tagIncest/TabooMother's Helping Hand Ch. 06

Mother's Helping Hand Ch. 06


The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don't read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

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Chapter 6

Over the next few days Bobby's world was one long happy, horny holiday.

Clothes were now pretty much abandoned in the home so the first sight that greeted his eyes when his mother woke him was her huge, beautiful, naked tits swinging in his face. She would set the alarm a few minutes early so that they had extra time in the shower for her to give him a long soapy hand job that would slowly build to a shuddering climax, usually all over his mother's beautiful body.

He would alternately doze and surf the internet through the day waiting for her to return, fantasising about seeing her strip down to her panties, and following her about the house with his hard on aching for some attention. She would often tease him for an hour or two while she fixed dinner, giving his cock occasional strokes and fondles before finally settling down on the couch and going to work on his cock in earnest, bringing him sexual ecstasy he'd never known was possible, keeping him hovering on the brink of a climax sometimes for an hour or two before he finally erupted. Such was Bobby's libido he would often stay hard after cumming and his mom would go to work on him again, sometimes jerking him off 2 or 3 times before he was finally sated.

Today was a day like all the others, it was after 5 in the afternoon and Bobby had been looking at Lucy Pinder on the internet, comparing her boobs to mom's, recalling the feel of the heavy orbs on his face and the taste of the her smooth skin and hard nipples, remembering the feel of her teasing fingers delicately stroking his hard dick. He could feel his excitement mounting as he imagined her sensual touch on his cock and the sight of her beautiful body. The time seemed to crawl past until finally he heard her car pull in to the garage and closed the laptop down in anticipation of far more sexy real life images.

The door to the garage slammed and he heard his mom muttering.

"Son of a bitch!"

She stomped up the stairs and into her room. Uh oh, this doesn't sound good. It's not often mom loses it but when she does, she really loses it. He looked down at his hard cock staring expectantly back at him, "Look's like we might be out of luck pal!" Not that his hard on was going anywhere, these days the mere thought of his mom produced a Pavlovian reaction in his dick that didn't go away until she made it, and then sometimes after 3 attempts.

He managed to pull his robe off the back of his chair with his teeth and dropped it over his arm where it mostly concealed his erection, before venturing down the hallway to his mother's room to see if it was safe.


"Hi Bobby." she was letting her hair down and definitely looked pissed.

"Err, everything ok?"

"Oh yes, everything's marvellous, apart from that asshole."

"Uh ok."

It was really unlike her to swear, this had to be something bad.

"Err, who's that?"

"Dr Williams."

She'd kicked off her shoes and was unzipping her uniform.

"Isn't he the guy you're going to be working for at the new clinic?"

"The very same. He told me there's a function tomorrow night for the investors and if they agree to green light it the project will go ahead next month."

She stripped off to her underwear, and now sat on her bed to remove her stockings.

"Uh, ok."

His mom was peeling her stockings down her shapely legs and what little blood wasn't pumping into his dick at the moment was struggling to keep his brain functioning enough to understand what was going on. The clinic was a good thing wasn't it? A new job and promotion?

She stood and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. He noticed she was wearing the red one he'd rubbed his cock over a few days ago, he also noticed dementedly how her boobs bulged out of the cups as she stretched to reach the clasp. She found the snap and released it freeing her heavy breasts. He felt his IQ drop and his dick harden even more.

Ok concentrate. She was talking again, this could be important!

"And, he invited me to the function, with all the investors!"

Ok, what was he missing here? God look at her boobs! They're so big and beautiful, and when she leans over to pick up her stockings they sway about. Concentrate! If she sees me staring I'll get a real earful.

"Um ok... and you don't want to go?"

"Bobby it was the way he asked me. He told me all the investors are men and most of them have a, quote, eye for the ladies. He said some feminine charm would help things along and that I should wear a little black number, the littler the better and make use of my, quote, natural assets! He was practically staring at my tits when he said it Bobby!"

"God mom that's awful, what a jerk!" he said tearing his eyes away from his mom's boobs in the nick of time.

