tagIncest/TabooMovie Night Ch. 09: Riley and Me

Movie Night Ch. 09: Riley and Me


Authors note...i had feedback that I hadn't given enough time to Riley, so I thought I'd develop her character a bit more.

...that, and the fact that I really am a sucker for redheads... hope you enjoy.


So...inevitability being, well...inevitable...it only took a few passing weeks and "that time of the month" to go by for Tammy to figure out that NONE of the 3 girls living with us were using tampons or pads anymore. The endless giggling about "parental" subject-matter, combined with the following months coincidence that ALL FOUR girls had come down with an intermittent "flu" pretty much cemented the suspicion in her mind.

It was obvious to her, I think, and wasn't going to stay quiet long.

As for me, interludes in the past month plus had involved some of the very best sex I've ever had in my life, bar none, and perhaps worse, or better, depending on how you view it, Riley and I had become lovers, if not downright "in love". I had moved psychologically from accepting this, to wanting it, and now, to seeking it out. I was daydreaming of all the girls, but mostly, my thoughts were centered around Riley. Our last meeting was just yesterday, Friday, as Susan, Petra, and Terri kept Tammy and the kids busy and Riley pulled my hands to lead me upstairs.

"C'mon, Daddy...I have to show you this" Riley beckoned me forth, holding a logo'd sweater from the college. Tammy just smiled, thinking it was another dress-rehearsal for their impending voyage to the college in the coming weeks. I smiled back at Tammy, weakly, knowing so much more, but allowing her to believe I was tolerating teenage exuberance over fashion. Usually, I would consider that it was already late, and I really just wanted to kick back and watch some TV with everyone, but this was Riley, and I felt differently about her already.

Turning back to Riley, I stepped onto the stairs with my right leg, just out-of-sight of the family goings-ons, when her arms suddenly appeared and wrapped around my neck. Her body lifted and slid forward onto my leg, pressing the panty-less warmth of an overheated Riley onto my thigh ...sliding...wetly up my leg as she stared directly into me with those amazing green eyes. She had been making herself ready for me...for this. Man, she was warm...I mean...PHYSICALLY warm, as in, I could feel her body heat emanating through her thin summer crop-top. She pressed into me as she ground her pubic bone into my exposed thigh. Gotta love summer...shorts for me, but a mid-length skirt for her concealed what she had already removed.

In my ear, Riley was whispering "You've been a bad Daddy, Mr. D. You got another girl pregnant, and there's a price to pay for doing that. I want you to see it with me. I want to show it to you. You will let me show it to you, won't you, Daddy?" She pulled back her face with her last phrase to give me the pouty-face look, her chin down, those doe-eyes full, her bottom lip stuck well out, just before slowly turning the edges of her lips up into a grin, then a smile.

Fuck. Move upstairs. Now.

I lifted her with both hands under has ass and carried her up the steps, My own rod stiffening, her eyes smiling across her face, those amazing freckle framing everything. She was alternately kissing me and whispering into my ears, clinging to me "I'll give you a hint, Daddy. I'M the girl you got pregnant.

She squeezed me tighter. Gawd, Mr. D...I can already feel you down there. I'm beginning to think you LIKE the idea of this. I'm betting there's something else you'd like from me, isn't there?" I could sense her left hand moving behind her back, and as we crested the stairs, felt her bra pull free as she angled herself back in my grip, lowering her top.

We made it into their room, closing the door behind us. Riley's feet hit the floor as she dropped the sweater. Standing on her tiptoes, she pressed her mouth to my right ear and whispered "we don't have much time, stud, but I wanted to celebrate with you today, so just enjoy, o.k.?" My hands had wandered up and off her ass cheeks, gripping her narrow waist, and I was already kissing her shoulder at the neck.

Her body lowering fluidly, I could feel her breasts trace against my chest. Fuck, those amazing nipples...It's unfair to put so full areolas there. So firm...hard. She used her hands to drag my shorts down with her, until my flesh was even with her face, and Riley was on her knees. Nothing spoken, she simply surrounded me with her mouth, as her hands removed her skirt from her waist, then knees, and then, we were both simply naked, and once again, connecting. To breed. I wanted to breed her again, and she knew it. Honestly, it isn't my fault. It's just that...well...I could smell her sex again...that musky, pheromone-laden scent that makes my cock throb, and makes me want to eat her out as I pump her full, not knowing which I want more.

Riley had released my now turgid-rod from her mouth, and was pushing me back. "Lay down, Daddy", and the back of my knees hit her bed, rolling me onto it, my feet on the floor still. Riley wasted no time. She advanced onto me placing both hands on my chest, lifting her right leg onto the bed next to me, then climbed onto the bed, straddled above me, her knees on the bed cushion, her pussy gently pressing into my balls, ready to slide forward onto my length. "Do not move, Mr. D. Not a muscle. This is only for you, o.k.?" I nodded weakly, staring into her eyes in the dimly lit room. I noticed the curly, red hair...so much of it. I noticed her freckles. I noticed that I noticed. She smiled a woman's smile at me.

