Mrs. Barbara Smith


The look on the guy's face said everything. It was pure lust for some smooth, white ass.

My assessment was more than correct. He leaned forward, paying no heed to the anal creampie leaking from my gaped ass, and began gently circling my anus with his long, hot tongue. My whole body shivered in excitement.

When his tongue began probing my responsive, cum-filled anus, I pushed my ass right into his face. My not too subtle message was immediately recognized. He began loudly slurping up the sperm in and outside my ass.

My euphoric feelings were interrupted, when I felt something move in front of me. I turned back around and saw another heavyset, bald, muscular-looking, black guy sitting in front of me.

When he unzipped his pants and pulled out his pink-headed, limp, fat cock, I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and waited for him to feed me. I did not have to wait long.

His rubbery cock responded nicely to my oral efforts. It swelled so quickly, that I decided to show my appreciation and swallow him whole. By the time, my lips touched his large, smooth, black nuts, my eyes were bulging and watering, and my jaw was stretched to the max.

Nevertheless, I was proud of my accomplishment. I looked over at Barb, only to see her mouth busily working the stiff, black cock in front her. Both of us were giving the kind of blowjobs all men wanted to experience.

When I felt the guy behind me put his left hand on the small of my back to keep me stable and upright, I knew he was about to penetrate me. I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks for him. Seconds later, he guided his cockhead directly into my relaxed asshole.

As the big, flanged cockhead inched deeper up my tight, anal canal, my ass wiggled and shook uncontrollably. I could barely concentrate on sucking the cock in my mouth.

My lack of oral attention, apparently, frustrated the guy. He grabbed my head and began pulling it up and down his hard shaft.

When the guy in my ass soon bottomed out and he began slowly pumping me. The guys soon developed a rhythm; when one pushed in, the other pulled out. One of my orifices was always stuffed with a big, black cock.

"That's right! Squeeze that white ass. Show me you love my big, black cock fucking your white ass. Fuck it..."

"This boy can suck. His ass tight? Let me try it..."

"Sure man..."

The guys continued to banter as they swapped orifices for a couple of minutes, before returning to their original holes. I couldn't really tell the difference. Both of their cocks were big and thick.

When my anal sphincters finally tired, my ass relaxed, and opened completely up. Whoever was in my ass, immediately pushed in deeper.

My mouth opened completely when I felt the flanged head pass through my rectum and into my intestines. The move caught me off guard and made me yelp.

"Never take it that deep?

"You want my cum in your belly?"

Right after I shook my head 'no' and then 'yes', the guy pulled my head as hard as he could into his belly, forcing his cock all the way down my throat. As I gagged, wave after wave of cum ran down my throat and into my belly.

As I waited for the guy to finish filling my belly and the guy in my ass to cum, I listened to the guy next to me fucking Barb.

"Yeah, grind Daddy's big cock! Yeah, squeeze that ass!"

When the guy finally released my tear-stained face, I glanced over at Barb. She was a remarkable sight on all fours, her cheeks spread wide. As one massive black cock slide in and out of her white ass, another spent one was coming out of her mouth.

I watched the strings of cum continue to extend from Barb's mouth to the saliva-coated, black cock, as it kept withdrawing. Barb quickly licked her lips trying to detach the long strings, before the next black cock entered her mouth.

Moments later, a small, stubby, white cock entered my mouth. The guy's crotch smelled sweet the way guys' crotches often smell when they've been sweating.

I pushed my tongue under his foreskin and swirled it around the smooth head. Almost immediately, I could feel blood pumping into his shaft, engorging and hardening it. I licked and sucked some more, until he began to thrust.

After only a few strokes, his cock started to twinge and I could taste the salty sweetness of his precum. I knew he was fast approaching orgasm and doubled my efforts.

My mouth salivated fiercely as I prepared to swallow mouthfuls of baby batter. However, to my dismay, the guy suddenly yanked his cock out of my mouth.

I quizzically looked at him as he grimaced and then muttered, "Open your mouth! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!"

I jumped as the first warm jet of cum splattered onto my forehead. Despite my open mouth, the guy deliberately painted my face. He ejaculated long jets of sperm into my face and even my eyes.

He walked away leaving globs of cum hanging from my eyelashes and chin. The crowd tittered in admiration of his artwork.

