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Movie Theater Showoff


I have always thought that Carol my wife of over 40 years was a beautiful woman but when she was in her 20's and 30's she inspired lust in any one who saw her. She had shoulder-length dark blond hair. She was just a shade over 5feet 9 inches tall with long gorgeous legs.


Carol and I had dropped the kids off at their grandparents to spend the night and were looking forward to a fun evening with Becky and her latest boyfriend. Becky was one of our frequent swinging partners.

About 5:00 o'clock Becky called to say that they would not be able to make it. Carol and I decided to not let the free evening go to waste and took off for the Fine Arts. The Fine Arts was an upscale xxx movie theater located in one of the highest-class neighborhoods in the city.

Carol wore a blouse, an above the knee button front skirt and sandals - nothing more. As we walked into the theater, I was already hardening in anticipation. Carol had flashed her freshly shaven pussy at me as she got out of the car and I was fantasizing about the show she was about to give some lucky guy or guys in the theater.

We were a little early and the movie had not started yet so the inside of the theater was lighted. There were the usual single males sitting in the back couple of rows, a smattering of college couples were scattered around the room. We ignored them. They did not make receptive targets for what we had in mind.

We spotted a middle-aged man in a suit about a third of the way down seated in the middle of the row. He had taken his suit coat off and laid it across his lap. I pointed him out and Carol nodded in agreement. Before we moved down into position, I reached down and unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on Carol's skirt. Many of the men in the back watched me and I knew that it wouldn't take them long to change seats once the movie started.

We walked down and I let Carol enter the row first so that she could sit next to the man in the suit. He looked up at Carol and smiled. It was obvious that we had chosen to sit next to him, since there were many unoccupied seats. Carol and I both smiled back at him and asked if the seats next to him were taken. He said that they weren't.

Carol and I sat down and Carol crossed her legs left over right. When she did, her skirt split up to the third button (which was still fastened) fell to either side exposing her legs to upper thigh. As we sat Carol fidgeted in her seat and scooted forward, causing her skirt to ride even higher on her legs. The guy was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her legs as she slowly uncrossed them and let her knees part slightly.

The movie started and, as it did, I pulled the armrest between Carol and I up (the seats in this theater were unique in that the arm rests could be pulled up between the seat backs eliminating the obstruction between the two seats) rested my right hand on her leg and slowly slid it up to mid thigh, taking her skirt with it. The man was watching Carol not the movie, but he was still a little startled when Carol raised the armrest on his side, took his hand and placed it on her knee. He started sliding it upward when I unbuttoned one more button on her skirt. It fell open and exposed her upper thigh almost to her pussy. He reached the fastened button of her skirt and pushed it up to reveal her clean-shaven pussy. I could hear his intake of breath when he saw that she wore nothing to impede him. He removed his left hand and reached around with his right and began to gently stroke her mound.

I was thinking that it was about time for the guys on the back row to make their move when the doors to the theater opened. Carol pushed her skirt back down and he and I removed our hands from her legs. The couple that had entered made their way down and sat directly in front of us. Both she and he smiled at us and took a good look at Carol's legs before sitting directly in front of us. They were a fairly ordinary couple and the only thing remarkable about them was her small stature. She was at best 5'2" tall and delicate build. She was about the size of a 13-year-old, but her face showed that she was old enough to be here.

The man next to Carol and I replaced our hands on Carol's legs. The couple in front of us kept glancing back to see how things were progressing. I unbuttoned one more button on Carol's skirt and it parted to show her pussy. I then put my right leg over her left and pulled it to me to spread her legs. The man on her right caught on and did the same. As he did Carol slid forward to the very edge of the seat. With the armrests up out of the way she could spread widely. The couple in front of us turned to watch as we each slid a finger into her pussy and started slowly finger fucking her.

It wasn't long before three of the guys from the back took up positions behind Carol. The sound of zippers being unzipped could be clearly heard.

