tagFetishMrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 06

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 06


Susan O'Malley was in a good mood. A great mood.

Not long ago, the sexy 65-year-old blonde fox had dominated young Brett Hannigan on the beach, forcing him into her piss-loving ways, capturing his young face in her strong old thighs and introducing him to her world of golden showers.

Not long after, Brett's mom, Lauren, paid Susan a visit, livid at the way she'd treated her son. She won Lauren over the same way, by force, using her sexy old body to control the hesitant woman, converting her to her ways as well as she dragged her to her shower and nearly drowned the younger woman in her piss, and farts, and left her go after she agreed to return with Brett.

They did, of course, no one could resist Susan's ways, and after a brutal piss-and-fart-filled session with the two of them, Lauren's mom, Dawn, had paid Susan a visit.

It didn't go well for Susan, at first. Long the dominant one, she found herself completely submissive to the thick-bodied 69-year-old woman, forced to endure her dominant ways, and ending up in adoring servitude to her. She enjoyed the role switch for the first time in her life.

She thought about all of that as now she slogged along in traffic, eager to get home after a long day of work, maybe order Brett and/or Lauren over. Maybe call up Dawn and offer up the idea of foursome, the two older dominant gals having their way with the younger members of the family.

"It's been awhile," she sighed to herself.

She was hot and tired, and very sweaty, after hitting the gym after work, drinking a good deal of water as she worked out, which now worked against her. She had to pee and pee badly, and while she usually relished the feeling of a full bladder, especially if she knew she had a face to unleash it on, this was getting uncomfortable. She knew she'd have to go soon.

"Dammit, I gotta go bad," she growled to herself. "Should've gone before I left the gym."

She clenched her meaty thighs together in her very short workout shorts, trying to hold it in. Then, as if by divine intervention, she saw him at the side of the road, a young man with scruffy hair and a bohemian, raggy look. He had a big smile on his handsome face, his thumb extended.

"Well, well, well," she smiled. "This could work out after all."

She slowed and waved to the lad, who brightly smiled back, picked up his backpack and ran to her car, tossing his gear in the back seat and climbing in front, cars honking behind her as they waited before resuming their slow collective crawl.

"Uh...hi," the boy said, somewhat nervously now as he slid in beside her, looking at Susan in her very tight, sweat-soaked white t-shirt that clung to a marvelously muscular body, and those satiny green short shorts that were riding high on her deeply tanned, freckled and very shapely, sturdy thighs. "Uh, my name's Jared."

He stuck out a hand. Susan shook it, holding it longer than usual, smiling at the boy who felt the heat emanating from her fingers and warming him in a way he least expected from a woman three or more times his age.

They inched through traffic, making idle conversation, talking about her work, about his college life, Susan noticing peripherally the way the handsome young boy with curly brown hair was checking her out in his own sidelong way.

"Jared, do you date much?" she asked, keeping her eyes on the road but catching sidelong looks at the boy trying so hard not to stare at those thighs. "Get much, do ya?"

"Oh, Mrs. O'Malley, that's, uh, that's..." he said shyly.

"Embarrassing? Oh, Jared, it needn't be, a healthy sex life is good at any age," she said, purposely looking over and devouring him with a sexy look. "Any. Age."

"Yes, yes, I guess it is...I guess," he said, looking out the window.

He nearly leaped out of his seat when Susan suddenly cupped his leg in one hand, very high up his slim young thigh, and squeezed it. His head shot back around in shock as she smiled at him.

"Don't be shy, boy," she hissed with a dominant tone. "Not in this car, not with me."

She let the words settle in for a minute, that hand still on his thigh, he looking at it, then up at her. She was a pretty lady for her age, he thought, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, her creamy, wrinkled neck revealed below her slightly rounded chin. He'd had sex with older women from time to time, but none older than 30. He felt his dick stir in his pants, not far from her hand she was now using to gently massage his thigh.

"I'm...I'm...I'm, uh, not shy, Mrs...O'Malley," he gulped nervously, looking down at her amazing legs with the incredible muscle tone for a woman her age, which he didn't know. "Uh..how...how...er...how..."

"65," she said smiling, without looking his way, that bony old hand daggering higher and harder up his thigh, Jared pushing himself back into his seat as far as he could. "Not bad looking for an old broad, huh? Pretty good shape. Especially the legs."

