tagNonHumanMs. Grim's Tales: Halli & the Beast

Ms. Grim's Tales: Halli & the Beast


Halli moaned in ecstasy.

She was on her back on a flat desk, short skirt pushed up around her waist, long legs stretched out into the air. Her grapefruit sized breasts bounced and jiggled as the man in between her legs fucked her fast and hard.

"Oh, Mike." she said huskily, her hands clutching at the air. "Oh, yes."

Mike grunted, driving in deeply. He was standing, his hands under her ass squeezing roughly. "Show me your tits." His brown eyes were fixed on her chest, where her breasts were almost but not quite spilling out of her low-cut top.

"I can't with this top." she said breathlessly. "This damn corset, it locks me in so I can barely move."

He grunted again. "Come on, your boobs are almost falling out already." One hand left her ass and he stuck a hand into her cleavage, popping her breasts neatly out of their containment. "That wasn't so hard." His eyes feasted on her now fully exposed boobs, large and round with peachy nipples, which were hard and erect. He twisted her nipple softly, grinning at her sigh of pleasure.

He moved his hands to her hips, holding her steady as his hard cock thrust in and out of her. Mike had a small dick, but he sure knew how to use it, Halli thought as she rocked her hips in motion with him.

"Oh, Halli. I'm--close--I want--" He slid out of her, dick sliding along her bare leg.

She hopped off the desk and knelt in front of him, taking him smoothly into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around his cock, her tongue moving teasingly as she moved up and down, up and down. Mike wrapped one hand in her thick black hair, and with the other hand reached down to grab a handful of tit, pinching it. After a few seconds, he moved both hands to her hair, pulling her head up and down on his cock as he thrust.

He groaned softly, and Halli knew he was about to cum. She bobbed her head enthusiastically, up and down, and was rewarded with the taste of thick, salty, sticky cum in her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but most dribbled back out her mouth. Mike looked down at her, pleased.

"Well, you'd better get back out there." He said briskly, wiping his cock off with a nearby towel and sliding it back into his pants. "It's almost dinner rush."

Halli stood, slipping her feet into the heels which were laying next to the desk. She straightened her skirt so covered her ass again--just covered it, no more. "This stupid costume." she grumbled.

Mike grinned. "Hey, you get better tips for it. Go out like that--" He pointed to her breasts, which were still bare, over the top of the dress. "And you'd probably get even better tips."

She tucked her breasts back into the top, glaring at Mike. She appreciated that the corset made her look slimmer than she was, but with her large breasts and the low cut top, she almost popped out of the outfit every night. "I'm not a stripper, Mike. I'm a waitress."

He rolled his eyes. "Don't take that high and mighty tone with me, Halli. You just fucked me--your boss--for the night off tomorrow. What are you doing anyway?"

"My sister's visiting."

"Oh." Mike's eyes lit up. "Are you bringing her by here?" Halli shook her head. That's what she got for introducing her sister to Mike last year at a Christmas party. One look at Julie's big blue eyes and he'd tried all night to get her to go home with him. He had struck out that night, but she was sure he would try again.

"No, we're definitely not coming here. I think Julie wants to go somewhere for a picnic, maybe out for a walk in the woods--"

Mike's eyes widened. "Halli, how many times do I have to tell you? Those woods aren't safe. There's all kinds of....things....out there."

She shrugged him off. "I walk through the woods all the time." Everyone in the village was terrified of the woods, which was silly, Halli thought. Cutting through a path in the woods saved her almost an hour walking home. "Almost every day I walk through the woods, and nothing's ever hurt me."

He gave her a dark look. "That's plain foolish, Halli. You know it is."

She swung her head around, ignoring him. "Where are my panties?" As soon as she asked it, she saw them, half under the desk. She reached for them, but he grabbed them first.

"I'll hold onto them for you." He said with a leer, tucking them into his pocket.

Halli shrugged. It wouldn't be the first time she'd worked without underwear, and with the heels and short skirt, anyone who really wanted to see her ass could. She pulled her hair back into a messy bun, then smiled brightly at Mike.

"How do I look?"

He ran his eyes over her--her tight green dress was half medieval, with long sleeves and a low scoop neck, and half cheerleader outfit, with a pleated skirt cut daringly short. Her high heels made her legs look even longer, and made the outfit look even sluttier. His eyes lingered on her bare legs, then back up to her breasts, then briefly to her face, where her blue eyes stared back at him, long dark eyelashes batting playfully.

