tagNovels and NovellasMs. Bitch is Mistress Susan Ch. 02

Ms. Bitch is Mistress Susan Ch. 02


Mistress Susan invites Glenn to her dungeon for discipline, punishment, and humiliation.

Glenn knew enough about bondage, discipline, punishment, and humiliation to know what he liked and didn't like. Glad that he had put a safe word in place, 'Meow', when things got too rough and he wanted to stop that particular action, Glenn didn't like pain. He never understood those subs who preferred pain to pleasure and who had sexual sessions that were more painful than they were pleasurable. Their need for pain was more about being punished for something they did or perceived they did wrong in the past. Tied to pain in the way they enjoyed being tied to the bed, maybe their sexuality was all about being beaten, hit, whipped, and tortured in the way they did to prisoners in the dungeons of old, that is, so long as there was a sexy, sexual twist to it.

He could tolerate some pain but too many Mistresses acted as if he was the one responsible for their personal problems, their psychological issues, and for the way they turned out in life. As if he was the reason for their displeasure with life, those Mistresses were too heavy handed when dishing out pain. He didn't want a Mistress who was more about pain than pleasure. Not the kind of Mistress he wanted to have, pain was the specialty of some Mistresses but those weren't the Mistresses who gave him the pleasure he needed. He'd rather have a Dominatrix who showed more emotion, sensitivity, and compassion rather than being cold, detached, and uncaring. Mistresses who were more about pain always seemed so angry. He'd rather have a kinder and more loving Mistress than a Mistress who showed no mercy.

"Meow! Meow! Meow!"

Before it got out of control, he's had to use his safe word more than once when a session got too physical too fast. Being that he was a wanting to please sub, not wanting to break from his role to dare complain to his Mistress, some Mistresses took advantage of him when he did dare to complain. Hard to find the right Dominatrix, a one woman type of man, Glenn had 7 Mistresses in ten years. He's had quite a lot of Mistresses by his standards, especially when he was only looking for one, particular Dominatrix. A one Dominatrix type of sub, he preferred to settle with one, special Mistress. Still unable to find her, what seemed a good match at the outset, for one reason or another, as if a nagging itch, didn't feel right as their sexual relationship progressed.

The first few times with a new Mistress, especially the first time, were always as excitingly tenuous as they were unbearably uncomfortable when not knowing what to expect from one another. Too tense to relax, he never knew what to expect. Tied to the bed or chained to the wall, splayed over a bench, or prone face down on a table, he didn't want to be a victim. Too often playing things by ear until he grew more comfortable in trusting his new Dominatrix to try something new, especially all things anal, the first few times with a new Mistress explored his sexuality all over again.

Their time together was as exciting as it was disconcerting. She had some favorite toys to use and special ways of doing things and he did too. For their union to work while giving her control of his body, they had to find a common ground, somewhere in the middle, of pain and pleasure. Realizing, of course, that he needed to take some pain for the sake of pleasure, sometimes physical discomfort translated into a much explosive orgasm. Yet, sometimes too much pain ruined the pleasure.

Yet, needing to explore the limits to find what worked and what didn't, with his sexual guide directing all of his actions, it wouldn't work if the Mistress didn't know what in the Hell she was doing. Not up to her sub to give her ideas and suggestions, it's up to the Mistress to give her sub orders and demands. If a Mistress and sub don't get along as a man and a woman first and if the things she does doesn't gel, then their sexual session not only won't flow but also becomes disjointed with pauses in between with the Domme thinking what to do next.

As much as he didn't want an inexperienced Domme, definitely, he didn't want a disrespectful Dominatrix who'd stop their session to answer the door or talk on the phone. This was his time and he wanted his Mistress to only focus on him. Stumbling and bumbling through a Domme/sub session was always a disaster he never wanted to repeat. When control is in the wrong hands, some Domme/sub sessions were sometimes more unpleasant than pleasant. It's never easy exploring new territory with a Mistress who is inexperienced or uncomfortable with certain sexual peccadilloes and fetishes but he was willing to make concessions for a Mistress that he liked because of her looks.

