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Mountain Trail


Jan is my best friend. She's quirky and bubbly and full of ideas. I've known her forever and when you're eighteen, forever is a long, long time. We make quite a fetching pair when we're together, a natural blonde and a brunette. I have never been tempted to dye my hair blonde as I just know that if I did I'd come in a poor second to Jan. Far better to be the contrast to her scintillating blondness than to be a poor shadow.

We're both quite fit and our figures are good, although I have to admit I have a far nicer bust than Jan. I could wish my bottom was a bit tighter but you can't have everything.

Jan rang me one Saturday morning with a suggestion we take a run up to the mountains. I thought, why not, and she subsequently picked me up and off we went.

Reaching the mountainous country I was slightly surprised when Jan pulled into a car park and hopped out. I scrambled out after, confused.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I told you," said Jan, sounding surprised. "We're taking a run up the mountain. The trail starts over there."

"No, you certainly did not tell me," I protested. "You said a run up to the mountains. That's a whole lot different to running up one of the blasted things."

"Oh, don't be such a wuss," she retorted. "It'll be fun. We don't actually have to run. A casual walk will get us to the top and if we get tired we can take a break. I even brought a couple of backpacks so we can take some stuff with us."

"What sort of stuff?" I asked, suspicious.

"Just the usual sort of thing. Some munchies, a couple of bottles of water, some tissues, antiseptic, and bandages."

"Not that I expect us to need the last items," she added quickly, seeing the look on my face.

"But I didn't dress for a hike up a mountain," I said desperately.

"Oh, really? Um, let's see. You're wearing sneakers, shorts, and a t shirt. What do you think you should be wearing for a comfortable stroll along a mountain path? Boots and a climbing rope, perchance?"

She had me there and we both knew it. If I'd known I was climbing a mountain I'd probably have been wearing the same things. Jan had known and she was dressed much the same. I sighed and waved her onwards, silently acknowledging my defeat. Mountain, here I come.

We strolled along the path and I have to admit that is wasn't too bad. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot. There was a breeze, but only a slight one, and it carried the scent of things growing. Birds were flying around and sounding happy and although the place was probably infested with evil insects they weren't bothering us.

I have to admit I was quite enjoying the hike. The trail was a little steep in places but it was still easy enough to scramble up it. We just ambled along, enjoying the day, talking non-stop, which I guess goes to show that we had plenty of breath available.

After an hour or so we came to this little sign indicating there was a rest area off to the left. We looked at each other and nodded in mutual agreement and headed towards it. Time for a break.

We strolled down to the rest area. It wasn't much, just a bit of a clearing with a table and bench and a magnificent view. People were discouraged from becoming part of the view by a fence that ran along the edge of what was a very steep drop. We wandered over to the fence and looked down and it was quite amazing how far we'd climbed.

Jan slung her backpack onto the table and was about to dive into it when she turned her head to one side and just froze. I turned to see what she was looking at and I joined her in the deer-pinned-by-the-spotlight pose.

There was a man leaning against a tree to the side of the rest area. I have no idea how we failed to see him straight away but boy, did we spot him now. (Actually, I do have some idea why a man might have stepped out of the rest area and behind the trees but I won't mention that.)

When I say there was a man I'm under-stating it. He was a hunk, a god in mortal form, the sort of man you hope to meet some day but never do. He was tall, at least six foot, and strongly built. Not muscular like a weight-lifter, or beefy like a fighter, but lithe and strong and agile like a champion tennis player. He was blonde with the most amazing blue eyes and a tan that was almost golden in its colour. He practically glowed, just standing there.

"Good morning," he said with a smile, and my heart just turned over. Suddenly the day was the most marvellous day I'd ever known.

"On your way up or down the mountain?" he asked.

Oh my god, he was talking to us. I suddenly felt hot and flushed and knew why girls needed fans. I also needed a voice as I had no idea where mine had gone.

"Up," said Jan with a squeaky voice.

Geez, girl, I thought, looking at her. Pull yourself together.

She must have heard me thinking as she swallowed and continued talking in a more normal voice, although I'm quite sure I'd never heard those husky and sexy undertones before.

"We decided that a beautiful day like this was too good to waste staying at home and decided to go for a hike. Are you going up as well?"

