tagRomanceMountain Make-Out... or More?!

Mountain Make-Out... or More?!


Picture this... taking a drive up to the mountains sharing a great meal at a restaurant with an amazing view... a few margaritas (tequila does great things for me!) Overall, a great start to a wonderful night, we climb in my car... you drive because I'm scared of the cliffs... you find a romantic secluded spot for us to park. There is Christmas music playing on the radio. I snuggle up next to you 'cause I'm cold; my Florida blood hasn't yet adjusted to the temperature change. You wrap your arm around me and pull me closer, whispering in my ear that you know a way I can warm up.

I feel your breath on my neck, then your lips caressing the skin between my neck and ear. I lean further into you, turning so that I'm facing you, my head still tilted so you can continue to kiss my neck... a shiver runs through my body when I feel your tongue on my skin. My right hand finds the back of your neck and pulls your face to mine. You pause for an instant and look at the desire in my eyes... the need I have for you to kiss me, you smile and lean into my mouth. My lips part as my breath is taken away... I turn my head and feel your tongue enter my mouth... softly pushing against my own. We kiss like two teenagers kissing for the first time, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. You can still taste the margarita I finished before we left the restaurant.

As we continue to kiss your hand finds its way to edge of my shirt. Slowly, you slide your cold hand beneath and feel my soft skin... your fingers continue to travel, finding the soft lace of my bra. I press into you and your hand is cupping my breast... gently massaging it. You peel down the cup of my bra to expose my nipple... it is there hard, wanting to be touched. With the palm of your hand you lightly rub circles on the tip of my nipple... I shudder. You feel my nipple growing harder... you want it in your mouth. You pull away from our passionate kiss and slide your face to my breast. A light lick of my nipple, circles around its base... then you take it in your mouth... sucking on it. I moan. My hand is on the back of your head... I pull you into me, your face smashed against my breast. You feel my leg move as I'm trying to climb on top of your lap, but the front seat is too compact. You stop me and ask me to climb in the back seat with you.

I join you in the back seat, you kiss me hard. One of my hands is on your chest the other lightly running my fingers through your hair. My leg is between yours and I feel a slight nudge against my thigh. The hand I have on your chest starts to slide down ... all the while we're kissing like it is the only thing that will save the world from destruction. My hand slides over your pants to find the hardness that is now throbbing against my leg. I feel it... I gently massage your cock through your pants... we both want more.

Meanwhile you have continued to fondle my breasts... they are both now exposed, my shirt pulled to the sides and the cups of my red lace bra pulled down. It feels so good. You pull away from our kiss, kiss my neck, my collar bone, my chest, and then I feel your tongue in my cleavage. You lick me from my cleavage to the tip of my left nipple, massaging the tip of my nipple between your lips. I'm arching my head back, loving the feel of your mouth on my body. While my head is arched back I see an approaching light... I sit upright and pull my shirt over my exposed breasts. You ask what's wrong as there is a tap at the window of my fogged over car.

"Everything alright in there?... you kids need to move on, this isn't a hotel."

We both laugh. Making sure neither of us are exposed we jump out of the car and into the front seat. "Speaking of hotels?..." I ask coyly. You smile and start the car. As we drive down the mountain, we have to ride with the windows down so we can see. The wind in my hair feels great, but I get cold very quickly. You crank up the heat, and roll up the windows. I smile at you and lean over to thank you with a kiss on the cheek. We laugh and talk, and sing badly along to the Christmas songs as we drive to the hotel.

We arrive at the hotel, you check in quickly and escort me to the door of our room... your hand on my back, I turn into you and your hand slides to my ass, you quickly drop the card key in the door slot and turn the handle... You pull me against your body, I can feel your breath on my neck as you move in to kiss me below my ear... your other hand locks the door and flips a dim light on, casting our shadows on the wall.

You lead me to a couch in the first room we enter. I feel you slip your hand from my ass the button of my jeans. You unbutton them, then lower the zipper. I help you slide them down, they drop to the floor. Your hand feels smooth as it slides up my calves, my thighs. Both of your hands are on the skin of my back (under my shirt) you slide them gently down brushing my skin with your fingertips, you hesitate as you feel the red lace of my panties... your urge is to tear them off, but the lace is delicate against your strong hands. You slide your fingers between the panties and my skin and slowly shimmy them down my legs.

I'm standing breathless before you, just looking at the way you move. You ease me down on to the couch and push the coffee table away in one movement. You are on your knees now. Again I feel your hands on my legs... this time they move to my inner thighs slowly moving closer to the Holy Land. I'm watching your face... you smile as you feel me already wet. You pull my body closer to you, forcing my legs apart -- straddling your chest as you kiss the nape of my neck again. Feeling your tongue on my skin sends another shiver through my spine... you lay me back against the couch.

Although I'm still wearing my shirt, you brush your face down my chest and stomach, feeling the soft fabric against your cheek, nose and mouth. You raise my sweater and look at me. I smile seeing how you think I'm beautiful... without you saying a word I know it... I can see it in your eyes and the boyish grin on your face.

Although the light is still dim, you can see a glisten off of the wetness you've already made me produce. You lean your head into my thighs, licking and kissing them as you go, I can feel you spelling words into my skin with your tongue... closer and closer you get to my pussy... I feel you lick the crease where my leg joins it... you brush your lips over my slit, but with very little pressure... I arch my back, wanting more.

