with my tongue. "I call this 'Male Nectar'. Unlike semen, it is sweet and delicious, one of the rewards a woman receives for properly stimulating a man. One must partake of it very carefully; if you lick it off, or squeeze the penis to get more, you could bring on an unwanted ejaculation." "How can we get more?" my daughter asked. "I am eager to try some." I replied: "Just keep up what you are doing. The only way you might get some even faster is to say sexy things to him."

I left briefly to get a small cup to catch any drops she could induce. When I returned, she was whispering in his ear and working both her hands diligently. As I placed the cup over the wet spot on the bed, the pitter-patter of droplets falling inside started immediately. I do not know if she was retelling to him details of their lovemaking from last night, or describing new sexual activities she planned for the future, but she was stimulating him to produce male nectar as rapidly as I had ever seen. It usually takes much more practice to reach this point, but it seemed that my daughter was a natural. "Can I have some yet?" she asked. "I think we will have enough to share soon," I answered, "but we should savor it carefully, as this much can only be obtained from a man when he has not come for quite some time, and the maximum amount of unreleased semen has been retained and brought to near the boiling point inside."

After a short while, I nodded and she withdrew her hands from him so that she might pick up the cup, which now contained about an eighth of an inch of the clear fluid. She drained the cup quickly, but her beginning smile of delight froze when she saw the look of disappointment on my face. I had hoped she would share some with me, and she now realized her mistake in taking all of it into her own mouth. Suddenly, her eyes went wide with inspiration. Replacing the cup in it's spot, she placed her hands at the back of my head and pressed her lips to mine in a soul-stirring kiss. Parting my lips with the tip of her tongue, she let the sweet nectar flow into my mouth. We both gave little moans of pleasure as we passed the delicious liquid back and forth with our tongues.

After a minute or so, it seemed that we both heard the return of a familiar pitter-patter sound at the same time. We both looked at her husband together, amazed to see his swollen penis again dripping into the cup. Although he was receiving no physical stimulation at all, the sight of my daughter and I sharing his pre-cum in a passionate kiss had provided enough excitement to restart the flow. She broke off the kiss to ask: "Are we going to let him come today?" I was ready with the answer: "I firmly believe that a submissive male should not even be considered for an orgasm until his woman has demonstrated her total mastery of him, and one of the best ways of doing that is exactly what I have planned next. But first, aren't you curious as to what would happen if we did everything at once?"

She clapped her hands in excitement, and said: "Let's both do him together this time." We moved into position, with my finger working his anus and her hand massaging his balls. We used our free arms to embrace each other, and she took a sip from the cup. Our lips met in another deep kiss as the nectar passed between us. We tried not to giggle as his moans of excitement and frustration reached new levels. Instead, my daughter and I continued to work him with our hands, enjoying the sweet fluid and the new intimacy we had found in our dominance of him. I was glad that we had started early today, as I thought of what was yet to come.

Part 3

To be honest, I really had no idea exactly what I was getting into when I married my wife. She had warned me that I was to be her "sex slave", and that I would only come if and when she allowed it, but the idea turned me on to no end, as was the idea of being locked in the chastity device. We both agreed it would be a good test of my ability to assume the role she demanded of a husband. Even the idea of her mother holding the key seemed sexy in a kinky way, especially since I found her mom to be a sexy and attractive older woman (more and more so the longer I remained locked up). I remained nervous about the idea of having my mother-in-law giving my wife and I instructions about sex, and worried more about just how involved she would be, but as our marriage day approached and I got hornier and hornier, my concerns were replaced by sexual fantasies.

None of my fantasies prepared me, however, for the sexual tsunami that has engulfed me since I was married yesterday. I was not expecting to be handcuffed naked to a bed on my wedding night, my new wife watching as my mother-in-law worked me into a raging lust I had never experienced before. It was scary how she knew and described so precisely how I was feeling, so full of semen that seethed within in need of release. I felt sure that if she touched my penis, I would spurt like never before, but she showed great skill in avoiding that. When I saw my beautiful wife naked and aroused, I was ready to explode, never expecting to be re-locked into the chastity device before I was freed to make love to her.

Now alone with her, she touched, kissed, and licked me into a frenzy, as if she wanted more than anything to make me come, but the chastity device effectively prevented me from reaching the point of ejaculation. Unable to achieve release, I concentrated on making love to her in every way that I could with my penis locked away. It was my best performance ever with a woman, my efforts having been rewarded by several screaming orgasms. Again this afternoon, I found myself in the same position as yesterday, but this time it was my wife working me into an even greater throbbing lust than before. When she and her mother worked together to arouse me while sharing tastes of my pre-cum in a long kiss, I thought I would lose my mind. "I think it's time for the next step," said my mother-in-law.