Growing old fast, depending upon the level of pain and upon the willingness of a Mistress to make her sexual sessions more exciting, she needed to mix things up and constantly introduce new things, along with new toys. Just as some things that excite the Mistress and/or the sub must remain the same for the sake of their mutual pleasure and sexual satisfaction, other things need to continually change for them to explore their sexual fantasies while finding their much needed comfort zone. Just as he never wanted to feel fear for what his Mistress was about to do, the last thing he wanted to feel was boredom. As if she were the conductor of an orchestra, she needed the sexual pleasure to flow in the way of a musical piece.

Glenn soon discovered that not all Mistresses have the willingness, the desire, the intelligence and the creativity to keep him interested enough in not only wanting to play their sexy, sexual games but also in enjoying them enough to want to return to play them again and again. Just as not all women are cut out to be a Mistress by just donning a leather outfit and holding a whip, it takes a special, sexual woman to have the confident wickedness in herself to control a man, especially such a big man as he was and especially when meeting him for the first time. At 6'4" tall and 240 pounds, being that he was a big man, a man who dwarfed all of his Mistresses, the first time with him could be a bit intimidating.

With the outside package as important as the inside package, his preferred Mistress had to be beautiful for him to obey her and for him to give her his undying loyalty. His perfect Mistress was made from wishing he could take the traits from one Mistress to add with the traits he liked from another. After perusing so very many BDSM sites, he knew what he wanted and the Dominatrix he needed but finding the woman who possessed all what he hoped her to have was impossibly difficult. All seven of his Mistresses had ingredients that he enjoyed having in a Mistress but none of them had all of the ingredients that he needed to be totally and completely sexually satisfied.

If he was going through the time, the trouble, and the expense of hoping, wanting, and needing to have a particular sexual experience, he wanted a Mistress who'd understand enough of what he wanted to give him that. Yet, whether he went to this Mistress or that Dominatrix, there was always something not right that kept him from remaining in the sexual moment longer and from him having the sexual experience that he paid her to have. Always an optimist and a glass half full kind of guy, yet when it came to critiquing a Dominatrix, instead of focusing all the things that went right during the sexual session, he tended to focus on all that went wrong. Unable to find his perfect Dominatrix, he just wasn't happy with any of them.

As frustratingly elusive as trying to catch a beautiful butterfly, finally, he now knew the something that was missing from his Domme/sub sexual experience was something not easily explained to his Mistress. How do you tell a Mistress that she doesn't know what she's doing? He more could explain what he wanted and needed to have to a new Mistress rather than a Mistress that he was already seeing. Once already in a Domme/sub relationship, Mistresses didn't take too kindly to constructive criticism from there lowly slaves of a sub, especially those who enjoyed dishing out pain and who took more pleasure in hurting him than in pleasuring him.

By revealing his dissatisfaction, how could he possibly tell his Mistress how he felt without her feeling criticized and personally attacked? It never boded well for a sub to overstep his boundaries and to step out of character to tell his Mistress what she was doing wrong. If anything, she was the one to tell him all that she was doing right.

After he pleased and pleasured her, was it too much to expect to have a Mistress know how alter her play of their sexy games of bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission to pleasure him? Too often, it was a feeling that he always had and didn't like having that he was just another customer. Never wanting to be just anyone and no one special, he didn't enjoy the feeling of just being anyone. He didn't want his sexual session to be the same sexual session as the sub before him or the sub after him. How could he explain that feeling to his Mistress without ending his relationship with her? With money getting in the way of his perfect sexual time, he didn't feel as special to his Mistress as his Mistress felt to him.

Maybe part and parcel of having a Domme/sub relationship where the Domme stayed more reserved in her emotions but, notwithstanding that, he needed more than just lip service. Just as he gave his unquestioned all to her in pleasing her and in pleasuring her, he needed to feel her connection to him. If there was such a thing, he needed a Dominatrix who was more human in showing her feelings for him and who was more compassionate in her emotions. A big contrary to the rules and roles of Domme and sub, if there was such a thing, he needed a Dominatrix who was more sensitive to his needs, wants, and desires than to her own needs, wants, and desires. He needed a queen who not only had an iron fist but also a kind heart.

With her trying to control him, he always felt a disconnect and the disconnection was that she was only giving him what he wanted for the money and not because she wanted to make him happy and sexually satisfied. The nature of the beast, it was always more about her than it was about him but there needed to be some ground rules first. Just as he's sexually satisfied lots of Dominatrix's and lots of Dominatrix's have sexually satisfied him, he's never felt real happiness after ending a session. Always there was something wrong and something just not right.