Riley slid forward, humming, just slightly, but softly, allowing my swollen, heavy sac to gather her wetness and her scent, then pressed more firmly at the base of my cock, the pressure causing the top length to rise above my abdomen. She gently gripped under the head with her left hand, her right hand still on my chest, and moving almost imperceptibly, began advancing her form forward. Her juices were coating me, every inch, and the heat was painful to endure so slowly.

As she neared the tip, she bent over my naked form, releasing my cock, and with both hands now on either side of my head, lowered her mouth to kiss me as the pent-up energy of my shaft pressed the head firmly into her crease, the turgid rod pushing her clit aside, but bathing it from my own heat. She gasped in my mouth, breathing into me, inhaled, then kissed me again as she moved forward just enough for my cockhead to slip deeper into her cleft...her opening...I lifted my hands to her back, then sliding them up onto her neck, digging my fingers in and gathering her hair, squeezing her neck and head softly as I kissed back. Riley lowered herself just a bit, widened her hips, and with the smallest of motions, moved so that I effortlessly glided into her, caressed by the liquid heat of her core, already soaking in the juices she was producing. THIS was two lovers moment.

There's a moment during lovemaking like this when two people are connected. Really connected, and I don't mean just physically. It's as though the electricity...or the heat...or the motions move across each other's skin, and it's hard to tell where one person stops and the other begins. Riley and I paused, each with eyes wide open, staring into one-another's soul. I think it surprised us both.

She stopped kissing me, but her mouth didn't leave my lips. Closing her eyes, she merely gave herself over to the moment, and was just experiencing the sensations, deeply through her core. It wasn't just lust anymore, not between her and I. Not a word. Nothing. We were mating, again, and when she finally opened her eyes, she said "I love you, Mr. D. I love you so much". My hands had moved to her chin, and we were kissing again. I was pressing up into her, she was gently rocking on me, and as she lifted her body straight, her hands back on my chest, the succubus I yearn for said "I have been waiting all day for this, Daddy. Make love with me". And so we did.

15...20 minutes...I can't be sure...we just relished our body's motions together, inside one another, and we could each feel my shaft in her, ending at her cervix, alternately pushing it from side to side. Riley lowered herself, and lifting her breast, aimed it at my mouth "you've earned this, Daddy, and I'm so close...please?" Not to be rude, but the room smelled like her pussy...our lovemaking aside, she was a temptress in heat, clearly, and it was thick in the air now. Her nipples, now noticeably swollen and distended, were shining from her sweat, and were that much sweeter to surround with my kisses, then my lips, then bathe with my tongue, ever to lightly, as I felt her climax begin. Riley slumped onto my chest, still riding me, lifting her ass slightly and allowing me to thrust deeper into her as I took the cue and kept the motion steady, driving into her, the pulling nearly all the way out, then back in, deeper.

"Oh, Fuuuuuckkkkkk...Mr. Deeee...Oh Fuck... Daddy...oh fuck... oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk" and Riley's walls constricted in a pulsing dance around my shaft, milking me, making me want more, but to give her everything. We were kissing again, deeply. We were making love again...deeply, and I was ready to flood her insides with my seed again...deeply.

Riley finished, and placed her weight onto me. Her cuntal walls done clamping down, and beginning to merely hold me as I penetrated her, still lightly thrusting. "Wait. WAIT! Mr. D, WAIT!"

Oh, for the love of ... you're kidding, right? "Riley, Seriously...wait? What?"

She was insistent. "Wait for me, Mr. D. I want to show you now, and then, o.k? Riley lifted herself off of me, sliding backwards, her feet back on the floor, and lowering her head, gently took me back into her mouth. "mmmm...Daddy...I like-like-like how we taste together! You wait here, and I'll be RIGHT BACK, o.k.?!" I nodded weakly, the coldness now surrounding my shaft decidedly unsatisfactory.

Riley made for the bathroom between the bedrooms. A moment later, paper shuffling. Another moment later, the sound of her peeing. I thought to myself "well, she must have REALLY had to go pee, then."

When she returned, it all made sense. Riley again kissed my now-blue balls and shaft, gently warming the head of my rod in her mouth again. A guy could really get used to this. As she moved back into the same position above me, she lined-up my manhood with her sex, lowered her hips to meet mine, and in doing so, smoothly connected our sexes once again. Reaching forward, her left hand slid up my right arm, and placed the pregnancy test into my hand. Her lips were at mine, kissing me, and revealed her plan to me. "In just a couple of minutes, Mr. D., you're going to find out that you got me pregnant...THEN you can cum, ok...?"

Always willing to shout out the obvious, she added "It's wet 'cuz I had to pee on it." Riley...never at a loss for words. But, she was beaming. That damned Irish spirit again, but I smiled back just as hard. "Think you can hang on that long, Mr. D?," and I again saw the succubus toying with me. "Oh, and by the way, Daddy, twins have been 'every other generation' in my family for like...forever, and I'm due next."