That night was not the usual routine for us. Usually Carol spent most of the time flashing men and occasionally letting them caress her breasts and/or finger her. On rare occasions she would give a hand job. Yes, we sometimes picked up some guy for the evening. But she had never been this wild in public and so soon. Carol had always been reserved in our activities, always waiting for me to direct the action.

I had always wondered what she was like without me around so I decided that this was the perfect time to find out. I whispered to her that I had to go to the bathroom, Got up, walked to the back of the theater, pushed the door open then stepped to the side and stood in the back of the theater as the door closed. I stood with my back against the wall and watched to see what would happen.

It wasn't thirty seconds before one of the men who had moved down to sit behind us got up and climbed over the seat backs to sit in the seat next to Carol that I had just left. He still had his cock out and he made sure that Carol got a good close look at it as he climbed over the seat back. He immediately grabbed her breast and started stroking it through the fabric of her blouse.

After a short while, Carol unbuttoned her blouse and opened it to expose her breasts. The two men behind her leaned forward and joined the men on either side of her in pinching her nipples and generally mauling her breasts. Carol laid her head back and seemed to be enjoying the attention her body was getting.

Since my position was off to the side and behind them, I could see almost everything that transpired. The couple in front of her had turned around and were kneeling on their seats watching. The female got Carol's attention by running a hand up the inside of each of her wide spread legs. When Carol looked at her she motioned for Carol to lean forward. When Carol leaned forward her breasts swung freely and as they did the woman grabbed one in each hand. She pulled them to her and offered one to her male companion. Then they both started suckling like starving infants.

The men around Carol watched for a while then started feeling left out. The position that Carol was in did not allow them access to her breasts or her pussy. They pulled her back to a semi reclining position. As they did, the couple in front continued to suck Carol's nipples elongating her breasts until the suction was finally broken and Carol's breasts fell back against her body. Four hands went to her breasts and although I could not see their hands, from the motion of their arms I could tell that both men beside her were vigorously fingering her pussy.

One of the remaining men behind her stood up and swung his leg over the seat back put his foot between Carol and the man who had taken my seat and started rubbing his cock against Carol's cheek. Carol turned her head and started nibbling and kissing the head of his cock. Although I could not see them, I could tell from the position of her arms that she also had a cock in each hand.

With the guy straddling the seats, I could no longer see well so I headed back down. I slid into the seat in front of Carol next to the woman. Carol and the men did not even realize that I had returned, but the woman looked at me and smiled. I knelt in my seat also watching the action.

I was right, Carol had a penis in each hand and was massaging the underside of the head of both cocks while she was being face fucked. Both men beside her had a finger in her and were finger fucking her so hard that the sucking sound of Carol's pussy could be heard above the soundtrack of the movie we had all forgotten about.

As I watched each of the men added another finger. Carol now had four fingers in her. They plunged in and out to different rhythms. At times all four would drive forward together. At other times two would be emerging as the other two entered.

The woman next to me turned and unzipped her companion releasing his penis. Then she turned to me and freed my erection from the confines of my slacks. She placed my hand on the back of her leg then grabbed a cock in each hand. I slid my hand up her leg and was pleased to find that like Carol, she wore no panties. Unlike Carol she was not shaven, but was covered with soft downy hair. I had to see it so I lifted the back of her skirt to her waist and her companion held it there as I leaned over to take a close look.

Her pussy was covered with soft blond hair, but her ass was so cute I could not help but playfully and gently nip at both cheeks. She wiggled her ass and I got the message, straightened up and continued my exploration of her pussy with my fingers while she continued to squeeze and massage my erection.

The man face fucking Carol started grunting and forced his prick into Carol's mouth as far as she would let him. Carol does not swallow so as soon as he pulled his cock out she leaned forward and spit his cum into one of the tissues that she had brought for just this purpose.

The man sitting in the seat I had vacated slid out of his seat, knelt in front of Carol, slipped his dick into her pussy and proceeded to hump at a furious pace. He lasted about ten seconds before his ass tightened up. He shoved into Carol as deeply as he could and shot his load deep inside her.

