tagIncest/TabooMother-in-Law Wants Me

Mother-in-Law Wants Me


My mother-in-law was staying with us for a week during the summer. Things were going fine, my wife getting to spend time with Mom and our girls getting to know Grandma.

She is about 65 years old and rather skinny with wrinkly skin. Nothing abnormal for a woman her age. She has led a fairly hard life. Her husband died many years ago before my wife and I even met and she has had a rather meager existence since then. She has had several boyfriends on and off. Currently she was single and living alone. I am 26 years old.

One night it was still rather warm after a long hot day. I was just wearing my shorts as usual and my mother-in-law had on a loose fitting, knee length housecoat type pajama thing. It was getting late; the girls and my wife had all gone to bed several hours ago. Mom and I stayed up watching a movie and drinking beer in the living room.

I got up to go to bed when Mom stood up in my way and asked if I liked her daughter. I said of course I do. She then asked if I'd like to try the original. Because of the time or the beer, it took me a second or two to figure out what she had said. I smiled and said it might be interesting.

She took a step forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a long kiss on me, tongue and all. I responded by kissing her and grabbing her ass, pulling her body into mine. My cock was getting hard just from the thought of fucking my wife's mother. Apparently she felt me getting hard and responded with a purring in my ear. I see why my girl likes to fuck you she says reaching down and feeling my cock through my shorts.

While I am no porn star material, my cock is about 7" long and rather large in diameter, something I've been told by a lot of girls is more than a mouthful. My mother-in-law drops to her knees, unsnaps my shorts and grabs hold of my cock. Before I knew what was happening she had it half way down her throat, fucking me with her mouth and stroking me with her hand and fondling my balls. She has learned a lot through the years and before too long I was shooting hot cum down her throat and she swallowed it all.

She strips off her nighty and sits on the couch. Eat my pussy and pull on my tits, she tells me. I find it kind of strange but figure what the hell, she just did me! I start out pulling on her nipples as I lower my head to her snatch. It has sparse gray hair with some black mixed in. She is already sopping wet and my tongue starts lapping up her juices. I flick her clit a few times and she jumps as though it's electricity going through her. I bury my tongue in her slit as far as it will go and then lick her from her asshole to her clit several more times. She seems to really respond to this and starts to fuck my face with her cunt. I use one hand on her tits and with the other I push several fingers in her cunt and finger fuck her while I suck on her throbbing clit. She is really getting hot now; grabbing the back of my head and grinding into my face. I get my little finger juiced up from her pussy and slip it up her tight little asshole. She stiffens and cums for what seemed like a minute straight. I kept right on licking and fingering her. Then I slipped a second finger up her butt. Two in her pussy and two in her ass and my mouth sucking her clit; it was no time before she was coming again.

I want your cock, she says. I am already hard. She pushes me to the couch and sits on my cock sliding it all the way up her pussy in one move. I didn't know what to expect as this was my first old lady fuck. She was surprisingly tight and knew how to use her cunt muscles, too. I sat and let her fuck me for a while. I sucked on her tits and made her cum yet again while biting her nipples. The thought passed through my mind about her having a heart attack. How would I explain that one? I grabbed her ass and shoved her down hard on my cock. I started to fuck her back now, pushing up into her every time she came down. I shoved a finger in her ass again and she really got wild over it. I could feel my cock fucking her through the thin wall. I was debating about shoving my cock in her ass, since she seemed to like it with my fingers, and thought "what the hell".

I pulled out of her pussy and lined my cock up with her asshole. "Oh, yes, Bob, do me there!" she says. I push up into her as she sits back and slowly lets the length of my cock work its way up her tight ass. Finally she is resting on my balls getting used to my cock in her ass. Then she starts to slowly work her ass up and down on me. I suck on her tits and she shudders with an orgasm. I grab her hips and start to fuck her ass faster. She looks as though she's going to pass out. I shove into her harder and faster....feeling my balls filling with seed. My cock swells in her ass and I can feel my orgasm building. I slam her ass down as I fuck her hard and fast. I pull her down one last time as I shoot hot cum up her ass. She cums at the same time and tightens her ass around my cock. The feeling is incredible. I don't think I've ever cum that much at once before. We are both spent. She gets off me and lays her head in my lap and lays across the couch. Then she gets to her knees and starts licking the cum juices off my cock. Don't want to leave any evidence, she says. Her ass and pussy are within easy reaching distance so I finger fuck both her holes again. She's so slippery with so much juice mingling in her. I eventually work all of my fingers up her asshole and use my other hand to play with her clit. She has me hard and about ready to cum again. She is moaning around my cock and slides it all the way inside her; deepthroating me. I shoot another load in her and finger her to another orgasm as well.

The rest of the week was uneventful as the opportunity to fuck her again never arose. We would play touchy feely now and then when nobody was looking. I can't wait to see what next year holds in store when she comes to visit. Maybe I should suggest she stays for two weeks!

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