"I've had to work really hard to get where I am Bobby, it's taken me a long time but I finally thought I had got past being viewed as just a pair of boobs. All my life I've had to put up with being leered at men Bobby, but when Dr Williams approached me about this clinic I thought I was finally being taken seriously for my work. But it turns out all he was interested in me for was for these!" as she said it she lifted her boobs in her hands to illustrate her point. Fuck how was he supposed to think looking at those? He wasn't surprised Dr Williams wanted her there, most of those old geezers would probably have their chequebooks out in 5 seconds if they could see what Bobby was looking at now, that's if they didn't have heart attacks first. That clearly wasn't what mom wanted to hear though.

"Mom, you're one of the smartest people I know and you are really good at your job, and you really deserve this promotion."

"Thank you Bobby."

"And you are also incredibly hot."

"Oh not you as well Bobby."

"Wait mom, look the way I see it you have all the advantages here."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you know you can do the job and run this new clinic, and if Dr Williams and these investors are so interested in how hot you look that they give you the job then you're the winner."

"Bobby I want to get the job because I can do it well, not because of how I look!"

"You can do it well, you'll be awesome, and once you get the job you can show Dr Williams and those old perverts just how good you are at it."

"I don't know Bobby, it makes me feel so cheap, like I'm just there as tits 'n' ass."

Jeez-us, and what tits and ass! Focus!

"But they'll be the one whose IQ's will be in single figures at the function and you'll be the one who gets a new job, face it mom you've got it all. Brains, beauty and boobs! They don't stand a chance!"

"Bobby!" she said blushing.

"C'mon mom, you can do this. All you've got to do is play along for an evening and you can show Dr Williams and all those old creeps whose really the smart one."

"I don't even have a 'little black number' I can wear."

"No problem, tomorrow is Saturday so we can go shopping and get you a killer outfit. I'll provide you with a male input!"

"I'm sure you will!"

"C'mon mom, it'll be fun, and you'll knock 'em dead!"

"I don't know."

"What's not to know, you're beautiful, sexy and smart. This is a chance to get what you want, and if you can use Dr Williams and those old guys to get there why not? Serves them right."

"Alright Bobby, you win."

The following day they set off after breakfast and headed to the mall to check out the various clothes stores. It was a warm day so Bobby wore a t-shirt with shorts and Alison a light summer dress. Once they arrived they checked out a few stores before they finally settled on one that had a good selection of outfits, as they walked in a perky blonde sales assistant greeted them.

"Hi there, I'm Tanya, how can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm looking for a dress."

"Yeah a little black number."

"Ok no problem, if you and your partner would like to come through I'll show you what we have."

Alison didn't correct her and followed the pretty blonde through the shop with Bobby behind.

"What sort of dress were you after?"

"A little black number, the littler the better." Bobby grinned before noticing the look his mom gave him "Erm, that's right isn't it Mmmmmmmalison?"

"Um, yes something quite small I suppose."

"Ok great, do you want something with a low neckline? You certainly have the figure for it."

"I suppose so."

"How low do you want to go?"

"The lower the better!" Bobby jumped in "Right.. darling?"

Mom glared at him but simply nodded.

"Ok let me grab a couple of dresses for you."

"Bobby, please don't embarrass me." Alison hissed.

"Mom I'm just trying to help, you remember what Dr Williams said about littler the better and using your assets?"

"How can I forget?"

The shop assistant returned with a couple of short, low cut numbers.

"I think these would look really good on you. Um, they look a lot better if you wear a push up bra with them, if you tell me your size I'll see what we've got."

"Oh, um, 32G." Alison mumbled.

"Wow. Oh ok, I'm not sure we've got one that large, I'll have a look."

Alison held the dresses while the shop assistant disappeared.

"These things are tiny, how can I wear these all evening? Oh god what have I got myself into?"

"You'll look great mom..um Alison." he said looking about nervously "Trust me."

Or rather trust my dick, he could already feel his cock swelling at the thought of seeing mom in these skimpy dresses.

The girl returned with a lacy black bra. "I'm sorry the biggest I could find is a DD.The changing rooms are just through past that curtain. There's a couch here if you'd like to sit while your girlfriend gets changed sir?"

"Um thanks."

