tagMatureMrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 1

Mrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 1


I was 18, going on 19, when my oldest brother was getting married. My parents had waited quite a while before they had me. Besides him, I have three more older brothers. Everyone said that I was an accident. There was only room for three men in his wedding party so I was left out with nothing better to do than watch and run errands. Just as well. I really didn't want to go through the whole process of a wedding if it wasn't going to be mine.

He was marrying a girl he had met while he was away at college doing graduate studies. She was very pretty; a knockout. I hoped that I could find a girl half as good as she looked when I went to college in a couple of weeks. They were all going to rehearsal that evening so I thought that I would tag along and watch the activities. I went with my parents because I didn't own a car of my own yet. I stayed in the background as everyone mingled and waited for the rehearsal to start. I was standing in a corner minding my own business when I heard my brother call me.

"Hey Dave, come here." I went over to where he and his bride- to- be were standing with a woman I had never seen before. She seemed to be as out of place as I felt. "Dave, this is Mrs. Fletcher, Debbie's mother. Mrs. Fletcher, this is our baby brother David." I hated when they referred to me as the baby brother. I was 18 and going to college. I'll be sixty and still be the baby brother to them. We smiled at each other and shook hands. She surprised me with a very firm grip. Most women usually hand you a dead fish when they shake. Mrs. Fletcher took my hand as if there was a purpose behind her grip. A teacher of mine had said that a firm handshake showed a person that knew what they wanted and would stop at nothing to get it.

Looking at Mrs. Fletcher, I saw where my brother's fiancé got her good looks. Mrs. Fletcher was probably in her 50's but didn't show it at all. In her heals, she stood as tall as I, looking at me at eye level. She was wearing a white dress that had a halter style top, the kind that came up in the front and tied behind the neck. Her breasts filled the halter to capacity, the roundness of each tit apparent, along with her deep tan. The dress came down to just below her knee. It wasn't too snug, but it wasn't too loose. You could make out the shape of her body without it seeming to be obvious. She had deep green eyes. They sparkled when the light hit them just right. Her lips were large and full. She wore very little make up and no perfume. I could only smell a slight bit of baby powder in the air as she moved. Her hair was a light brown with a few strands a gray scattered throughout. She had it pinned up in back, hiding how long it really was. "Hello Mrs. Fletcher," I said politely. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Hello David. It's a pleasure to meet you too," she replied. Her voice was very sincere and very deep. She sounded sexy without even trying. She sounded a lot like that actress Brenda Vicaro.

"I've heard a lot about you from your brother. He always speaks highly of you. I couldn't wait to meet this special baby brother when I came out here for the wedding." Mrs. Fletcher had come from Florida to Connecticut alone to see her daughter get married. Mr. Fletcher had died a few years earlier. I doubted very much that she had come to meet the baby brother. The four of us made with the small talk for a few minutes and then my brother took them to meet some other people and left me alone. I couldn't help staring at Mrs. Fletcher.

I didn't know what it was but I felt very attracted to her. She seemed very confident of herself as she mingled with the wedding party. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that made her seem so special, so I decided that it was the whole package that made Mrs. Fletcher what she was. Once she caught me staring at her and she gave me a big smile. She waved her fingers at me without moving her arm up, as if she didn't want anyone else to see. She kept her arm at her side and wiggled her fingers. I smiled and gave her a similar wave back, not meaning anything by it. She tilted her head back and appeared to chuckle when I did this. She then looked at me again and winked. I was puzzled by what she did but forgot about it the next second. The rehearsal finally began and went smoothly.

When it was over, my parents were having a little party at our house and everyone was invited. I followed my parents back to our car, and just as we were about to leave, my brother flagged us down. He came over to the car and leaned inside. "Mrs. Fletcher has to go back to her hotel for something. She really isn't too sure on how to drive back to the hotel and then to your house. I was wondering if Dave could go with her so she doesn't get lost."