What he usually felt was pain, shame, and humiliation, along with a sense that she wasn't the right Dominatrix for him. Going home alone to his empty bed, what he usually felt was an emptiness that wasn't fulfilled until the next time he was with his Dominatrix. Wishing he had more of a relationship with his Domme than that of a business one that was masked by pain and pleasure, he wished he had a girlfriend who was his Domme.

He needed someone who more understood his needs to give him a fulfilling sexual session. He realized that was impossibly difficult to do when meeting someone for the first few times and especially when meeting someone for the first time. Too impatient, maybe he was rushing the process. Maybe he wasn't giving their particular Domme/sub relationship a chance. When he's yet to find the right Dominatrix, he realized that the feeling of happiness and sexual satisfaction was something that, perhaps, developed over time.

Only, in the way of touching a flame that was too hot knowing that he'd be burned, he couldn't bear to returning to some of the Mistresses he had in the past. He had already been down that road and had left that Mistress for a reason. Yet, there was always that burning desire in him to make him go back to try her again, even after knowing that she wasn't the Dominatrix that he was looking to have. Just as he knew that his one and only Dominatrix was out there but where, he felt that he was wasting his time and money on those who pretended to be his Dominatrix.

Sometimes feeling as if he was with a prostitute instead of a Mistress and not enjoying the feeling that he was buying her emotions and affection for money, even though he was, he needed to remain in the illusion that he needed her to completely control him. He needed to find a Mistress who enjoyed punishing, disciplining, controlling, and humiliating him as much as he did. He never truly felt that his Mistresses liked him enough to enjoy what they were doing to him as much as he liked them and enjoyed what they were doing to him. That feeling of mutual satisfaction and erotic enjoyment were the biggest pieces missing from his Mistresses. Now that he knew what was missing, he was confident that he'd find what he was looking for in a Dominatrix. Only, in the way of looking for love, how do you find a feeling?

Having cheated on his Mistresses before and having been unfaithful to them in the past, Glenn had been to lots of Mistresses houses over the past ten years. Some Mistress' homes even had dungeons. Not ever thinking that he'd enjoy being taken to a dungeon, he now liked the idea of having his sexual experience in a dungeon. At first thinking it'd be too primeval when imagining the cold, dirty, smelly, and rat and roach infected dungeons of old England, he never thought he'd enjoy his sexual session in a dungeon. Yet, after having experienced a Mistress with a modern day, temperature controlled, clean, and fresh smelling dungeon, he needed to find a Mistress with a dungeon. Pretending he was taken there as a prisoner to the will of his Mistress, dungeons enabled him to remain in the fantasy longer.

Yet not all dungeons were the same. Some dungeons were nothing more than a cellar with a corner space cleared to house a table and a few assorted toys and restraints. He never could fall into character when taken to the Mistress' bedroom or to a dungeon that was nothing more than her cellar. When he thought more about what he felt was missing and what more that he wanted, oxymoronic in nature, he laughed to himself over the thoughts of a more human and more compassionate Dominatrix, albeit one with a dungeon.

If only her neighbors knew that the woman next door was a Dominatrix, what would they do? If only her neighbors knew that his Mistress had a dungeon, what would they say? Another bothersome thing, he didn't like driving to a neighborhood where there were kids playing outside. He'd prefer his Mistress was isolated, at least at the end of a cul-de-sac or residing on a dead end street instead of living on a busy street. When unable to hear children playing or cars whizzing by, more privacy than less allowed him to remain in his sexual fantasy longer.

He more appreciated a Mistress who did her homework and who paid attention to the smallest of details. He wanted a Mistress who wasn't in it for just the money. Just as he needed to be so controlled, he needed a Mistress who needed to control. He wanted a Mistress who enjoyed their sexual interaction as much as he did.

Yet, now that he's experienced Mistresses who had a dungeon, as important was the Mistress was the dungeon. Just as the right Mistress ruled him, the proper dungeon enhanced the experience. Without doubt, the right dungeon more added to the aura to make being held a prisoner of his Mistress more authentically and erotically enjoyable. Adding so much more to the sexual and erethral experience, needing his Mistress to have a dungeon to fully feel as if he was being punished, disciplined, and controlled against his will, now he wouldn't even consider a Mistress who didn't have a suitable dungeon.

