Mother Madison


Mother Madison reveled in the realization that she'd made her daughter, her own flesh and blood, cum. She moved from between her daughter's legs and moved up to lie down beside her. They turned on their sides, facing each other.

"Mother," Tammy gasped. "You sure know your way around my pussy. I'm still tingling all over."

Rachel smiled and kissed her daughter lightly on the lips. "College isn't all books and boring lectures," she said coyly.

"You sly little bitch," Tammy said. "You've been keeping this secret. Had I known, we could have been enjoying each other's company a lot sooner than today."

Rachel looked at the clock on the night stand. "Oh, fuck!" she exclaimed as she moved to the edge of the bed and stood.

Startled, Tammy looked wild-eyed at her mother. "What's wrong, Mother?"

"It's nearly four thirty," Rachel gasped. "Your brother will be home any minute now." She said something that Tammy could not understand and ran into the living room. Tammy, not even thinking about their nudity, followed close behind.

Rachel picked up her robe, turned around and found herself facing her daughter; their breasts all but touching each other's.

Tammy raked the palm of her hand over her mother's left nipple, causing another delicious surge of ecstasy to course through her body.

"Tammy," she pleaded. "We haven't got time to do anything. Jeff will be home any minute now. We can't let him see us like this. What would he say?"

"He might just want to join in on all the fun," Tammy said as she massaged her mother's breast.

Rachel removed her daughter's hand from her breast. "Stop fooling around, baby. We don't have time."

Tammy chuckled lightly as her hand returned to Rachel's breast. "Don't you remember?" she asked. "Jeffrey said he was going to Marty's after school. Seems as though friend Marty has a new video game they want to try out." She moved forward, hugged her mother and captured an earlobe between her lips.

"Goddammit, baby," Rachel gasped when Tammy kissed her way down her neck. "I want to. You know I do. But.."

Rachel glanced at the front door; half expecting to see her son throwing it open for the whole neighborhood to witness this unholy, incestuous moment.

Tammy, sensing her mother's hesitation, was quick to take advantage of the situation. She filled her hands with her mother's butt cheeks and slowly kissed her way down the older Madison woman's body.

"You know how he is when he's playing his video games," she whispered between kisses. "He'll lose track of time and end up staying the night."

Rachel's body was on fire. Each breath that flowed from her daughter's mouth was like a flame thrower; burning her, threatening to consume her. Tammy's hands on her hips felt more like two chunks of hot, burning coal.

"Besides," Tammy said in a voice husky with desire as her lips grazed over her mother's mound. "It's my turn to pleasure you."

Rachel silently chastised herself for having lost all sense of self control. Part of her was still worried about her son catching her in such a compromising situation. Another part of her was telling herself to completely let go and not to worry. She made up her mind the moment she felt Tammy's tongue touch her clit.

"Oh, god, baby!" Rachel moaned. She dropped her robe, grasped the back of her daughter's head and pulled her into her sex. "I don't care! I don't care!" she said over and over in her mind. "Let him catch us. I don't care."

Tammy gripped Rachel's hips and pulled them away from each other. A finger worked its way over to her wrinkled anal opening.

"Ohhhhh," Rachel moaned when she felt her wrinkled brown opening being slowly forced open. "Ahhhh," she whispered almost reverently as Tammy's finger plunged in past the first knuckle.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" Rachel screamed when her daughter began sawing her finger in and out of her back door. "Fuck my ass!" she chanted over and over again.

"Let him come!" she cried out in a loud voice. "I want him to see me like this. I want him to fuck me!"

With that last sentence, Rachel lost all control over her body and her actions. She was there for the sole purpose of obeying whatever demon or demons that had taken up residence inside her. She no longer had a soul. Her thoughts were no longer hers to control.


Young Jeffrey Madison stepped up onto the porch, a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be going over to his friend's house after all. Sometime around noon, he'd received a text from Marty saying he had the flu. "Oh well," he'd told himself. He thought about his latest game; "Kingdoms of Camelot." His army was running low on food. He could fix that problem, however, by raiding a few barbarian camps and stealing all their supplies.

Jeffrey had taken but two steps when he heard his mother screaming. Convinced that someone had broken into the house and was raping her, he ran to the door and shoved it open, totally unprepared for the action that was going on right in front of his eyes.

