tagGroup SexMs. Marca Ch. 17

Ms. Marca Ch. 17

byMs. Marca©

Chapter 17: Me, Them & The Sea

I'm tall, have long black hair, and a beautiful body, with dark tan skin. My best features are my breasts; they are full, large 40DD with full rock hard nipples; and my long legs. My husband and I go to the West Indies to sail whenever we can, to get away from it all. This trip was one of the better ones that I have ever had. Not only did I get away with my better half, but sometimes things just fall into your lap as they say that turns out to be a once in a life time experience. My husband and I had been sailing for 3 days and he needed to go ashore to send a fax back to his office. It turned out he had a major problem back in the states and needed to get back ASAP! He took the next flight out and the crew and I would take the boat back to yacht club on Peter Island, BVI (West Indies). The crew was made up of two guys that were 25 / 27 and knew how to handle a 48-foot C&C on the open water. My husband or I had to sign off on the boat back into the Charter Company. We did not want to just say everything was OK and leave a $400,000 boat and hope it got back to port in the same condition as we chartered it. The crew were good sailor's and had been perfect gentlemen and had not even given me a look (that was unusual), so I felt safe with them and on top of that they worked for the Charter Company, who were responsible for our well being.

I went to the airport to see my husband off. The mini sundress and 4" sandal pumps I was wearing obviously had an effect on the men at the airport since I could feel the many eyes examining my body as I walked through the lobby. The dress was cut deeply in front and showed off my well-curved breasts, the dress barely covered my ass. My 40DD-23-38 figure and long black hair down to my waist attracted a great deal of attention. I knew they could see my bikini panty line through my dress as it clung to my figure. Every time I walked the material would move across my ass and accented the waving of my hips. He was a little uneasy about going off with me still here. But I assured him that I was in good hands and he knew that the hands were better at sailing than the two of us and they would not dare try anything and that I would call him when I got to the port. After putting my husband on a plane, I went back to the dock to the boat and wanted to get underway ASAP. Shawn the younger of the two crew twin brother was at the dock chatting with them when I arrived. I was introduced and learned that he was going to get a boat the next day to get home. I told the guys it was OK with me if he wanted to go back with us, one more hand would help. He left to get his things and was back and on board in 30 minutes.

We set sail for the yacht club and I had told my husband we would go day and night to get back and call him as soon as I turned the boat over and would get the first flight home. We set sail at 14:00 hours and had a nice wind behind us and knew we would make good time before the wind died down at night and only a breeze would be with us after dark. "Ms. Marca you have the helm, so you must be the Captain, the Captain gives the orders" I smiled and knew that this was just them being nice, but my mind went wild with all kind of thing I would make this crew do. Here were these three gorgeous Black/Bronzed men asking her what to do. In the West Indies it is OK to go topless and in some cases total nude sunbathing is accepted. The two of the three had seen me topless for the first 3 days, but not completely nude but I wanted to see them! When we were out of port and on the open sea I was ready to get things going and see what theses guys were made of. Being the over sexed person that I'm I was horny and saw that I could fuck my way back to port with three very strong big young guys. Standing not more than 5 feet from them I did a slow sexy strip taking off my sundress and folding it and then I took it down below to put it a way and get a towel. With just my thong bikini on I came back top side.

If I'm the Captain than I will give my first order! "Unite the drawstrings on your trucks!"

"Pull down your trunks I want to see what you three have!" They looked at each other and the wisp of nylon slid down their thighs. I gazed full and long at them. The bright sun revealing three black magnificent male animals. Her heart pounded, she could feel her own sex beginning to swell. My juices were starting to flow. "Come forward, stand in front of me" They obeyed, and stood proudly before her. Marca's eyes caressed their bodies, stopping at their now erect penis. "Oil it, cover it with oil and stroke it slowly"

"Yes Captain!" Low voice and direct came their reply. I could feel my own wetness now. My nipples swelling in my bikini bra top, her hands took and gripping the wheel, as the guys striped, knuckles turning purple as my hands squeezed the smooth metal. "Enough, remove my bikini"

"Yes Captain" Their penis standing straight from their body, suspended in the warm sun. Shinning slick as if they had just left my body. I closed my eyes as one-stepped behind me. His fingers slipping inside the elastic band of my thong, the other one was working on my top. They paused and probed her lower front belly. "I said take them off . . . not play with me" Their fingers quickly retreated to the elastic part of my bikini thong and top as they slowly peeled them down crossed the firm flesh of her rump. All my thong was made of was a g-string, just a patch of cloth in the front and none in the back. I felt the slow descent of my thong, the warm sun on my hard nipples and my wet pussy. My sex was a ripe fruit, oozing juice.

