tagInterracial LoveMr. Callahan's Touch

Mr. Callahan's Touch


Mr. Callahan was a sweet old man. He was a resident at the retirement home I worked art-time at in the evenings and on weekends. He was 61, and really didn't need to be there. His wife had a moderate case of emphysema. From what he'd told me, he'd taken care of her himself for the last five years, but his arthritis was making it more difficult. Green Meadows wasn't a convalescence home, but there were nurses on staff 24 hours. So his children and he decided it would it would be better economically for he and his wife to move to the home, instead of paying for a nurse, a cook, and a maid.

Mr. Callahan told me a lot about his family, his childhood, and his businesses. None of it was particularly exciting, but him telling me while I was sitting naked on his lap was very exciting -- for a number of reasons. Mr. Callahan was white, and I'm black. Mr. Callahan was old, and I was young. Mr. Callahan was fully dress, and I was fully nude.

I didn't have much of a figure when I was young, and guys my age didn't pay too much attention to b-cup girl. Mr. Callahan had never been intimate with a black woman, though he had bough magazine and seen movies with them in them. So the arrangement he and I worked out for the both of us.

It started a little after I turned 18. Because I was born in November, I couldn't start school until the year after my 5th birthday, which put me technically a year behind my age group. I was a server at the home; I worked dinners a couple of nights a week, and then either breakfast and lunch, or dinner on the weekends. Mr. Callahan was always happy to see me, and always asked me how my grades and social life were going. I played field hockey and ran track, and he liked hearing how well I was doing with sports too.

On a Saturday that I was scheduled to work dinner, I had a movie date -- finally. He watched me playing field hockey against his school's team, and said he liked my legs. For our date, I wore a miniskirt. But after the movie, we lost track of time and he had to drop me off at work or else I would have been late. Lucky for me the cook on duty was the lenient one, and didn't give me grief about being out of uniform.

A lot of the residents were a little shocked as I was serving their food. My skirt wasn't inappropriately short, but the standard uniform for servers was long pants and white shirt. Nobody was mad at me though, particularly Mr. Callahan. He actually complimented my legs, and joked that he was going to demand skirts become a uniform option.

After serving the food, cleaning the tables, and washing the dishes, I waited in the foyer in the main section of the home for my ride home. Mr. Callahan saw me waiting and came to sit with me. It was about 10PM, and the rest of the residents were in bed. He said he was out for his nightly walk, and thought he'd keep me company. He complimented me on legs again, and encouraged me to wear skirts more often.

He asked me why I had worn one that day, and I told him all about my date -- almost like I was telling my own grandfather. Typically my social life is so boring, he knew the date was special to me. I was so excited I hadn't noticed for a long time that his hand was on my knee. And when I did notice, I didn't move away. He hand was soft. It had a few rough spots, from where he probably had calluses, but age had made his hand a little puffy. His touch kind of excited me, a little.

When I finished the story of my date, there was an awkward silence for a second. Then he asked if he could ask me a favor. I said sure, and he asked me to stand in front of him so he could get a good look at my legs. The nurses' station was over in the residential area, and the cook had left already.

I stood in front of him, and he asked me to turn around. With my back to him I had to keep looking over my shoulder to see when my ride arrived. He asked me to move my feet apart a little, and then asked if he could touch them. I was getting more excited, and said that he could. His first touch was right around my knee, and I got a chill. His hands went down to my calf first, and then halfway up my thigh.

"Your skin is so soft! Oh my, it's incredible!"

My heart was racing, and I fought the urge to close my eyes and just enjoy his touch -- my ride would be there any minute. My Callahan switched legs, and moved his hands up and down again. When he got to my thigh, he squeezed, and I flinched.

"I'm sorry, did that hurt you?"

"No, not at all."

"You sure?"

"Well, I had a Charlie horse from the last game, and it was in that area."

"Would it be all right if I massaged it for you?"

My ride pulled up before I could answer, and I moved away to grab my things. I was embarrassed that I had enjoyed him touching me like that, and didn't know what to say. He seemed kind of embarrassed too, but then thanked me for letting him touch me and said he hoped he wasn't making me feel violated. I assured him that he was, and gave him a quick hug before I left.

I worked breakfast and lunch that next day, and was nervous about seeing him. He spoke to me about as normally as any other time, so I did the same -- though our usually flirtations after that didn't occur. After breakfast was over, I found a piece of paper with my name on it at his seat. He had written me a note saying how much he enjoyed touching my legs, and he hoped that I still didn't feel like he was violating me. He also said I was all he thought about the whole night, and was looking very forward to seeing me that morning. He said he may not be totally normal with me because he didn't know how I would feel about what happened.