Eighteen year old Jeffrey Madison quickly closed the door behind him and stood there like a statue, unable to move, assessing the situation. His cock, hardened and stretched to its full six and a half inches, threatening to poke a hole in his bulging pants.

His mother stood before him, stark naked; her knees bent as though she were about to fall to the floor, gasping and struggling to catch her breath. His sister, Tammy, was on her knees, her face buried in her mother's crotch. One hand was clutching her mother's butt cheek while the other was busy fucking her ass.

Ever since he first began to know the difference between girls and boys, women and men, Jeff had harbored a hidden desire for his mother. Ever since his eighteenth birthday two months ago, he found himself fantasizing about seeing his mother's naked body. Now, he knew. He definitely liked what he was seeing.

Along with those fantasies came the increasing urge to have sex with her. He'd even gone so far as to retrieve her soiled panties from the hamper and spill his seed into them after he masturbated.

Young Jeffrey was in a quandary. Should he leave and come back later; never mentioning what he'd seen? Or should he take a chance and see if either of the two women before him would object to him joining in on the action. His cock lurched at the thought that he was possibly going to fulfill a longstanding fantasy and fuck his mother; his own flesh and blood. His excitement more than doubled when he thought he might also be able to fuck his sister.

Jeff's wicked and most vile desires won the battle between right and wrong. His sense of morality quickly faded into obscurity.

His cock twitched with his every heartbeat. Like his mother and sister, his breathing became ragged and uneven. He quickly shed his clothes, moved over behind his mother and wrapped his arms around her, cradling a breast in each hand.

Rachel, her mind foggy with lust, barely noticed the extra pair of hands touching places that only she had touched in nearly a year. She paid little mind to his cock as it pressed its length along her ass crack. Her need for release grew stronger with each swipe of her daughter's tongue across her clit. Her body grew weaker each time Jeffrey massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. Each time his cock thumped against her buttocks, she silently begged for more. Overtaken by a tsunami of emotions surging throughout her body, she screamed out her release and slumped to the floor, taking Jeffrey and Tammy with her.

Satisfied that she'd done what she'd set out to do, Tammy eased her face away from her mother's pussy just far enough to see her naked brother still massaging Rachel's breasts.

Tammy swiped her hand across her face to gather her mother's juices, then moved out from between the older woman's legs and lay down beside her. She pressed her hand against Rachel's lips.

"Taste it," she said. "Taste your own juices, Mother."

Rachel made one tentative lick across Tammy's palm and pulled her tongue back inside her mouth. "Mmmmm," she said, indicating that she was enjoying the taste of her own secretions. A few short seconds later, she had licked her daughter's hand clean. Then, she rolled to her side, inadvertently causing Jeffrey to lose his hold on her oversized mammaries and proceeded to lick Tammy's face. Only after she was satisfied she'd gotten all of her secretions, did she say anything to her son.

"A pleasant surprise," she said as she reached for his face and pull him in close for a quick kiss.

"I didn't know," Jeffrey began. "if I should join in or not. But when I realized that it was Tammy who had her head buried between your legs, I couldn't help myself. Hope you're not upset that I joined in."

Rachel smiled. "Upset? Not only no but, hell no. Tammy has given me a new life, sexually, and I plan to make the best of it."

Rachel rose to her knees and then stood. "Let's get to the bedroom. We've got a lot of catching up to do."

The two siblings quickly rose to their feet and eagerly followed their mother into her bedroom. Standing by the bed, Rachel wrapped her hand around Jeffrey's cock and squeezed it lightly. "I've wondered for quite some time how big you were," she said. "Now I know."

Tammy began fondling his balls. "I think we're gonna have some fun tonight," she said. "Don't you think so, Mother?"

Rachel stroked her son's cock a couple of times before she answered. "I do believe we are, baby. I do believe we are."

Jeffrey could already feel the beginnings of an orgasm building up inside him. He involuntarily shoved his cock through his mother's fist. "If you don't stop," he groaned, "I'm gonna cum."

Rachel stopped stroking Jeff's manhood but, kept her fist wrapped around the base. She went quickly to her knees, opened her mouth, slid her lips over the head and caressed it with the flat of her tongue. Jeff tried to shove his rod all the way into his mother's mouth but, the hand she had wrapped around it prevented him from doing so.