I wanted to feel the wind against my skin as we sailed away, so I turned and told the guys I'm going to get some sun and I went up forward, all I got was big smiles and a look of please. I smiled and looked around to see that we were far out to sea and no other boats were in sight. I took suntan oil and began to rub it on my breast, stomach, back, arms and legs. I turned and bent over to rub my lower legs and feet. I went forward and lay on my stomach on one of the full body deck cushions on the forward deck port side of the boat. I could smell the sharp salt of the sea, and the coconut sunscreen I used. I looked out as we sailed out, admiring the view and feeling so content. I didn't hear him come up behind me; my mind was drifting on gentle waves of ocean. I knew it was one of the guys looking down at me and seeing my nude body, my ass. I open my legs and knew he could see my pussy because I could feel the breeze on my lips. I had been flirting with two of them the minute I got on board and I was ready for them to make a move, I WANTED TO FUCK!

"CAN I PUT MORE SUNSCREEN ON YOU MS. MARCA?" I looked up and back at him and saw it was Ed the oldest and I just smiled and nodded yes. He poured the warm oil across my shoulders. The warm river ran down my back till it pooled at the base of my spine and slowly dribbled into the tight cleft of my ass. His hands slowly massaging the pungent liquid into my body his hands warm and soft, never leaving my skin. Slipping under my arms to cup and caress each breast. My nipples dark, the skin taught and firm. My nipples erect more then firm hard, rock hard. Dam, could this be real? The head of his hard penis touching the crack of my ass assured it was. His hands ran down my back as he rubbed the oil on my back and down over my butt, and I felt his lips against my shoulder, His hands grazing down my sides as he lowered his kissing target area.

I was still, not moving, because I liked what he was doing and it is best to go with what he likes, it may turn out to be the best way sometimes. I knew that soon, I would have to move, because it would be too incredible for me to sit still. But now, he was letting his tongue lap at my skin. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. God I was hot my pussy was throbbing, wet and ready to snap a tongue or a cock which ever got in first. He moved his hands to my ass, circling it with them as if he was admiring the way it was formed. He spread my butt cheeks apart and began kissing down around my pussy and up to my ass hole, as one of his hands slid to my pussy, where he was stroking my clit. I wanted to reach back and direct him to eat me or fuck me; it was all I could do to just let him do his thing. But being the Captain I wanted this trip/sex to be my way!

I sat up turned around and faced the big guy, gently she took his penis in her hand. It was slick and warm as she lowered her head, her tongue stretched out to the tiny clear drop. It burst like a bubble crossed her tongue; her warm breath rushing from her gaping mouth as the first salty sensations of his taste crept into her mind. How wonderful this taste, primitive and virile. Her pussy responded in kind, twitching nervously as her other hand gently cupped his heavy scrotal sack. She pushed the penis back till it lay crossed the dark thicket of hair that reached down from his belly button. Lightly she kiss the under side of the head. Delicate little kisses, once, twice . . . again and again. Dry cool little tightly puckered kisses . . . the way one kisses your forehead. Rolling his oil slick balls in her hand like the two chrome ben-wa balls she kept in the black velvet sack in her night stand back home. Curious these organs, these most intimate of male things. How trusting she thought, as he lay motionless exposed and vulnerable. Was this the ultimate display of trust, letting her hold him them? The place where he was most vulnerable, those precious mysterious things . . . his sperm makers. She could feel the tangle of tubes at the top of each one, the passage it took deep into his body, only to merged and exit at the tiny slit where her tongue had first tasted him. Her lips were full and wet on him. Like she was biting a juicy peach they parted as her tongue traced the groove under the thick cap of flesh.

Turning her head slightly she slid her parted lips down the long shaft . . . straddling the vein that had pumped the blood into his magnificent weapon. His thick pubic hair tickling her nose as she reached the base. Her mouth opened as her hand lifted up his balls. Serving them up to her hungry waiting mouth. Slowly . . . slowly she sucked them in . . . first one then the other. Her other hand slowly stroking him, her thumb riding the underbelly till it would catch in the small v under the cap. The loose skin of his balls shriveled inside her mouth as she felt him stir. The vein under her thumb pulsed as the blood began to pour back into him. "Now", she thought, "before its too big, before I can't get it in." Her tongue circled the washboard skin of his tight balls once more before gently letting them slip free. Moving the cock towards her, she drew a deep breath and descended till her lips rested on the very tip of the head. Then, slowly her lips parted as she pressed down filling her mouth with him. Ed groaned low and soft as she felt the great head at the back of her throat. Rising slightly she lowered her head. Nostrils flaring as she pulled in another deep breath.

