tagIncest/TabooMother's Help Ch. 01

Mother's Help Ch. 01


I'm 20 in collage in, no I can not tell you the school. But then I can say it is in Ohio. I'm also on the swim team. I shave or have a friend shave my body three times a week. It makes me faster in the water. Then when he is done I shave him. I was in the shower one night alone. I had the door open to the shower shaving my legs and other parts of my body. I had just got to my cock area when my mother walked in on me. The look on her face is what got me. She just looked with her eyes on my cock. When I shave I make myself hard. I can shave it better that way. I'm about 7.5 inches long. When a guy shaves his cock it helps it look bigger. (Try it) I had just got done and was going to jack off when she walked in.

"I see your busy. Bad time to walk in. I'll talk to you later." My mother never took her eyes off my cock. I could also see her breathing harder by the time she walked out. And just a little more redder then when she walked in. The door closed and I could hear her walk away.

"Hi mom. Sorry I thought I had the house to myself. Good thing no one was with me." I was thinking of what it would be like if she walked in on me and one of the guys doing that. I'll tell you this. We both jack off after we are done. And yes I have helped him more then once.

"I'm sorry for walking in on you. I was going to ask you if you wanted to eat out tonight?" With that she got a funny look on her face. ''Would you like to go out and eat with me tonight since I'm home?"

"Yes mother I would like that. That would be nice. It has been sometime since I ate out with someone." It was me that was now turning red. In the last few years I have been thinking of doing just that to my mother. Mom was not a "10" but more like an eight. Nice long hair. A great smile nice face for a woman of 40. And her body was great looking. Nice 36c's I would say. And the best, long legs. And I have looked at them more then once. At dinner we talked about collage and the things I do after school. We talked about how we both miss dad.

"Yes it has been 9 years now. I still miss him and wish I could have someone to." She stopped talking and took a drink. I knew what she was talking about. I also missed him.

"So you said, "Good thing no one was with you. Do you have a girl that comes over and helps you shave?" The look on her face told me that she wanted to know if I was fucking someone.

"Yes I have had one or two stop over but most of the team helps each other out. It is hard to shave your back alone. Most girls don't like to help out with the other parts. And then at the end they get a little funny." I was hoping that this was not going to keep going.

With a small smile mother said. "So you let another guy shave your cock and then at the end he helps you out more? All you had to do was ask me. I would help you shave. And then you could help me. Have you ever shaved a female before?" Then with a smile. "And then helped her out?"

Mother never got an answer. I picked up the bill, paid and we went to the car. The drive home was much faster. With out a word we both knew what this meant. And that I was soon going to be shaving my mothers legs arm pits and her pussy. She would then shave my cock and balls.

I stood in the shower, my cock and balls showing once more to my mother. She was pulling her bra off and soon her panties joined it on the floor. I was looking at her pussy and saw that it was shaved. When I say shaved I mean, not one hair was showing. I was looking at one of the best looking pussy's a guy could look at. It looked like a little girl's. So smooth, soft and clean. Her lips close to her body. Her cunt pushed out from her body. You could not see past her lips. My mother had a great looking cunt.

"When I walked in on you your cock was hard. Did you jack off after I walked out?" She was looking right at it. I reached down and started to stroke it.

"No mother I did not. I was going to but thought I would do it later tonight in bed. Would you like for me to do it now? As you watch me. And maybe help me?" My cock was getting harder and harder. My hand moving up and down it slowly. I felt it grow more and more. Then I felt her hand touch it.

"No my dear I would like to do that for you if I may. Would that be okay with you?" My eyes open all the way. Would it be okay?

"Yes it would. I have thought of you doing that more then once. Your hand feels great. Better then any other hand I have had do that to me." I just looked at my mother as she jacked me off. What a great feeling.

"Better then anyone has ever done before. Does that also mean the guys on the team?" I could feel my mothers other hand take my balls. My mother was jacking me off and rubbing my balls at the same time.

"Yes mother. It is better then anyone that has ever done that to me. Male or female. If you keep that up I'm going to shoot!" I could feel my cum starting to move. I watched her hand move up and down. Then I watched her kneel in front of me. I watched as my mother took my cock into her mouth. I felt her lips kiss the tip then open and take me in. I watched as my mother took more and more into her mouth. I could see her lick the tip and then back down. Up and off my cock and then watched as she licked my balls.

"Am I better then the guys on the team?" With that my mother took my 7.5 cock all the way down. I could see her eyes look up at me. I felt her throat close around my cock and then felt her lick under me and lick my balls. Her mouth worked faster and faster.

"Yes mother. Hell yes. No one has ever done that to me. I'm going to cum!" With that I took hold of her face and pulled my cock out till just the tip was in her mouth. Her mouth opened and I watched as I shot my cum into her mouth. She held her mouth open till I had shot all of it onto her tongue. I felt her milk my cock dry and then watched her close her mouth and swallow. I could see it slid down her throat and then mother licked her lips clean.

"Next time you need you cock shaved ask your mother to do it. Not only will I shave it but I'll suck it dry when I'm done." Mother started to get up.

"Tomorrow I'm going to shave your ass and see if you enjoy what I can do to that part of your body!"

"Yes mother!"

I hope you read part two.

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