Jared's eyes widened as she slowly spread them in her seat, opening them as wide as possible, bulging her calves above her little sweat socks, treating his rapt eyes to the slight saggy and wrinkled flesh that hung on her inner thighs.

"Jared, you've been checking out my legs pretty hard since you got into my car," she laughed. "And speaking of hard..."

Without warning, her hand cupped his now-hard dick, squeezing it, making him yelp. She laughed.

"Figured as much," she sighed, slowly stroking it as he looked down at her hand in disbelief. "Oh, you young ones..."

"Uh...Mrs...O'Malley...oh, damn...please...shit, that feels...." Jared groaned, looking at the flex of her sinewy forearm as she picked up the pace of stroking his cock in his pants. "Please....damn..."

She laughed, almost forgetting her urge to piss as she worked his thick prick, but it came back over her, intensifying as her mind raced with possibilities.

"Jared, I'm always happy to lend a hand to young men," she snarled, suddenly stopping her handjob, the boy's face turning to her with a pleading look. "But you have to do something for me first."

"Of course, Mrs. O'Malley," he said eagerly, leaning over to palm her beautiful thigh, running his hand up it toward her snatch, which had gone moist from her stroking the boy's cock for a few minutes.

"Not yet, boy, not yet!" she laughed, slapping his hand away. "Be a dear and get the device out of the glove compartment."

He looked confused, but obeyed, opening the door and freezing. Inside was a funnel connected to a plastic tube, the tube affixed to a large water bottle. Which for the time being, was empty.

"De...device?" he asked quizzically, holding it up and turning it in his hands to look at it.

"Yeah, boy, I gotta pee, and I'm gonna use that," she said with a sneering smile. "And you're gonna give me a hand with it."

His eyes shot wide as she started to slither out of her tiny shorts, motioning for him to take the wheel as they crawled along at about 10 mph in heavy traffic. They shot wider still when she spread her meaty, freckled thighs and saw the thick mop of curly dark pubic hair there, with gray streaks, the mass of it damp and glistening. She smiled at him as he stared, unable to move.

"Uh, Jared?" she said, taking the wheel again and nodding down. "The funnel. Put the funnel against my pussy. Go on. Do it. You don't mind at all."

The last statement wasn't a question. Jared looked at her, blinked, and nervously brought the funnel, purposely bought for its oblong shape that seemed custom made for a narrow space, and put it between her thighs, pushing gently and fitting it against her flesh, pubic hair curling over the sides. He held it there, leaning over to do it, and could smell the funky sweaty musk of Susan's unwashed pussy.

"Take a good whiff, boy," she growled, looking at him. "Smells nice, doesn't it?"

"No...I mean it smells...it just smells," he said unevenly, wrinkling his nose.

His hand was cupped around the base of the short funnel, and he felt the moist heat permeate it and leach into his fingers. She smiled at him.

"Now, hold the bottle in your other hand, boy," she ordered him.

Jared couldn't believe it as Susan grunted and let flow a torrent of hot piss from that hairy pussy, jetting its way through the plastic tube and into the bottle in his hand, the scorching heat of it filling his hand and senses. The smell of urine filled the car, which was already moist and hot in the summer air, more so in that the air-conditioning wasn't on. He watched the golden juice flow through the tube, into the bottle, and watched Susan's lower belly tremble and undulate, forcing the rest of it out in little waning spurts of piss. He looked down at the bottle; it was three quarters full, and it was not a small bottle.

"Ahhhhhh," she groaned, finishing her piss, feeling her pussy wet from piss and her womanly juices as she gyrated her hips, grinding her sex into the funnel and Jared's trembling hand.

She shook the funnel away. Jared sat back, holding it up, the interior shiny and golden and warm to his hand. It was inches from his face. And then it was on his face.

"Smell it, baby!" Susan laughed, suddenly and dominantly reaching for the funnel and ramming it over Jared's nose and mouth like an oxygen mask, forcing the plastic to him, wetting him with her juice, the stench cascading down his nostrils.

He screamed, a muffled yell contained by the piss-coated plastic, and tried to pull her hand from his face, but she was too strong, too insistent. He felt himself weakening from lack of oxygen, forced to breath in her piss scent. And remarkably, he felt his cock throb to life in his jeans.

Susan used her left hand to hold the funnel to his face and using her knee to steer the slow-moving car, rammed her right hand to his crotch, smiling widely upon discovering his rock-hard cock.