"You look fine. Now, get back to work." He turned to his desk, sorting through the paperwork that had been messed by their tryst, and, dismissed, Halli walked out of the office. She moved into the kitchens, where another woman in a tight blue dress smiled at her.

"You've got a table, Halli. I sat them at four."

"Thanks, Mar." She breezed out of the kitchen and out into the tavern itself. Three men sat in a booth by the window, and Halli grinned when she saw them. Regulars.

"Hello, and welcome to Ye Olde Tavern. My name's Halli, and I'll be serving you tonight. What can I get for you?"

Much, much later, Halli was sitting at the bar herself, nursing a whiskey. Her heels were off, on the floor, and her bare feet dangled as she sat in the stool. The tavern was closed, now, and Mary, the other waitress of the night was cleaning up in the back.

"Hard night, Jim." she mumbled to the bartender, who was wiping down the bar. "Gimme another?"

He gave her a long look, then reluctantly refilled her drink. "You alright, Halli? You need someone to walk you home?"

She considered his offer, then realized the leering look he was giving her, and shook her head. She would fuck Mike for a favor, but he was under thirty and still pretty good looking, even if he did have a small cock. Jim the bartender was a grizzled old man, with half his teeth missing. No, no, she still had some dignity.

"No, I'm fine." She managed. Jim shrugged and continued with his cleaning, although he did turn to glance at her several times.

After a while, Mary came out from the back. "I'm heading home."

Halli grinned at her. "Wait just a minute, Mar, I'll walk with you." She swallowed the rest of her whiskey and slid off the stool. For a moment, the ground wavered under her feet, and she laughed as she got her balance. Mary waited patiently as Halli tried in vain to slip on her shoes. "Oh, I'll just carry them." She laughed, a heel in each hand as she made her way to the door.

Mary followed her. "Are you okay Halli?" she asked in a soft voice. "Maybe you should come home with me tonight. We can set up a cot for you, in the room by the fire."

Halli smiled at the other woman. She was a sweet one, Mary. "You're sweet." she slurred. "But I've got to get home. My sister's coming in the morning. I wouldn't want her to get worried."

They walked for a ways, before the time came to go their separate ways. Mary gave her a concerned look. "Halli, at least will you promise not to go through the woods? I know you like your shortcut, but it's night, and a full moon. There are wolves in the woods, Halli. And who knows what else." She shivered in fear.

Halli pulled up her best sober face. "Don't worry about me, Mar. I'll be fine. I'll stay safe, I promise."

Mary looked relieved. "Oh, good. Okay, well, I'll see you later then, Halli."

"Goodnight, Mary." Halli was pleased with herself. Mary had believed her, and she hadn't even had to lie, not really. She continued on her way, humming softly. With the full moon shining, she made her way easily to the woods, and onto the path that she always took.

She was halfway home and feeling pleased with herself when she heard a murmur of voices. First she wondered if the whiskey had gotten to her, then she nervously thought of Mike's and Mary's warnings. Rolling her eyes, she told herself she was being silly, but she walked a little quicker along the path.

A wolf howled in the distance, and she broke into a light run. She was not far from home now, she would be fine. She repeated the words to herself, hoping they were true.

She screamed and stumbled back when a large shape appeared before her on the path. Gasping for breath, she laughed at herself when she realized it was a tall man.

A beautiful man she amended in her head when she got a better look at him. He was tall and lean, with broad shoulders and a pleasantly angled face. His hair was blonde, and long enough to curl down in front of his eyes. He wore an elegant coat, like nothing Halli had ever seen around here. His eyes sparkled as he gave her a charming smile and executed a playful bow.

Jane smiled back as she walked closer to him, her hips swaying seductively. It was too bad she wasn't wearing her heels, but she would make do. She made her way to stand right next to him, and even managed an elegant shiver from the cold.

"Hello," she purred. "I've never seen you around here before."

He pushed back a tendril of hair that had escaped her bun, tucking it behind her ear. His hand traveled down her neck, softly. Halli leaned closer.

"I do not come out of the castle often." He said simply. "My name's Lumion."

"I'm Halli." she looked up at him through her eyelashes. "Castle? I've never seen a castle before. Are you far from home?"