Her mouth opening wide as she pushed down feeling the head slip deeper into her. She wanted him, to take all of him, feel his hard strong prick down her. Suddenly the resistance was gone and he was slipping into her. Her lips pulled at him as she drove him down her throat. She could feel the dark hair on her lips as she reached the base. The hand on his balls squeezed gently as she felt it swell within her. Slowly withdrawing the fleshy rod slipped smoothly back up her throat. Stopping only when she felt the grove of the head tug at her. Then down, down his hardening shaft. Up and down her head bobbed. He was getting harder with each movement. She could feel it in his balls, her middle finger slipping back between the cheeks of his ass. Slowly circling the tiny tight bud of his anus as he groaned with each new penetration. His cock was too deep for her to know that the clear pre-cum juices had started to dribble from the engorged head. But she sensed he was near.

This was gourmet cock sucking, not the frenzied bobbing in the front seat of a car at the drive-in. He began to move slowly, rising up to meet her every descent on to his now rock hard pole. Twitching and jumping in her throat she felt him. Her finger pressed into the rippled skin of his sphincter, slowly covering it and her finger with their juices. As the first strong contraction coursed through his body she simultaneously thrust her finger into his bottom. His ass lifting off the seat driving his cock full measure into her throat as the first hot spurt of cum shot into her. She could feel his anus grip her finger with each contraction. His hot seed spurting deep in her . . . the feeling of his cock swelling slightly just before it contracted hard propelling the hot liquid into her. Warm . . . she felt it deep in her, twitch, contract and shoot again. Her finger plunging deeper into his ass with each contraction/thrust of his cock! She was squeezing it out of him, taking it all, loving him, loving it pressed deep into her willing mouth. Lips tight round the base, her finger stabbing his anus, urging him on, and impaling him as he had her. One . . . Two . . . Three . . . each contraction less then before. Her nose filled with the smell of him. His cock too deep for her to taste him.

One final thrust as his body flexed rigid then slowly sank back driving her finger deep into him. He groaned low and long as she slipped her mouth up the long hard shaft. She could feel the swollen crown catch in her throat, requiring a slight pull to let it pass and once again fill her warm mouth. She could taste the salty traces of him as she suck a deep breath pulling the air into her round the twitching tip. God I love the taste of cum! Than he let it fly, clump and clump of white man cream filled my mouth. I gulp it down a s fast as I could, Ed had not had any sex for the last 3 days and I could see that he had not jerked off. That man had a full load. I licked his cock clean getting every last drop and milked it until it was empty. I told him to go take the helm and send over his relief and rest you still got some hot wet creamy pussy to fuck in a while.

I looked at Shawn coming toward me, I smiled at him and turned over and got on all 4's. Neither of us said a word. There was no need; this was something that was beyond words. He ran one of his fingers over my ass hole and I pushed back to meet it, almost as if I was trying to get it in. He lowered his mouth down on my pussy and ate me out, telling me as he ate me " your pussy is the juiciest, the most delicious Iv ever tasted!" His tongue worked its way into my ass, followed by his thumb, and then a finger and another finger. I looked back at him and said "Fuck me dog style and do it hard!" She thrust her ass back against him as she felt his rigid cock slip between her legs. Her head hung down as she stared at the bulbous head nestled in the soft hair between her legs. She clamped her thighs shut on his hardness. Her knees growing weaker as she slumped back against him. Shawn sank down onto his knees behind that beautiful ass of hers. His prick locked between her thighs. Marca squirmed pulled on the mat she was on and rose up slightly. Shawn hands pulling on the insides of her knees spreading her legs.