He no sooner began to slide back into his seat than he was replaced between Carol's legs by the original man on Carol's right. Who also drove his cock deeply into Carol's pussy. (Neither of the two had been endowed with more that average size).

The man who had just finished found that a large black man who had crawled over the seat back and now pushed the first man further down the row now occupied his seat next to Carol. The black grabbed Carol's hand and put it on his cock.

I watched as Carol's eyes snapped open and she looked down at the new cock held in her hand. He was about 9 inches long and at least 2 inches thick. Carol once again closed her eyes, laid her head back, smiled and began to tenderly stroke the black man's organ.

The man between Carol's legs finished pumping his seed into her. Like the first man, his seat had been taken and was forced further down the row.

Carol pulled the black by his massive organ and he needed no further invitation to take his place between her legs. Carol grimaced as he first started to enter her, but she obviously wanted him in her as she raised her pelvis to meet his thrusts as he gradually thrust deeper into her over stimulated pussy. Finally they got their rhythm together and their flesh slapped noisily together as she rose to meet each thrust.

Carol was just beginning to moan and thrash her head from side to side when he pushed hard into her and his balls started pumping his cum into her. A whine of disappointment escaped Carol as he pulled his deflating cock from her and resumed his seat. (No one was brave enough to take it from him).

Carol's pussy lips were red and swollen; she gaped open and cum was seeping out and running down her ass. The black pushed two fingers into her and two from the man on the other side joined them. Soon the each added a third for a total of six fingers fucking in and out of her pussy.

The men spread their fingers apart a far as they could and started pulling Carol's pussy as far open as they could. Then they would plunge their fingers as deeply as they could and pulled her open again.

Carol laid her head back closed her eyes and kept stroking the cocks of the two guys standing at her head.

Little by little her muscles relaxed and soon we could see deeply up Carol's cunt when they pulled it apart.

This was too much for me and I started thrusting into the hand stroking my erection. With a groan I filled the hand that was twisting the head of my cock with my cum. The woman leaned forward and motioned for the men to open Carol. Then she rubbed my cum off of her hand into Carol's open cunt and rolled and twisted her hand until her hand was coated.

She pulled the men's finger from Carol and replaced them with four fingers of her cum covered hand. She crossed her fingers into a cone shape and started pushing them into Carol's very wet and stretched cunt. She gave a quarter twist to her fingers as she pushed them in. When Carol's pussy resisted she would increase the pressure until she made a little more progress then she would withdraw her fingers and start over.

Meanwhile I had finished my exploration of the woman's Pussy and

Started some play in earnest. I entered her pussy with two fingers and spread some of her abundant lubrication back to her anus. Then I pushed my thumb deep into her vagina and thumb fucked her briefly. When my thumb was well coated with her juices, I pulled it out of her pussy and started to slowly penetrate her ass with it. Once it was buried in her as far as it would go, I pushed my fingers back into her pussy. Then by rocking my hand back and forth, I alternately fucked her pussy and ass, keeping tempo with her hand fucking of Carol.

She was now pushing her four fingers into Carol past her knuckles and up to the base of her thumb. When she had pushed her hand in as far as it could go, she would stop and briefly rub Carol's clit with her thumb. Then she would withdraw her hand and start pushing in again.

Carol started moaning quietly and her hips started coming up to force those fingers into her further. When this happened the woman picked up the tempo and the force with which she was driving her fingers into Carol.

I felt the woman's companion reach around my hand and he started stroking her clit. Then I felt his thumb slide into her pussy beside my two fingers. She tilted her pelvis and presented her ass and pussy to our manipulations.

She folded her thumb in with her fingers and started screwing her whole hand into Carol's pussy. Carol's hips would come up to meet her thrusts. On each thrust she would go just a bit deeper.

I looked around us and saw that almost the entire audience had gathered around us, even a couple of the college kids. They were more enthralled by our live action than by the movie. Our display seemed to help them overcome their inhibitions and curiosity had taken over. One of the couples had moved into the row that I was in and the girl was watching Carol's performance over my shoulder.

