tagIncest/TabooMother Takes Matters in Hand Ch. 04

Mother Takes Matters in Hand Ch. 04


For the next ten minutes Helen got a good fucking. Eric, distracted by her directions to squeeze and smack her rounded butt, and finger fuck her arsehole, was able to keep up a steady long stroke. But eventually he forgot all about her upthrust cheeks and, gripping her hips hard and arching his back, unloaded deep inside her clenching tunnel. She hadn't cum herself but had certainly enjoyed every moment. The boy showed great promise and in her mind Helen was already anticipating many more sex sessions. She had so much time to make up for...

While making Eric's breakfast the next morning, dressed only in a sheer baby doll negligee, she noticed that he had yet another erection and, not wanting him to go to school in such a state, where there were so many young and unsuspecting girls that would be objects of his indiscriminate lust, she dutifully gave him a blow job.

And when he came home from school and came out to the backyard to greet her as she lay sunbathing topless, she noticed that, unbelievably, he again had a hard-on. Through careful questioning she determined that he was fantasising about sucking her breasts then throwing her onto her back, hooking her legs over his shoulders and penetrating her reluctant vagina as deeply as his unsightly penis could go.

And then, after dinner, as she was helping him with his homework, he was again overcome with lust. This time the object of his desire was her bottom. Reluctantly she let him pull up the hem of her leather miniskirt and kiss her bare cheeks (after all, she was about to get ready for bed and, after her last trip to the toilet hadn't bothered with panties) before rimming her and sliding his greased cock up her arsehole. Luckily she'd had a tube of KY jelly on hand.

And the next day it was more of the same – sex in the bathroom after Helen, dressed only in panties, inadvertently walked in on her son drying himself after his shower; a blow job in the backyard as he came out to join her sunbathing after school; and then another round of sex at bed time when she'd come upon Eric playing a shoot-'em-up computer game and recognised that he was merely sublimating some aggressive sexual urges that were better purged by having his mother bend forward over the computer desk, slapping her arse cheeks until they were crimson, then jabbing his cock hard into her cunt as he mashed her breasts roughly.

And so it continued through the week. The turning point for Helen came on Saturday. She'd risen early, done some chores then gone shopping before Eric had emerged from his bedroom. She returned by lunch time and although Eric was lounging about in just shorts and was clearly available, she ignored him. Likewise that afternoon. She filled her time puttering around the house then sunbathed and although Eric hovered about, she made no move to relieve his sexual build-up.

Finally, as she was doing a crossword on the lounge after dinner, he came over and, after humming and hawing, told her that he needed to speak to her about some thoughts he'd been having. Helen put down the magazine, took off her glasses and looked up at him enquiringly. She didn't prompt him and he stammered out that he'd been thinking all afternoon about kissing her breasts and between her thighs. She asked him exactly what he'd been imagining. As he continued talking she smiled to herself. At last he was getting the message – and just as well! She'd been wondering how long she could maintain the charade of reluctant fuck-toy. Now that he was beginning to take the initiative, things could enter a new phase.

'Look Eric,' she said. 'I think you know by now that I like the way you lick my parts.' He looked confused and for a moment she considered resuming the game she'd so much enjoyed playing all week. 'In fact I love the way you do it,' she smiled up at him. 'It's so nice to have a lover after so long – especially one who uses his cock so well!' Eric smiled back at her and she pulled his face down for a kiss, duelling hotly with his sweet tongue like she'd been wanting to do all week. 'Now, pull down my shorts,' she said. 'And show me what you've learned!'

Eric was quick to comply, his movements more confident. He eased her back on the sofa cushions and buried his face between her warm thighs. 'Oooohh baby,' Helen gasped as his tongue pushed apart her labia and gathered the dew there. 'Suck mummy's pussy!' She undid her blouse and massaged her breasts, occasionally tweaking the hard nipples. Eric was lapping steadily at her quim and she crossed her legs over his back, urging him on, guiding his lips to her clit, bucking back at him as she approached an orgasm.

'Oh baby, you gave mummy such a nice cum,' she said looking down at his shiny face still at her crotch. His eyes were bright and she had a warm wave of lust and love. 'Come up here and let mummy lick that yummy honey off your face.' Eric wormed up her torso, stopping to kiss her breasts, then planted his wet lips on hers.

They kissed for a long moment then Helen said that she also wanted him to lick her arse and bum fuck her. He looked a bit startled, not sure he understood. She put her hand over his and said that last week on the sun lounge he had gone too fast and needed to spend more time preparing her. She really did enjoy anal sex, she reassured him, and wanted to enjoy it with him.

Eric looked relieved and said he wanted to do it properly this time and needed her to teach him so it would be pleasurable for her. Helen let him fully undress her, kissing his way over her body, spending long minutes on her horny breasts, lapping at her thighs and then, bending over the arm of the lounge, allowed him to lick up and down her arse crack, nip her buttocks and press his tongue against her puckered sphincter. At her urging, he began to ream her deeper and deeper.

Helen knew that he must be getting a fair taste of her musty rectum, and was pleased that he didn't seem in the least deterred. She palmed her breasts and clenched her nipples as his tongue wiped around and around her anus, telling him it was making her soooo hot. He responded to her moans by jabbing his tongue deeper and squeezing her buttocks. Finally, she gasped that she thought it was enough and instructed him as he applied KY jelly to her butt and then his cock.