"Not too far." He smiled at something. Halli did not get the joke--she wondered again at how much she'd drunk earlier. "You look lovely in the moonlight, Halli." He wrapped an arm around her and lowered his head slowly.

She tilted her head up to meet his lips with hers. Kissing a stranger in the dark--how exciting. She still wasn't sure where he had come from, but her brain was still fuzzy from the whiskey, and getting foggier with lust. She wrapped her arms around his back, pressing herself closer to him, kissing him passionately. Her breasts flattened against his hard chest and she traced her fingers lightly over his back, and down to feel his muscled ass. A shot of heat filled her stomach and she broke off the kiss to whisper, "Would you like to come home with me? I live just outside the woods, over that hill and past--"

He bent his lips to her neck, nibbling softly. "I can't wait for that." He pushed up against her and she felt the hard length of him. Her cunt throbbed and she spread her legs unconsciously.

He backed her up against a nearby tree, running hands lightly over her breasts. Her nipples stood up, straining against the cloth. "Would you like me to take my dress off?"

"There's no time." He said roughly as one hand slipped down under her skirt. He blinked at her in surprise when he realized she wore no underwear, and Halli grinned at him suggestively. His hand moved over her, his thumb rubbing circles over her clit.

"Oh, god, that's good." she leaned back against the tree for support. "Oh, don't stop."

His thumb continued to massage her clit while a finger slipped inside of her. She was wet and ready for it, and rocked against it, fucking his finger. He lowered his mouth to suckle her breast--through the cloth he teased and sucked and bit her nipple.

She screamed as she came, hard, cunt contracting around his fingers. A wolf howled in the distance, but Halli paid it no mind. She had her head tilted back, eyes closed, a joyful expression on her face.

Lumion removed his hand from under her skirt and turned her around, so she was facing the tree and he was behind her. Her cunt was still contracting softly with the aftereffects of her orgasm as he entered her, his long cock driving all the way home. Halli stiffened at first in surprise, but she quickly adjusted to him, and was rocking with him as he thrust roughly into her. His right hand came around to finger her while he fucked her, and she gasped and moaned with the pleasure of it. She was about to cum again when suddenly he stopped moving.

"Oh, please keep going." she whispered needily, moving against me. "Please. I'm so close."

A wolf howled, this time much closer than before. "The wolves are coming out." he said softly.

"I don't care about the wolves. Please. Please. I need you to keep fucking me. I'll do anything. Please."

She couldn't see him in the dark, but it seemed like he was smiling. "Anything?"

"Anything." she said desperately. "Please fuck me. I need it." She tried to make her voice sexy, not whiny. "I need your cock in me. I need it in my wet cunt. Please."

He began to move again, faster. "We've got to hurry." he said as he worked his right hand on her clit, his left hand dipping under her top to squeeze a nipple.

It only took a moment more for her to reach the climax she'd been hoping for, and as soon as her cunt started throbbing around him, he groaned and emptied himself into her. She leaned against the tree, smiling dreamily while the aftershocks brought her to a warm happy place.

Lumion left her abruptly. "Come on, let's go." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her along into the woods, off the path and through the brush.

"What?" she followed him, smiling stupidly. "Where are we going? This isn't the way out of the woods. "I need to go the other way."

He pulled her along, not saying anything. She began to get alarmed. "No, stop. I've got to go home. This isn't the right way."

He began to run, pulling her roughly along. She resisted, but he was much stronger. "Stop. My sister is waiting for me at home. She'll be very worried. I'd be happy to meet you again, but I've got to go, now. It's late." She was getting nervous now--what had she done?

Lumion looked at her in annoyance. "You did say you would do anything." He wore a devilish grin. "Anything, if I would just fuck you."

She shrinked back, away from the words. "That was in the heat of the moment, I didn't mean it." They were far off the trail now. Halli pulled back furiously, trying desperately to get away.

He grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. With a laugh, he flipped up her skirt and smacked her ass. "You promised me anything, Halli. Under a full moon. And I intend to see you keep that promise."

She beat at his back, frustrated. How could she have been so stupid? "Let me go! Who are you? Where are you taking me?"

He flipped up her skirt and smacked her again, hard. "No more talking."

Halli winced, but fell silent. Draped over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, she watched the woods pass by as he ran further and further into the night.

Halli lost track of time, and was jolted when Lumion slowed to a walk.

"Open the gate." He called. "Hurry."