Tammy, now on her knees beside her mother, began licking his hairy nut sack. Jeffrey hissed his approval when she took his left nut sack into her mouth.

Rachel released her grip on his lance and, without warning, swallowed it all the way to the root, bouncing her chin against Tammy as she gnawed lightly on her brother's balls.

"Damn," Rachel thought as she felt the head of her son's tool hit the back of her throat. "It's been a long time since I've deep throated anyone," she thought.

Barely able to keep from gagging, Rachel let his cock stay where it was while she swallowed; the effects of which did not go unnoticed by Jeff.

When Rachel Madison felt her son's cock lurch inside her mouth as he tried to push more of the head into her throat passage, she knew she would soon be swallowing his load.

Rachel's continued deep throating of her son forced Tammy to lose the lip lock she had on her brother's balls. She quickly positioned herself behind Jeffrey and, after spreading his butt cheeks wide, pressed the tip of her tongue against his wrinkled brown hole, causing Jeffrey to shudder uncontrollably.

Tammy pulled her face away from her brother's ass, stuck the forefinger of her right hand into her mouth, wetting it down with her saliva. She pulled her finger out of her mouth and, once again, spread Jeff's cheeks.

The heat of passion spread rapidly throughout Jeff's body. His pulse quickened. His erratic breathing left him panting with an overwhelming need for release. Rachel pulled back a bit so that she could breathe, leaving about an inch of his throbbing tool uncovered. She felt his veiny cock swell; a clear signal that her Jeffrey was about to cum.

Jeff's testicles pulled up inside his body when his mother started to hum. The vibrations on the end of his dick caused by Rachel's humming and the sudden thrusting of Tammy's moistened finger into his ass caused Jeffrey to lurch forward, forcing Rachel's throat to accept his invading lance.

Jeff's first offering went down his mother's throat, giving her little chance to taste it. Rachel let his cock slip out of her mouth until just the head remained covered. Rope after rope of hot viscous fluid coated the inside of her mouth.

Tammy, aware that her brother was cumming, reached a hand around to Jeff's front and helped milk the last few drops of his juices from his rapidly wilting cock.

"Save some for me," she told her mother. "I want to taste it also."

Rachel, her mouth so full of cum that she could not speak for fear that some of her son's precious fluids would be spilled onto the floor, said nothing.

Tammy scurried on her knees to where her brother's seed was being temporarily stored. She gave her mother an open mouth kiss. Tongue touched tongue as the two women shared Jeff's sperm.

Jeff looked on in amazement as he watched the two women he loved the most exchange his bodily fluids from one mouth to the other and back again. The sight of these two family members tasting his splooge over and over again was causing his cock to come alive once more.

"Damn, Mother," Jeffrey said. "That was the best blow job I have ever had."

Rachel laughed as she stood. "And just how many blow jobs have you had in your eighteen years of life?" she asked as she winked and then tweaked his nose.

Without waiting for an answer, Rachel lay down on the bed. On her back and with her legs spread wide, she motioned for Jeff to come to her. "Time to show mamma how much you know about the female body," she told him.

Without the least bit of hesitation, Jeffrey Madison accepted his mother's invitation. On his elbows and his knees, he hovered over her. He spent the next few moments staring down into her face, thinking about what it would be like sliding his throbbing manhood into her pussy for the first time. "And, hopefully, not the last time," he said to himself.

"You're so beautiful, Mother," he told her just before he lowered his head and kissed her.

It was a long, soulful kiss; each one nibbling on the other one's lips. Tongues were busy exploring mouths. Their breathing was becoming erratic and guttural.

"Oh, yes, baby," Rachel said when he broke their oral contact and began to shower her face with butterfly kisses.

"Oh, god yes!" she hissed when he took her left earlobe between his lip-covered teeth and nibbled lightly.

Jeff kissed down one side of her neck and then the other. He flattened his tongue and used it like a brush as he painted her chest with a light coating of saliva.

Rachel's son circled the base of each of her voluminous breasts, working his way up to her nipples; first the left and then the right. He took each one between his lips and tugged; pulling them away from her breasts as he teased them with gentle flicks of his tongue.