Like Barb, I was only able to lick some of the cum off my upper lip. There were two guys in front of me. I thought I was going to get a fat lip the way they were hammering their cocks in front of my face.

When they began grunting, I knew what was coming this time. I closed my eyes as semen splashed onto my face.

Right after the guys had unloaded, my head was grabbed from the side, and another erect black cock was forced between my lips. Once more, I gave head and was rewarded with even more cum on my face.

Another cock replaced it. This guy let me finish him off. He fed me a couple of mouthfuls of sweet cum as the guy in my ass finally came. He had waited too long and orgasm was rather uneventful.

As I was trying to lick some sperm off my lips, another guy came up behind me. He bent down, grabbed my bare hips, and gave them a little pull, indicating he wanted me stand.

When I stood up, I quickly shucked off my t-shirt. I wanted to be completely naked in front of the crowd of men and women. It seemed that the more cock I got, the more sexually excited I had become - as evidenced by the long strands of precum hanging from my cockhead.

When the guy the guy pushed down on my lower back, I bent over in front of the everyone, pushed my rump back, gave it a little shake, spread my legs wide, and grabbed the thighs of a guy standing in front of me, to brace myself. Moments later, a hard, black monster easily slid deep into my wide-open asshole.

At some point, someone in the crowd urged the black guy to spank me as he porked me. He did and with gusto.

Obviously, I found being sodomized by large cocks to be highly, sexually arousing. However, the combination of the intense ass fucking and the belittling spanking I was receiving in front of Barb and the crowd added a new and thrilling dimension.

Everyone could see that I was an anal slut. I was moaning with pleasure as I energetically pushed my glowing ass back and forth on the strong, black cock.

Barb was up on her feet and bent over, too. We were almost side-by-side. Her lips were wrapped around the base of one black pole, while another was plugging her ass hard enough to make her white, ass cheeks ripple. Despite being spit-roasted, she was able to give me an amazingly seductive look, which I never forgot.

The crowd was certainly getting their money's worth tonight. Our sexually appealing, bare, white behinds were simultaneously and continuously being gangbanged and anally creampied by big, black cocks. Not to be outdone, our mouths were swallowing as much cock and sperm as our assholes.

As I watched Barb, the guy in my ass, while keeping one hand on the small of my back, grabbed a handful of my blonde hair, and pulled my head back. My back automatically arched, causing my rectal muscles to tighten their grip on his cock, as he buried it balls deep. This time I didn't yelp, when it felt like his cockhead was entering my belly.

Immediately, the black man's grunts grew very loud. He grabbed my hips and started slamming my ass harder and faster.

Moments later, he gasped out, "Oh, shit! I'm gonna cum!"

As his cock began spewing sperm, I felt a familiar warm wetness quickly spread out in my intestines. He came for at least 20 seconds!

When he finally pulled his formidable cock out of me, the crowd closed in. They were curious; no doubt, to see how far my beleaguered, stretched out anus would gape open.

"Shit all that cum out!

"Ya. Let's see it!"

As I spread my ass cheeks open and began to push, another hard cock plunged right into my sperm-filled hole. Adding to my surprise, a couple walked up to me.

As they both looked down at me, the guy unzipped, pulled out his cock, and pushed it into my mouth. His woman, a fair-skinned, longhaired brunette, did not even blink.

Her man's cock, although limp, was smooth, chubby, and long. The kind I relish.

Once again, my cock began to harden as I watched the straight-faced brunette intently watch my blowjob. My cock got even harder when I began to lick and suck on her man's smooth, large nuts.

Every so often, the brunette's gaze shifted to the hard, white cock now pummeling my ass. She would then quickly look into my eyes, before going back to watching my mouth work on her man's cock.

The brunette watched me suck her man's cock, until the man in my ass grunted out his loads. She then walked over by Barb, sat down in a chair in front of her, and pulled her short skirt back.

The brunette was wearing black fishnet, open crotch hose. What's more, she had a tat right above her bare pussy!

Barb immediately took a break from sucking cock after cock and dove her tongue into younger women's scrumptious looking twat. I was immediately jealous. When Barb lifted the brunette's hips up so that she could rim her - I really got jealous!

After I had sucked her man's cock to rock hard status, he pulled away, and walked over to her. Barb graciously moved away, when she noticed the smiling brunette looking up into her man's eyes.

