Movie Day


My name is Summer Harp and I think I have a crush on my best friend. You see Jan is perfect. I mean perfect. She has beautiful brown eyes, the best hair and the hottest tits ever. They're 36 C and perfect! Her nipples are round and almost pink. I'm not saying that I'm not attractive because I think I am far from unattractive.

Boys have been looking at me since I was twelve years old and I've been fucking boys since I was sixteen. I have waist length curly hair, green eyes and curly hair. I'm mixed so my skin is what Estee Lauder calls "Sun up Beige" I have big tits. 34 DD and the ass of a porn star. Speaking of asses Jan's ass is so perfect.

Every day I imagine the things I would do to that ass. . .The problem is she thinks I'm straight and up until a year ago I would've said I was straight too! I mean, I don't find girls attractive unless you count her. When I watch porn I don't look at the girl I pretty much ignore her until I hear the sexy sighs and moans. The sounds that women make turn me on. Does that make me a lesbian?

One day Jan and I are sitting on the couch and she looks at me and says, "Summer, when was the last time you were fucked?" I choked a little on the water I was drinking.

"It's definitely been a while." I replied with a laugh trying not to look embarrassed.

Jan and I have known each other since we were in kindergarten now we're fresh eighteen year old high school graduates on our way to college together. She's been asking a lot of questions lately. She says its because we shouldn't have any secrets if we're going to be roommates in college.

"It's been a while for me too. I've been so horny lately though."

"Mhmm," I replied looking away.

"I don't want this to be weird but, if we're going to room together. You're going to have to know that I watch porn and I masturbate. A lot. Even if I'm in a relationship with a guy. I'm just a horny girl. Does that bother you?" She looked up at me with her big brown eyes.

She has on my soft pink Sophies and a tank. I know she's not wearing a bra because her nipples are erect against the fabric.

"No, it doesn't bother me, Jan." I reply and then for some reason I add "I watch porn too sometimes."

"Okay, good! So you won't mind if I get off really quick. Weekends at your house are always so stressful because I have to sneak into the bathroom to get off. Now, it doesn't have to be a secret. I couldn't imagine sneaking in a dorm room!"

She says grabbing her laptop and hooking it to the television. "I like to watch it on the big screen."

"Jan, my parents are supposed to be home in an hour what if they walk in on your porn session!" I shout. Though I'm secretly aroused at the thought of my hot best friend masturbating in front of me.

"Oh, shush, Summer. You said you watch porn sometimes. It'll only take a second. You can touch yourself too. I won't judge."

She then types something into the computer.

"This is my favorite porn site. There is a virus protection policy."

She then clicks on a video with the headline. "Fuck my Tight Young Pussy."

"This is gonna be so hot, I can tell." She says then clicks it. The video starts with a young girl fingering her pussy.

She's moaning. "Yes, yes." She then cums. I have to admit it's pretty hot. I glance over at Jan. She is rubbing her nipples through her tank. My pussy moistens.

A man then walks into the room and proceeds to hammer the young girl's pussy.

"Yeah, fuck that tight pussy!" I hear Jan shout.

She is sitting on my couch in nothing but a girl pink thong. I take a breath as I see her push aside her panties dipping in and out of her cunt. She's shaven and her pussy lips are pink and wet.

"Do you see that sexy dick, Summer?" She ask not making eye contact with me. "Oh, I just want that big fat dick inside of me right now! Oh yes, oh yes, inside of this tight teen fuck hole!"

I've never heard her talk like this. She has her left hand playing with her nipples while the other is fucking her pussy.

"This feels so good, Sum! It's so fucking hot with you here." She then looks at me and I drop my eyes.

"No!" She shouts and I look back at her.

"Yeah, keep watching me. This is so hot! Oh please, Summer watch me fuck my tight hole!" She's going faster now! Lifting her hips off of the couch. She's so wet.

I'm so turned on right now. Oh, so fucking turned on. "Your so hot, Summer." She says.

Wait what? Did she just say I was hot?

"I think about you every day! Please, cum for me Summer? Take off you clothes and fuck your pussy. Just for me do it! OH! OH! OH! FUCK! DO IT SUMMER! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!!! OH SHIT! OH FUCK!" She's grinding against her fingers so hard and I'm so turned on I can't help it I caress my nipples through my shirt.

Finally I just take off my clothes all together and soon I am fingering my pussy too! In and out my fingers go as I watch my best friend fuck her pussy.

I glide my fingers in and out of myself while one hand works my clit. I then curl my index and middle finger inside of my self finding my g spot. OOOOH This feels so good! I moan out loud no longer staring at the television but at hot friend whose fucking herself beside me.

"Oh, Jan, this is hot. This is so hot!" I say as I push my fingers deep inside myself.

"I wanna kiss you. Let me kiss you, Summer." She says as she orgasms again. I cum watching the pleasure on her face.

"That's right, cum for me baby girl. I know how much you needed that. Oh Yes keep cumming." And I do it seems like ions before I'm finished.

"Oh, Jan that was so hot." I whisper.

"Mhmm. Let me see your hand." She says not caring I give her my hand and close my eyes reveling in post orgasmic bliss. It isn't until I feel a warm wetness that I realize she is licking me clean.

"Oh, you taste so good, Sum. Like caramel or honey. Can I taste you?"

I nearly choke again. My beautiful best friend whom I've had a girl crush on for what seems like forever wants to eat my pussy. I want to say yes so bad and I almost do but then I hear a car door slam. Oh shit my parents.

"Get dressed! I'll stall them" she quickly puts on her clothes before adding "And spray some air freshener " as she's running out the door to greet my parents.

I do as I'm told. I put on clothes and I run and cut off the television and spray Fabreeze every where and tidy the couch. When my parents walk in the door I am unhooking the laptop from the tv.

"Hey you guys!" I shout nervously.

"Hi," They reply in unison.

My mother than says "Jan says you guys had a movie day."

I look at Jan and smile.

"Yes, yes we did." I reply.

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