She hung there for an instant while his one hand slipped under her and grasped his cock. Pulling it back she felt it pressing into her and she rose up just enough. "There . . . there . . . " The words torn from deep in her throat, as she felt it settle into the depression, that place she knew so well. Her socket, the place a cock came to rest just before it. "God . . . " She was cut short as she felt the bulbous head pop inside. How she loved that feeling, the tensions, pressure, and then . . . plunk and it was in. Shawn's hands cupped her breasts as she eased down onto the full length of his shaft. It was a magnificent cock as cocks go. Just thick enough to fill her tight and longer then average to fill her up. Shawn's hands slipped down from her breasts in to the v of her legs. Slowly they pulled her thighs back, spreading her legs wide. She could feel his fingers probing the oily ticket of hair between her legs. Soft and gentle the pulled till they had opened her, pulling the engorged lips back. Her head hung down over her shoulders as she gazed at her self. His cock, purple vain slick and shinny disappearing into her pussy. The warm suns encompassing it like a warm hot mouth. She could feel and see the twitching of her own twitching red bundle of nerves. Transfixed she stared at it. The slow rolling wave of orgasm spreading crossed her thighs, up her back and down her legs. The heat of the sun like a hot mouth had pushed her over the top. Open and raw, Shawn's fingers had laid her bear. She could see the lips of her sex gently sucking him, pulling, pleading for it, and urging it deeper. The slow spasmodic rolls of lips transfixed her stare.

"Fuck me . . . the Captain orders you . . . ", her words strained and broken. "Fuck me with your cock . . . fuck the Captain . . . fuck her my magnificent one!" Marca rocked her hips as she felt his cock pressing deep in her belly. Shawn's hands moved under her ass, lifting and spreading her cheeks. Marca pushed at the deck lifting her up. Shawn road her up off the deck. Her breasts hung from her chest, nipples hard, shimmering in the sun. Nipples hard as the warm air caressed them like a warm and loving mouth. His hands holding her waist as he slowly withdrew his quivering prick. Marca tightened her cunt, holding him till she felt just the head trapped her own contractions. Slowly he drove deep back inside her. She got up on tiptoe she stood arching her back, spreading her legs wider to receive all that he could deliver. Slow and deep he slid into her waiting cavity, warm . . . moist and hot. Marca could feel the head pressing her cervix, moving within her gut, pushing, probing fucking her. She wanted him, wanted to feel him explode in her, shoot his hot seed into her, feel his cock twitch with each successive spurt. "Fuck me . . . shove your prick into me . . . take me . . . use me", the words tore from her lips as she rammed her ass onto his weapon. She could feel the heat of him as he pressed into her hungry cunt. As he pulled her onto his shaft and held her there, the heat from his body teased her tight anus. Her oily cheeks splayed open as he took her. His long velvet strokes brought wave after rolling wave of heat to her thighs and back. His balls slapped her hard clit with each stroke, adding their own special touch.

She knew he was near, near to loosing it, spewing his hot seed into her waiting, wanting hole. "Shawn, cum for me, cum in my tight cunt, let me feel your hot cum . . . yes . . . yes . . . please!" Shawn drove deeper into her upturned ass. His hands pulling her back, impaling her on his engorged tool. The tightness in his balls telling him he could hold back no longer. Like a hot needle it boiled up from his balls and shot through his prick. "Ms. Marca . . . yes . . . Ms. Marca . . . Ahhhhhhhhhh!", his words lost in the throttled groans of the first ejaculation. Buried inside her he felt the first hot spurt of his cum shoot into her. Holding her hips, pressing deep and tight into her, as her vaginal muscles contracted around him. Milking the cum from his shuddering sword. His hands gripping her hard, fusing her to him. Another, then another, she felt him shoot into her. "Yes . . . yes, my sweet fucking cum machine, yes. Shawn . . . fuck me . . . fuck all of me . . . give me your seed.", her words searing his ears as he pumped his hot cum into her hot wet pussy.

Her legs quivering and straining with each new movement. "Ms. Marca . . . all for you . . . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", his voice in orgasmic agony trailing off to a low hiss as the last of him poured into her. Shawn's eyes closed as he started to sink back down onto the deck. Marca pushed back, not wanting to feel him slip from her as he collapsed onto the deck. The wind dying with his cock, her feet spread and she bent over looking back down at him on the deck, put her hands to rest on the deck as the warm sun and sea engulfed them. "Ms. Marca . . . oh Ms. Marca . . . ", his words distant and warm. Her hands cupping her breasts, holding them gently as the boat rocked in the swells. Her eyes rolled shut as she savored his shrinking cock. Hot and slick they both were, her legs spread in vulgar repose, his cock still going limp. She could see his penis shrinking. Her tight throbbing wet pussy entrance caught the slipping cum falling from her body till last had fallen on the deck. Her fingers slipped down her belly, slick with oil and sweat. She ached that deep sweet ache she always felt after being penetrated. Gently she stroked the wet lips of her sex. The oily hairs glistening in the sun. Parting the lips once again she felt the sun surround her clitoris like a warm mouth. She slipped a finger lower till she could feel the place where he entered her

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