The woman had penetrated Carol to her knuckles and on the next thrust; she put a bit more pressure on her hand. Carol thrust her hips forward, whispered "Yes" and shoved herself fully onto the hand. I heard the college girl say "Oh, my God!" as the woman's knuckles slid past the entrance to Carol's pussy and her hand disappeared up to the wrist.

Carol reached down and gently touched the woman's wrist. Then Carol started exploring the wrist with her fingers. Carol suddenly opened her eyes and looked down at her stuffed pussy. She looked shocked at what she had just taken, but as the woman started twisting her hand, Carol started moaning again as she strummed her own clit.

The woman twisted. Turned, pushed and shoved her hand in Carol. Then she started pulling it out to the widest part before shoving it back in. On one of the outstrokes, I could see that she had made a fist once she was in Carol.

Then all hell broke loose. The two men on either side of Carol had been reduced to jacking their own pricks. This scene was too much for them and they both shot their loads on Carol's bare pussy and thighs. One of the men behind Carol reached over grabbed her nipples and stretched her breasts up and out while rolling her nipples between his thumb and fingers. Another man behind Carol shot his load over her shoulder onto her elongated breasts.

The woman's hips started jerking and she started a low-pitched mewing as she approached her own orgasm. As she got closer she started pounding Carol's pussy harder, deeper, and faster.

The woman started twisting and turning her fist inside of Carol while stroking in and out. Carol's hips came up and stayed there while her stomach started to spasm in one of the hardest and longest orgasm that I have ever seen her have.

When Carol's hips settled back down on the seat, she reached up and brushed the man's hands off of her breasts and the woman eased her hand out of Carol's pussy. Carol's pussy was swollen, red and gaped open.

One of the college girls leaned over my shoulder for a better look and said "Jesus! That was an awe inspiring sight and for some reason a real turn on for me."

I eased my fingers out of the woman. I had been so captivated by what had happened to Carol that I did not even realize when the woman had reached her orgasm. She had had a good one though, judging from the amount of her fluids, which was dripping off the back of my left hand.

We all settled back into a sitting position and readjusted our clothes. As I started to get up the woman reached over, took my left hand and kissed my fingers. I smiled at her, winked, got up and walked back into the row with Carol. Who was still collapsed in the same position that she had fell into after her orgasm.

She was quite a sight with her skirt around her stomach and shiny wet smears of cum on her legs stomach and breasts. Her pussy looked as though someone had spilled a bottle of Jerkins Lotion all over it.

I looked at the black man seated beside her and he got up and gave me back my seat without a word. I used my handkerchief to clean most of the cum off of her pussy and breasts and helped her to sit back upright. I pulled her skirt down and she buttoned her blouse. She winced a bit and grunted as the material rubbed across her red elongated nipples. I put my arm around her and she settled her head on my shoulder as we watched the end of the movie.

"When did you get back/?" she asked.

"In time to see the little lady in front of you give you a helping hand." I lied.

"I still don't believe that I did it.

"You ate the whole thing, Hon."

"It was unusual that no one came in or went out while all of that was going on."

"Now that you mention it," I replied, "that was strange."

The movie ended in a little while and as the lights came on and we all filed out, Carol said that she had to go to the bathroom. She and two of the college girls peeled off and left three of us men standing in the hall waiting for them to return.

The guys finally worked up the nerve to talk to me. The conversation was pretty inane. But it was obvious that they wished that their women had the nerve to do some of the things that they had seen Carol do.

The bulges in the front of their pants told me that if their dates did not put out tonight, there was going to be a couple of severe cases of blue balls in the morning.

The girls took an awfully long time coming out. I was beginning to get concerned. Thinking that maybe Carol had been torn or hurt and was about to go in to see if everything was all right when they came out. They were all giggling and laughing like old friends.

We all separated on the outside of the theater. On the way to the car, I asked Carol if she was all right. She said that she was fine. I asked her what took so long in the restroom.

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