A sound of metal creaking and Lumion walked quickly onward. Halli noticed the ground below her was a stone road, and she wiggled to see ahead of her, what was going on. Lumion smacked her bottom, but halfheartedly, before he dropped her to the ground. The gates slid shut again.

Halli looked around her. She was in the courtyard in front of a huge, dark castle. The moon was setting in the sky, lengthening shadows and giving it an eerie look.

"Where have you brought me? Is this where you live?"

A fat man waddled out of a shadow, looking at Lumion. "There you are! We were beginning to think you wouldn't make it back in time. The moon is almost down, man! What were you thinking--" He broke off as he saw Halli sitting on the ground. "Ah." He waggled a finger at Lumion, chuckling softly. "Your love of the ladies is going to get you in trouble one of these days."

Lumion laughed, carefree. "Well, not tonight. I fucked her, Cloks. Fucked her!" He laughed. Halli glared at him. This was too much. "How long has it been since you fucked a girl? Really fucked her" he thrust his hips. "With your cock. Your real cock." Halli wondered to herself what that meant--his real cock.

Cloks looked from Lumion to Halli thoughtfully. "Too long." he said slowly. He turned to look at the moon, dropping slowly to the horizon. "Do you think there's time--before?"

Lumion laughed. "You'd have to be fast...but then, you always were. Halli, suck Cloks dick."

She sat up primly. "I will not." Not only was he fat, his hair was greasy and he wore a disgusting mustache. Halli might be cheap, but she wasn't free.

Lumion came over, and grabbed a handful of hair, pushing her head roughly into the fat man's crotch. "You said you would do anything." he growled in her ear. "And if you ever want to see your home again, you'll do it."

Halli sighed, then pushed herself up on her knees. "Fine." she said grudgingly. "But just this once."

The men grinned as if she'd made some kind of joke, and then Cloks hurridly pulled his dick from his trousers. It was half hard, and Halli slipped it easily into her mouth. She moved up and down, trying not to think about the man above the cock, flabs of fat quivering as he breathed heavily. She focused her full attention on his dick, pretended it didn't belong to the man. And so with her full attention on it, she was surprised when it disappeared. Looking up, she saw Cloks trembling with exertion, the air shimmering strangely around him. She glanced over to Lumion--the air around him was shimmering too.

The hair on the back of Halli's neck stood up. After a few seconds of shimmering air, the men were gone, replaced with a large candlestick and a grandfather clock. She blinked, confused. Maybe she had fallen asleep at the bar and this was all some kind of crazy dream.

"Ah, well, it was good while it lasted." the grandfather clock rumbled. Halli frowned, staring at it. The face of the clock was Cloks face--almost.

"What--" she scurried backwards on the ground, confused. "What are you?"

The candlestick spoke--Lumion's voice. "We are--enchanted. Bewitched. Cursed."

"Cursed?" In spite of herself, Halli leaned forward. Lumion was two feet tall now, he couldn't hurt her. She looked carefully at the three candle candlabrum; on the center candle, melted wax resembled a face, and she focused her attention there. "What do you mean, cursed? How?"

The grandfather clock rumbled. "The master of the castle was cursed long ago, by a witch who he mistreated. The curse extended to the whole castle, and we have waited years for the curse to be broken. Our only moments of reprieve are during the full moon, while the moon is out."

"How does he break the curse?" Halli thought this was a strange dream, but entertaining at least.

"He must love a woman." Cloks responded glumly.

A strange sound from the candlestick--Lumion she told herself--that may have been a laugh. "Cloks is old-fashioned. To break the spell, the beast must fuck a woman. A woman 'of noble heart and fair of face' so the curse says."

"Oh." Halli yawned. "Well, I'm terribly sorry about all that. It must suck. Do you think I could stay here tonight, just until morning."

The clock and candlestick turned to each other, as if they were looking at each other. But they had no eyes. Halli laughed. How strange this was.

."We can find you somewhere to sleep." Lumion said carefully. "But I'm not sure you'll be leaving in the morning."

Of course I'll leave in the morning, Halli thought. Like a candle and a clock can stop me. But she said nothing, and followed the two into the dark castle.

A few minutes later, Halli slipped into a big bed by herself. Lumion had offered to join her, and she had responded by picking him up and throwing him down the hall. He had cursed her and mumbled that she would regret that, but she had merely laughed and slammed the door shut.

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