"Sure," my mom said. "Dave, go help Mrs. Fletcher, ok. We'll meet the two of you later at the house." I got out of the back seat and followed my brother. He pointed to where Mrs. Fletcher was waiting and left to get his car. I saw her standing with her daughter. I got to them just as my brother drove up. We all made some small talk again and then he left with his bride to be. Mrs. Fletcher and I were alone together for the first time. She smiled at me and said, "So I hear you know your way around here. Your brother says that he's leaving me in the best of hands."

"Well, I guess I know how to get us to the hotel and back safely. All we need is a car. Is that one yours," I asked, pointing at the closest car in the lot. "No, mine is over there," she replied, pointing to the farthest car in the lot. "Follow me." She took off quickly, leaving me quite a few steps behind her. The sun was in front of her shining brightly. It cut through the white dress like an x-ray. I could make out her long legs hiding beneath the dress. Her ass swung from side to side with the sound of her heals on the parking lot pavement keeping the beat. I ran to catch up and walk next to her. She looked at me and smiled as I reached her side.

"I asked for you special David. I wanted you to help me. I felt most comfortable with you more than anyone else here. I hope you don't mind?" I was shocked, embarrassed and honored, all at the same time.

"No. Not at all Mrs. Fletcher," I said. "I don't mind. I'm glad to help." As we walked to the car she dug into her purse and pulled out the car keys. "Would you mind driving David?" she asked. "I'm sort of tired from all of this running around."

She handed me the keys as I said, "Sure. No problem." As we reached the car she waited for me to open her door. As she put her left leg in and began to sit down, she dropped her purse on the ground next to her right foot. As I bent down to get it she kept her legs spread apart, the right leg staying where it was planted. I had to reach around it to get to the purse. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander.

Her skirt had pulled up high on her right leg. It was now almost to the middle of her thigh. She wasn't wearing any stockings due to the summer heat. Her calves were shaven smooth, the short soft hairs on her thigh shimmered in the sun. I could see far down her left leg, her inner thigh looking very smooth and tight. I knew that if I had leaned a little bit further I would be able to see her panties. I retrieved her purse and handed it to her. She said thank you and finally, slowly, lifted her right leg into the car. She straightened out her skirt, looked up at me and smiled as I closed the door. I could feel my cock start to harden as I made my way around the back of the car.

I slowed my walk and tried to adjust myself before I got in. I put my hand in my pocket and flipped my cock straight up. I looked down and could see that my bulge was visible. I pulled the shirt out of my pants to try to hide it. I felt my heart pounding inside of my chest. My breathing was heavy and labored. I took a few deep breaths and told myself to calm down. I finally reached the driver side door and got in. My dick was starting to go down in size but it left a wet spot where the hole at the tip of my cock had been. She smiled at me when I sat down and said, "That was a long walk around the car. Did you get lost or was it something else?"

I thought quickly and told her, "I was trying to think of the best way to your hotel Mrs. Fletcher. There are a few different ways to get there." She reached out and touched my hand. She held it firmly, just like her handshake. Her touch was warm, dare I say affectionate.

"David," she said softly, "Please call me Ellen. I prefer it to Mrs. Fletcher. We're almost family now. Could you do that for me when we're alone. If you like, you can call me Mrs. Fletcher in front of your parents and brothers. When it's just the two of us, Ellen would make me very happy." Her eyes were locked onto mine. I couldn't look anywhere else, even if I tried. Their green color grew deeper as I stared at them. I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head yes.

My mouth was drying up on me. My tongue seemed swollen, just as my cock was starting to do again. I felt my insides start to shudder; my hand shook as I tried to put the key in the ignition. Ellen leaned over and took my hand in hers. Once again I could smell the baby powder she had dusted onto her body. She guided my hand as we both eased the key in and started the car. I took a deep breath as the engine purred softly. "Are you ok David?" she asked. "If you like, I'll drive."

I put my hands on the steering wheel and said, "No. I'm alright. Just a little nervous driving someone else's car." With that I put the car in gear and slowly left the church lot. Mrs. Fletcher, Ellen, stayed close to me in the front seat. She leaned her head on my right arm.