Seconds after the brunette had dropped her gaze to her man's hard cock, she seductively lifted her shapely, feminine legs, spread them wide, and then gently let them settle over the armrests of her chair. Her pussy was wide open.

Her man did not hesitate. He leaned forward, grabbed the end of each armrest, and lowered his body onto the brunette as she grabbed his cock, and guided it right into her wet, pussy hole.

The brunette then closed her eyes and sighed as his cock slide up her love hole. He did not stop, until his balls touched her pussy lips.

It became quickly obviously that her man knew what made her pussy happy. He would repeatedly slid his hard cock deep inside her and then slowly pull out.

Several minutes later, the brunette started bucking and clenching the back of his neck. She was trying to pull him in deeper. It appeared they came simultaneously.

When the brunette's man finally pulled his slimed cock out of her pussy, Barb put it in her mouth, placed her hand over the brunette's pussy as if to block access, and then eagerly sucked out every last drop of cum from his cock, as if it was a tube of toothpaste.

"Who said you can't have your cake and eat it, too," I thought as I watched Barb begin gobbling up the cum, percolating out of the brunette's freshly fucked pussy. The more the brunette squirmed, the further Barb leaned in; exposing her own swollen genitalia.

A black guy, someone new to our gangbang, could not resist Barb's inviting rosebud. He kneeled behind her and pulled his shorts down, unveiling a colossal cock. It was by far the biggest cock - white, black, or brown I had seen all night. It looked to be twelve inches...

Fascinated, I watched as he pressed his massive cockhead into Barb's anus. It spread her so far open that you could've driven a semi up her ass!

Barb showed little discomfort, though. The multiple butt-fuckings had loosened her ass up.

When Barb made the brunette cum a second time, the girls and the black guy all changed positions. The black guy sat on the chair, Barb sat down on his cock, and the brunette kneeled down in front of them, alternating between licking and sucking Barb's pussy and the black man's balls.

The brunette was also a remarkable sight, as she kneeled in front of the copulating couple. Her bobbing ass cheeks were spread wide, exposing her pink star. I couldn't help, but get aroused, again, as I admired her tight, round ass and anus.

It did not take me long to decide to mount the brunette. When her man saw me aiming my cock at her asshole, it quickly squirted some lube onto my cock and her anus and said, "Good luck!"

Impatient to fuck the brunette's pretty ass raw, I nodded, and pushed my hard cock into her tender asshole. The brunette went bonkers. She squirmed and tried to pull away, but I held her hips tight. When she opened her mouth to holler, the big, black cock filled it.

Unfortunately, the pressure on my cock was just too much. I pulled out of her tight ass.

Since Barb was only a few feet away and her mouth was no longer occupied, I let her suck me. Barb's juicy, warm mouth felt wonderful compared to the brunette's dry, tight rectum.

Even though I had just met Barb, my cock felt at home in her talented mouth. I would have cum in her mouth, again, had I not decided to give the brunette's ass one more poke.

Just as I pulled out of Barb's sucking mouth, she practically shrieked. I jumped back as her impaled ass gyrated wildly around the black telephone pole. Barb's pussy then began spraying everything in sight!

I quickly maneuvered behind the brunette, who was standing now, watching Barb's pussy gush. I narrowly beat another guy, who also had plans for her vacant ass.

While holding the base of my erection, I spread the brunette's cheeks with my other hand, bent slightly at the knees, so that my cockhead nuzzled her dilated anus, and then just pushed my saliva-coated cock right into her puckered asshole.

This time, the brunette did not screech. She just groaned loudly. I guess she had realized she was going to get butt-fucked, eventually, and that it might as well be me...

Since I could only penetrate the brunette's tight ass about four inches, I used my cock as a crowbar to widen her anal canal by rolling my hips from side to side and then up and down. Eventually, I was able to loosen her up a bit, but at a price. I felt an orgasm building rapidly.

Not about to waste any more time, I grabbed the brunette's small ass cheeks, pulled them apart, and began mercilessly deep-stroking her ass, as if she were a man. I did not slow down, until my churning balls spewed their contents, flooding her hot little ass with my sperm.

"Consider your ass bred," I thought after my orgasm subsided. I let go of her cheeks and roughly pulled my cock out of her sucking ass.

When the brunette turned around to face her friend, she reached behind her as if to stop the sperm dribbling out of her gaping asshole. Her ass looked like a succulent cream doughnut that had sprung a leak. It begged to be eaten.