Bobby sat on the sofa and waited admiring the shop assistant while he did. She was about 20 he guessed, cute looking and her dress suggested she had a great ass. He dreamily imagined her naked, her small perky boobs and shapely legs and a cute little peach of a pussy. He imagined her lowering herself onto him and feeling his hard cock slipping inch by inch into that tight little snatch. He wondered if she could take it all, a lot of girls wouldn't fuck him because they were worried it would hurt but he had a feeling she would fuck like a banshee. His cock became hard as he imagined the pert blonde bouncing on his cock and riding him to orgasm after orgasm and he adjusted his position slightly to conceal it. His reverie was broken as he heard his mom's voice.

"Um I'm afraid the bra doesn't really fit."

That was an understatement. Mom's boobs were threatening to explode out of the top of her dress, the bra was clearly too small and she was bulging out of the cups and the skimpy dress. His cock throbbed at the sight of her barely contained breasts wobbling like jello as she approached.

"Oh wow, no I see what you mean." the salesgirl was staring at Mom's boobs.

"Wow Mmmhoney you look amazing."

"I can't got like this, I'm never going to be able to stay in this all evening."

"We could order some larger bras in for you?"

"I need the dress for tonight."

"Oh I see..."

Bobby could see his mom's predicament, she was barely contained in her dress. He looked around for an idea and spotted a mannequin with a very skimpy black dress on it, it consisted of two strips of black fabric at the front that barely covered the nipples and a short black mid section that left plenty of leg on view.

"What about that one?"

"Very funny!"

"I'm serious."

"Bobby! I can't wear a bra with that dress!"

"Well don't wear one."

"Don't wear... oh, can you explain to him?"

The shop assistant looked uncomfortable, and glanced between Bobby and his mom.

"I think what your girlfriend is trying to say is that the dress is intended for women who are less, um, heavily busted. It would be very, err, revealing on your girlfriend. But then, on the other hand it would look super hot!"

"Super hot? I'd fall out of it in 5 seconds! I agreed to go for something skimpy but not to be naked."

Bobby felt his cock lurching at the thought of mom's boobs spilling out of the dress, and at a party full of horny old codgers with dodgy tickers, it could be a massacre.

"Oh that's not a problem, you just use tit tape!"

"Tit tape?"

"Well that's not what it's called officially, it's just double sided tape, you put it in the dress and it sticks the dress to your um, chest so that you don't have any danger of being embarrassed"

"In that dress there's no danger of me not being embarrassed."

"C'mon Alison, at least try it on. You said you need something for tonight and the other one isn't going to fly."

She looked at the dress she was wearing in the mirror and noticed one aureola had already partly escaped. She hastily adjusted it and said, "Oh alright! I'll try it but that's all."

The sales girl took the dress and followed mom out to the changing rooms while Bobby waited, he looked and noticed some teenagers looking in through the shop front. They'd obviously been checking mom out in her dress and from the look on their faces clearly liked what they'd seen, He thought about going out to tell them to beat it but figured with his wrists in plaster he wasn't going to command much respect. Before long he heard mom returning and turning to see her his jaw dropped. Her nipples were barely covered by the two thin strips of material and the sides of her boobs were totally exposed as her bra less tits bounced around unfettered. The black dress contrasted with her creamy skin and the tiny strips of fabric emphasised the size of her breasts.

"Before you say anything I'm not wearing it."

"But Mmmallison... you look amazing!! Dr Williams said the smaller the better!"

"He didn't say naked, I'm showing almost everything!"

She turned to look at herself in the mirror and she had a point, viewed from the side her breasts were almost totally exposed, only the nipples and aureola concealed and the the undersides and sides completely on view. She was showing plenty of shapely leg as well but he thought he could guess where most eyes would be directed for the evening.

"Oh god, look, I can't wear this."

"But you look so hot, doesn't she Tanya?"

"You really do!"

Tanya was staring at Alison's boobs as well and Bobby noticed that her own perky nipples seemed to be hard and poking out through her dress.

Bobby glanced over and noticed the horny little perverts at the window now had eyes like dinner plates. One of them nudged another and mouthed the words "Holy shit!"