She repositioned me on the bed, lying on my back with my head on the pillow and my hands cuffed to the brass headboard behind me. She then lifted my legs and spread them well apart and behind me, tying each ankle to the nearest bedpost. I am fairly limber, so I was not too uncomfortable, but the position left me feeling very exposed and vulnerable. Reaching under the bed, she pulled out a large flat box. "I have several family heirlooms here to pass down to you" she said to my wife, taking out a large rubber phallus attached to a leather harness. It was only a little longer than the penis of an average to well-hung man, but it was noticably thicker. She then removed her skirt, revealing the tantalizing sight of her black lace panties and the matching garters attached to the stockings on her shapely legs. My arousal turned to aprehension as she strapped the phallus on over her panties. I was sure I knew what was coming next, but I was wrong.

Reaching into the box again, she withdrew a traditional red rubber douch/enema bag, with the large douching nozzle attached to the hose. Handing it to her daughter, she left the room, returning shortly with a small pot. "Just some warm but very soapy water," she told my wife, who held the bag open while she poured it in. "It's less than half full" said my wife. "Thats okay" replied her mom, "I don't need a full bag for what I have in mind." Generously lubing the nozzle, she pressed it against my anus until it slid in all the way. She handed the bag to my wife and opened the valve to start the flow. Laying down beside me on the bed, she began to massage my balls with her hand, and she whispered to me: "There, that's not so bad, is it?" I nodded in agreement. The warm flow into me, the sensual massage, and the intoxicating smell of her perfume were arousing me once again. "I have always believed in enemas for health and discipline," she continued, "but I find they are more effective when the solution has been well-churned inside." Now that the bag had emptied, she withdrew the nozzle and kneeled in front of me. Placing the large head of the phallus she was wearing against my still-lubed hole, she pressed her hips forward with a slow but steady pressure. Just as I was about to cry out in fear that it was too big, the head slipped past the sphincter, and the rest slid all the way in without trouble. I could not believe how wide I was stretched and how deep it was inside me. "Now," she told her daughter, who had moved beside us on the bed to watch more closely, "the skill in using a strap-on consists mostly in gauging the maximum stroke that will not result in 'fall-out'. The trick is to start out slowly at first and look down at what you are doing. You can look away and quicken your pace once you get a feel for the proper stroke."

She demonstrated by slowly withdrawing until the head barely started to emerge, and then slowly thrusting it deep inside again. After repeating this several times, she leaned over me and placed her hands in mine against the headboard, and began to pump faster and faster. I began to moan and gasp with each thrust; the soapy water was being vigorously churned within, and every stroke was driving home to me that this woman was my master. Her eyes looked into mine as she drank in every sound and expression I made.

Suddenly my wife leaned over between us, and placing her face above mine, kissed me deeply. It was the sexiest kiss I had ever had, and I returned it passionately. As we kissed and moaned into each others mouths, her mom smiled down at us, never slowing or missing a stroke. As I exchanged kisses with my beloved, and my mother-in-law simultaeously drove me to new heights of arousal and submission, there was no place else I would have rather been right then. But then my wife broke off our kiss and got off the bed. "Oh mom, you have to let me at him. I am so horny I have just got to come soon" she said, as she started removing her clothes. Her mom stopped pumping, but arched her hips forward so that every inch was buried deep. Bringing her face down close to mine, she whispered: "Is that what you want, too? I am not ready to have you ejaculate yet, so I will have to lock you up again. You will have to hold that huge load of burning semen inside a while longer." I quickly nodded in agreement. It was no longer semen I was most anxious to expel. Getting rid of the soapy solution that frothed within my bowels was now my first concern.

She reached over and into the box again, producing a large rubber butt plug, every bit as wide as the phallus still inside me, and also dangling with straps and buckles. She slowly withdrew from me, but as soon as the head popped out of my anus, she presented the tip of the butt plug to the same spot and began to push it in. I groaned in despair as I felt it move deeply into place, guessing that my ordeal would not be soon over. She fastened and buckled the straps around my waist and thighs, clicking tiny padlocks through metal loops on each buckle. By then, my penis had softened enough for her to cage it in the chastity device and lock that as well. Then my wife helped her uncuff my hands and untie my ankles. Getting up off the bed, I ignored the pains in my muscles as I realized with panic that I would not be able to expel a drop with the plug in place. I pulled and twisted, but was unable to budge the plug even an inch, and unable to undo the buckles or break the straps. I looked to my wife for help, but she was grinning and clapping her hands, delighted by my predicament. "I will leave you alone with your bride," my mother-in-law said to me, "and I will take the key to the chastity device with me, although I suspect that is not the key you are most interested in right now." She showed me the key to the butt plug locks, hanging on a thin chain, and walked over to her daughter. Placing the chain around my wife's neck so that the key hung between her breasts, she told her: "Make love with him like you did last night, and unlock the plug only when he has satisfied you as well or better than before. He performed well when driven by arousal without release; it will be interesting to hear how he performs with a different motivation."

Turning back to me, she said: "You will naturally be tempted to rush your lovemaking; I suggest you resist. If you rush things, you are certain to be less satisfying, and will only delay the relief you seek." When her mother left the room, I already had a plan to beg my wife to release me first, but the look of lust and determination on her face, as well as the large wet spot on the panties she was removing, told me any plea would be in vain. I had no choice but to try to please her even better than before. Such was my fate in only the second night of my marriage; I could not help but wonder where it would go from here.

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