"Another convert," she sighed, stroking him, watching his protesting hand fall away, as he slumped in his seat, inhaling in frantic gasps the moist urine air covering his nose and mouth. "Now lick it, lick it clean..."

His eyes were closed as he snaked out his tongue and tasted piss, an old woman's piss at that, for the first time in his life, reveling in the tang of it, the bitterness, the heat. He lapped madly, gulping down Susan's piss, going back for more.

Suddenly she took the funnel away, and her hand from his cock. He opened his eyes, his hips involuntarily thrusting into the space her gorgeous old hand had been a second earlier.

"Now, boy," she smiled, unsnapping the connection of tube to bottle and handing it to him, a froth of yellow swirling inside. "Drink."

He looked at her in astonishment. Licking a little pee from a funnel was one thing. But as he looked at the copious amount of piss hot in his hand was something else all together. She glared at him.

"Need some encouragement?" she snarled. "Drop your pants. Now."

With one hand on his pants and both eyes on her, he quickly obeyed, freeing his dripping dick that bobbed free from his groin. She smiled at the sight of it, licking her wrinkled lips. She drew her hand to it, circling it in her fingers and then suddenly latched onto his balls, squeezing so hard he screamed in agony.

"Drink," she said. "I won't say it again."

With trembling hand, he lifted the water bottle to his lips, the opening giving off a waft of pungent piss aroma that got to his nostrils in a steamy washing wave. He gulped, trying to ignore the scent, unable to ignore the throbbing pain in his nuts squeezed blue in Susan's powerful grip.

He brought the rim of the bottle to his lips, tilting it slowly. The first pungent sting of piss coated his lips, making him wince, pulling the bottle away, a motion met by a renewed bout of agony from Susan's punishing fingers. He quickly brought the bottle back, tilted it again, taking in his first mouthful, the flavor thick and aromatic, hot on his tongue. He gulped it down, trying not to puke, and tilted the bottle again. Casting his eyes sidelong, he saw Susan's eyes widen, her mouth curled into a dark smile. He gulped again and again, the swallows coming easier, and faster, guzzling it as quickly as he could, feeling the stench-ridden warmth of her piss rippling down his throat.

He almost didn't notice she'd let go of his balls and was now furiously jerking his cock, faster and faster, her bony hand a blur as it pistoned up and down on his throbbing boner. He swallowed the last of her piss, tipping the bottle fully to get the last drop, savoring the sensation of shame and pleasure as he did, his dick about to explode in her amazingly proficient hand.

"Not bad, not bad," she laughed. "I was going to say you didn't have to drink ALL of my piss, but you seemed to enjoy it!"

He looked down at that hand flying over his cock, bony and warm, freckled and expert, his dick oozing precum until it sheeted over her fingers. His balls knotted and he thrust up into her insistent hand.

"Oh no you don't, boy!" she said, suddenly gripping the base and squeezing off his impending orgasm, a dollop of pearly cum appearing in the eye, which after she'd staunched the flow, wiped onto those already shiny fingers.

"Lick, boy," she said, lifting that wet hand to his mouth where Jared stared at it first and then took her gooey digits into his lips, sucking them clean. "Another conversion, this is probably the first time you've eaten your own jizz, isn't it..."

He nodded furiously, eyes closed, mouth sucking her old fingers like small cocks, cleaning them completely. She pulled them from his mouth and pointed to her glistening pubic thatch.

"You're my toilet paper," she said darkly. "Lick it clean."

He quickly bent over the center console, uncomfortably but with eagerness, dipping his head between those fleshy thighs, his face at the top of her hirsute pussy, his hand running up and down her muscular, sweaty calves, massaging them as he lapped madly at her soggy cunt hair. He found the pissy strands and sucked them into his mouth, tasting the chilled nectar of her urine, bending his neck to get more. She laughed at the puppy dog licking at her and suddenly slapped his face away, lifting her right leg, grabbing his hair and pinning his face beneath her fleshy hamstring, his mouth now at her soaking wet hole.

"There, that's better," she sighed, draping her meaty thigh over him and feeling his tongue spear the wet hair, sucking it clean, then drilling between her meaty cunt lips and tonguing her deeply.

She heard a horn and looked to her right. A driver in a high pick-up truck leaned over the passenger seat to watch the boy trapped under her sexy old thigh, his body wriggling in his seat. The driver smiled and whooped and called out to her.

"Any chance of me gettin' some of that, lady?" he roared.

"Not unless you were 40 years younger!" Susan laughed, giving him a thumbs up and watching his disappointed look that turned to shock as he thumped the car before him.