Bobby looked back to his mom and couldn't blame them, his cock lurched in his pants at the sight of her beautiful body so publicly exposed.

"Are you sure I'm going to stay in this?"

"Positive, try it, you can even lean over in it and you'll be fine."

Mom experimented with leaning forward, her boobs hanging down away from her and sure enough the dress stayed attached to her nipples.

"You look REALLY hot!" Tanya commented, and from the look on her face she meant it.

"Well, erm, honey, are you going to get it? Littler the better remember?"

Alison looked at herself in the mirror and then at her watch, it was 4pm already.

"Bobby, I don't know if I can..."

"Of course you can, if you didn't look amazing in it I wouldn't let you wear it."

She turned this way and that, and Bobby feasted his eyes on her shapely legs and beautiful ass, but it was her barely concealed huge boobs that drew his eyes the most. God he had been cursed and blessed with the sexiest hottest woman in the world but she was his mom! Right now though, he didn't care, his cock was so hard it ached and he wanted nothing more than to shoot a huge wad all over his beautiful mom, or into her a sick little voice whispered. Fuck.

"Well, I suppose so... oh ok!"

His mom hustled off to get changed while the sales girl rang the charge up. Bobby was sure the girl looked flushed and her nipples were definitely sticking out through her dress. He wondered if the cute little blonde was thinking of making out with his mom, sucking on her big tits and rubbing her perky little boobs against mom's melons. His cock lurched at the thought.

"Alright sweetie, let's go."

His mom's voice as she returned snapped him out of his reverie and without thinking he stood up. He noticed his mom had changed back into her summer dress but hadn't bothered to replace her bra and her nipples were poking out through the thin material as her breasts gambolled under the thin fabric. His mom glanced at him and then did a double take.

"Bobby!!" she whispered.


"Your shorts!" she hissed.

He looked down and saw they were sticking out at 90 degrees to his body. The sales girl was returning with the receipt and there was no way Bobby could conceal his condition. "Oh god this'll be awkward" he thought, but then at the last moment his mom stepped in front of him facing the salesgirl. She moved back pressing herself against him to conceal his boner, which now nuzzled between her butt cheeks as Tanya returned with their receipt.

"Here you are."

Bobby's cock lurched in his shorts and pushed up against mom's butt as it did, he felt her jump slightly at the sensation.

"Um, I wonder if you have a bathroom we could use? My... um boyfriend needs to use it and with his injury, I need to help him."

"Oh of course, it's right through there." she said pointing.

Bobby's cock lurched again, the shaft pushing up between her butt cheeks as it did, he felt her tense against him.

"Um.. thank you."

She held her bag with her dress in front of Bobby and stayed as close as she could to conceal his predicament as they headed to the restroom. Bobby wondered what she had planned? Surely she couldn't be planning on jerking him off in there? His dick lurched at the thought all the same. They finally made it to the safety of the changing room and Alison shut the door behind them.

"My god Bobby, are you trying to get us arrested! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Err, sorry. I didn't know quite how to put it. What are we doing in here?"

"Trying to figure out a way to get you out of here without the police being called." She looked down at the front of his shorts which still stuck out horizontally. "There's no chance of this thing going down of it's own accord anytime today I suppose?"

"Um, sorry, once it's hard it tends to stay that way."

"I figured as much."

She looked at his hard on sticking out for a few more moments before taking a deep breath and undoing his shorts, pulling them down over his cock so that it sprang up staring back at her with it's baleful eye. She crouched down in front of him and for a wicked moment he thought she was going to drop to her knees, his cock lurching at the prospect. Instead she kept her eyes averted from his dick and helped him step out of his shorts.

Ok this was going in a direction he really didn't see coming, he was now naked from the waist down with a raging boner, how was this going to stop him being arrested?

His mom then stood up and took a deep breath before announcing "I can't believe I'm going to do this!" With that she reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down before stepping out of them.

WTF???!! Bobby's brain was about to fuse and his cock was lurching like it was trying to send a semaphore message.

"Mom... what are you doing?" he asked warily.

She crouched down again.

"Lift your feet."

As he did so she slid her panties over his shoes before pulling them up his legs.

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