Thinking back over his prior Mistresses who had dungeons, even those Mistresses who had dungeons weren't as beautiful as his hoped for new Mistress, Mistress Susan. Moreover, judging her dungeon by the pictures and video of her dungeon on her website, none of them had such a realistic dungeon in the way she did. She even had a prison cell with bars.

Mistress Susan, just saying her name gave him sexual pleasure. None of the Mistresses he had experienced in the past were as beautiful and as curvaceously shapely as Mistress Susan. None of the Mistresses he's had in the past were as playful, creative, dominating, and sensitive to her sub's needs as he perceived Mistress Susan was by all that he saw and read on her website. Definitely, she had the possibility of being his perfect Mistress. Even better than that, how perfect would that be if his boss Susan was, indeed, Mistress Susan too. He had an erection just thinking about the possibilities.

Only, hoping beyond hope, he hoped that his boss Susan and Mistress Susan who had the website he was frequenting were one in the same. If only by their name, Susan, not a common name, they had to be the same woman. Difficult to tell. he's never even seen his boss with her hair down never mind without her clothes. He's never seen his boss wearing the sexy, leather outfits that Mistress Susan wears on her website. He's never seen his boss' semi-naked body in the way that he's seen Mistress Susan flashing her big tits and spreading her long legs to show her sheer, black, panty clad, shaved pussy. He's never seen any part of his boss' body in the way that he's seen most of Mistress Susan's beautiful body.

Suspecting his boss was busty, he couldn't really tell in the way that she always wears black clothes every day. For sure, Mistress Susan's 32 double D's would be difficult to hide, unless his boss wore a confining sports type of bra beneath her black blouse and black jacket. His boss always wore black. She only wore black. By all of the semi-naked photos on her website, Mistress Susan is not shy about showing her assets in the way his boss dresses so mannishly modest, and professionally non-sexual at work.

A female version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, if these two women are, indeed, one and the same, a total transformation and at the opposite ends of the spectrum, one just doesn't go with the other. It doesn't make sense and yet it does. In the way that his boss was such a bitch at work, Ms. Bitch, all she needed was to let her hair down literally and figuratively and expose her hot body while holding a whip to make for the prefect Dominatrix. Now that he thinks more about it, he wouldn't mind having his boss as his Mistress. If only his boss Susan was the Mistress Susan that he's been lusting over on her website, he'd be that happiest sub in the world.

Something so seriously important to him, just as he sensed that Mistress Susan was different, he sensed that his prior Mistresses were only playing a part for the money. A prostitute masquerading as a Dominatrix wasn't what he wanted. He wanted someone who was more sincere and who enjoyed Dominating him as much as he enjoyed being so controlled. With money more important than their role as Dominatrix, he needed someone who more enjoyed being a Domme than making money. Now that he found her website, he thinks he may have found that with Mistress Susan, a 24/7, professional Dominatrix. He could tell by how professional her website was that she wasn't just in it for the money.

Surely, just as he's out there looking for such a woman, there must be a woman looking for such a man. He didn't want a hooker, a stripper, and/or a mother with children pretending to be a Mistress part-time to earn a few extra dollars. He wanted a real Dominatrix as his Mistress, someone who was into the lifestyle 24/7 as was Mistress Susan. He wanted a professional who would make him feel so owned in the way that he completely and unselfishly wanted to give himself to her. A sexual slave looking for a safe haven, he wanted someone who had a dungeon.

He wanted and needed to have a woman who was as aroused dominating him, controlling him, disciplining him, punishing him, and humiliating him, as he yearned to be dominated, controlled, disciplined, punished, and humiliated. Now that he's found someone like Mistress Susan online, he imagined that the sexual experience wouldn't be the same with anyone else, that is, unless Mistress Susan was really his boss Susan. A two for one, if his boss was Mistress Susan, his sexual fantasy come true, that would be a huge bonus in helping him to find the perfect Mistress. In the way she controls him, bosses him around, and verbally abuses him, he's already there with his boss, if only she was his Mistress too.

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