The note made me smile. His concern was just another example to me of how sweet he was. I thought about his note all while I washed dishes and set up for lunch. During my break I decided to write a note back to him. I thanked him for the note, and I told him I liked the way his hands felt on my legs. I told him that I thought about his hands being on my legs all night, and that I wouldn't mind it happening again.

I left the note in his napkin, and he found it when he and his wife came for lunch. He excused himself from the table, and when he came back he winked at me. I had such a fluttering sensation in my stomach the rest of my shift, it was hard to act normal. He and his wife were sitting on "our" bench in the foyer when I left. I gave him a quick wave on my way out the door, and he gave me a big smile. That night I masturbated myself to sleep for the second time in a row.

Over lunch the next day I asked my best friend if any older men had ever paid attention to her. She wasn't a whole more shapely than I was, but at least she had a couple of boyfriends. She said some older man was always smiling at her or checking her butt as she walked by. I asked if it bothered her.

"A little, especially from the ones that are with their wives, but it's also kind of flattering too. Do you get any attention like that?"

"I get about as much as I get from the boys around here -- little to none." I ate for few minutes, then asked, "Has one ever done more than look at you?"

"You mean like try to talk to me?"


"I've had a couple help me bags, say something when they held a door for me, but not like talk talk to me."

"How would that make you feel?"

"Weird, I guess." She looked at me, then her mouth dropped open and she moved her chair closer, "Is an older man coming on to you?"

I nodded my head, and she screamed.

"I'm not going to tell you who it is, so don't even ask!"

"What happened?"

"I was waiting somewhere one day, and this man that I kind of know sat and talked with me for while."


I blushed, "And he kind of put his hand on my knee, and I . . . didn't move away."

"Are you serious?" She lowered her voice, "Is it a teacher?"

"No! And I told you that I wasn't going to tell you who it is."

"Okay okay, but is he married?"

I thought for a second, then nodded my head.


"Nothing happened! It just his hand on my knee; that's all it was!"

She moved closer, "Did it excite you?"

"Shut-up!" I pushed her away, then got up to toss my tray and head to class.

That night in bed, I tried to go right to sleep. With my eyes closed, images flashed vividly in my mind, and I felt the naughty sensations of he hands on my legs all over again. I remembered how high his hands went up my thighs, and how close he was to my ass. I thought about how I kinda wanted him to grab it. I thought about how I kinda wanted his hands to touch me other places as well.

Laying there my hand went one of the places I wished he'd touch me -- between my legs. My panties had a small wet spot. I rubbed my finger back and fort over it thinking about Mr. Callahan's touch, making it grow bigger and bigger. Without coming form under the covers, I raised my hips to pull my panties off. Since I was already going to be naughty, I took a quick sniff before dropping them to the floor.

I bent my knees and stroked each hand upward against my lips, one after the other. With each stroke, my hands were a little more wet than the previous stroke. I kept that up until I could feel my clit swelling. I stopped rubbing, and used my middle-two fingers to touch my clit. In my head, Mr. Callahan was touching it. His puffy fingers were rubbing it, with increasing intensity.

In my head, he came into my room and pulled back my covers. He opened my legs and removed my panties. He touched me. He pushed his fingers inside me, and he brought me to an orgasm.

My next dinner shift wasn't until Wednesday, and I was anxious for that day to arrive. I wore a skirt to school that day. I got a few looks, but no compliments or offers for dates. That would have dampened my spirits a little, if it weren't for Mr. Callahan.

My heart actually skipped a beat when the final bell rang. I was so nervous about tipping any off as to what was going on, so I made sure arrived at work around the same time as usual -- even though I could have run to work. I strolled through the foyer, hoping Mr. Callahan would see me, but I didn't see him. I changed into my uniform, and got ready to serve.

Mr. Callahan's eyes lit up when he saw me come out of the kitchen. When I went over to pour his coffee, he slipped a note to me. I made an excuse to go to the back of the kitchen to read it. He said he couldn't wait to see me again, and hoped I wouldn't mind keeping me company until my ride arrived. I quickly wrote back that hoped he would keep me company because I had a skirt with me just for the occasion.

From that point on, dinner service took forever! Whenever I thought all dinners were out, another resident would come around the corner. I took a moment to go into the office and tell my ride that there was going to be a quick meeting after my shift, so to come about 30 minutes later than usual.