Gently you pull my lips apart, and instinctually you lean in to lick my inner lips. You kiss me, gently at first then harder. I feel your tongue separate my lips and I open. You run your tongue up and down the layers of my flesh. You slide your hands under my thighs and pull me more into you. Your basically fucking me with your tongue. You look up and see my clit... begging for attention... you ease back just a bit and lick the juices that are seeping out of me... like a lollipop you lick up my lips to my clit... I feel you lick my clit and I moan..

You flick my clit with your tongue... quick little flicks. My legs shudder. You circle my clit with your lips and suck on it lightly... it feels sooo good. You can tell that I like it and you suck harder. I am sooo close to orgasm. My body arches and my pelvis contracts. You want me to cum... You slide two fingers into my pussy and massage me. You feel liquid start to pour out of me and hear in my cries of pleasure that I'm enjoying an amazing orgasm. My body continues to rock and you continue your magic... slowly I come down. There is a bead of sweat on my forehead. I lay motionless, trying to catch my breath... you pull back and offer to get me a glass of water. I accept.

You leave the room to find a vending machine, success! When you come back to the room you find me standing... grinning in bliss. I take the bottle of water from you and quench the thirst that you've given me. You look at me modestly.

I walk over to you, I start to unbutton your shirt, running my fingernails softly down your chest feeling a hard lump inside your jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping your pants and pulling you out, licking the hard vein under your shaft, and flicking my tongue around the ridge of your head, then taking you into my mouth, feeling your head deep into my throat, looking up to see the pleasure on your face as suck and bob my head on your cock, pulling it deep into my mouth each time...

I tease one of your nipples with one hand and grab your ass to pull you into me with the other, you grab my hair causing me to look up at you again, I see your head arched back and feel a silent moan and shudder from your body... Feeling you get even harder I stop... I know you are ready to cum... all of the stimulus from eating me out was nearly enough. This has almost sent you over the edge.

I throw you onto a nearby chair. I climb on to you felling the ridge of your head popping into my already wet self, wrapping my legs around you and the chair and using your shoulders for support I slide up and down feeling every vein pulsate. I feel your mouth on my neck, my chest as I ride up and down on top of you. I only just notice that there's music in the background and I start to ride you in rhythm... screwing to great sounds.

You stand up, my legs wrapped around you and pin me against a nearby wall... slowly pounding deep into me... each time I'm moaning with pleasure. You kiss me deeply, passionately... you pull away from my mouth and start to kiss my neck, moving down you take my breast into your mouth and flick my nipple with your tongue. Once again your hands are on my ass giving you leverage to pull into me. I pull your head back up to my face and kiss you... deeply, making my head spin, Faster and faster you thrust...

... You carry me to the bed, still inside of me, and step out of your jeans that have fallen to the floor. I love the feeling of your skin on mine... you take me to the bed and still holding me ease me into a mess of pillows... my back arches into the pleasure of the movement I feel pass through me... you thrust into me again, I'm so close to orgasm again... I clinch and you thrust... I feel your hand slide down from my neck, passing over my chest, down my stomach, you pull your hand to your mouth and wet your index and middle fingers....thrusting deeper and deeper into me all the while, ...

Dropping your hand you find my clitoris, hard and exposed, you circle your fingers massaging me and pounding into me with your hard, hard cock. I cum again, you can feel it as my body vibrates with pleasure.... It's amazing, my head is spinning, you don't stop, you continue through my whole orgasm... the wetness is real. I slowly come down from another amazing high and turn onto my side, with my legs closed around your hardness, its oh so tight.

I reach above me for the headboard to brace myself and use as leverage to push down onto you. We're in sync.... You thrust, I push, simultaneously, I bend my legs around you using them to pull you into me.... Faster and faster our motion is fluid, you are like a rock.... I flip to my stomach, placing my knees on either side of yours. I arch up right... you support me by wrapping your left arm around my upper torso, I feel your hand massaging my breast.... Your right arm is around my hips and you pound into me.

Your hand slides down massaging my clitoris once again.... I turn my head back to you and although your stomach is pressed to my back I'm able to kiss you, my hand is wrapped around your head... I want more, more, more... I hear you say my name... I bend at the waste, my arms straight to the bed, I look back up at you and beg you to fuck me, fuck me harder, harder.... You enjoy me watching you and telling you how bad I want you, I can tell as your motion increases, faster and faster... deeper than I've ever felt, and with your hands on my hips your pulling me into you.

I feel you slow down as there is a strong pulsing in my pussy... you plunge hard into me... I push back, your still, motionless, enjoying the sensation riding through your body, I see your feet clinch, your toes curl and your head arch back... I reach to the headboard and use it to push against you, you moan... I begin to feel an orgasm again... liquid squirting from me, running down your legs, I push into you more, rhythmically, I ride you as you are suspended in motionless pleasure... I hear you sigh and moan and grunt all at the same time... I'm not done...

I continue to push, riding you up and down... I feel you cum into me you are so hard, harder than I ever thought possible.... The ridge of your head expands, making my pleasure even more intense... I can see its hard for you to continue, your legs are shaking.. I feel your hands on my back.... The touch sets me off... I cum. No longer able to hold support myself I fall forward, you fall onto me and then to my side. We rest... breathing hard, laughing, enjoying the pure pleasure we're feeling. A shudder goes through my body, I turn to you... your cheeks flushed with heat, your penis still hard, your legs still shaking, your toes still curled. I lean back into the pile of pillows and smile, closing my eyes, knowing that you're still in the same pleasure zone as I am.

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