"I am. I just stopped to take a picture of the view," he said, and I noticed that he had a real camera slung over his shoulder. Not something you see every day as most people use smart phones.

"I'm Jan. This is Meryl," Jan said, sounding happy to be talking to him.

"Hullo Jan, hullo Meryl," he said. "I'm Jordan."

"Well, now that we're all acquainted," said Jan, "will you marry me?"

Bitch, was my immediate thought. I wanted to ask that.

"Not today," he said with a laugh. "You're a bit young to be thinking of marriage, aren't you?"

"Certainly not," exclaimed Jan "I'm nearly twenty and it's high time I considered it. Meryl's got plenty of time. She's only eighteen."

"How nearly is nearly twenty?" he asked.

"About twenty months," I said sweetly, earning a poisonous look from Jan.

Jordan simply laughed again.

"So, both eighteen. Sorry, girls, but I'm not marrying today."

What a pity, was my thought, and I was willing to bet that Jan thought exactly the same thing.

"Tell you what I will do," he said, sauntering over until he was standing directly in front of us. "I'll give you a foretaste of the joys that await you in married life."

With that he started undoing the button on Jan's shorts, moving on to unzipping them when she didn't act fast enough to stop him. (Or at all, that I could see.) Next thing we knew Jan's shorts and panties were being pushed down, Jordan dropping to one knee to give him room to push them right down to her ankles.

"Don't worry," he said to me as he stood back up. "You're going to be included."

I'm thinking "Included?" but by the time I registered what he was saying he was already sliding my zip down and then I was looking down at the top of his head as he sank down on one knee again, this time taking my shorts and panties with him.

I couldn't believe it. Without so much as a 'by your leave' he had us both bare from the waist down. I didn't even have a tuft of hair to hide behind. Was that better or worse than the arrow Jan had? I opened up my mouth to protest most vociferously but found myself giving a startled squawk instead, a peculiar noise that was matched by the noise that Jan was making. That rotten man had grabbed me by the pussy, his hand cupping me and rubbing me. That odd sound that Jan was making told me where his other hand was.

"What are you doing?" I managed to gasp out.

"A bit slow, are we?" he asked. "Why don't you have a quiet word with your friend? I'm sure she'll be able to explain it to you."

"You - you - I KNOW what you're doing," I told him, incensed. "I just want to know where you get the gall from to think you can do this to a couple of strange girls."

"You're not that strange," he said quickly. "Perfectly normal from what I can see, and I have to admit I can see a lot. Your reactions seem to be quite normal, too."

I flicked a look at Jan, expecting her to support me. Boy, did I get a shock. She was just standing there, head tilted back slightly, eyes closed and a funny look on her face. She was enjoying what he was doing. I wanted to scream at her to snap out of it. I probably would have, too, if I hadn't been short of breath for some reason.

His fingers were rubbing and teasing and probing and going places they shouldn't and I didn't have the faintest idea of how to stop him. Punching him on the nose probably would have worked but I didn't think of that until a lot, lot, later. (Like the next day later.)

Finally, to my great relief (Yes. I was relieved), he stopped touching me and I started to get control of myself again. That's when I heard a zipper going and when I looked down I could see why he let me go. He needed the hand to undo his trousers. Just like that he hauled out this ginormous erection and I damn near fainted at the sight of it. Surely he didn't think he could use that thing on one of us. Or did he expect us to grab hold of it? Not me. I'd have needed two hands just to hold the thing.

He moved closer to Jan and he was talking to her, saying something in a very soft voice. I couldn't hear what he said but Jan certainly did. Her eyes snapped open and she looked him straight in the eye. For about one second. Then her gaze turned downwards and she was looking at what I had already spotted.

I expected her to scream and try to push him away but she just stood there, looking down and watching that cock getting closer to her. OK, I have to admit that I was watching as well, not really believing it. His cock connected with Jan's pussy and started sinking in and she started squealing.

This was not a squeal of protest, I might add. She was squealing with excitement and I was prepared to swear that she was pushing herself toward him, helping him sink into her. You tart, was what I was thinking, and who could blame me? He kept pushing in and she kept squealing and then his balls were banging against her, his cock all the way inside her. I was surprised to find she was able to take the entire thing without screaming.