I started clearing dishes away as soon as people left their tables. I didn't see Mr. Callahan leave, and there wasn't another note at his seat. I finished cleaning up and setting up for breakfast about 15 minutes faster than usual. I made sure everything was done, then clocked out and changed back into my skirt.

I went to the bench in the foyer, and waited. Mr. Callahan came around the corner about 10 minutes later. Our smiles showed how eager we were to see each other. He sat beside me, and I turned towards him putting my knee close to him. He asked me how school was, and I gave him a rundown of my week to that point. Near the end his hand touched my leg and moved along to my knee.

I got goosebumps. I sat there while he rubbed my leg -- almost closing my eyes, but open just enough to watch in case my ride pulled up.

"So smooth," he mumbled. "So so so smooth."

I shifted slightly to open my legs more hoping he'd go higher up my thigh, but he didn't. Instead he asked me to stand again. I smiled and took my place in front of him. He repeated what he did last time, going from my calf to my thigh on each leg. Again he didn't go any higher, so I kinda took matters into my own hands. I lifted the back of my skirt so the bottom of my cheeks shows. I heard him gasp, and then I felt his hands touch my ass.

I kept one eye on the hallway, and the other eye on the parking lot. As long as no once came in either direction, he could enjoy me. He pushed my skirt up higher, and ran his hands slowly all over my cheeks. Then he told me to lean forward, and I did. He squeezed my cheeks. His had me so aroused, I was starting to smell myself.

"Move your feet apart, please."

I moved my feet shoulder length apart, and felt his fingers slide across the crotch of my panties. My knees trembled. I leaned over a little further and put my hand son my knees to steady myself -- still watching the hall and the parking lot. He kept his fingers moving back and forth across my panties, and I soon started moving with them.

Then he stopped. I felt his hands push my skirt onto my back, and then his fingers went inside the waistband of my panties.

"Do you mind?" I gently pulled.

"No," I said before my better judgment could kick in. As I felt my panties inching down over my ass, I chickened out. "Wait, I can't."

"Someone coming?"

"No, but this is too wide open. I'm sorry."

"I wanted to smell you. I started smelling you a few minutes ago, but I wanted to get real close and sniff.

I blushed and looked away.

"Come here, and face me this time."

I took two steps and was right between his legs. He rubbed my thighs again, going under my skirt. He was looking in my eyes the whole time; I sill kept an eye on the hallway and parking lot. "I'm glad you like this. Really glad." His hands found my panty-waistband again. I kinda backed away a little, but he held me form getting too far. "I just want to sniff."

"Wait, how's this?" I pulled my panties to the side and stepped back to him.

He lifted my skirt and saw my pussy. "Holy cow!" He put his hands on my thighs, and brushed his thumbs through my pubic hair. Then he leaned forward, and took a long sniff. My knees almost gave way again, but I kept my balance. He leaned back for a second, then leaned back in for another sniff.

Looking down all I saw was the top of his balding head, and the little bit of white hair he had left. Looking up, I saw my ride pull into the parking lot. Before I could move away, he licked my clit. The sudden sensation knocked me off my feet.

"I'm so sorry!"

I couldn't answer, or move. That one lick had started an orgasm, and all I could do was lay there -- one leg straight, one leg bent -- as my body trembled.

When it subsided, I had to catch my breath. I started to get up, but he asked me to stay like that for one second.

"Would you show me your nipples?"

"Mr. Callahan, my ride is here."

"I know, I know, but please. Real quick?"

"Watch the hallway," I said lifting my shirt. I grabbed the bottom of my bra, and exposed my b-cup breasts to him.

He wiped his forehead, "Ohhhhhhhh."

I smiled, then pulled my top down to get up.

"Wait, one more thing."

"Mr. Callahan, I've got to go."

He pointed between my legs, "Could you leave me those, please?"

I looked down then back at him, "My panties?"

"This has been the most incredible experience of my life, and if it never happens again, I want something to remember it." He smiled, "You know at my age, my short-term memory is shrinking."

"You have to let me go after this!"

"I promise."

I looked down the hall myself, then wiggled the panties off. The wet spot was visible as I handed them to him. He balled them up, then pressed them to his nose. I got up and rushed to the nearest bathroom. I dried myself then put on my work pants.

Mr. Callahan was waiting when I came out. "Thank you, so much. And I'm sorry if I pushed you too far in any way."

I gave him a hug, "I loved it all." I left.

That was certainly not our last time.

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