Jeff stopped at his mother's belly button on his way to her glory hole, licked it and stabbed it several times with the tip of his tongue before continuing his southward journey. The moment his tongue began snaking its way across her hairy mound, Rachel shivered in anticipation.

For a few seconds, Mrs. Madison marveled at the depth of her depravity and the minimal amount of time it took to for her to get there. All of this had begun with Tammy. One little kiss of her nipple and now, here she was, a few hours later, about to let her son munch on her pussy.

No longer content to finger herself while she watched her brother kissing and licking on her mother's naked body, Tammy climbed onto the bed and straddled Rachel's head; her pussy a mere inch or two from the older woman's mouth.

Rachel clinched her hips and pushed her mound up against her son's face. "Lick my clit," she urged. "Suck on it, baby. Make me cum."

Jeffrey ignored his mother's passionate pleas and avoided contact with her clit and her labia. He continued to lavish his attention on the crease of her upper thigh where it met her groin.

Rachel ceased her talking when she felt Tammy's hot and swollen outer labia graze her lips and nose. She raised her head far enough to make full contact and sucked her daughter's swollen clit between her lips. She made slow circles with her tongue around the end of that little nub of nerve endings.

"It's my turn, Mother," Tammy whispered. "Make me cum like I made you cum."

Rachel opened her mouth wide, flattened her tongue and licked the length of her daughter's outer labia from bottom to top. Over and over again, she licked the length of Tammy's slit; purposely avoiding her clit.

Tammy's incestuous desire was consuming her; threatening to take control of her very soul. She smashed her cunt against her mother's face. She pulled away just far enough to slip her hands over her hairy mound and spread her hot, feverish lips wide.

"Fuck my cunt," she urged her mother. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue."

Rachel Madison was like a mad woman as she repeatedly stabbed her daughter's sex with her tongue. Jeffrey Madison had finally decided to pay some attention to her man in the boat. And she was reaping all of the benefits.

Rachel felt as though every nerve ending in her entire body had somehow moved to her clit. Jeff touched his tongue to her little button of joy, causing her body to tense and her muscles to spasm. Lightning bolts of intense pleasure shot through her body, exiting through clit.

Tammy, experiencing similar surges of incestuous desire, screamed loudly. She squirmed and pressed her sex against her mother's face. She grabbed hold of the head board for support and rode out the most intense orgasm of her young life.

Just as she thought she'd peaked, another one hit her.

And then another.

And another.

Tammy's orgasms, each one stronger than the previous ones, sent her mind spiraling down a long, never ending corridor of sinful, incestuous lust. Rachel, aware of her own pending eruption, pulled her face away from her daughter's sex, only to have it forcefully jammed back up against Tammy's wet and dripping pussy.

Tammy's mind had left her long before her first orgasm hit her. Her own pleasure was all that mattered now. She screamed loudly each time her body convulsed on her mother's face.

Rachel, her air supply nearly cut off, continued humping her son's face as her own eruption neared. Her loud cries, muffled greatly by her daughter's furry box, resonated throughout Tammy's vagina. The vibrations were the key that unlocked her most massive orgasm ever.

Tammy shook and trembled. She screamed out her release as her grip on the headboards grew tighter and tighter until her knuckles were white from the pressure.

Then, as suddenly as it had hit her, Tammy's orgasm was over. She slumped forward, resting her head against the headboard of the bed, panting like a dog on a hot summer day.

Realizing that Tammy no longer needed her assistance, Rachel was now free to concentrate on her own needs. She gently pushed her daughter off her face and to the side. She not-so-gently grabbed Jeffrey by his ears and pulled his face tightly against her sex.

Rachel was happy with her decision to have sex with her children. She had cum more in the past few hours than she ever had in all the time she'd been married. And she was about to cum again.

It was as if they were Siamese twins; joined at the lips; the lips on his mouth and the lips of her quivering quim. Though he found it more difficult to breathe when he was so close his mother's box, Jeff didn't mind. For now, it was all about paying attention to his mother's needs. He could tell that she was close and he wanted to make sure her climax was the best ever. He would worry about himself later.

Jeff slid his hands under his mother's ass, prompting her to lift it off the bed while he got a firm grip on her butt cheeks. He lifted her ass a bit higher and, as quickly as he could, he grabbed a pillow and slid it under her back just above her hip line.

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