Now that he had fairly begun Jordan really started to get down to it. His cock came sliding out and then charged back in with Jan giving a loud, "Wow," as he drove home. That was the first of a long series of wows, interspersed with the occasional 'yes' or 'oh'. He was really letting her have it and she was just as happy to receive it, pushing urgently to meet him every time he thrust home.

OK, perhaps I should have demurely turned my eyes away and pretended it wasn't happening but for god's sake, it was happening, and right there next to me. I'd never seen a live performance before and it was absolutely shocking. It was a wonder to me that Jan could actually take something that size at all, let alone having it go charging in and out the way it was.

At first I thought give it a minute and it will all be over but it wasn't. He kept on going and Jan kept on squealing and I kept on feeling shocked and horrified that my friend was being assaulted this way. I'm sure she wasn't really enjoying what was happening. It was all an act.

Mind you, for an act she put on the most amazing performance of a girl having an orgasm, even jamming her hands against her mouth to stop herself screaming. This was the point at which Jordan finally slowed down and came to a stop, and I could just about hear a pop as he pulled free of her, leaving Jan slumped back against the table, gasping for breath.

"Nice to see you're still ready and waiting," Jordan said to me, smiling.

I was like, "What?" only to find he was turning me around and pushing me forward so I was bent over the table. His hand closed over my mound again and I was totally speechless to find that I'd quite forgotten to pull up my panties and shorts and had been standing their half-naked all this time.

It didn't help my mood when he quickly took advantage of my speechlessness to take further advantage of me. I recovered my voice with a loud squeal when his cock came charging forward, into me this time. I went up on my toes, trying to pull away from it, but it followed me, going deeper. Dropping down off my toes had the effect of me pushing down onto his cock, helping it enter me. My mood wasn't enhanced by hearing Jan mutter, "Oh, you slut," as Jordan made free of my body.

I could feel his groin rubbing firmly against me and guessed he'd managed to fully enter me, which I hadn't thought possible. It must have been, because I could certainly feel a lot of cock inside me. I tried to tell him to stop but all I could do was babble, and I'm damned if I know what I said. I expected him to start pounding away, tenderising my poor pussy, but he just held himself in me.

Why didn't he start pounding my pussy? He was too busy pushing up my top and my bra, letting my breasts pop free, and then clutching hold of them, rubbing them and squeezing them.

With a good grasp established he commenced to have his fun, his cock slithering back and forth, attacking again and again, my breasts being stroked and squeezed in the same rhythm.

I wanted to tell him to stop, to explain that I didn't want this, that he couldn't do this, but for some reason all I was able to say was, "Ah," and I was saying that every time he bounced me off his cock. Despite what Jan subsequently said I'm quite sure I wasn't pushing to meet him when he drove into me, and if I did it was just coincidence because I was actually struggling.

I'd been feeling hot before he started (well it was a warm day) and I was feeling even hotter now that he was in action. (A side effect of the exercise I was unexpectedly getting.) Now I've already admitted that I might have been making a few protesting ah sounds as things proceeded but I'd like to make it clear that I was not yowling my head off with pleasure the way Jan claims.

Yes, I was feeling a little passionate and excited, but only a little, and who could blame me under the circumstances? He kept up his excited frolicking and I just couldn't stop my arousal and excitement from rising. When I felt him start squirting inside me I screamed and climaxed, and I have to admit I climaxed in a big way. I sort of slumped forward on the table afterwards, feeling totally relaxed and spent.

I pulled myself together and straightened up. Jan was grinning like a demented hyena and handing me a bottle of water and some tissues she had in her backpack.

"You might want to clean up a little before you pull your panties up," she said with a giggle. "I know I had to."

I know good advice when I hear it and promptly followed it, hurrying to straighten up my clothes when I'd finished.

"Where'd he go?" I asked, looking around.

"Up the mountain," Jan told me. "He wants to finish the climb. He says with a bit of luck we'll meet him at the top. If we do, he said he'd be sure to congratulate us on making the climb."

And just how was he going to congratulate us, I wondered? Jan was smirking at me and I could see she was wondering the same thing. I sighed.

"So do we go back home or continue the climb?" I asked.

"What a silly question," Jan said, dragging me towards the trail. "We can't stop halfway. We'd feel we let ourselves down. Come on."

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