Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 04


The woman was not wrong, as I felt overcome with an incredible sexual kick by watching this strange man contort his face, and make his enormous penis swell and throb. His good lady wife was not done yet as I was well aware when her hand left my breast and she knelt lower, almost squatting to hitch up the hem of my skirt tantalisingly slow. Pressing against my inner thighs she forced me to spread my legs then quite unexpectedly she delved inside my panties, pulling the gusset to one side exhibiting my open vagina for her husband to admire.

Mrs Norton was very good, nay, an expert, at masturbating other women, knowing just how and where to touch -- apply just the right amount of pressure. She knew when to slow down, when to speed up. How I begged for her to finish me off; after almost half an hour of being held on the brink of orgasm I was delirious. Norton, given his age did amazingly well, maintaining his erection, enjoying the scene, he too knowing when to go fast or slow; I begged for his cock -- begged for his wife to complete her task -- surely her hand, her wrist, would be tired?

It was so selfish of the woman! She, in spite of tormenting and stimulating me, and turning me into a delirious wreck, decided to satisfy herself first. Suddenly standing fully upright she swung a leg over my chair straddling me and lifted up her dress. She wore no underwear and facing me was the neatly trimmed hair of her quim. I made to gasp, opening my mouth almost by reflex when a hand slipped down her belly to separate her cunt lips, flaunting her red wet juicy sex. Her other hand meantime grabbed the back of my head forcing me to kiss her cunt. Mrs N began to fuck my face, wriggled her groin and thrust her pelvis forward. The old man, my odd job man from next door, had finally tired of his wanking and was now fingering my pussy while, it seemed he simultaneously licked and kissed his wife's brown hole.

We all three groaned and moaned, lost in the pleasure experienced by indulging in our depraved and disgusting game until an almighty cry rent the air as the good wife reached climax -- for a shocking second or two loosing control of her bladder. All was not over yet for when she relaxed, giving me time to catch my breath she raked her fingertips over my tits and when my sensitive nipples sent spasms rushing through my body I erupted, closing my legs trapping Norton's hand over my clit.

I was still pulsating and in ecstasy when I finally released the man's hand giving him chance to stand and take his revenge by plunging his cock deep into my moaning mouth and proceed to use my facial orifice as a cunt, fucking me until his jism spilled into me and down my throat. Mrs Norton helped ease me up from the chair and held me close, our tits pressing together, giving me time to recover. We kissed and deep inside I knew I wanted more of this. I had also decided that this would remain private and on no account would I let Brenda in on this; I would not allow her for fear she would dominate and take over. This was to be my secret world -- although I had also decided that if Brenda remained willing, about we two...well...playing, then I would really like to give it a try.

"Thanks for the coffee; come round tonight about eight for drinks," were the last words I heard as old Mr Norton from next door and his good lady wife left the house as though nothing unusual had happened.

After taking a shower I busied myself doing mundane tasks whilst trying to understand all that had gone on and attempted to reconcile my behaviour and the weeks adventures with my otherwise normal everyday simple life. I had no qualms about visiting the Norton's, in spite of knowing full well what would transpire -- as long as they understood that the whip or similar implements that left a lasting mark were precluded from any sex acts. I had thoroughly examined my behind and felt happy now that there was a good chance that the angry welts would almost have disappeared by the time Brian returned home.

The thing that really bugged me though was Brenda. She had become so aroused on the phone expressing a previously unmentioned desire to be spanked -- strangely aroused by the old man. Yet the two men who brought me home were friends of hers who clearly were of the same persuasion -- all her crowd were sexually extrovert -- why hadn't she indulged herself with them, with her usual tendency to boast then surely she would have delighted in telling me? Surely she would have experimented by now? More importantly, why had she not questioned me further about what happened with the guys? After all, the men said it was she who requested them to look after me and see me home; neither had she shown the expected interest about my outrageous 'gang bang' in the club yard.

It would wait for now; I would question her tomorrow. Meanwhile my pussy had begun to tingle with anticipation of tonight's quiet drink across at my neighbour's house.

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