They continued to drive slowly down the road, the boy barely able to breathe beneath Susan's pinning thigh. She noticed his frantic gasps for air and shifted herself slightly to move his nose into the very smelly, very hairy cleft of her meaty little asscheeks.

"Here this should help," she grunted, unleashing a 30-second barrage of butt thunder, acrid farts that blasted out of her hairy rectum and right down into his lungs.

His screams of humiliation fueled her farting fire, and she continued, holding him tight under the twitching ass, feeding him more foul air until he stilled, nearly unconscious from the stinky smother. She came as she used his nose in her smelly sphincter, a thick bubble of her woman cream sheeting from her pussy and running over his cheek and into his mouth, which he eagerly tasted and swallowed down.

"OK boy, you've earned a little break," she sighed, pulling off at the next exit and down a shady dirt road she saw not far away.

She lifted her leg as she parked the car in the isolated area, and Jared pulled his soaking wet face out, slumping back into his seat, his cock about to explode. He looked imploringly at her. She climbed into the back seat, spreading her meaty thighs, her cunt opening lewdly, lips oily behind the furry wet thatch of her pubic hair.

"Make me cum first," she snarled, reaching for him and grabbing his hair, pulling him to then backseat.

Jared knelt on the seat, Susan leaning against the door, thighs clamped viciously tight around his ears as he feasted on her hairy, stinky pussy, his nose grinding her clit as his long tongue sliced wetly in and out of her hole. She grunted, cupping his head in her strong old hands, those thighs bowed around his scissored skull, muscles rippling beneath the freckled, tanned flesh. She pulled his face up to suckle at her engorged clit, and he picked up the hint quickly, sucking the nubbin into his mouth, tongue flashing wetly and quickly over it. She let go his head and arched her back, her ass coming off the seat as she came, twisting her socked calves together, sneakers squeaking as they locked up, those thighs squeezing him with renewed fury, the thick inner muscles knifing into the sides of his neck.

Susan came hard and with violent snaps, relaxing her ass a bit and then thrusting up, trashing his skull with agonizing squeezes, over and over, his extremities tingling as her crushing scissors slowed the blood to his brain. His hands pawed at those powerful clamping limbs, unable to move them and then they fell away as he gave himself completely to her orgasm.

She finally stopped and unhinged her punishing thighs and Jared gulped in huge lungs full of fresh air, his face soaking wet from her blinding orgasm. He sat back on his haunches, watching her shift. She knelt on the seat now, wiggling her saggy white ass at his face, a thick tuft of hair surrounding the winking pucker beneath it.

"Lick my asshole," she growled over a shoulder. "Lick it good..."

He dove in, completely given over to submission, hands pulling the meaty flesh apart, the dimpled meat hot in his fingers, and drilled her hirsute shit chute with his tongue, ignoring the bitter flavor, tasting of poop and sweat and piss, burying his head into her undulating crack. Her fingers curled into her hairy cunt, flitting over her tireless clit, as the boy feasted on her foul rectum, her moans and his filling the air along with the obscene sloshing sound of his relentless tongue stabbing her hairy asshole.

He attached his mouth to it now and sucked hard, pulling at the meat of her rectum, feeling the rippling muscle walls on his tongue. She shrieked with pleasure as the eager lad turned her shitter inside out, tongue washing over the exposed walls. Grunting, she unleashed a new round of farts, sucked from her intestines by the face buried between her lush, wrinkled cheeks and he felt them wash hot and bitter into his lungs.

She farted his face away after she came, turning to open the door, curling a finger at him. He blindly obeyed, stumbling out of the car into a small clearing near it on the abandoned road and watched as she squatted, thighs thick and freckled, her matted cunt hair gleaming in the light.

"Here," she said, pointing at the ground. "I need to piss again, Toilet Boy!"

He couldn't believe how easy it was now as he laid on his back under her puckered asshole, nose slipping into the greasy opening where sibilant blips of farts assaulted his nostrils. She grunted and cupped his chin, tilting his mouth to her piss hole, and let fly and brutally hot, sudden torrent of red-hot, scorching piss, cumming as she did. She watched his throat work desperately, swallowing her pee, his chest rising and falling, his belly swelling with her golden juices. She finished cumming, settling her hands on his chest, leaning forward to scrape her fetid asshole back and forth on his madly licking face, transferring more of her anal scent to him.

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