Longest 5 minutes of my life.

Riley spread her hips wider, balanced her weight on her knees, and with her left hand on my chest, and her right one on my left thigh, rose up straight and began that horse-rocking motion, alternately pressing my cock deeply into her and up, greeting her cervix, now somewhat softer and more pliable. Her motion was to solely focus on my engorged cock, nothing else. This motion...every guy knows it...is intended to make you cum.

When she pressed forward, she drove me directly in through her sex, her lubrication at maximum effect as my rod parted her tunnel and she took every last millimeter of me into her. When she pulled back, it lowered my cock, pulling it out, but with more stretching and tighter. It's sheet heaven. I was enraptured. Looking up at her, I noticed her eyes were closed, and I let my eyes wander down her body to watch her abdomen flexing...pulsing...I could see the muscles working as each pull back caused her chest to jut out, and those amazing breasts to bounce just enough, her nipples thick and protruding from the sensations.

I moved my eyes shut, but she was quick to catch me

"Nuh-uh. Daddy...open your eyes for me." She was panting.

"Watch me, Daddy" and I lifted my hands to hold hers just in front of her. She pulled her legs up a bit, and again I could see her body moving...a slow undulating rhythm...like a venomous snake, coiled on top of me... each rippling muscle working to memerize me in the moment, then cascading down her abdomen in synchronization, ending with her ass clenching and thrusting forward, moving with mine. She was flowing her womanhood...her sexuality for me.

No way this wasn't going to happen. Every guy knows that motion...knows that moment. Riley's nipples were hard again, protruding, almost grotesquely sexy, thick and nearly amber-colored now.

"Tell me when you're ready, Daddy, ok? OH...FUCK...Tell me when you're ready."

"I'm ready, Daddy."


I felt the swell before the surge. Squinting my eyes, glancing to the side, reorienting the strip so I could see the lines. Single blue - negative, but now, a blue cross developing. Dark blue.

"Riley, oh, fuck, Riley...you're pregnant!" There was a deep, blue criss-crossed line on the test, and Riley's eyes fluttered between the test and my eyes. She dropped her head, both hands squeezing her breasts, pulling her nipples out and to the sides. Kissing me deeply, she sat firmly on my cock, driving my balls down and my shaft up through her canal to her womb.

I came instantly. There are just some woman's actions that do that to a man, and this was one of them.

My core twisted, clamping down, and I felt my balls contract in rhythms as my precum lubricated the way into her. Riley knew by now how we felt at this moment, and she purred her satisfaction. What she couldn't contain inside her came spilling out onto me, wetting her thighs and my balls. Fuck, it was no wonder she got pregnant.

Riley moved her hands to my head, kissing me repeatedly as waves of her pleasure rippled through her, "I love you, Mr. D... Oh...OH...Fuck...Fuck Me...You're going to be a Daddy again!" I rolled her over, still kissing her, still inside her, splaying her legs widely, my lips fluttering kisses down her chin, neck, and chest until I surrounded her nipple and gently...ever so gently wrapped my hands over her thighs, held each ass cheek, and buried myself as far inside as I could penetrate. Riley's release, somewhere inside her core, quietly squeezed her world shut, and she stopped breathing long enough to chatter her teeth with the last remains of her orgasm. A moment later, her stillness giving away her satisfaction, and her thighs gently caressing my back, Riley said "Kiss me. Kiss me, lover." I was still thick, inside her, and I felt her squeezing as our lips danced together.

We waited for a moment, enraptured, both of us relishing in our love. She had tears, but I knew from her smile they were tears of love. For us. For what we had just done together. I love Riley, and I was o.k. being in love with her, and it was clear she felt the same way. Like her, I wanted to just stay there, in her, until we woke up to be together again, but our reality brought us back to the moment.

Riley spoke first "I'm the last one here, Daddy. You already know Susan and Petra are pregnant, right? Terri, too." I nodded my assent. Similar meetings to break the news to me, but nothing like this.

Riley took a deep breath, and out came her Irish spirit. "YOU...are a fucking STUD, Mr D. Fuck, you cum a lot!" Riley's face was aglow, her hand clamping her lips closed as she headed for the bathroom, and I began putting my own clothes on.

Susan met us at the steps, downstairs, handing Riley her shoes.

"I need to talk something over with the girls tonight, Dad, but tomorrow morning, just follow my lead, o.k.?" I looked at her quizzically. "Trust me, Dad, o.k?" and the door closed behind them.

Tammy's voice "I'm tired, Hon. Let's get some sleep" and as the girls all departed, she added "The girls need to go over something tomorrow with us, but you and I need to talk about them tomorrow as well. Something's not right."

o.k., I thought...here it comes...

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read this after the next one. now THIS (compared to the next chapter, especially)

is a five star (if very short) entry in this story. Well done.

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