Barb did not hesitate. She immediately hopped off the black cock, kneeled down, spread the brunette's cheeks apart, and extended and pushed her tongue straight into the brunette's asshole.

As Barb feasted on the anal creampie, the same black guy kneeled down behind her. This time he struggled to get his bloated cock into her.

Apparently, Barb's ass had started to swell shut. He disgustedly gave up and walked away.

When Barb was through, I heard say something to the brunette. Barb then stood up, turned around, bent over, and spread'em. I guess the black guy had left a sperm deposit, after all.

The brunette was not shy either about sucking cum out of a freshly fucked ass. She kneeled down beyond Barb's popular ass, and returned Barb's favor in spades. Not only did she unhesitatingly bury her face in Barb's ass, it looked like she was trying to suck the shit right out of Barb's butt!

When the brunette spread Barb's cheeks wider, attempting to get her tongue even deeper, Barb exclaimed what we were all think'in: "God, she's a nasty bitch! Yes, lick my asshole, Honey. Lick it. Lick it, deeper. Get that tongue all the way in my ass you little whore. Lick it. Deeper! Deeper!"

Eventually, the men were so horny from watching brunette's mouth make love to Barb's ass, that it was a race to see whose hard cock was going to get in her own exposed, dilated rectum next.

Hubby was the lucky guy this time. He sunk his cock right into the brunette's asshole, in one push. The rest of the guys had to be content jerking their cocks as they watched Hubby drill her ass.

Hubby aggressively fucked the brunette's ass, until she came. I guess I had warmed her up! To my surprise, right after hubby came; he helped the brunette to her feet. There was not going to be a train of cocks up her loosened ass. The guys were quite dejected, too.

Hubby kissed the brunette on the forehead and said, "Thanks, Honey. I loved fucking your ass. We should get together sometime... You guys are great!"

Hubby then handed the brunette and her man a card. I was immediately jealous.

Regardless, I was tired now. I wondered around, until I found a vacant couch, laid face down, and spread my legs. I didn't care. I just wanted a little nap.

It felt like I had only slept a minute, when someone sat astride me. Frustrated, I raised my head to say something, but when I felt a huge, pulsating cock nestling between my ass cheeks, I lowered my head.

I was glad I did. Moments later, someone began giving my ass cheeks a sensuous massage. I moaned with gratitude as all the tension slipped out of my body.

Eventually, lube was squirted between my ass cheeks and my masseuse started playing with my anus. I knew I was being prepped and wondered how this, apparently, huge cock could ever fit into my little asshole.

Before I knew it, two greasy fingers were sawing in and out of my puckering hole and then three! They felt so good - the ridges of their knuckles pressing against my prostrate, that I began humping and grinding my ass on them.

When I reached behind me and spread my white, ass cheeks to give my masseuse better access to my pink asshole, he excitedly exclaimed, "Aaahhh! That's it! Open up for Daddy."

Moments later, two fingers from his other hand were inserted into my anus and it was unhesitatingly pried wide open! I groaned and shivered as cool air immediately ran up bowels.

"Sweet! Very nice. Time for lube...and time to make you my Bitch."

Since my masseuse was about to fuck me, I looked back at him. The first thing I saw was a black python cock standing at attention. As my mouth opened in awe, I glanced up. It was Mr. Twelve Inches! The guy who had ass-fucked Barb!

My double take caused Mr. Twelve Inches to grin down at me. He kept grinning as he squirted some more lube onto my asshole and then his cock.

"Keep looking," he said. "I wanna see your face when big boy sticks you."

My eyes involuntarily shut and I groaned loudly as he eased his glistening, one-eyed monster into me. It felt gigantic in my ass. That is when it dawned on me that his second erection was probably going to last a while and that...

As if reading my mind, Mr. Twelve Inches said, "Relax. Your ass already belongs to me."

He was right. I had willingly given him my ass to fuck and pleasure and I was at his mercy - so to speak. I was prone and he was over me now in the push-up position with half of his black twelve inches up my white ass!

I turned my head back around and re-focused my attention to relaxing ass and adjusting to his girth, as he kindly held still. When I felt comfortable, I started rocking against him.

Coincidently, a white girl's ass was being stuffed with a big, black cock on the movie screen. She kept saying, "Fuck my ass. Harder, Baby! I want you to cum in me. Your black cock so feels so good in my tight, white ass..."

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