"I hope you don't mind me resting on you like this," she said. "I need to stretch my body out. It feels comfortable in this position." Ellen had put her head softly on my arm, closed her eyes and stretched her legs as far as she could into the corner of the passenger side of the car. As she did this, her skirt once again shifted high up on her thighs. She had taken her shoes off and tossed them onto the floor. When I looked down, the front of her dress had come away from her chest. I could see far down the front. Her nipples were clearly visible.

They were flat against her tits, showing not the slightest bit of excitement. The weight of her head was starting to make my right arm go numb, so I lifted it up and allowed her head to sink under my armpit. She sighed and made herself as comfortable as she could. I put my arm on the back of the seat but found this to be awkward. I slowly let my arm slide down until it was resting on her body. She was very warm to the touch. She stayed in that position for a little while and then shifted. She twisted her body so that she could lie across the front seat. She curled her legs up and assumed a fetal position. My hand was now resting on her outer hip.

Her head slid down from my armpit and she softly put it on my right thigh. My cock became rock hard instantly. It took all of my strength to keep my right leg from shaking. I controlled my breathing and drove as fast as I could to the hotel. The faster I got her there, the faster I would be out of this situation. Just before we got to the hotel, Ellen got up from her position and straightened herself up. She checked her face in the mirror, making note of the red line that showed on her cheek where a crease in my pants had left its mark. She showed me where to park and got ready to get out of the car.

"Aren't you coming," she asked. "No," I said. "I'll just wait here in the car until you come back."

"Don't be silly," she said. "I'm not going to leave you out here all by yourself. Come on in with me. It'll only take a few minutes. What are you, afraid of me? I don't bite. Just come up to the room with me, I'll do what I have to do, and then we'll leave. I won't take no for an answer." She smiled at me and I did as she said. Her room was on the top floor, a suite. As I followed her inside, she bolted the door after we entered.

"A safety habit of mine," she said nonchalantly. The room had a large sitting room and a large bedroom with a king size bed. She told me to have a seat and told me to have a drink from the liquor cabinet if I liked. She said she knew that most kids drank and we wouldn't get in trouble if I did. She went into the bedroom and I heard the lock turn. I finally felt a little bit safe.

I looked at the small fridge in the room and decided to grab a beer. A big mistake on my part. I hadn't been drinking long so it didn't take much to have an effect on me. I heard Ellen talking on the phone inside her bedroom but had no idea to whom or what she was talking about. I turned on the TV and drank my beer. I heard the water running in the bath of her room. In my looser state on consciousness, caused by the beer, I imagined Ellen scrubbing her body in the shower. I let my mind drift, closing my eyes so that I wouldn't be distracted from my thoughts. So complete was my fantasy that I never heard the water stop on the door unlock and open.

When I opened my eyes, Ellen was standing in front of me with just a towel wrapped around her body. She was drying her hair. It was longer that I had thought. She smiled at me as I watched her rub her hair in the towel.

"Did you grab a beer for me too?" she asked.

I sat, not able to say anything or move a muscle. She went over to the bar and bent down to grab a beer. She bent at the waist and the towel that was covering her rose up. The bottoms of the cheeks of her ass were clearly visible. Each was perfectly round and smooth. There was no sign of sag in this ass. She popped the can and took a long swallow. She walked over to where I was sitting and squatted down in front of me. I sat there frozen as she looked up at me.

She said softly, "I just called your mom's house. I told them that we were having a little car problem and we would be a little late in getting there. She said to not worry and take our time. How does that sound David?" My mouth opened but nothing came out. She smiled and reached out with her warm hand. She put her fingers under my chin and slowly pushed my mouth closed. She then stood up in front of me and reached under her shoulders to where she had pushed the towel in to stay up. She pulled out the edge of the towel and let it fall to the floor.

There she stood in front of me. I gazed slowly from her face down to her toes. She was more beautiful than I had just imagined. She did not have the body of a woman in her 50's. Her body was toned and tan. Her tits hung ever so slightly from her chest, her nipples had hardened to rocks. She hadn't the slightest hint of a pair of love handles at her side. Her stomach was flat. Her hips were round and smooth, sitting atop a pair of very firm thighs. The hair of her pussy was trimmed into a straight line above her cunt. A few gray strands present, just as on her head.