When it came time for him to press his dick between her buttocks, it slid snugly past the tight ring and deep into her bowel. God, she loved that feeling and telling him how fantastic it was she had him take it out and push it back in several times just so that she could savour the fat head busting through her tight ring.

She was just settling down to having her butt seriously plowed when Eric seized up, jerked and came. Bummer – he'd hardly started and she was nowhere near ready for him to come. Helen pulled forward until his semi-hard cock plopped out of her arse, then turned around, her face coming to her son's groin. His cock had long ropes of milky semen along its length and several pale brown streaks. Before he could move, she grasped it by its greasy root and looked up at him.

'It's a girl's duty to clean her man's penis after sex, no matter how filthy and disgusting it is.' The smell of plundered rectum was strong and she needed to get her mouth around that meat. Eric looked excited as she leant forward and sucked the first six inches of his deflated cock into her mouth and washed off the semen and arse butter, savouring the taste. She then took the rest in past her lips and ran her tongue over it. In a minute or so she was no longer cleaning his fleshy dick, but sucking him in a steady rhythm. She could feel him begin to thicken and reached up to massage his balls.

Once he was fully hard she pulled back and looked up at her son again, batting her eyelids. 'Why Eric, it seems that we're not finished after all.' And she repositioned herself over the arm of the couch and held her buttocks open 'Now fuck your mother and make me cum!' She felt his hand on the small of her back, then the thick bulb of his cock at the still greasy star. Then with a grunt, he pushed forward and her rectum was again filled with thick pulsing cock.

Helen got fucked much better this time, with Eric labouring above her for long minutes, sliding his cock deep into her backside. As she was closing in on an orgasm, she urged him to hurry up and fuck her faster, pushing her up and over the edge of a delicious body-wrenching cum. He wasn't far behind her, but she hardly noticed and it was a moment or two later that she came to her senses as she lay on the couch with Eric pushing his slimy cock into her mouth to be cleaned.

Helen worked on it as before but when it became clear that it wasn't going to harden again she let it fall from between her lips. Looking up at Eric's flushed face she said, 'Now your need to clean up the mess you made of mummy's bottom.' As she felt his tongue once again swiping her arse crack and probing at her backdoor, Helen cooed and said he made her feel soooooo good..

The next day was the most sexually active Helen had ever experienced. Eric came into her room not long after dawn. He'd had a dream and it had left him terribly aroused. Sure enough, the thick outline of his dick was pressing against his shorts and the head was protruding past the waist band. Helen sat up and tugged down the shorts, catching the stiff cock between her lips and sucking the satiny knob and bobbing gently as he told her the dream.

He'd been dreaming that he'd performed cunnilingus on his mother and, as soon as she'd cum, had thrown her legs over his shoulders and fucked her really hard. Helen realised that this had to be acted out immediately to ease his agitation and, after all, she liked nothing more than having her cunt licked first thing in the morning. That, and the subsequent deep pounding, was a wonderful start to the day.

Then, after Eric had brought her a cup of tea and the paper, and she'd finally got up to dress, he had watched her powder and massage her breasts, try on first one bra, then another, and finally struggle into a tight half cup wired push-up job. She turned around and he was stroking his hard dick and, after a frank discussion about his fetish with her breasts, he had tugged off her bra, sucked and licked her quivering mounds and then subjected her to a long session of tit smacking and nipple torture.

He ended up sliding his cock between her blotched and reddened tits as she pushed them together, the bulbous tip entering her mouth on each up-stroke, until he blasted a thick wad of jism onto her chin and cheek.

She'd fucked her son twice in the afternoon, once leaning against the kitchen counter, her skirt pushed up and legs tight around his waist, and then a couple of hours later on the patio as she had him rub sun tanning lotion on to her back. She had never had so much dick up her and was beginning to think her cunt was getting permanently widened. That last fuck had gone for a good twenty minutes and she felt that her womb had been pushed up into her chest.

She felt sure that Eric was done for the day, but after dinner, as they'd watched TV, she'd sat on the couch with her legs pulled up and he had noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties under her trusty leather mini-skirt. Again his dick was noticeably hard and he had requested a blow job. She'd asked him what he had on his mind and it turned out that he wanted her kneeling naked before him, like on that first day, so that he could tug her hair and maybe slap her breasts as she sucked on his dick. And again, as on the first day, she kissed him straight afterwards and transferred a dollop of his cum to his mouth. This time he hungrily accepted it and kissed her hard.

Afterwards, they lay together on the couch and talked, Eric idly stroking his mothers breasts and flank. Helen explained that it was good manners to do something for a woman after she had done something for him. Eric asked what she had in mind and she had pointed out that she had nothing in mind and would rather just go and have her shower and head off to bed, but that she was conscious that Eric needed to understand his obligations to a lover. It was up to him to decide what he could do for her.

Eric wasn't sure but after some discussion he thought it would be a good idea to massage her back, then perform anilingus on her, while playing with her clit. She agreed that it would be a fitting return for the blow job he'd received. By the time she'd let him up she'd had a most wonderful half hour, reaching orgasm after only a few minutes and then riding a crest of little after tremors as his tongue and fingers continued with their work.

When she went to bed that night she way awake for some time planning how to expand her adventures with her well hung son...


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