tagMatureMrs. Lin and Her New Neighbor

Mrs. Lin and Her New Neighbor


New to the neighborhood, Mrs. Lin had no preconceptions about the people next door. All she knew was she needed her lawn cleaned—and they had an 18 year old son who had just graduated from high school and seemed like he needed something to do for the summer.

She saw the young man's mom across the fence and introduced herself. She asked if he was available.

The neighbor seemed delighted that her son would have some work for the summer. He wasn't around at the moment, but she would send him over when he returned.

She sat by the pool for awhile, peacefully enjoying the new home and its lavish setting. She lathered sunblock over her smooth Asian skin and dozed off.

She awoke a little while later, her pussy moist as she grasped the tendrils of a dream. She looked up; the young young man from next door was standing above her, watching.

'Sorry to bother you—uh.... my mom said you needed some help.'

'Yes, hmm... I must have fallen asleep... you are?'

He looked at her, his gaze blank. An idiot? She wondered...'What's your name?'

'Oh..oh yeah.. I'm James...'

'Hi James, nice to meet you. I'm Mrs. Lin.'


She removed her sunglasses and squinted in the afternoon sunlight. 'Why don't you pull up a chair and we can talk about what you can do for me.'

He was a tall young man, rail thin, with floppy dirty blonde hair falling over his eyes. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt and baggy shorts and dirty sneakers. He pulled a chair over towards her—a little too near, she noticed, and sat down.

They talked for a bit. About his summer and new college—about her daughter of the same age and where she would be attending college.

They talked, and she noticed him noticing her. She liked the way he kept glancing at her body—her flat tummy, her tiny bikini, her breasts barely covered. She decided to give him a little show. With the excuse of stretching, she opened her legs; let him get a nice glance of her little camel-toe in her bikini—

His eyes widened, his jaw dropping as he took in her beautiful little crease. His erection sprang up instantly, pressing against his baggy shorts.

Now it was her turn to gape. She couldn't believe the bulge that suddenly formed in his shorts—his huge rigid shaft stretched the fabric so tightly she could see the outline of his head.

She gasped, her eyes going from his crotch to his eyes, her pussy suddenly awash in juice, wetting the tiny fabric of her bikini. She may have even moaned.

The young man looked at her, his eyes expressing shame and terror. 'Uh, I just remembered I gotta go...' he muttered as he stood up—bent over to hide his monster—and ran out of her yard.

'It's ok- don't leave!' She called after him.

She watched him run out of her yard, her mind reeling. She pressed her thighs together, moaned again as the pressure touched her pussy, a sheen a sweat sprang up across her body.

How big was that thing?, she wondered. Nine inches? Oh god... he was so young!

She couldn't, she told herself. It's wrong...

She saw herself pulling those shorts down, taking that rigid monster out, kissing it... licking it ...

No! But she couldn't stop the thought, her mind returning to his shorts, and the promise it held, yearning to be free.

She got up, softly crossed the yard and peered through the shrubs into his backyard. No sign of him.

She sighed and retreated into her home, walking up the stairs to get the only thing that she hoped might relieve this sudden painful hunger in her loins-- she needed the help of her monster purple dildo—she practically ran up the steps, knowing she would pound her pussy into submission with this purple tool.

She went into her bedroom towards the little cabinet beside the bed where her toys were all stashed—glanced out the open curtains at the house next door—and noticed a slight rustle in the curtains in an upstairs window. Was it him? Was he watching her?

Could it have been just a shadow? Had his mother come home?

She glanced out the opposite window to look in the neighbor's driveway. The Toyota the mother drove was still gone.

She would risk it.

She took the dildo from the bed-stand and stood before the open window. She deftly removed the string on her bikini, imagining how this looked to this young young man. She let the bikini top fall to the floor. She took the dildo, held it before her with both hands and looked at it lovingly. This is your cock, young James, she thought, willing him to read her thoughts as she opened her lips and gently sucked on the rubber head. She took the toy further into her mouth as she stared across the space to the window where she hoped James now stood watching her, his monster cock in his hands, masturbating.

She pulled her bikini down over her hips, stepped out of it as it dropped to the carpet. She ran the dildo across her body, rubbed its tip against her erect nipples, rolled it across her flat tummy.

She raised her foot to the windowsill, guided the dildo—slick with her own saliva—into her sopping pussy. Ooh... she sighed as the tip penetrated her hole. She slowly worked it up inside her, deeper... deeper... oh god, James, is this what you want? she thought. I want it too—just show yourself.. she thought as the dildo penetrated her... "oh god..." she moaned.

She decided her new paramour needed more than just pussy.

She turned her back to the window; spread her ass cheeks to reveal her anus, her sphincter glistening with pussy juice. She pressed herself onto the glass, shivered with delight as the coolness of the glass touched her quivering rectum.

She continued to work the dildo into her pussy as she rubbed herself against the glass.

She returned to the bedstand for a tube of gel—lubed the dildo up and pressed it against her tight sphincter. 'James, this is your cock... and my anus is waiting for you,' she murmured, looking over her shoulder, knowing this would just kill the young man.

She pushed the tip slowly, inexorably against her tight sphincter. She moaned, her moans growing louder... louder...

She peeked behind her and saw the curtains rustle again, and then movement from below. The Toyota was back!

She cummed with a rush as she dropped to the carpeted floor, writhing in ecstasy. 'James... oh James... please...'

Finally, the spasms quieted down and she lay staring at the ceiling, her thoughts on one thing.

She knew what she would do this summer.

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