She bent down towards me, her tits pitching forward. She leaned and put her lips to mine. Softly, slowly, she kissed me. She reached down with her right hand and placed it on my pants where my hard dick was trying to poke a hole through. I had been so caught up in what was visible to me I hadn't even known how hard I had gotten. She smiled as she took my empty beer from my hand. She placed it on a table and helped me up from the chair. "Well David, do you like what you see?"

"I can't do this Mrs. Fletcher. It's not right. Your daughter is marrying my brother."

"What does that have to do with us. We're both adults. They call you baby brother but I see a man standing in front of me with a very hard cock. Why don't you just relax and let Ellen show you how much of a man you really are."

Once again she placed her large, soft lips to mine. She put her arms around me and brought me against her body. I slowly brought my arms up and held her close to me. I was amazed how soft and warm her back felt. The longer I held her the tighter my grip became. I let my hands drift down her back, trying not to be so obvious about wanting to feel her ass in my hands.

When they finally reached their goal, I gently rubbed the entire surface of her ass. I squeezed and squeezed as she pressed her ass back into my hands. I could feel the very soft hairs that covered her cheeks. I cupped her ass in my hands and slowly lifted them as high as I could. Ellen moaned softly as she felt the skin at the bottom of her pussy stretch. She pushed her tongue deep inside of my mouth. She explored for as long as she wanted. I closed my mouth on her tongue and sucked on it. As I did this she pushed her hips into mine. She rubbed her pussy on my hard dick and I pushed back. We finally broke away from each other and Ellen began to undo my pants.

My hard dick made it difficult for her to pull my shorts down but she did it without my help. I had never gone this far with any of the girls I had known, so now I was sailing in uncharted waters. I had been the only person, alias Mary Fist, to physically take myself to orgasm. Women in wet dreams don't count. My mind raced, not knowing what was in store. With my pants around my ankles, Ellen led me to her bedroom. I ripped my pants off as Ellen directed me to the bed. She sat me on the edge and stood in front of me.

"Have you ever made love David," she asked. I shook my head no.

"Have you ever seen a woman cum?" Another head shake. "Watch and learn David." She stood back, spread her legs and reached down between them. I watched in amazement as she pulled the lips of her pussy apart and began to play with herself. I couldn't believe how fast her finger was rubbing herself. She had her eyes closed as she put her fingers up inside of herself. Her hips rocked with pleasure as she continued.

"Do you like to watch David," she asked.

"I like it very much," I said to my surprise.

"Would you like to help me," she asked, not missing a beat.

"Sure," I said.

"Come to me and suck my tits David." I did as she asked and she moaned with pleasure as I took her hard nipples into my mouth and sucked. "Gently David," she said softly, and I eased up, trying to do as she asked.

"David, take your fingers and put them inside of my cunt," she asked. With my right hand I reached down between her legs and she took my hand in hers. She guided me and placed my hand at the opening of her wet pussy. I could feel only her matted hairs at first and then I felt the warm, soft tissue that was the opening of her cunt. My fingers were quickly coated in the warm, slippery juices that were flowing from her cunt. I pushed one finger into her and heard her moan with delight. She pushed down on my hand with her hips.

"Put another one in David," she begged. I put a second and then a third finger into her. I could feel how hot she was. The muscles inside her cunt tightened around me fingers. She rocked on my hand with delight as she continued to rub her clit faster and faster. I put my free arm around her and held onto her ass. I could feel the muscles contract and relax every time I felt her pussy tighten on the fingers that were inside on her. She moaned louder and rocked harder as she headed towards her orgasm.

A flood of fluid filled her pussy and soaked my fingers as her orgasm erupted. I felt her entire body shake as pleasure ripped through her body. She cried out as she climaxed as she hadn't done in a long time. I felt her knees weaken and her body almost collapse as her orgasm finally left her.

She held on to me tightly saying, "Oh, thank you David, thank you. You did just great. You don't know how good that felt. I've had to do this on my own for such a long time that I forgot how good it could feel with a man's help." She reached down and slowly pulled my fingers from her dripping snatch. She shocked me as she took each of my fingers, placed them into her mouth separately, and sucked and licked them clean of her juices.

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